microcontroller research paper 2014 2012

Design and Implementation of Microcontroller Based Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker
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Abstract Solar energy is rapidly becoming an alternative means of electricity source. Fossil fuels are seriously depleting, thus the need for alternative energy source is a necessity. To make effective use of solar energy, its efficiency must be maximized. A feasible approach

Development of Microcontroller Based Speed Control Scheme of BLDC Motor Using Proteus VSM Software
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Abstract:This paper presents a simple way of designing a low cost microcontroller based 3- phase trapezoidal backemf permanent magnet BLDC motor drive, its simulation and hardware implementation. This controller is intended to drive a BLDC motor at any desired

Microcontroller Implementation of Rule-based Inference System for Smart Home.
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Abstract Recently, the development of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication has been largely accomplished in a variety of fields including smart home. In M2M communication, the role of sensor node is only limited to gather data and send them to upper application

Surveillance Robot Using Arduino Microcontroller, Android APIs, and the Internet
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Abstract:We propose a cost-effective four-wheeled surveillance robot using an Arduino UNO microcontroller and a smartphone running the Android Operating System. Surveillance robots typically consist of a video camera, a GPS module, and GSM radios. Android

Low Cost Microcontroller Based Decay Measurement System for Display Phosphors
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Abstract An attempt is made to design and develop a low cost, simple but efficient instrument to measure the decay time of luminescence in phosphors used in displays. The approach employed here is generally an embedded system designed around an intelligent

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Abstract: The paper purpose is to automate the process of fuel pumping in a tank storage system and has the ability to detect the level of fuel in a tank, and accordingly display the status on the LCD screen digitally and raises an alarm. This research will provide an

AVR Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System with Real Time Data Logger
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Abstract: The Purpose of this system is to develop AVR Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System with Real Time Data Logger. The temperature monitoring and controlling is becoming more crucial issue in today's word it also having a more importance in a various

Smart Home Automated Control System Using Android Application and Microcontroller
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Abstract:Smart Home System (SHS) is a dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the electrical appliances and services allowing them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed. SHS includes different approaches to achieve multiple objectives

FPGA-based EtherCAT Microcontroller circuit design of SPI communication for real-time systems
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Abstract: In this study a novel Microcontroller unit (MCU) circuit based on FPGA for EtherCAT system is presented. The resource utilization statistics of the MCU circuit are provided and the performance of the MCU circuit is analyzed. The first objective is to understand the

Design of a Fast Resistance Sorting Instrument Based on STC Microcontroller
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Abstract. This paper introduces a kind of resistance sorting instrument with fast speed, high precision and wide range based on microcontroller STC12C5A60S2, including its work principle and composition of software and hardware. Resistance test method of the sorter's low and high resistance

Application of Fuzzy Logic for Temperature Control in Microcontroller Based 2.45 GHz Microwave Hyperthermia Device
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Abstract In this paper we describe the implementation of fuzzy algorithm embedded in microcontroller for temperature control in our developed microwave hyperthermia device. As the standard of hyperthermia therapy (using microwave heating mechanism) keeping the

Microcontroller Based Low Cost Device for Measuring the Speed of a Moving Object
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Abstract Since long ago, measurement of speeds of moving objects have been used in many purposes such as to detect high speed vehicles on roads and to find speeds of base balls. Today, it is of utmost importance to control speeds of automobiles on roads and

Microcontroller Based Under/Over Frequency Relay for Power System Protection
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Abstract This paper investigates the frequency fluctuation in power system and protect the power system from its harmful effects. Therefore we design a Microcontroller Based Under/Over Frequency Relay. In this paper we use microcontroller AT89S52 for protecting

Build intelligent home furnishing control system by microcontroller GSM and optical fiber sensor.
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Q Zhang, Q Liu Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2014
Abstract The overall goal of intelligent home furnishing control system is through the use of computer, network, control and integration technology to build the domain family and even the whole city integrated information service and management system, in order to improve

Simulation and Analysis of IGBT Based Inverter for Protective System Using Microcontroller
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H Shah Simulation, 2014
Abstract: These topic illuminates to develop the protection system for high power inverters using Microcontroller.. The current system consist of IGBT for the high power inverters and according to the simulation results hardware implementation is done with

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K Govindaraju, FP Ahmed, ST Ram, T Devika changes, 2014
Abstract: Rail transports are facing major challenges in our day to day life. On other hand, it must meet the needs of citizens for quality of moving easily while, on the other, it must provide a valid alternative to other nodes of transport against a backdrop of rising fuel

