Transformation of Rectangular Patch into a Circular Patch in a Microstrip Patch Antenna for LAN Application
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ABSTRACT This paper describes the Transformation of Rectangular patch antenna into Circular patch Antenna for LAN use, operating at 5.4 GHz frequency; using HFSS simulator. Return Loss Parameter was calculated and for rectangular it was 15.157 db at 5.73 GHz

L-Shaped Dual Band Microstrip Fed Monopole Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
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Abstract A L-shaped Microstrip patch antenna to provide a wide range of coverage is presenting in this work. This simple microstrip feed monopole patch antenna also used for RFID application. The antenna has three resonant frequencies centered at 2. 4GHz to 5.

Smart and Reconfigurable Antenna Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a prominent technology with diverse applications. Considerable amount of research effort has been devoted to energy minimization of limited power resources and reliable communication between the nodes and the gateway. Most

Design of dual band slot antenna for LAN Application
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ABSTRACT Slot antennas are used typically at frequencies between 300 MHz and 24 GHz. The slot antenna is popular because they can be cut out of whatever surface they are to be mounted on, and have radiation patterns that are roughly omnidirectional (similar to a

Design of Shaped Beam Linea Coupled Microstrip Antenna b with Far Field Mutu
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ABSTRACT Orthogonal method has been used to synthesis of linear array antenna with Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna (ACMA) elements to obtain a shaped beam radiation pattern. The ACMA has been used as the array element because of its wide bandwidth

Development of Trapezium Cut Shape Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Compare with Normal Microstrip Patch Antenna
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we developed a trapezium cut shape microstrip patch antenna for the performance comparison with the normal microstrip patch antenna using the spectrum analyzer. The return loss of cross cut shape microstrip patch antenna designed at the

Frequency-Reconfigurable Antenna for Broadband Airborne Applications
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ABSTRACT In this letter, we propose a broadband reconfigurable antenna for aircraft communication that covers the VHF/UHF/L-bands (30 300/300 400/960 1220 MHz). The proposed antenna structure is a modified biconical unipole antenna. The antenna is

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Abstract Microwave Ablation (MWA) is the most recent therapy developed in the field of tumor ablation. MWA offers effective treatment of deep-seated and non resectable liver tumors. There are ambiguities, however, concerning the relative contributions of specific

Base Station Antenna Pattern Distortion in Practical Urban Deployment Scenarios
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ABSTRACT In real urban deployments, base station antennas are typically not placed in free space conditions. Therefore, the radiation pattern can be affected by mounting structures and nearby obstacles located in the proximity of the antenna (near-field), which are often

Design and simulation of dual band slotted microstrip rectangular patch antenna
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Abstract Today in the communication world microstrip antennas plays a vital role due to its smaller dimensions. Today's generation require many properties of an antenna to lie under acceptable limit. Here dual band antenna is being presented. The multiband small

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ABSTRACT A Planar Inverted-F Antenna for LTE2300 (2.3-2.4 GHz), WLAN (2.4-2.484 GHz), and LTE2500 (2.5-2.69 GHz) bands has been presented in this paper. The proposed structure has a dimension of 18 x 13 mm2 over the ground plane of size 100 x 50 mm2

Assessment of a Low Profile Planar Antenna for a Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring the Local Water Distribution Network.
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Abstract This paper presents an assessment on the suitability of a low-profile planar antenna for a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) application monitoring the water supply at Fire Hydrants (FHs). The antenna must have a low profile so that it can be mounted on the FH

Technical report for antenna subset selection optimization for large-scale MISO constant envelope precoding ,
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Our strategy is to show that the decision version of (2) is NP-complete by reducing the knapsack problem to it. The decision version of (2) is as follows: Given a positive k, determine if there exists an index set I {1,, N} such that

Reconfigurable Rotated-T Slot Antenna for Cognitive Radio Systems
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ABSTRACT A novel reconfigurable slot antenna for the upper ultra wideband frequency range is presented. The antenna can operate at any of eight adjacent sub-bands in the 6.0 10.6 GHz frequency band, and is configured by means of seven PIN diode switches. At each of

Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management in a Coordinated Multi-Cell Distributed AntennaSystem
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Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management in a Coordinated Multi-Cell Distributed Antenna System Omer HALILOGLU Introduction CoMP Coordinated Multipoint Communications Figure: Multi-cell distributed antenna system. Distributed remote radio heads (ports)

Analysis of Rotman Lens Antenna for Different Substrates for Circular Contour
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a trifocal Rotman lens design approach. The effect due to change of substrate on the circular contour is observed. The shape of the beam contour is taken as circular. Different substrates can be used for the fabrication of the lens. Three

An Estimation of Hardware Approach, Fabrication and Detecting of Biquad Antenna About 3 GHz
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Abstract In the present paper an investigation has been carried out to develop hardware approach, fabrication and detecting of biquad antenna about 3 GHz. A Biquad antenna has been constructed and detected its frequency range. Since 1986, FCC rules have provided

ELM (Extreme Learning Machine) Based Correlated Interference Canceller for Small Aperture Array Antenna
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Abstract. The multipath effect creates a highly correlated interference; subsequently, small aperture array antennas equipped in mobile devices are required to effectively cancel this coherent interference. Spatial smoothing MMSE is a typical coherent interference

A Comparison of Antenna Placement Algorithms
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Abstract Co-location of multiple antenna systems on a single fixed or mobile platform can be challenging due to a variety of factors, such as mutual coupling, individual antenna constraints, multipath, obstructions, and parasitic effects due to the platform. The situation

On the Capacity of Distributed Antenna Systems
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Simulation Analysis of Different Routing Protocols Using Directional Antenna in Qualnet 6.1
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ABSTRACT MANET is a mobile ad hoc network in which nodes are move freely and perform the communication. In mobile ad hoc network, directional antenna plays a vital role. Directional antenna has many advantages such as increased transmission range, higher

Analysis and Measurement of Multiple Antenna Systems for Fading Channel Prediction in Moving Relays
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ABSTRACT The performance of wireless data transmission to mobile vehicles is improved if channel state information is available at the transmitter but movement of vehicles causes outdating of channel estimates. The concept of a predictor antenna has recently been

Design Characterization of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi-Fi Application
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Abstract The main aim of the paper is to design and simulate an inset fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna and study the effect of antenna dimension Length (L), Width (W), substrate parameter relative dielectric constant () substrate thickness (h) and radiation

An Improved Compact Multiband Fractal Antenna Using the Koch Curve Geometry
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Abstract In this paper, we have achieved an compact multiband fractal antenna using a Koch curve geometry. The simulation of the proposed antenna is done by CST Microwave Studio EM simulation software. The proposed Koch curve fractal antenna proves that it is

Parametric channel prediction for narrowband mimo systems using polarized antenna arrays
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MIMO channels is proposed in this paper. The prediction scheme is based on estimation of the parameters of a double directional polarized propagation model. The proposed algorithm transforms the channel impulse response matrix in such a manner that a

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ABSTRACT An antenna is the back bone of the wireless communication. It is mainly used to transmit and receive signal. An antenna array is a group of radiators whose currents are of either same or different amplitudes and phases. The presence of large side lobe radiation

Design of a Novel Sierpinski Fractal Antenna Arrays Based on Circular Shapes with Low Side Lobes for 3G Applications
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Abstract A fractal is a recursively generated object having a fractional dimension. So many objects, including antennas, can be designed using this recursive nature of a fractal. In this paper we have used the fractal geometry arrangements for the design of planar antenna

