biometric security research papers 2012 section 2

Personalization and user verification in wearable systems using biometric walking patterns
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Abstract In this article, a novel technique for user’s authentication and verification using gait
as a biometric unobtrusive pattern is proposed. The method is based on a two stages
pipeline. First, a general activity recognition classifier is personalized for an specific user 

 Voice Recognition and Authentication as a Proficient Biometric Tool and Its Application in Online Exam for PH People
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ABSTRACT Voice Recognition is a fascinating field spanning several areas of computer
science and mathematics. Reliable speech recognition is a hard problem, requiring a
combination of many complex techniques; however modern methods have been able to 

 Study of Biometric Data Processing by Hadoop
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M Vaidya, S Sherekar ,IJCA Proceedings on National , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT UID is being implemented in India providing valuable information of citizens.
Various facilities are to be provided on the basis of that information to the masses. It will also
reveal how it can be used for genuine identity of a person and thus improving security for 

 Robust biometric-based user authentication scheme for wireless sensor networks
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D He ,2012 ,
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are applied widely a variety of areas such as
realtime traffic monitoring, measurement of seismic activity, wildlife monitoring and so on.
User authentication in WSNs is a critical security issue due to their unattended and hostile 

Multimodal biometric approach for cancelable face template generation
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PP Paul, M Gavrilova ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Due to the rapid growth of biometric technology, template protection becomes
crucial to secure integrity of the biometric security system and prevent unauthorized access.
Cancelable biometrics is emerging as one of the best solutions to secure the biometric 

 A survey of distributed biometric authentication systems
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ND Sarier ,update, 2012 ,
Abstract: In ACISP’07, Bringer et al proposed a new approach for remote biometric based
verification, which consists of a hybrid protocol that distributes the server side functionality in
order to detach the biometric data storage from the service provider. Besides, a new 

Biometric Transaction Authentication Protocol: Formal Model Verification and Four-Eyes Principle Extension
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The BTA protocol for biometric authentication of online banking transactions is extended to
allow for multiple person authenticated transactions. In addition a formal specification is
given, the protocol is modelled in the applied pi calculus and the security properties of 

 BIOMET: A Multimodal Biometric Authentication System for Person Identification and Verification using Fingerprint and Face Recognition
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HD Joshi ,International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT This paper suggests the multimodal biometrics system for identity verification
using two traits: face and fingerprint. The proposed system is intended to use for the training
database includes a face and four fingerprint images for each individual. The final 

 Strong Theft-Proof Privacy-Preserving Biometric Authentication
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ABSTRACT Biometric authentication offers many benefits ranging from strong security
guarantees to user convenience, however, remote authentication poses unique challenges
which are not fully addressed by biometrics alone. We propose a new remote 

 Enhancing the Security of Biometric Systems on View of BioFM
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AA Hassan, AM Bhram ,2012
Abstract—Biometrics is a very important addition to the robustness of security systems.
Typically, biometrics is used in many crucial security systems. No doubt, modeling of
biometric systems, like any other systems, leads to better understanding of the system and 

Improving energy efficiency in handheld biometric applications
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DC Hoyle, JW Gale, RC Schultz , of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT With improved smartphone and tablet technology, it is becoming increasingly
feasible to implement powerful biometric recognition algorithms on portable devices. Typical
iris recognition algorithms, such as Ridge Energy Direction (RED), utilize two-dimensional 

 Biometric Identification System Using Fusion at decision level of Human Iris
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YS Borse, R Choubey, R Soni ,2012 ,
Abstract-Biometric identification system based on the pattern of the human iris is well suited
to a high level of security systems. Iris recognition is must reliable and precise biometric
system. This paper proposes iris recognition system that implements a fusion of two iris 

 Learning with power l1-graph for single labeled image biometric recognition
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F Zang, JS Zhang, CX Zhang ,International Journal of , 2012
Single labeled biometric recognition is one of the main challenges to graph-based
transductive classification learning. To enhance the recognition rate of single labeled
problem, sparse representation provides a feasible strategy for representation learning. In 

A secure approach for encrypting and compressing biometric information employing orthogonal code and steganography
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MF Islam, MN Islam ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The objective of this paper is to develop a novel approach for encryption and
compression of biometric information utilizing orthogonal coding and steganography
techniques. Multiple biometric signatures are encrypted individually using orthogonal 

Two unconstrained biometric databases
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In the last few years the research community has witnessed significant progress in biometric
technology, due to the availability of a wide variety of databases. However, the available
databases that are currently available present significant setbacks in terms of restricted 

Learning Iris Biometric Digital Identities for Secure Authentication: A Neural-Evolutionary Perspective Pioneering Intelligent Iris Identification
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This chapter discusses the latest trends in the field of evolutionary approaches to iris
recognition, approaches which are compatible with the task of multi-enrollment in a
biometric authentication system based on iris recognition, and which are also able to 

 Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Based on High Level Feature Fusion Approach
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SP Sankar ,European Journal of Scientific , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Multimodal biometric systems fuse the information from the several biometric
modalities to obtain better verification/identification performance. The practical deployment
of biometric identification/verification systems presents a number of challenges, among 

Improved Biometric Recognition and Identification of Human Iris Patterns Using Neural Networks
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M Gopikrishnan, T Santhanam ,Journal of Algorithms, 2012 ,Multi-Science
A biometric system provides automatic identification of an individual based on a unique
feature or characteristic possessed by the individual. Iris recognition is regarded as the most
reliable and accurate biometric identification system available. An approach for accurate 

 A Personal Identification Framework based on Facial Image and Fingerprint FusionBiometric
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ME ElAlami, AE Amin, AE El-Alfi ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Biometric based person identity verification is gaining more and more attention.
Several studies have shown that multimodal biometric identification systems improve the
recognition accuracy and reliability compared with recognition using a single biometric. 

 Biometric Screening Method for Predicting Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Select Tribal Population of Rajasthan
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B Sachdev ,Int J Cur Bio Med Sci, 2012 ,
Objective: The purpose of the study is to find out unique patterns that would identify those
subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus. A pilot study, consisting of a total sample of two
hundred and fifty subjects of age= 18 years from tribal population of three districts of 

 Biometric Feature based Person Unique Identification System
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TS Indi, SD Raut ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A wide variety of systems require reliable and accurate personal identification
system. Major goal of such systems is to provide access of an application to legitimate users
only. Such a set of applications include, but not limited to, banking applications, military 

 Biometric Authentication by Dorsal Hand Vein Pattern
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C Nandini, C Ashwini, M Aparna ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Vein pattern is the network of blood vessels beneath a person’s skin. This vein
pattern can be used to authenticate the identity of an individual. In this paper, a new
approach is proposed to extract features from the dorsal hand vein pattern. The length of