biometric security research papers 2012 section 4

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Abstract: Biometric surveillance refers to technologies that measure and analyze human
physical and/or behavioral characteristics for authentication, identification, or screening
purposes. Examples of physical characteristics include: fingerprints, DNA, and facial 

 International Biometric Society
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S Tanaka, H Noma ,
In recent systematic reviews of competing medical treatments, mixed treatment comparison
(MTC) meta-analysis is increasingly popular. An intractable problem in MTX meta-analysis
is, as in conventional meta-analysis, publication bias. In this presentation we propose a 

 Biometric Recognition Systems-Multimodal over Unimodel
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B Kochhar, SP Kaur, S Sangwan
Abstract:-Biometric recognition system gained superb popularity because of its uniqueness
and wide applications. Uniqueness lies in the factor that each and every human being? s
biometrics features are unique and inevitable. Most of the present researcher deals with 

 A Generalized Framework for Privacy and Security Assessment of Biometric Template Protection
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X Zhou ,
TA is the computational time required in one reconstruction and n is the average number of
reconstructions needed to get a [M, PI] such that PIC (PI, PI)= 1 for a positive authentication
result.? Then, a template protection algorithm is (?, e)-secure, if for all A

 Biometric Storyboards: An Industry-Friendly Method for Evaluating Affect and User Experience in Games
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ABSTRACT Evaluating affective user experience in games is an important component of the
growing field of game user research. However, a major challenge for the game industry and
researchers alike is tying physiological measures and player experience reports together, 

 Biometric Encryption Using Co-Z Divisor Addition Formulae in Weighted Representation of Jacobean Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves over Prime Fields
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R Brumnik, V Kovtun, S Kavun, I Podbregar ,
Security in biometry is a prime concern of modern society. Identity theft is a growing problem
in today’s interconnected world. To ensure a safe and secure environment biometrics is
used today in many commercial, government and forensic applications. To ensure a high 

 Optimized Discriminant Locality Preserving Projection of Gabor Feature for BiometricRecognition
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X Chen, J Zhang
Abstract Discriminant locality preserving projection (DLPP) can not obtain optimal
discriminant vectors which utmostly optimize the objective of DLPP. This paper proposed a
Gabor based optimized discriminant locality preserving projections (ODLPP) algorithm 

 A Multi-Biometric Template Security: An Application of Code-Based Cryptosystem
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A Sharma, DB Ojha ,
Abstract In this paper we enhanced the accuracy and security of Multi-biometric system
using code-based cryptosystem. Uniqueness of our process is that we store biometric
templates together in encrypted form both without the fusion of score level and decision 

 Biometric ID documents and system
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A Makarov, J Cvetkovic, V Lukic ,
Abstract—In this paper a general structure of an ID system is presented, together with its
main subsystems, ranging from data enrolment to ID verification and document inspection. A
special emphasis is given to data enrolment, ID verification and document inspection 

 Body size structure, biometric relationships and density of Chiton albolineatus (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) on the intertidal rocky zone of three islands of
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LM Flores-Campaña, JF Arzola-González ,Rev. biol. mar. ,
Abstract.-Populations of the polyplacophoran mollusk Chiton albolineatus were studied at 6
sites with different wave exposure of the rocky shores of 3 islands of Mazatlan Bay
(southeastern side of the Gulf of California). This chiton species is endemic to the Mexican 

 Biometric Authentication Using Gait Features
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R Subathra, J Akilandeswari ,
Abstract—Biometric Authentication systems are popular and effective for the greater degree
of uniqueness among various people. Similar to any other biometric methodology, gait
biometric is also an advanced biometric authentication methodology. Gait refers to the 

 Face Features Based Biometric Watermarking of Digital Image Using Singular Value Decomposition for Fingerprinting
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VS Inamdar, PP Rege
Abstract In this paper, a semi-blind biometric watermarking scheme is proposed for
fingerprinting application. Watermark is derived from face image using Principal Component
Analysis. These face features are then embedded in host image using block-based 