Modern Home Automation System Based On AVR Microcontroller
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MA Hossain, MN Hasan International Journal of Scientific Engineering 2014
Abstract:Automation is the demand of present, was demand of past and will be demand of future. It has become a buzz word in the world of technology as it has unveiled a new era for technology lovers. Lately, automated system is being preferred as the system is time and

Microcontroller Laboratory Overview
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KSJ Kim, CP Jobling 2014 You will work in pairs and share the various tasks required with your partner. It is advised to spend some time prior to the timetabled laboratory sessions on preparing designs, leaving the laboratory time for essential testing and consultation. You should demonstrate each

ARM7 Microcontroller based Robot controlled by an Android mobile utilizing Bluetooth
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BR Raju, MS Kumar 2014
Abstract:A robot is normally an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming. Numerous robots have been constructed for assembling reason and can be found in production lines far and wide. Outlining of the most recent up-

A Complete Low-Cost Design and Analysis for Single and Multi-Phase AC Induction Motors Using an 8-Bit PIC16 Microcontroller
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J Bauer 2014 This document provides a detailed analysis of driving a single and multi-phase AC induction motor (ACIM) using the PIC16F1509 microcontroller. Laboratory data is presented alongside the simulated data in an extensive reasoning of the entire design. The purpose of this

Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autopilot based on Freescale Qorivva 32-bitMicrocontroller
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Abstract: Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) is typically a low-cost aircraft designed to execute missions that are expensive or dangerous to be executed using its contrary. ie manned aircraft. Autopilot acts as the brain of the UAV along with the eyes and ears (sensors).

A Dynamic Approach for Energy Efficient and Compact Microcontroller Based Solar Power Conditioning System Using High Frequency Inverters
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M Gopikrishnan Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2014
Abstract: This paper proposes an efficient and reliable solar powered high frequency inverter. High frequency range is suggested so that transformer size and hence core loss is reduced. A single Microcontroller unit is used to drive the HF inverter with Pulse Width

Design of a Pulse Oximeter Based on STM32 Microcontroller
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YZ Wang, J Yang, TL Han Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2015 Trans Tech Publ Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 713-715 (2015) pp 1261-1264 Online available since 2015/Jan/13 at (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland doi:10.4028/ All rights reserved. No part of

Microcontroller Based Rotary Evaporator for Solution Growth
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J Shanthi, SR Vijayalakshmi Asian J. of Adv. Basic Sci, 2014
Abstract: Crystal growth is an interdisciplinary subject. The main research work involved in this is the production of pure materials and improved equipment associated with the preparation of the materials. The main research work involved in this is the development

Analysis and Design of Microcontroller based ZCS Quasi Resonant DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Systems
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R Seyezhai Analysis, 2014
Abstract: This paper deals with Zero Current Switching Quasi-Resonant DC-DC Converter (ZCS-QRC). Theoretical analysis and design methodology for a 30kHz fabricated prototype of full-wave, current-mode ZCS-QRC Buck-converter is described. The

Implementation of a fixed low order controller on STM32 microcontroller
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Abstract:The basic idea of this paper is to implement a fixed low order controller on a real electronic system by using the STM32 microcontroller. The principal aim of this controller is to guarantee some step response specifications such as the settling time and the

Network Based Data Acquisition and Logging System using PIC Microcontroller
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TK Sharma, PS Parihar International Journal of Engineering (IJE), 2014
Abstract This paper presents the design and implementation of a multi-channel data acquisition and logging system which can be used in a variety of applications. The designed data acquisition and logging system uses analog multiplexer, a bipolar analog to digital

Help of Microcontroller on Voltage Control to Reduce Transformer Inrush Current
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AAF Fard Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials, 2014 At the moment of transformer energization by the supply voltage, a high current called transient inrush current, which may rise to ten times the transformer full load current, could be drawn by the primary winding. This paper discusses a microcontroller circuit with the

Control Of Appliance By SMS Using Pic18f4550 Microcontroller
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LDJA hameed Lecturer, KW Ibrahim Journal of Engineering and 2014
Abstract: This research is concerned to design electronics circuit which control the appliance using SMS messages by sending with mobile GSM wave to circuits which contain the RX circuit and to convert this wave to input of microcontroller type (PIC18F4550) which

Microcontroller Based Security System with Intruder Position
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DR Samuel, HA Ojongbede, DR Samuel IOSR Journal of 2014
Abstract: The microcontroller Based Security System with Intruder Position Display is a design that applies automated security system in homes, Industries, military etc. The project will feature a system that will track the presence of an intruder in restricted area and also

