biometric security research papers 2012 section 3

 Feature Selection for Finger Knuckle Print-based Multimodal Biometric System
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M Hanmandlu, J Grover ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, feature level fusion of finger knuckle prints (FKP? s) is
implemented. To overcome the curse of dimensionality, feature selection using the triangular
norms is proposed. There has been no effort on feature selection using the t-norms in the 

 A Study on Signature Verification–A Behavioral Biometric Identification
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Y Punjabi, M Gupta, P Punjabi ,International Journal, 2012 ,
Abstract: The need for an automatic verification system is based on the reality that the
signature is broadly used as a means of individual verification. Verification can be achieved
either Offline or Online. Offline systems work on the scanned picture of a signature. Online 

 Multimodal Biometric Person Recognition System based on Iris and Palmprint Using Correlation Filter Classifier
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A Meraoumia, S Chitroub ,Proc. of the Second , 2012
Abstract—Biometric system has been actively emerging in various industries for the past few
years, and it is continuing to roll to provide higher security features for access control system.
Many types of uni-modal biometric systems have been developed. However, these 

 Biometric Navigation with Ultrasound
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BM Schwartz ,2012 ,
Abstract We have designed and demonstrated a new class of medical navigation methods
that use the fingerprint-like biometrically distinct ultrasound echo patterns produced by
different locations in tissue. As an example of this new biometric navigation approach, we 

 Survey on Multimodal Biometric Authentication Combining Fingerprint and Finger Vein
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T Sheeba, MJ Bernard ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Multimodal biometric systems have been widely used to overcome the
limitations of unimodal biometric systems and to achieve high recognition accuracy. Among
various multimodality options, fingerprint and finger vein has gained much attention 

 Security of Multimodal Biometric Systems against Spoof Attacks
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Abstract A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system being used in
adversarial environment. Since, biometric system like any conventional security system is
exposed to malicious adversaries, who can manipulate data to make the system 

 Biometric Human Identification System using Palm Print Retrieval Considering Normalized PCA and SOM
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R Vivekanandam ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract The biometric identification system using human palm has been developed and
presented in this paper. Palmprints have been retrieved based on Principal Component
Analysis (PCA) with Gaussian Normalization (GN) and Self-Organizing Feature Map (SOM 

 Biometric template security
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A Nagar ,2012 ,
Biometric data is typically stored in the form of biometric templates that consist of salient and
efficiently matchable features extracted from the biometric signal or image captured during
user enrolment. If the original biometric image, eg a fingerprint or a face image from which 

 Review Banking on Biometric in the World’s Banks and Introducing a Biometric Model for Iran’s Banking System
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ABSTRACT The number of transaction frauds and security breaches in traditional security
systems such as passwords are rapidly increasing, and the necessity for a strong
authentication method become inevitable. Due to the role of customers in progress of 

 Biometric Parameters and Palm Print Recognition
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G Seshikala, U Kulkarni ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A successful biometric system depends on the accuracy with which it works. The
degree of accuracy is measured with biometric parameters. This paper addresses the
various parameters used in the analysis and measurement of a Biometric system. This 

 Iris Recognition using Left and Right Iris Feature of the Human Eye for Biometric Security System
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ABSTRACT Iris recognition plays an important role in the Biometric authentication. The eye
lids, lashes and flash light impressions are hazard, which in turn reduces successive iris
recognition rate. The proposed method includes the preprocessing of images such as 

 A Research of Facial Biometric Encryption Based on Fuzzy Extraction?
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X LIU, B WANG, C XIONG ,Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2012
Abstract In order to solve the privacy and security of user’s information in traditional Face
recognition system, we put forward an approach of Facial Biometric Encryption which is
based on Fuzzy Extractor. This algorithm includes two stages of registration and 

 Biometric Authentication to Prevent e-Cheating
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Abstract In recent years, distance learning has been steadily gaining popularity. More and
more courses are being taught online. Due to the nature of virtual presence, authenticating
students becomes a challenging issue. The traditional password-based method of 