Design and Simulation Based Study of Microstrip E Shaped Patch Antenna Using Different Substrate Materials
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Abstract In this paper, E shaped microstrip patch antenna is being proposed. Here E shaped microstrip patch antenna is being designed using FR4-epoxy and epoxy-kevlar material. The permittivity of FR4-epoxy and epoxy-kevlar is 4.4 and 3.6 respectively. The return loss

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ABSTRACT In this paper, we discussed Funnel patch antennas for WLAN applications. After designing the antennas on 2.5 GHz (WLAN) frequency, we study and analyzed the results of antenna using ie3d software. We uses the dielectric substrate 4.4, loss tangent 0. 002 and

The Control Method of Directional Antenna Beams using Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic System
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Abstract. This paper presents a novel control method that quickly search for the sweet spot of directional antenna beams, and save they for fast speed transmissions in millimeter wave. The proposed method is the Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic system. Transfer method

Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting Capabilities of Transmitter and Receiver Antenna
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyse the energy harvesting capabilities of wireless sensor nodes with the transmitter and receiver antenna power. Simulations shows that received power and Vrms (induced voltage) are inversely proportional to the distance. Finally some

Sommerfeld's Integrals and Hall n's Integral Equation in Data Analysis for Horizontal DipoleAntenna above Real Ground
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Abstract. High frequency (HF) analysis of the horizontal dipole antenna above real ground, which is employed in this paper, is based on the electric-field integral equation method and formulation of the Hall n's integral equation solved for the current using the point-

Performance of a Smart Antenna Equipped Cognitive Radio System in Rayleigh-Fading Channel
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Abstract Conventional cognitive radios exploit the licensed spectrum by opportunistically seeking the underutilized radio resource in time, frequency and geographic domains. But using smart antennas, the angle (space) spectrum can be utilized and thus leading to

Theoretical Study of Radiation Characteristics of Short Dipole Antenna
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Abstract This paper theoretically examines the key dipole antenna parameters that define their performances in terms of current distribution, radiation resistance, input impedance, radiation efficiency, size, bandwidth, quality factor and directivity. We have

Design and Fabrication of Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna using Symmetric Slit
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ABSTRACT Polarization is important factor for antenna in wireless communication. Polarization between transmitting and receiving antennas needs to be same for better reception of signal. Matching the polarization is important in terms of decreasing transmission losses.

Design Simulation of dual band rectangular patch antenna for various applications at 3.2 GHz 4.0 GHz
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Abstract In the communication world microstrip patch antennas plays a great role due to its various advantages. Today we require many applications on a single device. The multiband antenna can be easily fitted in the electronic device, which can be used for various

On the Capacity of the AWGN MIMO Channel Under Per-Antenna Power Constraints
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ABSTRACT This paper derives a closed-form expression for the capacity of the point-to-point static Gaussian MIMO channel under per-antenna power constraints when the channel matrix is full column rank and the optimal input covariance matrix is full rank. Analytical

Theoretical and numerical study of a plasma-based frequency tunable microstrip antenna
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OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. This is an author-deposited version published

A slotted circular monopole antenna for wireless applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a compact slotted circular monopole antenna with spike shaped slots embedded in it is presented. Also, the proposed antenna has ground length limited to 33% of substrate length. This ground is provided on the back side of the antenna geometry to

A Q-band Fabry-Perot antenna for access and backhaul communication networks
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ABSTRACT A Fabry-Perot antenna operating at Q-band is proposed for access and backhaul communication networks. The antenna consists of an air-filled cavity fed by a patch and delimited by a PRS made of a dielectric layer with small periodic patches. The FP antenna

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ABSTRACT The design and development of a compact planar Minkowski fractal microstrip antenna operating at multiple RFID bands 868 MHz (UHF Band) and 2.45 GHz (Microwave Band) are presented. The radiation characteristics were studied experimentally and

Finding Defective Elements in Antenna Array Using Fast Fourier Transform
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ABSTRACT A method based on Fast Fourier Transform for detecting the position and the level of fault in antenna arrays, from the degraded far field pattern samples is proposed. The paper considers Chebyshev array of specified side lobe level as a desired antenna

Adaptive Inter-Cell Coordination for the Distributed Antenna System with Correlated Antenna-Clusters
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ABSTRACT In the implementation of distributed antenna systems (DASs), the antenna elements in some cases may only be deployed in the form of distributed antenna-clusters (ACs), due to various practical limitations. Consequently, correlation usually exists among

Design of Multilayered Stack Antenna for Wireless Communication
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Abstract In Today's technology of wireless communication requires small, portable and low cost reconfigurable antenna which can be reconfigured through switching of different frequencies for different applications. This paper contains a multilayered reconfigurable

Plasmonic Bar-Coupled Dots-on-Pillar Cavity Antenna with Dual Resonances for Infrared Absorption and Sensing: PerformanceandNanoimprintFabrication
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Abstract We report the structure, performance and large-area fabrication of a thin plasmonic infrared absorber, termed barshaped disk-coupled dots-on-pillar antenna- array (bar-D2PA). The bar-D2PAs, which are simple to fabricate, demonstrate the

Design of Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for 4G (LTE) Applications
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Abstract Various shapes of microstrip patch antenna had been designed in antenna field. This paper represents two patch element combined together and formed antenna array. The simulated results of this design using IE3D such as return loss of the antenna

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ABSTRACT Microstrip patch antennas get more and more important in these days. This is mostly due to their versatility in terms of possible geometries that makes them applicable for many different situations. The light weight construction and the suitability for integration

A Novel Mathematical Computing Simulation Methodology for Acoustic Phased Array Antennaof SODAR System
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Abstract Wind profile measurement in the earth's lower atmosphere using remote sensing technology has play most important role in emerging trends. SODAR, a remote sensing system which is using to measure the turbulence in the wind, through transmitting an

Design and Analysis of E-Patch Microstrip Antenna for S Band
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Abstract E-Patch Microstrip antenna with slot is propose for S Band on wireless application like radar, satellite communication. The propose patch is design to operate at S Band frequency range 2-4 Ghz with HFSS simulation software. The structure is fed by 50 ohm

RF contact development for the ITER ICRH antenna
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Abstract. In the framework of the Ion Cyclotron (IC) antenna design, ITER Organization requested qualification tests on sliding Radio-Frequency (RF) contacts, to verify that these contacts (quality class 1) are designed appropriately to guarantee a sufficient operational

Antenna Pattern Verification System Based on a Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
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ABSTRACT This letter presents a radiation pattern verification system for low-frequency antennas in their operative conditions, eg, on the ground, next to other elements, etc. It is a far-field setup using a properly equipped micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a test

Experimental Comparison of Antenna Clustering Strategies in MIMO Distributed AntennaSystems
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ABSTRACT In this paper the effect of partitioning arrays of transmitting antennas into spatially separated clusters on the condition number and capacity of MIMO wireless systems is examined using experimental channel measurements of an indoor MIMO-enabled

Performance Analysis of Differential Evolution Algorithm based Beamforming for SmartAntenna Systems
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Abstract This paper presents smart antenna array beamforming using differential evolution algorithm. The excitation values of the elements in the array are smartly adjusted to control side lobe levels and placing nulls in the interference signal direction while maintaining the

Enhancement of Bandwidth of Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Multiple Slots in The Ground Plane
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Abstract Microstrip patch antenna are widely used in various types of application in communication systems. This paper presents the enhancement of bandwidth of microstrip patch antenna with multiple number of slots in ground plane ie we used defected ground.