Design of Program about the LED Digital Clock Based on Atmega16 Microcontroller and DS1302
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MC Zhang Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014 Trans Tech Publ
Abstract. Clock is used to enregistering the time and the real-time data collection in the life and the system of the automatic control. The main working principle of DS1302 and programming sought are introduced on the software design. Finally, the system software

AT89C52 Microcontroller-Based Electronic Locks Design
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W Liu, YP Wang Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014 Trans Tech Publ Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 685 (2014) pp 378-383 Online available since 2014/Oct/27 at (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland doi:10.4028/ All rights reserved. No part of contents of

Voltage Control by Microcontroller to Reduce Transformer Inrush Current
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AAF Fard American Journal of Engineering and Technology 2014
Abstract. When a transformer is energized by the supply voltage, a high current called transientinrush current which it may raise to ten times of the transformer full load current could be drawn by the primary winding. This paper discusses a microcontroller circuit with

The Development of Automatic Weather Station Data Logger by Microcontroller Netduino.
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FA Hazain, B Soewito International Journal of Software Engineering Its 2014
Abstract The main purpose of the research was to develop an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) data logger using microcontroller Netduino. It will be useful to each sector which affected by weather. This research implement a telemetry system on Netduino logger in

The trials and tribulations of building a phase-sensitive detector with an Arduinomicrocontroller
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K Schultz Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2014 The trials and tribulations of building a KD Schultz PSD with Arduino CC-BY-SA.4.0 Introduction Is This Even Possible Conclusions Original Goals Motivation Background Material Original Goals Use Arduino as a tool for teaching about phase-sensitive detection. To do so

Microcontroller tracing in Hardware In the Loop tests
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Abstract:developing software for safety critical embedded systems requires extensive testing, and HIL (Hardware in the Loop) test has one of the most important roles in this testing process. Modern microcontrollers can provide opportunities to improve the

A Microcontroller-Based Multi-Function Solar Tracking System
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D Baskar Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2014
Abstract: Microcontroller based multi-function solar tracking system are used to drive the load using the power from the solar panel in the morning time, when during the night time it will be operated using the battery. In this study has been worked on new method to

Microcontroller-Based MPPT Control for Standalone PV System with Sepic Converter
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K Lingeswaran Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2014
Abstract: The photovoltaic (PV) stand-alone system requires a battery charger for energy storage. This paper presents the modelingand controller design of the PV charger system implemented with the single-ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC). The designed

Conceptual Schematization of Microcontroller and Assembly
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Abstract Understanding low-level machine organization and programming often proves difficult for students and practitioners. The basic concepts behind computer operations are complicated by a multiplicity of subject domains, discrepancy between theory and practice

Real time Car Antitheft System with Accident Detection using AVR Microcontroller; A Review
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PK Powale, GN Zade International Journal, 2014
Abstract: The present condition of insecure environment causes increase in the ratio of vehicle theft, which creates a major responsibility towards manufacturers as well as owners of luxury automobile to inbuilt the anti theft system which prevent the car from theft. The

Microcontroller based Digital Trigger Circuit for Converter
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SV Lahade, SR Hirekhan 2014
Abstract:Controlled power is a prerequisite of various sectors, including industries. The implementation of microcontroller based firing angle control, using ATmega 32 MCU and associated hardware circuitry is discussed here. Main emphasis is given on improved
VB Bokov International Journal of Quality Engineering and 2014 Inderscience Conductivity measuring instruments should only be used if they allow carrying out the measurements of required accuracy and format, and are suitable for their measuring environment. This paper introduces a statistical analysis for scaling performance

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Abstract The aim of this project is to design and implement a single phase inverter which can convert DC voltage to AC voltage at high efficiency and low cost. Solar and wind powered electricity generation are being favored nowadays as the world increasingly

Implementation of ATMega8 Microcontroller for Data Logger of Solar Irradiation
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Abstract A data logger based on ATMegaS microcontroller has been implemented in this project to measure the solar irradiance. The sensor is Sumoncle RSC 5514 that is a small solar cell utilized as the sensor to measure the amount of irradiance incident to the

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K Peter Ng'ang'a 2014
Abstract–This paper presents the design of an efficient, weighing scale which can be used in all weigh widely uses a load cell (resistive strain gauge) appropriate voltage levels. This voltage level microcontroller which is then displayed on a 1 provide high precision, low

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W Massachusetts 2014 A v-plotter is a machine consists of a marker suspended by two belts that are connected to two motors that create an image on a whiteboard. It is called a v-plotter because of the shape it makes when the marker is suspended between the motors. This machine can be

