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Kinetic Energy Recovery System by means of flywheel energy storage FREE-DOWNLOAD
to Regenerative Braking A regenerative brake is a mechanism that reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into another useful form of energy electric current, compressed air. This captured energy is then stored for future use or fed back into This paper deals with the design of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) by means of Flywheel Energy Storages (FES). KERS by means of FES are currently under development both for motor sport and road hybrid vehicles. The aim of the work is the optimalization and implementation to the hybrid and electric road vehicles. Testing equipment for the experimental analysis of the simplified FES was designed. Normally, electric motors are turned by passing an electric current through it. However, if some outside force is used to turn the electric motors, it functions as a generator and produces electricity. This makes it possible to employ the rotational force of the driving axle to turn the electric motors, thus regenerating electric energy for storage (in the battery) and simultaneously slowing the car with the regenerative resistance of the electric motors.

Analysis of automotive diesel conversions with KERS for future aerospace applications
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ABSTRACT Maximum takeoff or maximum continuous power is surprisingly often insufficient to guarantee absolute flight safety. Modern aircraft also need a conspicuous amount of electric power. The automotive industry in many respects is technology leader while

Comparative Study on Various KERS
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Abstract:Conservation of natural resources has become a necessity in today's world, especially in the new technology. In the automotive industry, maximum energy is lost during deceleration or braking. This problem has been resolved with the introduction of

Design of Efficycle–Hybrid tricycle with inbuilt KERS
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This paper provides in-detail description of the design considerations, analysis and mathematical data involved in the design of a hybrid tri-cycle designed for Effi-cycle 2012 competition conducted by the SAE-NIS. The tri-cycle is powered by two humans

Gouriet v Union of Post Office W or kers: the short life of an English actio popularis
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" So it seems to me there is impending a breach of the law directed, encouraged or procured by the executive of the Union of Post Office Workers. That is plain. There is nothing that was urged to the contrary. What is to be done about it Are the courts to stand idly by Is the

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Mechanical CVU for automotive KERS
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Abstract: The kinetic energy recovery in braking via electrical or mechanical hybrid systems is being considered as one promising short-range solution to improve the fuel economy of ground vehicles. The key element of a mechanical hybrid is a variable drive (CVU), which

High-speed high dynamic range resonant SAW torque sensor for kinetic energy recovery system
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Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) also often called a regenerative braking has been known to the automotive world for more than half a century. In such a system, a braking torque created by normally driven wheels of a vehicle is allowed to back-drive an electric

Kinetic Energy Recovery System from the flow of exhaust in buildings and industries
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Abstract:Wind energy is capable of meeting a fraction of energy needs around the globe. Wind Energy is harnessed by means of windmills that make use of natural resources. Contrary to this, our system makes use of wind originating due to manmade sources to

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Abstract-Natural resources conservation has become a requirement in today's world, mainly in the new technology. In many of the rolling applications maximum energy is lost during deceleration or braking. This problem has been fixed with the introduction of regenerative

Energy Recovery Coefficient and Its Impact on Achieavable Mileage of an Electric Vehicle with Hybrid Propulsion System with Kinetic Energy Storage
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Abstract: The proposed paper considers small urban vehicles with electric hybrid propulsion systems. Energy demands are examined on the basis of European drive cycle (NEUDC) and an energy recuperation coefficient is formulated for description of cycle energy transfers.

Optimizing Flywheel Design for use as a Kinetic Energy Recovery System for a Bicycle
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A flywheel is an energy storage device that uses its significant moment of inertia to store energy by rotating. Flywheels have long been used to generate or maintain power and are most identified with the industrial age and the steam engine. In one sense it can be