Design and Analysis of Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSAs) for Wideband Wireless Applications
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ABSTRACT Bandwidth enhancement method for low profile Stack Microstrip Patch Antenna is presented. The main intention of this paper is to present detailed analysis for bandwidth enhancement with accent return loss using stack method with promising VSWR. This

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In this paper a single element antenna with stepped feed rectangular patch for Wireless LAN has been shown and relatively analyzed to be improved with new technologies of miniaturization. This microstrip antenna consists of single square patch element fabricated

Bi-Directional Hybrid Coupled Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Application
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a compact size, single feed, back to back combined Proximity and Aperture coupled microstrip antenna (MSA) in order to get a dipole like radiation pattern with improved bandwidth. The proposed antenna is working at the resonant frequency of

Some Aspects of Finite Length Dipole Antenna Design
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ABSTRACT This paper theoretically investigates current distribution, radiation patterns, directivity, radiation resistance, input impedance, of finite-length dipole antenna using simulation software Matlab-7. Matlab codes are developed for comparison of input

Low Cost E-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for WLAN
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ABSTRACT In this paper design of Microstrip patch array antenna for WLAN application is proposed. A new 2 element antenna array topology of Microstrip E shaped patches for use in Wireless applications is introduced in this paper. The Active element pattern technique

Parasitic Antenna Arrays for Wireless MIMO Systems
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Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) systems, which rely on the availability of multiple antenna elements on the side of wireless transmitters and receivers, have been a topic of significant research activity over the last 15 years. Despite the great progress that has

Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array Using Chaotic Optimization to Reduce the Side Lobe Levels
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ABSTRACT A novel approach symbolizing the principles of chaos [12] and its different application for optimization is new area to probe for research. The concept of local convergence and its symbolism to chaotic attractors is important to understand. A novel

Multi-band Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Mobile Communication Applications
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Abstract. This paper is proposed to design mobile handset antenna for make mobile handset more compact and thin. This antenna has an advantage of performing different frequency bands by one antenna design. Design and simulations are done using CST Microwave

Metal Side Antenna for Mobile Communication
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Abstract. This paper suggests a new loop antenna for the long term evolution mobile communication service. As the existing slot antenna has a sensitivity problem from user's hand, this paper adopted a newly designed loop antenna form. This loop antenna

Metallic short backfire antenna with halved size and wideband characteristics
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A short backfire antenna is proposed for 5.2/5.8 GHz wireless local area network (WLAN) applications. Wideband impedance matching is achieved by employing a truncated monopole as the exciter. Moreover, power-handling capability could be enhanced by the

Microwave MEMS Antenna Sensor Characterization and Target Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks
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ABSTRACT This paper demonstrates microwave antenna sen-sors fabricated on a silicon micro electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) platform. The antennas are designed to operate between 10 16 GHz with 41% bandwidth and 50 input impedance. Each antenna sensor

A Novel Compact and Wideband Multi U-Slotted Microstrip Antenna
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Abstract A new compact and wideband multi U-slotted microstrip patch antenna with improved bandwidth is presented in this paper. The antenna is resonating at the center frequency of 4.2 GHz with return loss of-40 dB. The proposed antenna provides an

Experimental Testing on an Effective Technique to Reconstruct the Far-Field Pattern of a LongAntenna from Near-Field Measurements Acquired via Spherical
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the experimental validation of a fast and accurate near-field far-field (NF FF) transformation with spherical spiral scanning for elongated antennas is provided. Such a transformation relies on a nonredundant sampling representation of the voltage

Assessment of a field-aligned ICRF antenna
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Abstract. Impurity contamination and localized heat loads associated with ion cyclotron range of frequency (ICRF) antenna operation are among the most challenging issues for ICRF utilization.. Another challenge is maintaining maximum coupled power through

Rectangular Patch Antenna for 5.2 GHz WLAN Application using Co-axial feed
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the design of co-axial feed microstrip patch antenna (MPA) for 5.2 GHz WLAN application is presented. The impedance matching and the radiation characteristics of this proposed antenna are studied and analysed using High Frequency

Load Balancing with Antenna Tilt Control in Enhanced Local Area Architecture
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ABSTRACT Small cell is an attractive and promising technology for improving capacity in traffic hotspots using cell densification. We consider the traffic load balancing problem for small cells under the enhanced Local Area (eLA) architecture utilizing the flexible 3-

A Metamaterial-Based Handset Antenna with the SAR Reduction
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Abstract A method to reduce the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the antenna for WiMAX mobile communication is proposed in this paper. The SAR reduction is achieved by miniaturizing the physical size of the antenna for the given resonance frequency by

Numerical Analysis of Antenna near Dielectric Object by Using CBFM with Arbitrary Block Division
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ABSTRACT An antenna in the vicinity of dielectric object is analyzed by the characteristic basis function method (CBFM) with arbitrary block division. Numerical examples show the accuracy and computational cost of the CBFM. It is shown that higher-order CBFs beyond

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Abstract This paper presents a dual band Compact double E shaped Microstrip Patch antenna with enhanced gain for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WI-MAX), Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS) and Satellite applications. The

Design Compact Monopole Antenna with Modified Trapezoidal Shaped Ground Plane for 8.5 GHz Application.
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Nowadays, due to high demand of the compact size and high gain antennas. The high gain and the compact size had been the important characteristic in designing the antennas. To achieve the compact size of the antenna design, a microstrip patch antenna had been

Design Of Coaxial Probe Fed Slotted V Microstrip Patch Antenna For Uplink Frequency Of 6ghz In Satellite Communication
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ABSTRACT This paper presents microstrip antenna in the application for a satellite band microwave communication system for super high frequency (SHF), at a frequency range of 4.0 GHz 6.0 GHz. Currently, most security, research and education platforms are

The Design of a Near-Field Antenna with a Ferrite Sheet for UHF EPC Applications
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Abstract In this letter, a small-loop antenna for a mobile UHF RFID device is proposed. To achieve size reduction, a ferrite sheet optimized for a 900 MHz band is applied. The overall dimensions of the antenna are 46 mm 35 mm 0.24 mm, and it has a bandwidth of 45

Analysis of double stub tuner control stability in a many element phased array antenna with strong cross-coupling
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Abstract. Active stub tuning with a fast ferrite tuner (FFT) allows for the system to respond dynamically to changes in the plasma impedance such as during the LH transition or edge localized modes (ELMs), and has greatly increased the effectiveness of fusion ion

Design and Analysis of a Nano Horn Antenna for Harnessing Solar Energy
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Abstract Presented in this paper is a concept and design of a Nano horn antenna for harnessing of NIR, with a good return loss and directivity over the range of 200 to 300 THz. A combination of horn and nano antenna were considered for the design of NIR capturing

Design of small reconfigurable microstrip antenna for UWB-CR applications
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ABSTRACT This paper discusses the use of compact ultra-wideband (UWB) microstrip monopole antenna with reconfigurable band rejection in cognitive radio (CR). Frequency characteristics of the antenna can be reconfigured electronically to have single or dual

Design of Meander Antenna for UHF Partial Discharge Detection of Transformers
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ABSTRACT Ultra high frequency (UHF) partial discharge (PD) detection approaches take advantages of strong anti-interference ability, and have been considered as a promising technology for online monitoring PD signals. This paper presents a meander antenna with

Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ni 0.2 CuxZn0. 8-x Fe 2 O 4 for Application in Antenna.
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ABSTRACT Structural, vibrational and microwave dielectric properties of Nickel-Copper-Zinc ferrite (Ni0. 2CuxZn0. 8- xFe2O4) ceramics have been presented in this paper. Samples have been prepared using conventional auto-combustion method. The X-ray diffraction (

Analysis of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Antenna
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Abstract In this paper the analysis of electromagnetically coupled microstrip antenna is discussed for different substrate materials. Designing frequency is taken from 2.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz. After calculating the various parameters such as inner radius, outer radius, and

Design and Simulation of Single Band Rectangular Patch Antenna
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Abstract In the communication world microstrip patch antennas are of great use. Here a single band antenna at resonant frequency 1GHz is being designed. A slot is made, and then simulations are being carried out by using IE3D software [12]. Return loss, Directivity,

Optimization of Linear Antenna Array Using Big Bang Crunch Algorithm for Reduction in Side Lobe Levels
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ABSTRACT The basic property of an antenna is to transmit and receive energy signal in one/all direction. This fundamental property is directivity. This paper employs big bang crunch algorithm optimization method for the synthesis of broadside linear antenna array.

A Novel, Low-Profile, Vertically-Polarized UWB Antenna for WBAN
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a novel, low-profile UWB an-tenna for wireless body area network (WBAN) applications. The antenna has a polarization perpendicular to the body- free-space interface, which is interesting in order to minimize the coupling into the body.

Effect of Kidney Malignant Tissues on Antenna Resonance
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Abstract A logarithmic spiral microstrip antenna (LSMA) is designed, simulated and measured in rabbit's kidney. The antenna operates in the Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) band at 403 MHz. It is fabricated on Rogers RT6010 (lossy) with relative

A Survey on Different Feeding Techniques of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
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Abstract In this paper describe the different feeding technique for wireless microstrip antenna, which are microstrip line feed, coaxial plane feed, proximity coupled feed and aperture couple feed. Microstrip line and coaxial probe feeds are contacting scheme, in

A Compact Multi Antenna System with DGS
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Abstract A compact multi antenna system with DGS (Defective Ground Structure) for ECM (Electronic Countermeasure) applications is proposed in this paper. Two monopoles are located on the opposite corners of the PCB and spaced 10 mm apart by a small ground

Compact Tunable Coupled-fed Loop Antenna for Multi-band LTE/WWAN Operation in the Mobile Phone
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ABSTRACT A small-size reconfigurable coupled-fed loop antenna for multi-band LTE/WWAN mobile handset is presented. The antenna volume is 5 x 10 x 30 mm3 only, while the protruded ground has a width of 30 mm for mounting electronic components. The

The Study of a Novel Patch Antenna Sensor.
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ABSTRACT In order to improve the bandwidth of the traditional patch antenna, a new antenna sensor based on the U-slot antenna was designed in this paper. The electromagnetic simulation software Ansys-HFSS was used to analyze the impact of the antenna

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ABSTRACT A novel design of U-stub loaded corner truncated square microstrip antennas are proposed for dual, triple and quad band operation. The triple bands are achieved by placing U-stubs along vertical sides of the truncated square patch. However, by placing a U-stub

Conical Slot Antenna for Air and Sea Vehicle Applications
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Abstract. Antennas constitute a decisive component of all communications abilities. The development of ground, air, sea, and space-based antennas must totally comply with the state-of-the-art and beyond advances in vehicle communications systems. Mobility,

Design and Simulation of Hexagon with a Diamond Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna
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ABSTRACT With the ever-increasing need for portable computing devices and the emergence of many systems, it is important to design a portable and efficient antenna for communication The design of an efficient wide band small size antenna, for recent wireless

Radiation of Modulated Ultra wide band (UWB) Signals by Switched Resonant Patch Antenna
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ABSTRACT Design of planar antennas which provide large impedance bandwidth and also large radiation bandwidth is a challenge in UWB systems. Although ultra wide impedance bandwidth is readily achievable, radiation pattern rotation and phase centre

Stored energy based 3D antenna analysis and design
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Abstract A method to estimate QZ of antennas from a single frequency current distribution is introduced. Three-dimensional (3D) antennas are studied using this single-frequency method and previous results on single-frequency Q-factor estimation and current

Conductivity Evaluation of a Newly Proposed Material for a SAR Reflector Antenna
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Abstract Large spaceborne antennas should be lightweight, a factor related to the development costs of launch vehicles. In order to overcome this drawback, a feasibility study of a new carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) named M55J/RS3 is carried out for a

A Dual-band Printed Slot Antenna Based on Modified Sierpinski Triangle
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Abstract Thispaper presents the design of a compact microstrip fed printed slot antenna to be used for dual-band wireless applications. The slot structure of the proposed antenna is based on a modified Sierpinski triangle which is a variant of the conventional Sierpinski

Modelling of UWB antenna perturbed by human phantom in spherical harmonics space
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ABSTRACT In this paper we study how the antenna radiation pattern is perturbed in the presence of a human phantom in terms of changes in the coefficients of the spherical harmonic antenna representation. The spherical harmonic basis allows for a compact

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ABSTRACT Now a day, high-speed wireless communication is in trend. In wireless communication systems reflection or diffraction of signal produce multipath fading, delay and interference between signals. It becomes a need to separate desired signal from

Analysis and Design of a Multi-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Based on a PBG Substrate
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ABSTRACT Based on the C-shaped microstrip slot antenna, a new photonic band gap substrate for multifrequency microstrip slot antenna is designed. The antenna has a groove been dug below the radiation plate, within which the radiation plate is placed, and air

Investigation of Wideband Coplanar Antenna for Energy Scavenging System.
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The RF energy harvesting system is known as remotely powered device that converts RF to DC power without requiring any internal source while extracting its power from propagating

The Multiple Periodic Structure Antenna Design
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the generalized analysis and novel application of the multiple periodic (MP) structure are proposed. Both transmission and radiation performances of one dimensional MP structures are studied. The dispersion relations are analyzed from both

Reflector Antenna Analysis using Physical Optics on Graphics Processing Units
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ABSTRACT The Physical Optics approximation is a widely used asymptotic method for calculating the scattering from electrically large bodies. It requires significant computational work and little memory, and is thus well suited for application on a Graphics Processing

Analysis and Simulation of Fractal Antenna for Mobile Wimax.
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Abstract The growing demand of wireless services requires the definition of new standards able to provide an increased degree of mobility for the end user and a higher speed of data transmission. Among emerging standards, one of the most promising is the IEEE 802.16

Numerical Calculation of the Fields on the Aperture Plane of an Impulse Radiation Antenna
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ABSTRACT A numerical procedure for the calculation of the fields on the aperture plane of an Impulse Radiating Antenna in the frequency domain is presented. The procedure avoids the calculation of the derivative of the inverse of the Jacobi SN function. Keywords-Impulse

Horn antenna design for BAN millimeter wave onbody communication
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a 60-GHz H-plane horn antenna is designed and studied in the context of Body Area Network (BAN). Targeting both size reduction and bandwidth widening, we obtain an optimal design that meet a good tradeoff between compactness, matching,

