research paper on mosfet

research paper on mosfet

All-quantum simulation of an ultra-small SOI MOSFET
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V Vyurkov, I Semenikhin, V Lukichev, A Burenkov ,Proc. SPIE, 2008
ABSTRACT The all-quantum program for 3D simulation of an ultra-thin body SOI MOSFET is
overviewed. It is based on Landauer-Buttiker approach to calculate current. The necessary
transmission coefficients are acquired from the selfconsistent solution of Schrödinger

Physics based Threshold Voltage Analysis of Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC) Nanoscale MOSFET and its multilayered
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P Malik, R Chaujar, M Gupta, RS Gupta ,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF , 2010
Multi-Layered Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (MLGME-TRC)
MOSFET has been proposed and a twodimensional (2D) analytical threshold voltage model
based on the solution of Poisson s equation in cylindrical coordinates, utilizing the

Investigation of the ytterbium silicide as low Schottky barrier source/drain contact material for n-type MOSFET
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DA Yarekha, G Larrieu, E Dubois , Nationales sur les , 2008 ,
Schottky barrier height to electron on n-type silicon. This property makes this material very
attractive for the realization of Source/Drain contacts for n-type MOSFETs. In this
communication, the study of structural and electrical properties of YbSi2-x fabricated at

Simulation and Analysis of Gate Engineered Triple Metal Double Gate (TM-DG) MOSFET for Diminished Short Channel Effects
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SK Gupta, A Baidya, S Baishya ,International Journal of Advanced , 2012
ABSTRACT A triple metal double gate (TM-DG) MOSFET with high-k dielectrics has been
proposed to overcome the short channel effects. We are using top and bottom metal gates
with different work functions to screen the effect of drain (DIBL effect). It has been found

The SOI MOSFET: From single gate to multigate
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JP Colinge ,FinFETs and Other Multi-Gate Transistors, 2008 ,
DS ox Si DS el dep el ox el j ox Si VEI V L t L t L x DIBL H H H H 80.0 1 80.0 2 2 { » ¼ º « ¬ ª
DIBL SCE V V TH TH f  Gate length (nm) 100 300 30 10 1000  Typical drain-induced barrier
lowering in bulk, fully depleted SOI (FDSOI) and double-gate (DG) MOSFETs calculated

Design of 100-V Super-Junction Trench Power MOSFET with Low On-Resistance
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YH Lho, YS Yang ,ETRI Journal, 2012 ,
Super-junction (SJ) metal-oxide semiconductor ?eld-effect transistor (MOSFET) power
devices are well known for lower on-state resistance and gate charge. However, it is difficult
to fabricate the exact balanced doping pro?le, and the impact of imbalance results in

Circuit simulation for large-scale MOSFET and lossy coupled transmission line circuits using multi-rate iterated timing analysis algorithm
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CJ Chen, TH Shin ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose methods to perform large-scale circuit simulation for
MOSFET circuits containing lossy coupled transmission lines that have been encountered in
modern circuit design community. We utilize the fast multi-rate ITA (Iterated Timing

6th Generation Power MOSFET Super FAP-E3S Low Qg Series
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R Araki, Y Hara, S Watanabe ,Fuji Electric s Semiconductors: , 2009
In recent years, efforts to address environmental issues have focused on the goal of
reducing greenhouse effect gases, while at the same time, in consideration of future energy
supply and demand trends associated with the economic growth of developing nations

Simulation of SOI MOSFET using ATLAS
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M Kaifi, MJ Siddiqui, TA Abbasi, MU Khan ,Journal of Electronic and , 2010
ABSTRACT-Silicon on insulator (SOI) CMOS offers performance gain over bulk CMOS mainly
due to reduced parasitic capacitances and latchup. It is most promising technology when
low cost low power and low voltage suppply is required. kink effect and self heating are

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms Based Approach to Optimize the Small Signal Parameters of Gate Stack Double Gate MOSFET
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T Bendib, F Djeffal, T Bentrcia, D Arar ,Lecture Notes in , 2012
ABSTRACT-In this paper, the small signal parameters behavior of Gate Stack Double Gate
(GSDG) MOSFET are studied and optimized using multi-objective genetic algorithms
(MOGAs) for deep submicron CMOS analog circuits applications. The transconductance

Analytical Estimation of Breakdown Voltage and Power Dissipation of Double ImplantedMOSFET on 6H Silicon Carbide Wafer with Linearly Graded Profile
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M Vashishath, AK Chatterjee ,Journal of Electron Devices, 2010
ABSTRACT: Silicon Carbide (SiC) has revolutionized the semiconductor power devices. It is a
wide band gap semiconductor with an energy gap wider than 2eV and possesses extremely
high power high voltage switching characteristics, high thermal, chemical and mechanical

