biometric security research papers 2012 section 6

Biometric Template Security Attack: A Review
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MSA Jadhav
Abstract:-Now a days, for any computer security biometric is became more popular due to its
uniqueness. Mainly biometric is used for identification and verification of a particular person
but this is suffered from some kind of security threats. In many application authentication 

 Genetic correlations between tracheid biometric traits in European Larch
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Abstract: Genetic correlations between tracheid biometric traits in European Larch. Genetic
correlations between tracheid biometric traits were estimated in 25-year-old trees of 161 full-
sib families of European larch growing in seed orchard from northern Poland. The tracheid 

 International Biometric Society
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M Nishikawa, K Taguchi, K Akazawa, K Takahashi ,
In medical studies, the statistical analysis of survival/failure time data is an important topic of
research. In ordinary survival data, there is a single, possibly right-censored failure time for
each individual. However, in a number of medical applications whereby data is collected 

 Bi-Modal Biometric Authentication by Face Recognition and Signature Verification
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ABSTRACT Face and signature are still two most dominant authentication modes in
banking, legal documents, or personnel records in spite availability of more robust biometric
modes. Hence, it is imperative to develop low-cost and reliable automated face 

 Authorization Based Security Improvement in Grid Environment Using Facial Biometric
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GS Patel
ABSTRACT: Grid Computing means pools of distributed computer resources with multiple
administrative domains. Grid computing over the internet requires more extensive security
than within a single enterprises and robust authentication is employs in such a system 

 Face and ECG Based Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication
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O Boumbarov, Y Velchev, K Tonchev, I Paliy ,
A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system. This system measures and
analyses human body physiological characteristics, such as face and facial features,
fingerprints, eye, retinas, irises, voice patterns or behavioral characteristic for enrollment, 

 A Novel Biometric Cryptosystem using LDPC and SHA based Iris Recognition
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K Seetharaman, R Ragupathy ,
ABSTRACT We use Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) error correction code to solve
fuzziness ie, the variability and noise in iris code generated from Iris Recognition System
(IRS) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-512) to transform unique iris code into hash string 

 Comments on He et al.’s robust biometric-based user authentication scheme for WSNs
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EJ Yoon, KY Yoo
Abstract—In order to guarantee secure communication for wireless sensor networks
(WSNs), many user authentication schemes have successfully drawn researchers’ attention
and been studied widely. In 2012, He et al. proposed a robust biometric-based user 

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P Verma, M Dubey, P Verma, S Basu ,
Abstract—Iris recognition is considered to be the most reliable and accurate biometric
identification system available. Iris recognition system captures an image of an individual’s
eye, the iris in the image is then meant for the further segmentation and normalization for 

 On improving the Performance of Multimodal biometric authentication through Ant colony optimization
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Abstract:-Multimodal biometric authentication systems are now widely used for providing the
utmost security owing to its better recognition performance compared to unimodal systems.
Multimodal biometric systems are developed by combining the information of individual 

 Efficient Biometric for Human Identification and Verification through Iris Recognition
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CN Kayte, VP Pawar, CD Sonwane ,Indian Streams Research Journal
The work presented in this paper involved developing an iris recognition system in order to
verify both the uniqueness of the human iris and also its performance as a biometric. For
determining the recognition performance of the system one databases of digitized 

 A study of the Graphical User Interfaces for Biometric Authentication System
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H Dozono, T Inoue, M Nakakun2i ,
Abstract—Recently, many mobile devices are equipped with touch panel, like smart phones,
tablet devices, MP3 players and portable gaming consoles. These devices are also
equipped with network devices for connecting internet, and they are accessible to 

 A Multimodal Biometric Recognition System based on Fusion of Palmprint, Fingerprint and Face
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MAS Deshpande, MSM Patil, MR Lathi, IT HOD ,
Abstract-Multibiometric recognition systems, which aggregate information from multiple
biometric sources, are gaining popularity because they are able to overcome limitations
such as non-universality, noisy sensor data and susceptibility. Multibiometric systems 

 GA-based Parameter Tuning in Finger-Vein Biometric Embedded Systems for Information Security
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Abstract—As concerns about security in networking and communication systems rise with
their rapid technology advancements, the need for more reliable and stronger user
authentication techniques has also increased. Traditional security methods such as 

 Visual Cryptography Using Two Factor Biometric System for Trust worthy Authentication
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MA Vinodhini, M Premanand, M Natarajan ,
Abstract-Authenticity of the user is the major issue in today’s internet applications such as
online transaction. Password has been the most used authentication mechanism which is
subjected to online attacks. Due to unavoidable hacking on the internet, it is difficult to trust 

 Biometric Authentication as a Service on Cloud: Novel Solution
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H Vallabhu, RV Satyanarayana ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract: Authenticating the user based on behavior based biometrics is more reliable than
the more traditional means of password authentication. Since Biometric identification is
unique and slow intrusive. Biometric systems provide the solution to ensure that the 

 Biometric Identification Using a New Direction in Contactless Palmprint Imaging
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Abstract—For the purpose of biometric applications, we explore in this paper a new
approach to characterize palmprint features. In recent years, the contactless system
emerges as a new viable option to address hygienic issues and improve the user 

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ABSTRACT A biometric passport, also known as an e-passport, ePassport or a digital
passport, is a combined paper and electronic passport that contains biometric information
that can be used to authenticate the identity of travelers. It uses contactless smart card 

 A Survey Paper on Palm Prints Based Biometric Authentication System
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S Verma, P Mishra
Abstract-In this paper we are providing an approach for authentication using palm prints.
Reliability in computer aided personal authentication is becoming increasingly important in
the information-based world, for effective security system. Biometrics is physiological