Ultrasonic Gas Meters Verification

Author:Rajive kumar E K
Research Scholar
Pacific University of Science ant Technology. Udaipur

Abstract Modern Ultrasonic Flow meters have built in diagnostic tools which will help the user to detect if there is any obstruction in meter tube, deterioration of meter performance or there are any issues effecting accuracy of gas flow metering. Performance of meter can be verified in field itself using the diagnostic techniques.

Introduction Ultrasonic flow meter is widely used now for custody gas flow measurements. There are many advantages to this type of meter compared to other conventional flow meters. Ultrasonic flow meters have no moving part and do not restrict flow and create pressure drop. Accuracy, turndown ratio is better. It is Tolerance to wet gas and can be designed bi-directional especially useful in cross country pipe line gas flow metering. Apart from these advantages USM is having integral diagnostic features. Integral diagnostic features help user to evaluate meter performance and diagnose meter health.

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