Microcontroller Based Tracking System for the Detection of Human Presence in Critical Areas
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MB Subitha 2014
Abstract-In this paper a robust system for enabling robots to detect and identify humans in domestic environments is proposed. Here presented a sample model on a live human detection and tracking system based on a microcontroller. In recent days the high speed

Remote Communication with a Microcontroller via a Bluetooth Enabled Android Device
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VM Guardi 2014
Abstract The intent of this paper is to show that it is possible to create a single Android application that is capable of working with an extensive number of electronic devices, without the devices creator having to know anything about developing an Android

Remotely Train Control with the Aid of PIC32 Microcontroller
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M Ghassoul 2014 Automatic train control is very difficult due to two main reasons. One is the metrological conditions such as wind, rain, snow, heat, tear and wear which affects its behavior and secondly the changing load whether that load is passengers or goods, where the number

Implementing An Automatic Efficient Lighting Control And Management System Based On ArmMicrocontroller And Wireless Communication
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ECE HOD 2014
Abstract: Scientific inventions have made this world worth living. They have provided us with various means of comforts and luxuries. The invention of electricity is one of the greatest of its wonders. Indeed, we cannot even dream of living in absence of electricity in modern

Design of SCADA for Real Time System with LabVIEW and Microcontroller
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ND Gajipara, PL Ahire 2014
Abstract:The objective of this project is to describe the observation and construction of a microcontroller (PIC16) and LabVIEW based SCADA system for monitoring accessing the performance by acquiring and controlling the physical parameters such as temperature

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S ALAM 2014
Abstract A proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is widely used in industrial control systems to get the desired response by feedback. In this project, we attempt to implement a digital controller in a microcontroller. The primary difference between a digital

Microcontroller Based Visitor Indicator System using GSM Module with Text Message as Feedback
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R Nangare, A Pardeshi, P Painjane 2014
Abstract This technical paper explains how a reliable and an authentic wireless communication could be easily developed for security and automation of a private area, house or restricted premises. This technical paper describes the visitor indicator cum

Design of a Bluetooth Enabled Android Application for a Microcontroller Driven Robot
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VM Guardi 2014
Abstract The objective of this paper is to show that it is possible to create a single Android application capable of working with a number of electronic devices typically used within the hobby and armature robotics field, without the devices creator having to know

Microcontroller Based Power Inverter
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S Sunariya, V Bhati 2014
Abstract Induction motors are getting used in larger numbers throughout a good ort of industrial and business applications as a result of it provides several edges and reliable device to convert the current into mechanical motion. In some applications, it's desired to

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IN Plymouth 2014 The primary goal of the project is to create a device that integrates many different components into a cohesive design centered around an embedded microcontroller. An Arduino is a type of microcontroller that utilizes IC's and script, a variation of C, to preform

Development of Feedback Mechanism for Microcontroller Based SMS Electronic Strolling Message Display Board
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EM Dogo, AM Akogbe, TA Folorunso, D Maliki 2014
Abstract Digital electronic display board is fast gaining acceptance and application in different spheres of life which include educational institutions, public utility places and in advertisement due to the problem associated with construction of signposts and manually

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Abstract Drop foot syndrome is general term for difficulty lifting the front part of the foot from the ground which is a common problem that can lead to falls, trips and injuries in human life. It is usually neuromuscular disorder that cause peroneal neuropathy between

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Abstract The urinary track system is one of the important parts of the human body. The system consists of the following: kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and the urethra. Kidneys are responsible for extracting waste materials from the blood and converting them into

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Abstract This project is about to build an autonomous robot which is a Pick and Place Robot using Line Tracking. This project contains three main parts which are electric circuit, mechanical design and programming. To build a good autonomous robot, the robot must

microcontroller research papers 2012

Multilevel Test Method for testing Microcontroller based ECG system
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ABSTRACT Embedded systems are very complex and integrate heterogenous components on a single chip. Testing methodologies differ in hardware and software domains. Hardware testing concerns with the functional verification whereas the software testing is concerned

Automated test-trace inspection for microcontroller binary code
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This paper presents a non-intrusive framework for runtime verification of executable microcontroller code. A dedicated hardware unit is attached to a microcontroller, which executes the program under scrutiny, to track atomic propositions stated as assertions

Microcontroller Based Intelligent Digital Volume Controller with Timer
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ABSTRACT In this paper a Microcontroller based intelligent digital volume controller is presented to control music system and PC speaker volume digitally and change volume levels automatically in case of certain predefined incidents such as incoming or outgoing

