microcontroller research paper 2012

microcontroller research paper 2012

Multilevel Test Method for testing Microcontroller based ECG system
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N Jain, A Verma, S Jain ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Embedded systems are very complex and integrate heterogenous components
on a single chip. Testing methodologies differ in hardware and software domains. Hardware
testing concerns with the functional verification whereas the software testing is concerned

Automated test-trace inspection for microcontroller binary code
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T Reinbacher, J Brauer, D Schachinger, A Steininger ,Runtime Verification, 2012 ,Springer
This paper presents a non-intrusive framework for runtime verification of executable
microcontroller code. A dedicated hardware unit is attached to a microcontroller, which
executes the program under scrutiny, to track atomic propositions stated as assertions

Microcontroller Based Intelligent Digital Volume Controller with Timer
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D Paul, S Som ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper a Microcontroller based intelligent digital volume controller is
presented to control music system and PC speaker volume digitally and change volume
levels automatically in case of certain predefined incidents such as incoming or outgoing

Design And Development Of A Microcontroller Based System For The Measurement Of Blood Glucose
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NA Latha, BR Murthy, U Sunitha ,Measurement, 2012
ABSTRACT Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood
sugar (glucose) levels which results from defects in insulin secretion. In the present study, a
microcontroller based system for the measurement of blood glucose is designed and

Investigating the potential of custom instruction set extensions for SHA-3 candidates on a 16-bit microcontroller architecture
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ABSTRACT. In this paper, we investigate the benefit of instruction set extensions for software
implementations of all five SHA-3 candidates. To this end, we start from optimized assembly
code for a common 16-bit microcontroller instruction set architecture. By themselves, these

Decoupled Fuzzy Sliding-mode Balance Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulums Using An 8-bitMicrocontroller
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CF Hsu, CY Liu ,Proceedings of the International MultiConference of , 2012
ABSTRACT—A wheeled inverted pendulum (WIP) system is a typical unstable complex
nonlinear system widely utilized for educational purposes and control research. The
dynamic of a WIP system can be represented as two second-order subsystems which

Efficient software implementation of public-key cryptography on sensor networks using the MSP430X microcontroller
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ABSTRACT In this work, we describe a software implementation of elliptic curve cryptography
and pairing-based cryptography for the MSP430 microcontroller family, which is used in
wireless sensors. Digital signature, short signature and key distribution protocols were

Constructing Microcontroller-Based 3 by 3 Football Team Sets As an Educational Tool
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ST Shih, CM Hsu, CY Chao ,Life Science Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to construct microcontroller-based 3 by 3 football
team sets for students to learn the knowledge of information and wireless communication
technology in microcomputer related class. The constructed microcontroller-based 3 by 3

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MAA Mashud, MAA Tariq, MS Hossain ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT A microcontroller based advanced technique was designed and developed to
protect the house hold appliances, such as water-pump from fluctuation of line voltage. This
device was tested with upper and lower cutoff voltages set at±10% of the normal supply

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CS Mala, S Ramachandran ,The International Conference on Informatics , 2012 ,sdiwc.net
ABSTRACT This paper presents an RTL compliant Verilog IP Core design of a
Microcontroller System modeled on the popular 8051 of Intel. This requirement primarily
stems from the on-going project to design a Robot based Agricultural Implement. The

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Microcontroller based Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic
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MA Azam, M AshfanoorKabir, MHT Imam ,International Journal Of , 2012 ,ijarer.org
ABSTRACT—In this paper, the detailed analysis and performance appraisal of a completely
new algorithm based on Stimulated Annealing (SA) technique, a more accurate densely
clustered controllable precision based fuzzy logic algorithm and a fast-converging high

Fuel Cell Stack Energy Conservation by DC to DC Boost Converter and a Microcontroller
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N Prakash ,European Journal of Scientific , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
ABSTRACT Fuel cells are emerging as primary power source for portable applications. The
output voltage from a fuel cell suffers from a 2 to 1 variation from no load to full load.
Furthermore, staking fewer cells in series results i3n a less complex fuel cell stack. In view

Multi-symmetric Ciphering System Module Based on Microcontroller
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G Abdelhady, H Elbehiery ,Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT—It is widely recognized that data security will play a central role in the design of
future IT systems. Many of those IT applications will be realized as embedded systems,
which rely heavily on security mechanisms. Examples include security for wireless phones

Microcontroller Assembly Synthesis from Timed Automaton Task Specifications
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V Bandur, W Kahl, A Wassyng ,Formal Methods for Industrial Critical , 2012 ,Springer
A method for the automatic refinement of single-task timed automaton specifications into
microcontroller assembly code is proposed. The outputs of the refinement are an assembly
implementation and a timed automaton describing its exact behaviour. Implementation is

Functional Electrical Stimulation using PIC Microcontroller
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D Sarddar, M Kumar, SK Sikdar ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a device for restoring the functionality
of paralyzed portion of human body due to spinal cord injury (SCI). Recent clinical studies
demonstrated that the recovery of functionality of paralyzed portion was contributed by

Development of Molding Machine Status Tracking Using Microcontroller
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MR Ramli, UK LUMPUR ,2012 ,rps.bmi.edu.my

High Speed Implementation of Authenticated Encryption for the MSP430X Microcontroller
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Authenticated encryption is a symmetric cryptography scheme that provides both
confidentiality and authentication. In this work we describe an optimized implementation of
authenticated encryption for the MSP430X family of microcontrollers. The CCM, GCM,

Designing Smart Multipurpose Digital Clock using Real Time Clock (RTC) and PICMicrocontroller
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SR Khan, A Kabir, DA Hossain ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Now-a-days people prefer digital clocks more than an analog clock because of
their elegant outlook, inexpensiveness, small size and accuracy. As a result many smart
digital clocks are manufactured by different popular companies. Because of its low price

A Microcontroller-based Room Temperature Monitoring System
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T Wellem, B Setiawan ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Monitoring the temperature of a computer server room is a critical task to ensure
the performance of the server is not disturbed by excessive room temperature. In this paper,
we designed and implemented a microcontroller-based room temperature monitoring

Local Modular Supervisory Implementation in Microcontroller
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents the implementation of supervisory control theory in
microcontrollers. To ensure a good implementation problems previously discussed in the
literature must be solved in the microcontroller environment. The memory of these devices


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