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Evaluation of renewable energy potential using a GIS decision support system
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A GIS Decision Support System has been developed for the evaluation of Renewable Energy Sources potential and the financial analysis of RE investments. A GIS database with data on wind, topography, urban areas, and special activities has been developed and used

between progression of radiological damage and the acute phase response in early rheumatoid arthritis: towards development of a decision support system
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ABSTRACT! Objective. Evaluation of the individual relationship between C-reactive protein (CRP) production or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and progression of radiologic damage in early rheumatoid arthritis (RA), to improve the predictive value of monitoring the

A neural network integrated decision support system for condition-based optimal predictive maintenance policy
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This paper develops an integrated neural-network-based decision support system for predictive maintenance of rotational equipment. The integrated system is platform- independent and is aimed at minimizing expected cost per unit operational time. The

A distributed decision support system for strategic planning
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Recent advances in artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of multi-agent theory, offer great promises in modeling strategic planning processes. In this domain, the ability to introduce distinct cognitive agents which cooperate to solve the problem enables the

A computerized handheld decision – support system to improve pulmonary embolism diagnosis: a randomized trial
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Background: Testing for pulmonary embolism often differs from that recommended by evidence-based guidelines. Objective: To assess the effectiveness of a handheld clinical decision – support system to improve the diagnostic work-up of suspected pulmonary

Geographic Resources Decision Support System for land use, land cover dynamics analysis
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Change detection is the measure of the distinct data framework and thematic change information that can guide to more tangible insights into underlying process involving land cover and land use changes than the information obtained from continuous change. Digital

Users manual for CORMIX: A hydrodynamic mixing zone model and decision support system for pollutant discharges into surface waters
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Abstract The Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System highly unsteady environments, such as tidal (CORMIX, Version 3.0 or higher) is a software reversal conditions, in which transient system for the analysis, prediction, and design of recirculation and pollutant build-up effects

A COM-based spatial decision support system for industrial site selection
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Industrial site selection is a complex process for owners and analysts. The process involves not only technical requirements, but also economical, social, environmental and political demands that may result in conflicting objectives. Because of the compound nature of the

Representing modeling knowledge in an intelligent decision support system .
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Knowledge representation for data, models, and other decision support system (DSS) elements is a complex and everadapting task. The representation scheme for an intelligent DSS will need to provide general problem-solving model management activities as well as a

Tool conditions monitoring using fuzzy decision support system
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This paper describes the application of the Fuzzy Decision Support System ,(FDSS Fuzzy- Flou ) for the tool wear estimation during a turning operation. The estimation is based on the measurement of cutting force components. The fuzzy logic based decision support system

SVM based decision support system for heart disease classification with integer-coded genetic algorithm to select critical features
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This paper presents a decision support system for heart disease classification based on support vector machine (SVM) and integer-coded genetic algorithm (GA). Simple Support Vector Machine (SSVM) algorithm has been used to determine the support vectors in a fast

Consensus-building in a multi-participant spatial decision support system
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are widely used in local and regional planning for managing, integrating and visualizing spatial data sets. However, beyond basic levels of decision support, GIS remain largely external artifacts to the decision-making process. This

Building a decision support system : The mythical man-month revisited
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ISSPA (Interactive Support System for Policy Analysts) is a DSS, written in APL, that supports administrators, analysts and researchers concerned with public policy issues at the state and local level. The initial application which this paper discusses is in the area of school

Decision support system for the evolutionary classification of protein structures.
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The structures of nearly a thousand sequence-unique proteins represent only 300 different 3D shapes, ls structural resemblance between proteins with little sequence similarity the result of physical convergence to favourable folding patterns, or does it reflect a memory of

Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using artificial intelligence based decision support system
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This research is about the development a fuzzy decision support system for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease based on evidence. The coronary artery disease data sets taken from University California Irvine (UCI) are used. The knowledge base of fuzzy decision

a decision support system for the introduction of alternative methods into local irritancy/corrosivity testing strategies. Creation of fundamental rules for a decision
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The notification procedure of the European Union (EU) for new chemicals requires the application of protocols on physicochemical and toxicological tests for the evaluation of physicochemical properties and probable toxic effects of each notified substance. A

Analytic hierarchy process as a decision – support system in the petroleum pipeline industry
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ABSTRACT Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision making algorithm developed by Dr. Saaty. It has many applications as documented in Decision Support System literature. The importance of decisions in the petroleum pipeline industry is reflected in the magnitude

The impact of the quality of a marketing decision support system : An experimental study
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In this paper we present the results of an experimental study of the impact of the quality of a marketing decision support system (MDSS). The experiment was conducted in the MARKSTRAT environment. The quality of an MDSS was operationalized as the predictive

Fuzzy decision support system for demand forecasting with a learning mechanism
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In this paper, a new decision support system for demand forecasting DSS_DF is presented. A demand forecast is generated in DSS_DF by combining four forecasts values. Two of them are obtained independently, one by a customer and the other by a market expert. They


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