Design And Development Of A Microcontroller Based System For The Measurement Of Blood Glucose
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ABSTRACT Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels which results from defects in insulin secretion. In the present study, a microcontroller based system for the measurement of blood glucose is designed and

Investigating the potential of custom instruction set extensions for SHA-3 candidates on a 16-bit microcontroller architecture
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ABSTRACT. In this paper, we investigate the benefit of instruction set extensions for software implementations of all five SHA-3 candidates. To this end, we start from optimized assembly code for a common 16-bit microcontroller instruction set architecture. By themselves, these

Decoupled Fuzzy Sliding-mode Balance Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulums Using An 8-bitMicrocontroller
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ABSTRACT-A wheeled inverted pendulum (WIP) system is a typical unstable complex nonlinear system widely utilized for educational purposes and control research. The dynamic of a WIP system can be represented as two second-order subsystems which

Efficient software implementation of public-key cryptography on sensor networks using the MSP430X microcontroller
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ABSTRACT In this work, we describe a software implementation of elliptic curve cryptography and pairing-based cryptography for the MSP430 microcontroller family, which is used in wireless sensors. Digital signature, short signature and key distribution protocols were

Constructing Microcontroller-Based 3 by 3 Football Team Sets As an Educational Tool
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ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to construct microcontroller-based 3 by 3 football team sets for students to learn the knowledge of information and wireless communication technology in microcomputer related class. The constructed microcontroller-based 3 by 3

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ABSTRACT A microcontroller based advanced technique was designed and developed to protect the house hold appliances, such as water-pump from fluctuation of line voltage. This device was tested with upper and lower cutoff voltages set at±10% of the normal supply

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ABSTRACT This paper presents an RTL compliant Verilog IP Core design of a Microcontroller System modeled on the popular 8051 of Intel. This requirement primarily stems from the on-going project to design a Robot based Agricultural Implement. The

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Microcontroller based Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic
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ABSTRACT-In this paper, the detailed analysis and performance appraisal of a completely new algorithm based on Stimulated Annealing (SA) technique, a more accurate densely clustered controllable precision based fuzzy logic algorithm and a fast-converging high

Fuel Cell Stack Energy Conservation by DC to DC Boost Converter and a Microcontroller
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ABSTRACT Fuel cells are emerging as primary power source for portable applications. The output voltage from a fuel cell suffers from a 2 to 1 variation from no load to full load. Furthermore, staking fewer cells in series results i3n a less complex fuel cell stack. In view

Multi-symmetric Ciphering System Module Based on Microcontroller
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ABSTRACT-It is widely recognized that data security will play a central role in the design of future IT systems. Many of those IT applications will be realized as embedded systems, which rely heavily on security mechanisms. Examples include security for wireless phones

Microcontroller Assembly Synthesis from Timed Automaton Task Specifications
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A method for the automatic refinement of single-task timed automaton specifications into microcontroller assembly code is proposed. The outputs of the refinement are an assembly implementation and a timed automaton describing its exact behaviour. Implementation is

Functional Electrical Stimulation using PIC Microcontroller
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ABSTRACT Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a device for restoring the functionality of paralyzed portion of human body due to spinal cord injury (SCI). Recent clinical studies demonstrated that the recovery of functionality of paralyzed portion was contributed by

Development of Molding Machine Status Tracking Using Microcontroller
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High Speed Implementation of Authenticated Encryption for the MSP430X Microcontroller
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Authenticated encryption is a symmetric cryptography scheme that provides both confidentiality and authentication. In this work we describe an optimized implementation of authenticated encryption for the MSP430X family of microcontrollers. The CCM, GCM,

Designing Smart Multipurpose Digital Clock using Real Time Clock (RTC) and PICMicrocontroller
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ABSTRACT Now-a-days people prefer digital clocks more than an analog clock because of their elegant outlook, inexpensiveness, small size and accuracy. As a result many smart digital clocks are manufactured by different popular companies. Because of its low price

A Microcontroller-based Room Temperature Monitoring System
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ABSTRACT Monitoring the temperature of a computer server room is a critical task to ensure the performance of the server is not disturbed by excessive room temperature. In this paper, we designed and implemented a microcontroller-based room temperature monitoring

Local Modular Supervisory Implementation in Microcontroller
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ABSTRACT: This paper presents the implementation of supervisory control theory in microcontrollers. To ensure a good implementation problems previously discussed in the literature must be solved in the microcontroller environment. The memory of these devices