PCB-Embedded Antenna for 80 GHz Chip-to-Chip Communication
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Abstract We propose a printed circuit board (PCB)-embedded antenna for millimeter-wave chip-to-chip communication. The antenna is 0.18 mm in height which is 1/20 wavelength at 80 GHz. In order to realize such a low profile, a zeroth-order resonator antenna with a

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ABSTRACT This paper presents the design and performance of a coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed modified circular patch antenna having overall size 38mm 37.5 mm. The circular patch antenna designed on glass epoxy FR4 substrate is truncated from its three sides in such a

Design and Simulation of Square Shape Fractal Antenna
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Abstract This paper describes the design and simulation of novel square shape fractal antenna using Hfss11. 1 electromagnetic simulation software. The fractal structure is advantageous in generating multiple frequencies or enhancing bandwidth. Square shape

A Composite Heterostructure Mesh-shaped Patch Antenna Based on Left Handed Material
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Abstract In this paper, a composite heterostructure mesh-shaped patch antenna based on left handed material (LHM) is presented. The method of finite difference time domain (FDTD) is used. The results show that electromagnetic wave resonance occurs near 4.52 GHz,

A Nonlinear Input Shaping Technique for Motion Control of a Sensing Antenna
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ABSTRACT Flexible links combined with force and torque sensors can be used to detect obstacles in mobile robotics, as well as for surface and object recognition. These devices, called sensing antennae, perform an active sensing strategy in which a servomotor

Electromagnetic Field Coupling To Arbitrary Wire Configurations Above A Lossy Ground Using The Antenna Theory Approach
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Abstract. The paper deals with the electromagnetic field coupling to multiple wires of arbitrary shape above a lossy ground using the antenna theory approach. The problem is formulated in terms of the set of Pocklington integro-differential equations which is solved

Antenna without Phase Center for DOA Estimation in Compressive Array Processing.
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Abstract Recently, Compressive Sensing (CS) has been applied to array signal processing. In theory, Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation based on CS recovery can work well in correlated environments. However, a large number of sensors (ie, linear measurements)

Design of A Compact, Low-Profile, Elliptical Patch UWB Antenna and Performance Analysis in Vicinity of Human Layered Tissue Model for Wireless Body Area
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ABSTRACT A compact, low-profile, coplanar waveguide fed elliptical patch UWB antenna is proposed in this paper, and then imposed on human body environment for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) applications. A comparison of performance of the designed

Radiation Characteristics Improvement of Monopole Antenna Above Glass Substrate for WBAN Applications
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ABSTRACT A P-shaped monopole antenna (PSMA) attached with a glass substrate is proposed for wireless body area networks (WBAN) applications. The study investigates the performance of PSMA above reflection plane substrates with di erent material of glass and

Greater Municipal Role in Approving Cellular Antenna Placement
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its Antenna Tower Siting Policy. While the actual changes to the policy have not yet taken place and will be made in the near future, the announcement emphasized that they will strengthen requirements for

Analysis of Fractal Antenna for Ultra Wideband Application
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ABSTRACT Aims of this study are to design a simple and compact microstrip-fed Ultra Wide Band (UWB) printed fractal antenna and analyze the performance of the antenna for different iterations. A second iteration of a triangle patch antenna is proposed to perform UWB.

Characteristics of a Single I-shaped Slitted Zeroth-Order Resonance Mushroom Antennabased on Metamaterials
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ABSTRACT The broadband design of a metamaterials-based zeroth-order resonance (ZOR) mushroom antenna with an I-shaped slit is presented and experimentally studied. The presented metamaterials-based antenna uses a unit cell based on a composite right/left

Centimeter Positioning with a Smartphone-Quality GNSS Antenna
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Abstract This paper demonstrates for the first time that centimeter accurate positioning is possible based on data sampled from a smartphone-quality Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antenna. Centimeter-accurate smartphone positioning will enable a host

Influence of Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Ground Conductivity upon the Directivity of ELF Line-Current Antenna
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ABSTRACT The radiated field of a horizontal ELF Line-current antenna on the inhomogeneous anisotropic ground is analyzed. Influence of inhomogeneous anisotropic ground conductivity upon the directivity of the antenna is researched. The disposal criterion of the antenna

Measurement and analysis of the lowest resonant mode of a spherical annular-sector patchantenna
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ABSTRACT The cavity model for patch antennas has been used extensively since 1970s. This model gives excellent first-order estimates for the antenna's internal fields near any resonant frequency. Although frequently used for planar geometries, there is no reason why the

Beam-Tilting Improvement of Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Using a Dielectric Lens
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ABSTRACT Conventional Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (BAVA) usually suffers from beam-tilting at upper working frequencies. For compensating the beam-tilting, we have proposed a New BAVA. By adding an ovalshaped dielectric lens at the end of the antenna

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Materials have a vital effect on satellite communications. Using PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroethylene) composite ceramic material, a fractal triangular shape multiband satellite application antenna has presented in this paper. Different kinds of material

Design of an UWB Patch Antenna for Dual Frequency Operations
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ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to present the development of an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) patch antenna for dual frequency operations. The size of the proposed antenna is 40 40 1.6 mm3 and is excited by micros trip line. The Finite Element Method (FEM)

Double-layer Perfect Metamaterial Absorber and Its Application for RCS Reduction of Antenna
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Abstract. To reduce the radar cross section (RCS) of a circularly polarized (CP) tilted beam antenna, a doublelayer perfect metamaterial absorber (DLPMA) in the microwave frequency is proposed. The DLPMA exhibits a wider band by reducing the distance between the

Downlink Beamforming and Power Control With Per-Antenna Power Constraints
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ABSTRACT We study a system where a base station (BS) with an antenna array serves multiple users. Each user has a single antenna. Due to practical limitations, each antenna of the BS has an individual power constraint. Assume that only long-term channel state

Optimization Of Capacity Of MIMO Antenna Based Wireless System Using Genetic Algorithm
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ABSTRACT In this work, at the earlier stage, the signal formation and the initial antenna array setup is considered as the input population set to the Genetic process. The genetic process is defined for N number of iterations. With each iteration, the two parent configurations are

Microstrip Antenna Array with I-Shaped DGS
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ABSTRACT This paper proposed a microstrip antenna array with DGS (Defective Ground Structure). The structure in this work is 2* 1 microstrip patch array antenna using substrate with h= 0.762 mm and er= 3.2. Two triangular-shaped patches are located on opposite

Microstrip Antenna Array with I-Shaped DGS
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ABSTRACT This paper proposed a microstrip antenna array with DGS (Defective Ground Structure). The structure in this work is 2* 1 microstrip patch array antenna using substrate with h= 0.762 mm and er= 3.2. Two triangular-shaped patches are located on opposite

S-band Helix Antenna for On-Board Stratospheric Balloon Operation
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ABSTRACT This paper summarizes the design and testing of an on-board antenna designed for the ground link communication in a stratospheric balloon system. The antenna operates at S-band and is based on a quad filar helix design with a shaped pattern in circular

Computer-Aided Design of Ultra Wideband Planar Monopole Antenna with Defect Ground for EMC Testing in Communication
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UWB Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna design simulation its Analysis
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ABSTRACT In this paper an Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip antenna consisting of a circular monopole patch with stepped feed line, with a 10 dB return loss bandwidth from 3.1 to 10 GHz is proposed. This antenna was designed on FR4 substrate with overall size of 30 x

Research on Plasma Monopole Antenna and its Wideband Design
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Assessment of Design Methodologies for Vehicular 802.11 p Antenna Systems
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ABSTRACT In this contribution, we propose and analyze performance metrics for vehicular antenna systems. Considered metrics are the following: dD, RSS giving the difference in received signal strength (RSS) of the antennas, thus illustrating their supported diversity

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ABSTRACT Microstrip patch antennas are strong candidates for use in many wireless communication applications. This article introduces some of the basic concepts of patch antennas. The main focus will be on Simulation and optimizing the slotted I patch antenna

Design Simulation of Single Band C inside C Shape Slotted Rectangular Microstrip PatchAntenna for Satellite Communication
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ABSTRACT In this paper we have analyzed and designed a C shaped slotted rectangular patch antenna in C band. The proposed antenna design is able to operate at 6 GHz frequency and thus antenna becomes a necessity for many applications in satellite communication.

