A VHDL implementation of an on-board ACF application targeting FPGAs


A VHDL implementation of an on-board ACF application targeting FPGAs-download

A VHDL Implementation of an On-board ACF Application Targeting

VHDL (VHSIC-HDL, Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language) is a hardware description language used in electronic design automation to describe digital and mixed-signal systems such as field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits.

VHDL is Still Being Used by Avionics Companies as they Target their Designs(Usually Low Complex) into FPGAs and CLPDs. As there is no real need to migrate the Legacy design to OOP languages from VHDL, Since the Synthesis tool Continue to Support VHDL.

VHDL and Verilog are considered general-purpose digital design languages, while SystemVerilog represents an enhanced version of Verilog. VHDL is a rich and strongly typed language, deterministic and more verbose than Verilog. As a result, designs written in VHDL are considered self-documenting.

C is a software programming language (as assembly is), VHDL/Verilog are hardware description languages. They are not meant for the same purpose. C is translated into assembly code (in its binary form, i.e., machine language) when compiled. On the other hand, a HDL is synthesized to hardware

A Brief History Of VHDL. VHDL (which stands for VHSIC Hardware Description Language) was developed in the early 1980s as a spin-off of a high-speed integrated circuit research project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

VHDL is generally used to write text models that describe a logic circuit. Such a model is processed by a synthesis program, only if it is part of the logic design. A simulation program is used to test the logic design using simulation models to represent the logic circuits that interface to the design. This collection of simulation models is commonly called a testbench.

A VHDL simulator is typically an event-driven simulator.[12] This means that each transaction is added to an event queue for a specific scheduled time. E.g. if a signal assignment should occur after 1 nanosecond, the event is added to the queue for time +1ns. Zero delay is also allowed, but still needs to be scheduled: for these cases Delta delay is used, which represent an infinitely small time step. The simulation alters between two modes: statement execution, where triggered statements are evaluated, and event processing, where events in the queue are processed.

VHDL has constructs to handle the parallelism inherent in hardware designs, but these constructs (processes) differ in syntax from the parallel constructs in Ada (tasks). Like Ada, VHDL is strongly typed and is not case sensitive. In order to directly represent operations which are common in hardware, there are many features of VHDL which are not found in Ada, such as an extended set of Boolean operators including nand and nor.

VHDL has file input and output capabilities, and can be used as a general-purpose language for text processing, but files are more commonly used by a simulation testbench for stimulus or verification data. There are some VHDL compilers which build executable binaries. In this case, it might be possible to use VHDL to write a testbench to verify the functionality of the design using files on the host computer to define stimuli, to interact with the user, and to compare results with those expected. However, most designers leave this job to the simulator.

VHDL : programming by example
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This is the fourth version of the book and this version now not only provides VHDL language coverage but design methodology information as well. This version will guide the reader through the process of creating a VHDL design, simulating the design, synthesizing the

Digital logic and microprocessor design with VHDL
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EO Hwang 2005 This book is about the digital logic design of microprocessors. It is intended to provide both an understanding of the basic principles of digital logic design, and how these fundamental principles are applied in the building of complex microprocessor circuits using current

Analog and mixed-signal modeling using the VHDL -AMS language
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Page 1. VHDL AMS @ 7hxhyh 968 WC9G vhy Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling Using the VHDL -AMS Language Ernst Christen Beaverton, OR Kenneth Bakalar Rockville, MD Allen M. Dewey Durham, NC Eduard Moser Stuttgart, Germany 36th Design Automation Conference New

VHDL for Engineers
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VHDL Blog Sigasi 9 2008. VHDL for Engineers teaches readers how to design and simulate digital systems using the hardware description language, VHDL . These VHDL for Engineers: Kenneth L. Short: 9780131424784: Amazon SystemC tutorial for VHDL engineers HT-Lab Master

State machine design techniques for Verilog and VHDL
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Abstract†: Designing a synchronous finite state machine (FSM) is a common task for a digital logic engineer. This paper will discuss a variety of issues regarding FSM design using Synopsys Design Compiler1. Verilog and VHDL coding styles will be presented. Different

Synthesis of VHDL concurrent processes
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This paper presents two methods for synthesis of VHDL specifications containing concurrent processes. Our main objective is to preserve simulation/synthesis correspondence during high-level synthesis and to produce hardware that operates with a high degree of

Testability analysis and improvement from VHDL behavioral specifications
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This paper presents a testability improvement method for digital systems described in VHDL behavioral specification. The method is based on testability analysis at registertransfer (RT) level which reflects test pattern generation costs, fault coverage and test application time

