biometric security research papers 2012 section 5

Security evaluation of biometric authentication systems under realistic spoofing attacks
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Abstract Multimodal biometric systems are commonly believed to be more robust to spoofing
attacks than unimodal systems, as they combine information coming from different biometric
traits. Although recent work has shown that multimodal systems can be misled by an 

 Keystroke Biometric Intrusion Detection
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B Tschinkel, B Esantsi, D Iacovelli, P Nagesar, R Walz ,
Abstract Pace’s redesigned Keylogger Keystroke biometric system is in need of evaluation
and analytical testing, to verify its accuracy and effectiveness in authenticating and
identifying users. Biometric systems are used to keep track of human identification traits 

 Multimodal Biometric Person Recognition System based on FingerprintFinger-Knuckle-Print Using Correlation Filter Classifier
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Abstract—Biometrics is an effective technology for personnel identity recognition, but uni-
modal biometric systems which use a single trait for recognition will suffer from problems like
noisy sensor data, non-universality, lack of distinctiveness of the biometric trait, and spoof 

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TS Ibiyemi, SE Obaje, J Badejo ,Professor Sola ADEROUNMU ,
ABSTRACT A portable low-cost system that uses iris and fingerprint to authenticate business
transaction particularly in banking was developed. A user’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
card contains his/her iris and fingerprint templates in addition to the traditional pin. The 

 A vital application of security with biometric templates
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D Menariya, DB Ojha
Abstract In this Paper, We will discuss high level of biometric templates security is critical
issue in personal base authentication system due to addition of error in transmission
channel. Therefore we propose the framework of security of biometric template, based on 

 Improving Biometric Identification through Score Level Face Fingerprint Fusion
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MS Kulkarni
Abstract—Multi-modal biometric fusion is more accurate and reliable compared to
recognition using a single biometric modality. However, most existing fusion approaches
neglect the influence of the qualities of the biometric samples in information fusion. Our 

 Score Level Fusion Based Multimodal Biometric Identification (FingerprintVoice)
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Abstract—Feature level based monomodal biometric systems perform person recognition
based on a multiple sources of biometric information and are affected by problems like
integration of evidence obtained from multiple cues and normalization of features codes 

 Biometric Authentication with Face Recognition using Principal Component Analysis and Feature based
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FW Onifade, JK Adebayo ,
ABSTRACT In today’s fast paced networked world, the need to maintain the security of
information or physical property is becoming both increasingly important and increasingly
difficult. Recently, a ground breaking technology; biometrics, which is still a subject of 

 Multimodal Biometric System Based on Near-Infra-Red Dorsal Hand Geometry and Fingerprints for Single and Whole Hands
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Abstract—Prior research evidenced that unimodal biometric systems have several tradeoffs
like noisy data, intra-class variations, restricted degrees of freedom, non-universality, spoof
attacks, and unacceptable error rates. In order for the biometric system to be more secure 

 Multi-Biometric Template Protection: Issues and Challenges
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The term biometrics refers to automated recognition of individuals based on their behavioral
and biological characteristics(ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37). Several physiological (static) as well as
behavioral (non-static) biometric characteristics have been exploited (Jain, FlynnRoss, 

 Iris Feature Extraction Using Wavelet Maxima Components for Biometric Identification Systems
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M Sachane, VM Jain ,
Abstract-A biometric system provides automatic identification of an individual based on a
unique feature or characteristic possessed by the individual. Iris recognition is regarded as
the most reliable and accurate biometric identification system available. There is strong 

A Practical View of Privacy Preserving Biometric Authentication
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X Zhou ,Gesellschaft für Informatik eV (GI) publishes this series ,
Abstract: Recently, biometric market is growing rapidly and biometric applications can be
found in diverse areas such as border control, banking, ID-documents, access control, etc.
However, usage of personal biometric information can harm privacy of users and raise 

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Abstract-While there are various advantages of biometric authentication process, it is
vulnerable to attacks, which can decline its security. To enhance the security of biometric
process, Intrusion detection techniques are significantly useful. In this paper, we have 

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K Kavitha, K Kuppusamy ,
Abstract: A facial recognition system is a computer based application for automatically
identifying or verifying a person from a digital image. One of the ways to do this is by
comparing the selected facial features from the image and a facial database. Some facial 

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BP Kamboj, A Singh ,
ABSTRACT This paper improves the safetysecurity of bank lockers using multi-model
biometric technology. Biometrics can provide a high level of security while eliminating the
need to remember multiple passwords, PINs and need not carry identity proofkeys etc. 

 Multiuser Problems Motivated by Biometric Security Systems
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Abstract—This paper studies practical scenarios arising from the application of biometric
security systems, which can be modeled as multiuser communication problems. The goal is
to characterize the minimal transmission rate and key rate that are required to securely 

 The Use of Saliva Protein Profiling as a Biometric Tool to Determine the Presence of Carcinoma among Women
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CF Streckfus, C Guajardo-Edwards ,
Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data. It also
refers to technologies that measures and analyzes human body characteristics for
identification purposes. In the context of this book chapter, identification will refer to the 

 Human Computer Interface Through Biometric Iris Recognition System
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GP Khetri, VP Pawar, DC Jain
Abstract—Biometric recognition system is better reliable, roubst technique than traditional
recognition system. Biometric iris recognition system is most secure and reliable than other
biometric recognition system. Hence, we use biometric iris recognition system is used to 

 Multi Dimensional Hand Geometry Based Biometric Verification and Recognition System
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B Mathivanan, V Palanisamy, S Selvarajan ,
Abstract—Two-dimensional (2-D) hand-geometry features carry limited discriminatory
information and therefore yield moderate performance when utilized for personal
identification. This paper focuses on developing an efficient human identification and 

 Framework for a Dynamic Fingerprint Indexing Biometric Biometric-based Vot based Vot based Voting System: ing System: ing System: Enhancing Voter
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ON Iloanusi, CC Osuagwu ,
SUMMARY Fingerprint biometric is the most widely deployed trait in biometric recognition
systems. This is largely due to its level of acceptance and cost effective integration in
existing and new technologies. Fingerprint has been the form for casting votes in elections 

 Morphometric and Biometric Index Study of Channa Punctatus (Bloch) from Paddy Field of Sivsagar District, Assam
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AK Saikia ,
ABSTRACT In morphometry of Channa punctatus, the total length was recorded as 9.1 cm to
16.3 cm whereas total body weight ranged from 11.15 g to 43.02 g. The mean value of
standard length in percentage of total length was found to be 84.25 and head length was 

 Design of Secured Key Generation Algorithm using Fingerprint Based Biometric Modality
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AJ Lakshmi, IR Babu
ABSTRACT Many high-secure applications are using biometrics for natural, user-friendly
and quick authentication. Cryptography is meant to make sure the secrecy and authenticity
of message and protecting the confidentiality of the cryptographic keys is one among the 

 Security in e-Governance using Biometric
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P Morwal, P Singh, R Tripathi ,
Several services are provided by the government, but to accessing the government services
in developing countries is very much difficult task. The citizens spent there long time and
they need to go through long procedure for accessing government services such as 

 Mathematical Technique for Biometric System
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AKM Radhi, MAAA Alwahab ,Journal of Electronic Systems Volume, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT: Person’s identification or recognition is a first problem step in all security
systems. In these systems, Ear biometric was suggested to be a crucial tool for recognizing
people in critical, important organizations and government security agencies. It is unique