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This study focuses attention on interstitial microwave hyperthermia, which is a popular medical procedure for treatment of pathological human tissues containing tumors. In the paper, the 2D finite element analysis is used to compare the models of the coaxial

Design Of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique In Matlab
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Abstract Particle swarm optimization (PSO) has been introduced to the electromagnetic community recently it is used for design optimization of microstrip patch antenna. Particle Swarm Optimization is an evolutionary optimization technique. In this paper PSO has

MIMO OTA Propagation Environments and Impact on Antenna Design
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with the relationship between various antenna parameters and some of the properties of the propagation environment. The analyses is in the scope of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Over the Air (OTA) testing and the fundamental

Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array Using PSO to Reduce Side Lobe Level for WLAN
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ABSTRACT this paper uses Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm optimization method for the synthesis of broadside linear antenna array. In this paper optimum value of current of each antenna element is determined which produces radiation pattern with minimum side

High Directivity of Microstrip Patch Antenna with Superstrate Grid Structure
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ABSTRACT In this paper, an improved method of directivity and efficiency of Microstrip patch antenna (MPA) is achieved using superstrate grid structure. To compare the performance, a conventional MPA without superstrate is also simulated. The results show that MPA with

Antenna Design by Simulation-Driven Optimization
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Design of contemporary antenna structures heavily relies on electromagnetic (EM) simulations. Accurate reflection and radiation responses of many antenna geometries can be obtained only with discrete full-wave EM simulation. On the other hand, the direct use

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Abstract The influence of evolutionary algorithms enhanced its scope of getting its existence in almost every complex optimization problems. In this paper, cuckoo search algorithm, an algorithm based on the brood parasite behavior along with Levy weights has been

MIMO Antenna Array Using Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator for Wide Band Communications Applications
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Abstract The present work investigates the operation performance of 2-element configuration multiple input Multiple Output (MIMO) antennas system using Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator (CDR). The MIMO antenna arrays achieve 22.2% impedance

A Novel Design of Patch Antenna Loaded with Complementary Split-Ring Resonator and L-Shape Slot for (WiMAX/WLAN) Applications
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Abstract In this paper, a novel compact dual-band complementary split ring resonator (CSRR)-loaded microstrip patch antenna placed on ground plane loaded with L-shape slot is proposed for satisfying WLAN and WiMAX applications simultaneously. The proposed

Radiation Characteristics Improvement of Monopole Antenna for WBAN Applications.
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Abstract The design, simulation and fabrication of a P-shaped monopole antenna for wireless body area networks (WBAN) applications is presented in this paper. It is noted that the radiation characteristics was improved by attaching a P-shaped element to the ground

Throughput Capacity of Multi-Channel Hybrid Wireless Network with Antenna Support
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ABSTRACT Capacity is one fundamental problem in wireless networks. Directional antennas to wireless networks can decrease interference and increase spatial reuse. Thus, it is a great technology to improve throughput capacity of wireless networks. In the paper, the upper

Technology Research about Beamforming of Multiple-Beam Array Antenna
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Active phased array antenna (APAA) can realize multi-object tracking and the beamforming is the key technology. Multi-area array and the implement method of its beamforming are introduced in this paper. Coordinated transformation formula is offered based on

Equivalent Model Analysis of Modified Satellite Antenna for Isoflux Pattern Generation
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a theoretical approach for a modified turnstile antenna suitable for satellite communication in order to investigate the current distributions of radiators and radiation characteristics with equivalent model analysis. The proposed equivalent model

Low SAR, Planar Monopole Antenna with Three Branch Lines for DVB, Mobile, and WLAN.
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ABSTRACT In this paper, an open slot antenna fed by a U-shaped monopole is introduced. The slot antenna radiates in the range from 1.6 to 3.44 GHz and from 3.8 to 5.7 GHz. The slot is formed by an open ring of quarter wavelength at 900 MHz. Thus, the ring acts both as a

Design and Fabrication of Ultra Wide-Band Antenna with Band Notching Property for WLAN using Defected Ground Structure
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a compact rectangular feed microstrip antenna with defected ground plane for ultra-wide band (UWB) application is presented. Insertion of slots on radiating patch and ground plane results in UWB characteristics. Parasitic effect is minimized by

Design Simulation of 8-Shape Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna
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ABSTRACT This paper presents an 8-shape slotted microstrip patch antenna. The antenna is fed by microstrip transmission line. The proposed antenna is simulated with the help of commercially available GEMS software

Design of a Superconducting Antenna Integrated with a Diplexer for Radio-Astronomy Applications.
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ABSTRACT This paper presents the design of a compact frontend diplexer for radio-astronomy applications based on a self complementary Bow-tie antenna, a 3 dB T-junction splitter and two pass-band fractal filters. The whole diplexer structure has been optimized by using an

An Efficient Direction of Arrival Estimation for Smart Antenna
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Abstract This paper presents a simulation study of a smart antenna (SA) system based on direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation is based on the MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) algorithm for finding the Position Location (PL) of the desired user. The beamformer steer

Effects of Magneto-Dielectric Ceramics for Small Antenna Application
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Abstract Hexagonal Ba-ferrites are widely suggested as materials for small antennas. In this paper, the sintering behavior and magneto-electric properties of Ba3Co2-2xMn2xFe24O41 (0.1= x= 0.5) ceramics were investigated for small antenna application. All samples of

Relay Deployment for AF-MIMO Two-Way Relaying Networks with Antenna Selection.
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ABSTRACT In this paper the outage-optimal relay deployment problem for amplify-and- forward (AF) multi-input multi-output (MIMO) two-way relaying network with antenna selection is studied. By utilizing an approximation of the outage probability, the outage-

An Improved NSGA-II and its Application for Reconfigurable Pixel Antenna Design
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ABSTRACT. Based on the elitist non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) for multi- objective optimization problems, an improved scheme with self-adaptive crossover and mutation operators is proposed to obtain good optimization performance in this paper. The

Some Parametric studies on Vivaldi Antenna.
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Abstract Purpose of this paper is to study parametrically the impedance and radiation characteristics of a Vivaldi Antenna . Usually, the performance of Vivaldi is sensitive to the parameters, the effects of major geometry parameters of the radiators and feeding

A Printed Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for Ultra Wideband Applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper a printed microstrip patch antenna for ultra wideband application (UWB) is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a beveled rectangular patch and partial ground plane, which is etched onto Rogers TMM6 (tm) substrate, with an overall