A simple denotational semantics, proof theory and a validation condition generator for unit-delay VHDL
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A denotational semantics and a Hoare programming logic for a subset of the standard hardware description language VHDL are set out here. Both define the behaviour of synchronously clocked VHDL simulators in declarative and compositional style. The logic is

A structured VHDL design method
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All outputs are grouped into one entityspecific record type, declared in a global interface package Input ports are of output record types from other entities A local variable of the registered type is declared in the combinational processes to hold newly calculated values

Multiple gate delay tracking structures for GNSS signals and their evaluation with simulink, systemC, and VHDL
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Accurate delay tracking in multipath environments is one of the prerequisites of modern GNSS receivers. Several solutions have been proposed in the literature, both feedback and feedforward. However, this topic is still under active research focus, especially for mass

Simulink/Matlab-to- VHDL route for full-custom/FPGA rapid prototyping of DSP algorithms
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This paper presents the way of speeding up the route from the theoretical design with Simulink/Matlab, via behavioral simulation in fixed-point arithmetic to the implementation on either FPGA or custom silicon. This has been achieved by porting the netlist of the Simulink

A synthesizable VHDL coding of a genetic algorithm
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This paper presents the HGA, a genetic algorithm written in VHDL and intended for a hardware implementation. Due to pipelining, parallelization, and no function call overhead, a hardware GA yields a signi cant speedup over a software GA, which is especially useful

Digital Electronics with VHDL , Quartus II Version
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For Digital Electronics courses requiring a comprehensive approach to Digital concepts with an emphasis on PLD programming and the integration of the latest Quartus II software. This text presents a step-by-step, practical approach to an enhanced and easy understanding of

Full transceiver circuit simulation using VHDL -AMS
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This paper describes the successful simulation of a complete transceiver circuit with the new VHDL -AMS standard. The aim was to verify the functionality and connectivity of a complete RF transceiver chip under actual application conditions. The transceiver circuit is dedicated

Comparison of vhdl , verilog and systemverilog
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As the number of enhancements to various Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) has increased over the past year, so too has the complexity of determining which language is best for a particular design. Many designers and organizations are contemplating whether

Study on LD- VHDL conversion for FPGA-based PLC implementation
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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have been widely used in manufacturing systems for many years. PLC performance is highly constrained by speed of the microprocessor and real-time firmware of the PLC. To enhance conventional PLC performance and flexibility, this

A Formalization of a Subset of VHDL in the Boyer-Moore Logic
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We present a mathematical definition of a hardware description language that admits a semantics-preserving translation to a subset of VHDL . The language is based on the VHDL model of event-driven simulation and includes behavioral and structural circuit descriptions 1. DESIGNERS CONCERNS 1 1.1. Analog (Mixed-Mode Simulation) 1 1.2. Backannotation 2 1.3. Compatibility Problems Versus VHDL 87 3 1.4. Development Phase 3 1.5. Determinism 4 1.6. Device Modeling 4 1.7. Formal Proof. 4 1.8. Implementation Problems 5

A simple digital VHDL QPSK modulator designed using CPLD/FPGAs for biomedical devices applications
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Phase shift Keying (QPSK) modulator applied for implantable telemetry applications as demonstrated. VHDL programming code is used to generate QPSK digital signal. The input test signals data and carrier are interfaced to the CPLD and FPGAs board from Agilent

Considerations on Object-Oriented Extensions to VHDL
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Page 1. 2 April OO- VHDL VIUF Spring 97 1 Considerations on Object-Oriented Extensions to VHDL Peter J. Ashenden University of Adelaide Visiting Scholar at U. Cincinnati Philip A. Wilsey University of Cincinnati Page 2. 2 April OO- VHDL VIUF Spring 97 2

VHDL modeling of convolutional interleaver-deinterleaver for efficient FPGA implementation
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Interleaving along with error correction coding is an effective way to deal with different types of error in digital data communication. Error burst due to multipath fading and from other sources in a digital channel be effectively combated by interleaving technique. In this It is shown how a significant subset of VHDL has been deep embedded in HOL along with the four abstraction types of hardware: behavioral, structural, data, temporal. First, a method for simplifying deep embedding of languages in HOL is presented: derivation trees as a

Performance analysis of different bit carry look ahead adder using vhdl environment
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Adders are some of the most critical data path circuits requiring considerable design effort in order to squeeze out as much performance gain as possible. Various adder structures can be used to execute addition such as serial and parallel structures and most of researches