 A Biometric ECG Identification using LNF in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network
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L Yogita, PH Rangaree
ABSTRACT:-Wireless body area sensor networks lowpower integrated circuits, and wireless
communications have enabled the design of low-cost, miniature, lightweight, and intelligent
physiological sensor nodes. These nodes, capable of sensing, processing, and 

 Template Level Concatenation of Iris and Fingerprint in Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems
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MRN Kankrale, MSD Sapkal
Abstract—the basic aim of a biometric identification system is to discriminate automatically
between subjects in a reliable and dependable way, according to a specific-target
application. Multimodal biometric identification systems aim to fuse two or more physical 

 A Dual-staged Classification-Selection Approach for Automated Update of BiometricTemplates
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Abstract In the emerging field of adaptive biometrics, systems aim to adapt enrolled
templates to variations in samples observed during operations. However, despite numerous
advantages, few commercial vendors have adopted auto-update procedures in their 

 A Systematic way of Hybrid model design and comparative analysis of EBGM and eigen values for biometric face recognition using neural network
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EJS Brar, ES Jindal, F Tech
Abstract Face recognition plays an essential role in humanmachine interfaces and naturally
an automatic face recognition system is an application of great interest. Although the roots of
automatic face recognition trace back to the 1960, a complete system that gives 

 Biometric Biometric Authentication System Authentication System Authentication System based on Iris Patterns ased on Iris Patterns ased on Iris Patterns
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G Sathish, SV Saravanan, S Narmadha, SU Maheswari
Abstract In the present age of digital impersonation, biometric techniques are being used
increasingly to prevaricate against identity thefts. Iris recognition is a proven, accurate
means to identify people. Iris is regarded as the most reliable biometric feature in terms of 

 Image Metric-based Biometric Comparators: A Supplement to Feature Vector-based Hamming Distance?
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H Hofbauer, C Rathgeb, A Uhl, P Wild ,
Abstract—In accordance with the ISO/IEC FDIS 19794-6 standard an iris-biometric fusion of
image metric-based and Hamming distance (HD) comparison scores is presented. In order
to demonstrate the applicability of a knowledge transfer from image quality assessment to 

 Improving the Performance of Intelligent Neural Network Classifier Based on Statistical Selection of Biometric Data
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H Mohabeer, KMS Soyjaudah, M Reduit
Abstract—we introduce a novel technique of enhancing the performance of a neural network
classifier based on smart selection of biometric data. Specifically, it consists of selecting and
combining biometric data from the biometric sample of a person in the system which has 

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Abstract-The study of biometrics deals directly with an automated system that can identify
individuals through their unique physical aspects and compare the information with a
database of users [1]. The system can verify a person’s identity using fingerprints, face, iris, 

 Accessing the bank account without card and password in ATM using biometric technology
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M Agarwal, L Agarwal ,
Abstract: Now a day’s everyone uses ATM (Automated Teller Machine) for secure
transaction but always carrying the ATM card is very difficult. Many times we forget to carry
ATM card and sometimes forget the password. Hackers can easily hack the password in 

 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Hand Palm Texture Biometric Identification and Verification
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In the competitive business world today, the need and demand for a biometric physical
security solution has never been higher. Common biometric techniques include fingerprints,
hand or palm geometry, retina, iris, or facial characteristics. Behavioural character 

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ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel approach for hand matching that achieves
significantly improved performance even in the presence of large hand pose variations. The
proposed method utilizes a 3-D digitizer to simultaneously acquire intensity and range 

 Continual Keystroke Biometric Authentication on Short Bursts of Keyboard Input
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Abstract This study focuses on intruder detection. Short bursts of keyboard input are
analyzed to continually authenticate computer users and verify that they are the authorized
ones. The biometric system consists of components for data capture, feature extraction, 

 Texture Feature Extraction For Biometric Authentication using Partitioned Complex Planes in Transform Domain
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Abstract—Feature vector generation is an important step in biometric authentication.
Biometric traits such as fingerprint, finger-knuckle prints, palmprint, and iris are rich in
texture. This texture is unique and the feature vector extraction algorithm should correctly