A novel UWB elliptical slot antenna with band-notched characteristics

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This antenna is designed to be used in frequency band of 3.1–10.6GHz This paper presents a novel band-notched elliptical slot antenna for Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) communication, which is printed on a dielectric substrate of RT/duroid 6006 with relative permittivity (εr) of 6.0, thickness of 1.27 mm, and fed by an elliptical open ended microstrip line connected to the 50 Ω main line. This antenna is designed to be used in frequency band of 3.1–10.6GHz. Bandnotched characteristics of antenna to reject the frequency band of 5.15–5.825 GHz, which is limited by research 802.11a, is realized by parasitic inverted-U strip attached to the elliptical slot plane. Effects of varying the parameters of parasitic inverted-U strip on performance of proposed antenna have been investigated. The antenna with optimal parameters obtained from parametric study is fabricated and measured. It is observed that the simulation and experimental results have good agreements with each other.