cloud computing research papers 2012-51

cloud computing research papers 2012-51

Cloud Computing
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S Gibbs ,
ABSTRACT: Cloud Computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers
to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to
use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with

Multimodal Interface for Mobile Cloud Computing
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H Jeong, S Kim, H Do, E Choi, Y Jeong, Y Kang
ABSTRACT: Mobile Cloud Computing has become as a new IT paradigm because of the growth
of mobile device like smartphone and appearance of Cloud Computing environment. This
mobile cloud environment provides various services and IT resources according to users

Average Delay SLAs in Cloud Computing
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B Saovapakhiran, M Devetsikiotis, G Michailidis ,
ABSTRACT-In this paper, we conduct feasibility studies on the average delay space for Cloud
computing, and we propose a heuristic method to control the vector of average delays,
subject to predefined delay constraints. Our work is strongly motivated by the fact that

Scheduler in Cloud Computing using Open Source Technologies
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D Upadhyay, C Patel
ABSTRACT Cloud Computing utilities are coming to be omnipresent, and then are beginning to
serve as the essential root of computing capacity for both undertakings and private
computing requisitions. Any request comes to cloud will be provided by cloud in terms of

Private Virtual Infrastructure using Synergistic with Customer for Cloud Computing
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S Varalakshmi, R Vidhiya
ABSTRACT-Cloud computing places an organization s sensitive data in the control of a third
party, introducing a significant level of risk on the privacy and security of the data. We
propose a new management and security model for cloud computing called the Private

Private Cloud Secure Computing
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G Kulkarni, N Patil, P Patil ,International Journal of Soft Computing
 75 ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is an increasingly popular paradigm for accessing computing
resources.  This paper discuss the characteristics and benefits of private cloud computing. It
proceeds to discuss the private cloud characteristics and formation as well as implementation.

Spatial Big-Data Challenges Intersecting Mobility and Cloud Computing
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Mobility is efficient, safe and affordable travel in our cities, towns and other places of interest
Mobility services, eg, routing and navigation, are a set of ideas and technologies that
facilitate understanding the geo-physical world, knowing and communicating relations to

Encrypted IT Auditing and Log Management on Cloud Computing
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MRBMN Mishra
ABSTRACT: In this paper we are conducting the investigation studies over the IT auditing for
assuring the security for cloud computing. During this investigation, we are implementing
working of IT auditing mechanism over the cloud computing framework in order to assure

Intelligent Detecting Risk based on Privacy in Cloud Computing Environments
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S Yang, Y Lee, S Hong, SY Nam
ABSTRACT Cloud computing has been activated as a means of reducing costs and the effective
utilization of IT infrastructure. Despite these changes, Service providers focus almost
exclusively on the issues offering service availability without ensuring data privacy. The

Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing Environment
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SV Narwane, SL Vaikole ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The Cloud computing system can be easily threatened by various attacks,
because most of the cloud computing systems provide service to so many people who are
not proven to be trustworthy. Due to their distributed nature, cloud computing environment

Cloud Computing with SOA Approach as Part of the Disaster Recovery and Response in Finland
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ABSTRACT-The Rescue Services in Finland have a significant problem of communication with
other authorities who also participate in the rescue process. The greatest challenge is a lack
of shared programs, applications or any other e-services which they can use to

High Availability Based Migration Analysis to Cloud Computing for High Growth Businesses
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ABSTRACT High availability requirement of the network is becoming essential for high growth
disruptive technology companies. For businesses which require migration to networks
supporting scalability and high availability, it is important to analyze the various factors

Enabling Data Dynamic and Indirect Mutual Trust for Cloud Computing Storage Systems
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AF Barsoum, MA Hasan ,
ABSTRACT Currently, the amount of sensitive data produced by many organizations is
outpacing their storage ability. The management of such huge amount of data is quite
expensive due to the requirements of high storage capacity and qualified personnel.

Geo-Replication in Large-Scale Cloud Computing Applications
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SG Almeida ,
ABSTRACT. Cloud computing applications have acquired a significant importance in the last
years. Therefore, this report addresses the problems of supporting consistency and fault-
tolerance in large-scale Georeplicated systems. We are particularly interested in

Web engineering for Cloud computing
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ABSTRACT. Web Engineering has always been concerned with modelling the functional
aspects of Web applications. Non-functional (eg, performance, availability) properties of
Web applications have traditionally been a minor concern in the Web engineering

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AG Delavar, M Javanmard, MB Shabestari, MK Talebi
ABSTRACT In this paper we will present a reliable scheduling algorithm in cloud computing
environment. In this algorithm we create a new algorithm by means of a new technique and
with classification and considering request and acknowledge time of jobs in a qualification

Cloud Computing in Mobile Applications
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D Sahu, S Sharma, V Dubey, A Tripathi ,
ABSTRACT-Cloud computing is emerging as one of the most important branch for providing
seamless applications on mobile devices. In this paper, cloud computing is introduced as a
new and speedily growing and accepted way of providing better and efficient applications

Low-Carbon Routing Algorithms For Cloud Computing Services in IP-over-WDM Networks
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ABSTRACT-Energy consumption in telecommunication networks keeps growing rapidly,
mainly due to emergence of new Cloud Computing (CC) services that need to be supported
by large data centers that consume a huge amount of energy and, in turn, cause the

The Requirements for the Legal Regulation of Commercial Relations in Cloud Computing
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I Pogarcic, M Pogarcic, M Pogarcic ,
Definitions of Information System are numerous, as well are the seriously written textbooks
that consider that subject. In most cases a pragmatic side of Information System is being
emphasized. From the pragmatic aspect, Information System is connected to its users

A Probabilistic Strategy Language for Probabilistic Rewrite Theories and its Application toCloud Computing
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L Bentea, PC Olveczky ,
ABSTRACT. We introduce a language for defining memoryless probabilistic strategies for
probabilistic rewrite theories. Such strategies can be used to quantify all sources of
nondeterminism in a probabilistic rewrite theory by means of probability distributions that

Enforcing Scalable and Dynamic Hierarchical Access Control in Cloud Computing
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R Yang, C Lin, Y Jiang ,
ABSTRACT-In cloud computing, the sensitive data are required to be encrypted before being
outsourced to the server, which introduce a heavy computation overhead for key derivation
and data management when dynamic hierarchical access control is desired. In this paper,

Supporting Capacity Planning of Cloud Computing Data Centers with Long Term Trend Analysis of Performance Monitoring Data
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M Fensterer ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT The aim of this thesis is the development of a forecasting tool for resource utilization
metrics, as the CPU utilization, in order to support capacity planners of Infrastructure-as-a-
Service (IaaS) providers in their decisions. The whole process of measuring, collecting


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