 DWT and DCT based robust iris feature extraction and recognition algorithm for biometricpersonal identification
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SV Dhavale ,International journal of computer applications, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Human iris is one of the most reliable biometric because of its uniqueness,
stability and noninvasive nature. Thus it has attracted the attention of biometrics based
identification and verification research and development community. In this paper, a new 

 A preliminary examination of public opinion in Australia on the use of biometric devices or identifiers in everyday life
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N Weerakkody ,PISTA 2004: Proceedings of the International , 2012 ,
Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, many countries including
Australia have been able to justify the use of biometric devices for identification and
surveillance of their own citizens and others in the name of national security.< br/>< br/> 

 New Biometric Approaches for Improved Person Identification Using Facial Detection
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VKN KUMAR, B SRINIVASAN ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Biometrics is measurable characteristics specific to an individual. Face detection
has diverse applications especially as an identification solution which can meet the crying
needs in security areas. While traditionally 2D images of faces have been used, 3D scans 

 Effect of controlled irrigation on physiological and biometric characteristics in teak (Tectona grandis) seedlings
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C Sneha, AV Santhoshkumar, KM Sunil ,Journal of Stress Physiology, 2012 ,
Effect of controlled irrigation in physiological and biometric characteristics in teak seedlings
is monitored at Forestry College in Kerala, India. Six month old seedlings of Teak (Tectona
grandis L. f.) were raised in polybags. Irrigation was done once in a week. Daily 

Liveness Measurements Using Optical Flow for Biometric Person Authentication
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M Smiatacz ,Metrology and Measurement Systems, 2012 ,Versita
Biometric identification systems, ie the systems that are able to recognize humans by
analyzing their physiological or behavioral characteristics, have gained a lot of interest in
recent years. They can be used to raise the security level in certain institutions or can be 

 Biometric Characteristics, Diet and Gonad Index of Lizardfish (Saurida tumbil, Bloch 1795) in North of the Persian Gulf
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MR Rahimibashar, V Alipour, P Hamidi, B Hakimi ,World, 2012
Abstract: A study was conducted on Saurida tumbil in north of the Persian Gulf during 2009.
The objective of this study is to determine biometric, diet and feeding characteristics and
reproductive cycle of this species in aforesaid region. Sampling was monthly carried out 

 Novel Complex Conjugate-Phase Transform technique for cancelable and irrevocablebiometric template generation for fingerprints
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MK Kanagalakshmi, E Chandra ,2012
Abstract This paper introduces a novel method for cancellable and irrevocable biometric
template generation. The proposed method named as complex conjugate phase transform
takes the main components like bit shifted-phase, twin complex conjugate transpose and 

Simulation of Millimeter Wave Body Images and its Application to Biometric Recognition
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ABSTRACT One of the emerging applications of the millimeter-wave imaging technology is
its use in biometric recognition. This is mainly due to some properties of the millimeter-
waves such as their ability to penetrate through clothing and other occlusions, their low 

 ATM Security Using Fingerprint Biometric Identifer: An Investigative Study
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Abstract—The growth in electronic transactions has resulted in a greater demand for fast
and accurate user identification and authentication. Access codes for buildings, banks
accounts and computer systems often use personal identification numbers (PIN’s) for 

 Multimodal Biometric Feature based Person Classification
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S Thakre, K Mamulkar, P Motghare , and workshop on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A Monomodal Biometric system encounters a variety of security problems and
presents sometimes unacceptable error rates. Conventional biometric system tends to have
larger memory footprint, slower processing speed, and higher implementations and 

 Text Dependent Speech based Biometric for Mobile Security
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L Thulasimani ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Mobile is a powerful data communication media through which confidential
information can be exchanged. To communicate to the authorized person and network,
biometric is used. In this paper, an efficient speaker recognition technique is proposed to 

 Biometric Verification via Complex Eye Movements: The Effects of Environment and Stimulus
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C Holland, OV Komogortsev , Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS 2012 ,
Abstract This paper presents an objective evaluation of the effects of stimulus type and eye
tracking specifications on the accuracy of biometric verification based on complex eye
movement patterns (CEM). Five stimulus types (simple, complex, cognitive, random,