VHDLDIAG+: Value-level diagnosis of VHDL programs
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We describe the application of model-based diagnosis to the debugging of VHDL programs. In our previous work in VHDL -based software diagnosis, we have relied upon a very abstract representation to make it possible to diagnose fullsized applications (up to 1MLOC)

VHDL modeling and simulation of data scrambler and descrambler for secure data communication
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VHDL modeling and simulation of a typical data scrambler and descrambler for secure data communication has been presented. The encoder and decoder has been implemented using VHDL approach which allows the reconfigurablity of the proposed system such that

A VHDL Primer
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VHDL is a hardware description language that can be used to model a digital system. It contains elements that can be used to describe the behavior or structure of the digital system, with the provision for specifying its timing explicitly. The language provides support

VHDL modules and circuits for underwater optical wireless communication systems
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Underwater wireless optical communication has been used for establish a link between mobile vehicles and/or fixed nodes because light, especially in the blue/green region, allows to achieve higher data-rate than acoustical or electromagnetic waves for moderate

VHDL design for image segmentation using Gabor filter for disease detection
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Tonsillitis, Tumor and many more skin diseases can be detected in its early-state and can be cured. For this a new idea for efficient Gabor filter design with improved data transfer rate, efficient noise reduction, less power consumption and reduced memory usage is proposed

Design of FPGA based 32-bit Floating Point Arithmetic Unit and verification of its VHDL code using MATLAB
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Most of the algorithms implemented in FPGAs used to be fixed-point. Floating-point operations are useful for computations involving large dynamic range, but they require significantly more resources than integer operations. With the current trends in system

A performance analysis of classified binary adder architectures and the VHDL simulations
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In this paper, the four binary adder architectures belong to a different adder class are studied and compared with each other to analyse their performances. Comparisons include the unit- gate models for area and delay. As the performance measure, the product of the area and

An empirical comparison of ANSI-C to VHDL compilers: SPARK, ROCCC and DWARV
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Custom computing machines combine the flexibility of the general purpose processor with the high performance of the application tailored hardware. This combination results in a computing platform that allows for performance improvements to a wide range of

VHDL and fuzzy logic if-then rules
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This paper explores the feasibility of using VHDL to model systems utilizing fuzzy logic. In particular, it deals with the representation and analysis of the behavior of collections of interacting objects, each of which is characterized by fuzzy if-then rules. The feasibility and

Hardware description of multi-directional fast sobel edge detection processor by VHDL for implementing on FPGA
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The VHDL is an appropriate Hardware Description Language (HDL) for providing hardware models of practical image processing algorithms. The aim of this paper is to present hardware architecture of Sobel edge detection algorithm for implementing on field A denotational definition for a single clock synchronous subset of VHDL is proposed. The different domains for variables and signals, the elaboration of static environments, and the formulation of a simulation algorithm for the sub-language characterize this definition, and

On the reuse of VHDL modules into systemC designs
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More and more the SystemC description language is used to model and simulate new hardware designs. The need of integrating new designs with already existing modules lead to the generation of heterogeneous models, specifications, based both on SystemC

Semantic validation of VHDL -AMS by an abstract state machine
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This report presents a semantic analysis for VHDL -AMS, a mixed-signal extension of VHDL , based on an abstract state machine. Intended as a validation for the on-going standardization project, it faithfully reflects the view of simulation proposed. Our experiences

Parallelism extraction and programme restructuring of VHDL for parallel simulation
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We obtained an overall increase in parallelism during VHDL simulation by decomposing sitnulation models into smaller computational units to be executed in parallel and by paralleli7hg the simulation support functions. Our implementation targeted massively

Proof theory and a validation condition generator for VHDL
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We present a Hoare-style programming logic for VHDL together with a succinct PROLOG implementation which acts as a validation condition generator. The logic is based on a particularly simple formalization of the language as a pure side-effect on an infinite time

Creating virtual prototypes of complex MEMS transducers using reduced-order modelling methods and VHDL -AMS
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In this chapter, the creation of virtual prototypes of complex micro-electromechanical transducers is presented. Creating these behavioural models can be partially automatised using a reduced-order modelling (ROM) method. It uses modal decomposition to represent

ARDID: A Tool for the Quality Analysis of VHDL based Designs
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In this paper, a tool developed to help in the VHDL design flow of complex systems on silicon is presented. This tool aims to help designers and Project Managers to improve the quality of their VHDL based designs. The tool includes functions oriented towards design