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AppInsight: Mobile App Performance Monitoring in the Wild.
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The mobile – app marketplace is highly competitive. To maintain and improve the quality of their apps, developers need data about how their app is performing in the wild. The asynchronous, multi-threaded nature of mobile apps makes tracing difficult. The difficulties

Modeling users mobile app privacy preferences: Restoring usability in a sea of permission settings
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In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of identifying a small set of privacy profiles as a way of helping users manage their mobile app privacy preferences. Our analysis does not limit itself to looking at permissions people feel comfortable granting to an app. Instead it

Dynamic structures of control and generativity in digital ecosystem service innovation: the cases of the Apple and Google mobile app stores
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Understanding complex dynamics of digital ecosystem service innovation is of key strategic interests of many firms. For example, the primary challenge for the mobile phone industry has been recently transformed from one of joint handset device and telecommunication

Student preferences for mobile app usage
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Results Distributed in September and October of 2011, the survey was made available to all 39,000 Purdue University students. Survey invitations soliciting participation from students who own smartphones were made via announcements within student-centric

Designing a mobile – app -based collaborative learning system
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An important aspect of education is to promote higher-order thinking skills to learners. However, in the lecture environment, learners are passively engaged and it is unlikely for higher-order thinking to occur. Although interventions such as clickers can be used to Mobile applications (apps) are software developed for use on mobile devices and made available through app stores. App stores are highly competitive markets where developers need to cater to a large number of users spanning multiple countries. This work

Bridging the mobile app gap
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With the recent boom of smartphone and tablet market growth, mobile application development is quickly becoming an area that can no longer be ignored. According to the International Data Corporation, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever in the fourth

Follow my recommendations: A personalized privacy assistant for mobile app permissions
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Modern smartphone platforms have millions of apps, many of which request permissions to access private data and resources, like user accounts or location. While these smartphone platforms provide varying degrees of control over these permissions, the sheer number of

Advancing mobile learning in formal and informal settings via mobile app technology: Where to from here, and how
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In this paper a brief review of the framework that addressed mobile learning implementation challenges (pedagogical, technological, policy and research) that was developed by Khaddage et al.(2015) is briefly discussed, followed by possible solutions that could be

Automatic generation of mobile app signatures from traffic observations
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There are network management, traffic engineering, and security practices adopted in todays networking that rely on the knowledge about what applications traffic is passing through the networks. These practices might fail with mobile apps whose identity remains

Mobile app development and usability research to help dementia and Alzheimer patients
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Caregiver anecdotes attest that music and photographs play an important role for family members diagnosed with Alzheimers disease (AD), even those with severe AD. Tablets and iPads, which are prevalent, can be utilized with dementia patients in portraying favorite

An analysis of the mobile app review landscape: trends and implications
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Abstract Context: Apple Inc.s App Store offers a distribution mechanism for apps and a public review system which allows users to express opinions regarding purchased apps. The ratings and reviews left by users have the potential to influence new users and, hence

Investigating app store ranking algorithms using a simulation of mobile app ecosystems
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App stores are one of the most popular ways of providing content to mobile device users today. But with thousands of competing apps and thousands new each day, the problem of presenting the developers apps to users becomes nontrivial. There may be an app for

Cinemappy: a Context-aware Mobile App for Movie Recommendations boosted by DBpedia.
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The recent spread of the so called Web of Data has made available a vast amount of interconnected data, paving the way to a new generation of ubiquitous applications able to exploit the information encoded in it. In this paper we present Cinemappy, a location-based

Attitudes toward mobile advertising: A study of mobile web display and mobile app display advertising
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The rapid development of smartphones has resulted in the increasing use of mobile devices to deliver advertisements for products and services. Many firms in Vietnam have invested numerous resources in this field, and an in-depth understanding of mobile advertising is

Are these Ads Safe: Detecting Hidden Attacks through the Mobile App -Web Interfaces.
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Mobile users are increasingly becoming targets of malware infections and scams. Some platforms, such as Android, are more open than others and are therefore easier to exploit than other platforms. In order to curb such attacks it is important to know how these attacks

Development and deployment of a large-scale flower recognition mobile app
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Todays major image search engines, which focus on searchby-image-content, work by matching and retrieving of images that are already available on the web. With the proliferation of user generated content, especially from mobile devices, there is a need to

Towards Understanding the Impact of Personality Traits on Mobile App Adoption-A Scalable Approach.
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Smartphones are the most personal devices. The kind of apps we install are therefore closely linked to our habits and personality. In this research-in-progress paper, we aim to provide two key contributions. First, we aim to advance the body of knowledge in technology

App epidemics: Modelling the effects of publicity in a mobile app ecosystem
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In mobile app ecosystems, an app can behave like a virus. Once downloaded, it may cause its user to recommend that app to friends who then may download the app and infect other friends. Epidemics occur when a small number of downloads causes a snowballing effect

The role of a mobile app for listening comprehension training in distance learning to sustain student motivation
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In this article the importance of listening comprehension for language students is discussed and the possible benefits of using a mobile app to motivate its practice and development are considered. The Audio News Trainer (ANT) is presented as an example of this type of app


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