Non Overlapped Single and Double-Gate SOI/GOI MOSFET for Enhanced Short Channel Immunity
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S Sharma, P Kumar ,Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science, 2009
ABSTRACT-In this paper we analyze the influence of source/drain (S/D) extension region
design for minimizing short channel effects (SCEs) in 25 nm gate length single and double
gate Silicon–on–Insulator (SOI) and Germanium–on–Insulator (GOI) MOSFETs. A design

N-Type Carbon-Nanotube MOSFET Device Profile Optimization for Very Large Scale Integration
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As the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology progresses into the
22 nm regime, the fundamental limitations of silicon are felt stronger. New superior materials
are needed to achieve higher performance and scalable CMOS integrated circuits in the

A sub-circuit MOSFET model with a wide temperature range including cryogenic temperature
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J Kan, S Weifeng, S Longxing ,Journal of Semiconductors, 2011 ,
ABSTRACT: A sub-circuit SPICE model of a MOSFET for low temperature operation is
presented. Two resistors are introduced for the freeze-out effect, and the explicit behavioral
models are developed for them. The model can be used in a wide temperature range

Modeling and simulation of the diffusive transport in a nanoscale Double-Gate MOSFET
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P Pietra, N Vauchelet ,Journal of Computational Electronics, 2008 ,Springer
ABSTRACT In this work we present the mathematical modeling and the simulation of the
diffusive transport of an electron gas confined in a nanostructure. A coupled quantum-
classical system is considered, where the coupling occurs in the momentum variable: the

Current-Voltage Characteristics of Ballistic Nanowire MOSFET by Numerical Analysis
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A Abudukelimu, K Kakushima, P Ahmet , Nanowire MOSFET , 2009 ,
Recently, the metal oxide semiconductor filed-effect transistor s (MOSFETs) dimensions had
been scaled into the nanoscale region due to the advancement of process technologies.
ITRS 2003 predicts that novel MOSFETs with a 9 nm gate length will be produced in 2016

BSIM-CMG 106.1. 0 Multi-Gate MOSFET Compact Model
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V Sriramkumar, N Paydavosi, D Lu, CH Lin ,2012 ,
The continuous evolution and enhancement of planar bulk CMOS technology has fueled the
growth of the microelectronics industry for the past several decades. When we reach the end
of the technology roadmap for the classical CMOS, multiple gate MOSFETs (MuGFETs)

Statistical circuit simulation with the effect of random discrete dopants in nanometer MOSFETdevices
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NA Kamsani, B Cheng, S Roy ,Design Automation and , 2008 ,
Intrinsic parameter fluctuations introduced by random discrete dopants have become one of
the major challenges in Sibulk CMOS design and scaling below the 65nm technology
generation [1]. This is because the random dopants distribution causes variation in

A MOSFET-Only Delta-Sigma Modulator for Implantable Neural Signal Sensors
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R Fan, J Xu, X Wu ,Proceedings of the International MultiConference of , 2010
Sigma modulator for implantable neural signal sensors is presented in this paper. In order to
reduce the capacitor area significantly, most of the capacitors in the modulator are
implemented by the single PMOSFET MOSCAPs in inversion region. The rest capacitors

Silicon on Insulator MOSFET Development from Single Gate to Multiple Gate
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P Mani, MK Pandey ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT-This paper describe the developments in SOI MOSFET with single gate, double
gate, triple gate as well as gate all around structures. The bulk Si MOSFET has been the
main device forming the backbone of the development of ultra high density ICs. In order to

Advanced MOSFET designs and implications for SRAM scaling
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C Shin ,2011 ,
Improvement in integrated circuit (IC) performance and cost has been achieved largely by
transistor scaling (ie, minimum feature size reduction by a factor of 0.7 in every new
technology node, or every 2 years) according to Moore s Law [1, 2]. The resultant

Comparison of Four-Terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model with Thin Si Channel FinFET Devices
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T Nakagawa, S O uchi, Y Liu, T Sekigawa , Proceedings of the , 2008
In general, the drift-diffusion equation models only a part of the channel. In real devices,
carrier densities at the source and the drain are the same, and often much higher than
channel carrier density, requiring the carrier density jumping regions neighboring the drift-

Virtual Fabrication and Analog Performance of Sub-40nm Bulk MOSFET Using TCAD TOOL
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SI Amin, MS Alam ,Journal of Electronic Design Technology, 2010
ABSTRACT Virtual Fabrication of sub-40nm Bulk MOSFET is carried out under channel
engineering and source drain engineering process. These structures enable more
aggressive device scaling in nano-scale region because of their ability to control short


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