BAN Working Frequency: a Trade-Off Between Antenna Efficiency and Propagation Losses
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ABSTRACT This communication addresses power issues at physical layer in Body Area Networks. Friis equation is discussed by taking into account body path loss and antenna efficiency from frequency ranging from 400 MHz to 60 GHz. Then power balance is

New Hybrid Microstrip Patch Antenna Fed by Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity
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ABSTRACT A novel design of feeding Microstrip Patch Antennas (MPAs) using Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) technique is proposed. The design is based on the half-mode circular SIW cavity operating at TM010 mode. The proposed antenna

A Three Element Yagi Uda Antenna for RFID Systems
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a simple broad band printed Yagi Uda antenna operating at a resonant frequency of 400 MHz that can be used for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) applications like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems. The antenna is

Analysis of a Co-axial Fed Printed Antenna for WLAN Applications
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ABSTRACT The theoretical study of a co-axial feed and the analysis of such a feed-line are presented in this paper. The antenna is chosen to be a printed antenna, which can support a large variety of feeds and therefore a comparative a study can be made on the behavior of

Resonant Frequency of Microstrip Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network
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Abstract There are some key parameters in RFID reader antenna which are related closely with the antenna structure, such as resonant frequency, return loss and bandwidth in the antenna design process. Structure and properties of the antenna is a complex nonlinear

Design of Dielectric Resonator Liquid Yagi-Uda Antenna
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ABSTRACT This paper presents on modified the dielectric properties of liquid with varying salinity, that was based on yagi-uda structure. Dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) can be made with a wide range of materials and allow many excitation methods . Pure water

Circuit Modeling of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Microstrip Patch Antenna Bending Effect
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ABSTRACT This study describes the bending effect on an Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip patch antenna on the antenna performance in terms of impedance bandwidth and radiation pattern. Comparison is done between the UWB planar antenna and the bent UWB

Designing of Microstrip Feed Antenna by Combining Circular and Square Microstrip Antennas
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a designing of microstrip patch antenna immixing circular and square slots by cutting different slots on rectangular microstrip patch antenna and experimentally studied on IE3D software. This design is achieved by cutting poly shapes

Design and Simulation of Rectangular Slotted Patch Antenna with Air Gap
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Abstract A compact and ultra-wideband CPW-fed antenna with wide band frequency characteristic has been proposed, and the simulation results are discussed. Due to its electrical characteristics such as very small volume, wide impedance bandwidth, WiMAX

Study on Triple-antenna KINRTK Problem Using BDS Signal
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ABSTRACT Traditional kinematic baseline resolution usually needs one or more fixed reference station. In some special application, the reference stations could be in motion. In order to determine kinematic baselines in scenarios of moving reference stations and

Dual Band Compact Size Microstrip Antenna Operating at 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz for WLAN Applications
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ABSTRACT WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is one of the most widely used technologies in today's world. WLAN is a wireless distribution method for two or more devices that use high-frequency radio waves and often include an access point to the internet. WLAN is

Mutual Coupling Reduction in Patch Antenna Arrays Using a Planar Compact EBG Structure
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ABSTRACT An important issue in antenna array design is reduction of mutual coupling. In microstrip antennas this reduction can be achieved by using electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structures. These structures prevent the propagation of surface waves on the

Design Coplanar Waveguide-fed Circular Patch Antenna with Edge Couple Split Ring Resonator Structure for Dual-band Application.
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In this latest decade, a great evolution and advancement has been realized in the wireless telecommunication system. Besides that, the current market also demands for mobile and multi-functional devices. Thus, a smart antenna which plays an important role in

Self-matched high-Q reconfigurable antenna concept for mobile terminals
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ABSTRACT This study presents reconfigurable antenna design for a front end (FE) that has separate transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) path. In such an FE, the Tx and Rx antennas can be content with covering only the transmit and receive channels in a frequency band.

Active Compact Antenna for Broadband Applications
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The recent development of wireless communication technology and the miniaturization of electronics components increase the demand for compact systems applications including small antennas. One of the major challenges is the integration of antennas inside devices

Multiband and Compact Fractal Antenna for Wireless Communication
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ABSTRACT Antennas with low profile, compact size, multiband are in great insist in modern telecommunication system. Fractal antennas are simple, light weight and compact in size. Sierpinski carpet geometry based rectangular patch fractal antenna is described in this

Microstrip X-band Antenna with Improvement in Performance Using DGS
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Abstract Simple and new microstrip patch (MSP) antenna for dual operation in X-band using Defective Ground Structure (DGS) is proposed here. DGS structure is used for improving the performance of microstrip patch antenna. By using four rectangular slots in patch we

Non-invasive Breast Cancer detected by Patch Antenna Design
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Abstract This paper proposed breast cancer detection through microwave tomography systems and it introduced novel design of antenna. The breast cancer detection examined on the scattering losses in between healthy and cancerous breast tissues with help of

A Dual band CPW Microstrip antenna for WLAN, WiMAX Applications
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ABSTRACT A novel dual band monopole planar antenna suitable for wireless applications has been discussed in this paper. The proposed antenna has two resonant modes which are associated with five slots which contribute the upper resonant frequency and can reduce

Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna With FSS And Slotted Patch To Enhance Bandwidth At 2.4 Ghz For WLAN Applications
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ABSTRACT Microstrip patch antennas are mostly known for their versatility in terms of possible geometries that makes them applicable for many different situations. The lightweight construction and the suitability for integration with microwave integrated circuits are two

A New Wideband Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna
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Abstract. A wideband and compact circularly polarized (CP) C-shaped dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) is presented and investigated. The proposed C-shaped DR is excited by a simple stripe line connected to a coplanar waveguide (CPW) feeding line. The C-shaped

A Review on Microstrip Antenna to Enhance the Bandwidth
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ABSTRACT In this paper we compare and study the BW and other parameter of Microstrip antennas. A compact proximity fed stacked circular disk microstrip patch antenna with DGS structure enhanced BW by 204% and it also reduced the area of circular patch by 58%

GNSS Spoofing Detection using Two-Antenna Differential Carrier Phase
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Full-wave Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Printed on Electric-Magnetic Uniaxial Anisotropic Substrates.
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Abstract This paper presents the resonant characteristics of rectangular microstrip antenna printed on anisotropic substrate. The anisotropic substrates are characterized by both permittivity and permeability tensors. The analysis is performed in the spectral domain

A Design of Miniature Wideband Patch Antenna Based on Computer Simulation Technology
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ABSTRACT. in this paper, based on the finite element method, using the high frequency simulation software HFSS, set up simulation model, by changing the antenna model substrate medium, using slot loaded with a short needle, simulated and achieved a

Multi-Antenna OFDM System Using Coded Wavelet and Weighted Beamforming
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Abstract. A major drawback in deploying beamforming scheme in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is to obtain the optimal weights that are associated with information beams. Two beam weighting methods, namely co-phasing and singular vector

Microstrip V Slot Patch Antenna Using An H Slot Defected Ground Structure (DGS)
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ABSTRACT This paper presents the Microstrip patch antenna for WLAN applications with planar geometry and it consists of a defected ground (DGS), a feed, a substrate, and a patch. The design with DGS has been analyzed taking different dimensions of H Slot and

Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Design using IE3D Simulator
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a rectangular microstrip patch antenna is studied and the results are simulated using IE3D simulator at an operating frequency of 3 GHz. Microstrip Patch Antenna are low profile antennas, conformable to planar and nonplanar surfaces, simple

