In bangalore this is the number one school , this is not a review , and we saw so many improvements in him, thanks to each and every person of the school, thanks to the principal for the smooth pleasant operation of the school, if you are looking for the admission do not think just get admitted , you will see the results.

Baldwin Boys’ High School was established in 1880, by a grant of money from John Baldwin, Ohio, USA, and was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church. The school was also known as the Episcopal Methodist School and initially accepted boys and girls. In the late 1920s the school was managed by a Board of Governors, of which the Resident Bishop of the Bangalore Area, the then Bishop B.T. Badley, D.D. was Chairman. The institution receives Government Grant-in-Aid and is annually inspected and reported on by the Government Inspector of Schools. It prepares pupils for the Government and Cambridge Local Examinations under a qualified staff. The School is located in a splendid section of Bangalore city and has ample accommodation in its spacious and well equipped buildings and playgrounds. [edit]Academics ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education; and ISC stands for Indian School Certificate. The Board which governs ISC and / ICSE is called CISCE i.e. Council for The Indian School Certificate Examination which has Head Office in New Delhi. The school, administered along the lines of Junior, Middle and Senior School, works through three school terms, each ending with examinations. Students of Class X appear for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) by the beginning of March. Students of Class XII take up the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC). The ISC examination is an equivalent to the Pre- University examination conducted by the respective state boards of education. For further details, one can look up the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (the body that conducts the ICSE and ISC examinations) using their website, Subjects taught at the ICSE level include English, An Indian or foreign language, History, Civics and Geography, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and a choice between Commercial Applications, Computer Applications and Physical Education. It is mandatory for both streams to take up English and Environmental Education.