A Precoding Method for Multiple Antenna System on the Riemannian Manifold.
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a precoding scheme for multiple antenna systems with space-time coding over correlated Ricean channels is proposed. Based on the channel mean and receiveside spatial correlation, the proposed scheme obtains the solution of the power

Dual Band Circularly Polarized Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication
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Abstract. A dual band circularly polarized single-feed microstrip antenna for wireless communication systems is proposed here and its performance is tested in free space. This modified rectangular microstrip antenna having one protruded curved edge is simulated

Comparison of Soft Computing Techniques for the Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna: A Review Paper
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ABSTRACT This paper describes different computing techniques for the design of Microstrip patch antenna. The performance of antenna is greatly influenced by the choice of technique used to design antenna. In this paper three different soft computing techniques are

Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for WiMAX and WLAN Applications
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Abstract A dual band microstrip patch antenna has been designed for technology oriented requirements of high speed wireless local area networks (IEEE 802.11 a standard) and other communications systems covering the 5.15-5.825 GHz band. Three parallel slots

Antenna Selection Scheme with Channel Prediction for IEEE 802.11 p
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ABSTRACT Multiple antenna receivers/transmitters provide spa-tial multiplexing and spatial diversity and therefore, higher reliability and capacity are achievable. The drawback of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems are higher hardware complexity and cost.

Wideband Tunable PIFA Antenna with Loaded Slot Structure for Mobile Handset and LTE Applications
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Abstract. A compact planar inverted F antenna (PIFA) with a tunable frequency response is presented. Tuning of the resonant frequency is realized by loading a varactor on an embedded slot of the proposed antenna structure without further optimizing other antenna

Analysis of Substrate Material Variation on Circular, Rectangular and Non Linear Microstrip Patch Antenna
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Abstract This paper deals with analysis of Rectangular, Circular and Non-LinearMicrostrip patch antenna with respect to Bandwidth (BW), Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss (RL) while achieving specific selective frequency and Bandwidth. An antenna (or aerial) is an electrical device which converts electric currents into radio waves, and vice versa. It is usually used with a radio transmitter or radio receiver. In transmission, a radio transmitter applies an oscillating radio frequency electric current to the antenna s terminals, and the antenna radiates the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves (radio waves). In reception, an antenna intercepts some of the power of an electromagnetic wave in order to produce a tiny voltage at its terminals, that is applied to a receiver to be amplified. An antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving.

old papers antenna for RFID

tag antenna-for-uhf rfid-system

helical antenna-for-handheld-uhf rfid-reader

rfid-tag-metal antenna

folded-dipole antenna-for rfid-tag

rfid-tag antenna-design

uhf rfid-tag antenna

rfid-tag antenna-based-temperature-sensing


meanderline antenna-for rfid

single antenna-for rfid-readers

fractal antenna-for-passive- rfid

circularly-polarized-planar antenna-for- rfid

loop antenna-for-uhf-near-field rfid

dual-loop antenna-for-rfid

compact-microstrip antenna-for rfid

multi-antenna-backscatter rfid

antenna-concepts-for rfid

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antenna-for-uhf rfid-reader

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wideband-slot antenna



rhombic-patch-monopole antenna

rhombic-patch-monopole antenna-2

radar-based-breast-cancer-detection-using-a-hemispherical antenna-array experimental-results





novel-compact-ultra-wideband-uwb-wide-slot antenna-with-via-holes


cross-resonant-optical antenna

dual-band-wearable-textile antenna-on-an-ebg-substrate

multiband-printed-monopole-slot antenna-for-wwan-operation-in-the-laptop-computer


dual-band-circularly-polarized-stub-loaded-microstrip-patch antenna-for-gps-applications

solid-state-single-photon-sources-the-nanowire antenna

compact-uwb-chip antenna-design-using-the-coupling-concept

development-of-a-novel-uwb-vivaldi antenna-array-using-siw-technology

design-of-an-e-shaped-mimo antenna

real-interference-alignment-exploiting-the-potential-of-single antenna-systems

semiconductor-nanowire-optical antenna-solar-absorbers

semiconductor-nanowire-optical antenna-solar-absorbers-2

optical antenna-arrays-on-a-fiber-facet-for-in-situ-surface-enhanced-raman-scattering-detection

compact-dual-band-annular-ring-slot antenna-with-meandered-grounded-strip

broadband-suspended-microstrip antenna-for-circular-polarization

new-reduced-size-microstrip-patch antenna-with-fractal-shaped-defects

the-design-of-scannable-circular antenna-arrays

bidirectional-multiband antenna-with-modified-fractal-slot-fed-by-cpw



integrated-bluetooth-and-uwb antenna

compact-cpw-fed-uwb antenna-with-dual-band-notched-characteristics

time-reversal-detection-using antenna-arrays

time-reversal-detection-using antenna-arrays-2

optical-properties-of-the-crescent-shaped-nanohole antenna



the-compact-quad-band-mobile-handset antenna-for-the-lte700-mimo-application

design-analysis-of-high-gain-wideband-l-probe-fed-microstrip-patch antenna

microstrip-square-ring antenna-for-dual-band-operation

dye-sensitized-solar-cells-sensitization-with-a-bodipy-porphyrin antenna-system

uwb-circular-slot antenna-provided-with-an-inverted-l-notch-filter-for-the-5-ghz-wlan-band


decoupling-efficiency-of-a-wideband-vivaldi-focal-plane-array-feeding-a-reflector antenna

enhancing-extraordinary-transmission-of-light-through-a-metallic-nanoslit-with-a-nanocavity antenna

performance-of-amplify-and-forward-mimo-relay-channels-with-transmit antenna-selection-and-maximal-ratio-combining

double-printed-trapezoidal-patch-dipole antenna-for-uwb-applications-with-band-notched-characteristic

multiple antenna-spectrum-sensing-in-cognitive-radios

performance-analysis-of-multiple antenna-multi-user-detection


compact-transmission-line-metamaterial antenna-with-extended-bandwidth

dual-band-and-wideband-design-of-a-printed-dipole antenna-integrated-with-dual-band-balun





optical antenna-thermal-emitters

towards-tag antenna-based-sensing-an-rfid-displacement-sensor

towards-tag antenna-based-sensing-an-rfid-displacement-sensor-2

novel-ultra-wide-band antenna-with-reduced-radar-cross-section

miniaturised-self-resonant-split-ring-resonator antenna

miniaturised-self-resonant-split-ring-resonator antenna-2

aiming-perfectly-in-the-dark-blind-interference-alignment-through-staggered antenna-switching

surface-plasma-on-resonances-of-optical antenna-atomic-force-microscope-tips

new-reconfigurable antenna-design-for-cognitive-radio

broadband-dual-polarized-magneto-electric-dipole antenna-with-simple-feeds

simulation-of-time-modulated-linear antenna-arrays-using-the-fdtd-method

comparison-of-planar-and-circular antenna-configurations-for-breast-cancer-detection-using-microwave-imaging

target-velocity-estimation-and antenna-placement-for-mimo-radar-with-widely-separated-antennas

compact-microstrip antenna-for-rfid-applications

broadband-microstrip antenna-with-left-handed-metamaterials

diversity-monopulse antenna-based-on-a-dual-frequency-and-dual-mode-crlh-rat-race-coupler

design-and-experimental-verification-of-a-3d-magnetic-ez antenna-at-300-mhz