biometric security research papers 2012

 Application of Biometric Security in Agent based Hotel Booking System-Android Environment
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W Lawrence, S Suresh ,Communicated to International Journal on , 2012
Abstract—The process of finding the finest hotel in central location is time consuming,
information overload and overwhelming and in some cases poses a security risk to the
client. Some of the more advanced web sites allow for a search of the destination via a 

 Multibiometric: Feature Level Fusion Using FKP Multi-Instance biometric
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H AlMahafzah, M Imran, HS Sheshadri ,2012
Abstract. This paper proposed the use of multi-instance feature level fusion as a means to
improve the performance of Finger Knuckle Print (FKP) verification. A log-Gabor filter has
been used to extract the image local orientation information, and represent the FKP 

 Integration of Biometric authentication procedure in customer oriented payment system in trusted mobile devices.
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VK Raina ,International Journal of Information Technology, 2012
ABSTRACT Mobile payments have become an important application in daily activities. The
unique advantage of mobile payments over traditional payments has led to tremendous
growth of mobile phones. The strong demand of mobile applications raised increased 

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A Jain, S Aggarwal ,reason, 2012
Abstract: A biometric system which relies only on a single biometric trait is often not able to
meet the desired performance. In Multi-modal system more than one biometric traits are
used to identify a person. The study of methods for uniquely recognizing based upon one 

 Applications of Principal Component Analysis in Multimodal Biometric Fusion System
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TA Albert, S Ganesan ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract In the real world applications, unimodal biometric systems often face limitations
because of sensitivity to noise, intra class invariability, data quality, and other factors.
Improving the performance of individual matchers in the aforementioned situation may not 

 Biometric verification of subjects using saccade eye movements
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Y Zhang, J Rasku, M Juhola ,Int. J. Biometrics, 2012 ,
Abstract: Biometric verification of subjects as users of computers or other devices has mainly
based on fingerprints, face, iris or other images. We developed biometric verification using
eye movements to be measured with eye movement videocameras. We measured 

 Localization of iris region using MLRP algorithm intended for biometric applications
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Abstract Biometric authentication provides the popular way of personal security system. Iris
features provides a unique biometric identification in the eye. The eye lids, lashes and flash
light impressions are the crucial hazards, during the localization of iris region. The 

Text Dependent Voice Based Biometric Authentication System Using Spectrum Analysis and Image Acquisition
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S Gupta, S Chatterjee ,Advances in Computer Science, Engineering, 2012 ,Springer
Biometrics is concerned with identifying a person based on the physical or behavioral traits
of him such as face, fingerprints, voice and iris. With the pronounced need for robust human
recognition techniques in critical applications such as secure access control, international 

 Score Level Fusion of Face and Finger Traits in Multimodal Biometric Authentication System
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U Gupta, J Fukane, V Ramanan ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In many real-world applications, unimodal biometric systems often face
significant limitations due to sensitivity to noise, intra class variability, data quality, pressure,
dirt, dryness and other factors. Multimodal biometric authentication systems aim to fuse 

Biometric based secure communications without pre-deployed key for biosensor implanted in body sensor networks
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K Cho, D Lee ,Information Security Applications, 2012 ,Springer
Key establishment is a fundamental service for secure communications between a central
device and each biosensor implanted in the human body. It provides and manages the
cryptographic keys to enable security services such as confidentiality, integrity and 

Biometric Monitoring as a Persuasive Technology: Ensuring Patients Visit Health Centers in India’s Slums
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Managing chronic disease is particularly challenging in the developing world, because
every trip to a health center can translate to lost time and wages on the part of the patient.
This problem is especially acute for tuberculosis patients, who in India are required to visit 

 Performance Evaluation of Heart Sounds Biometric Systems on an Open Dataset
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A Spadaccini, F Beritelli ,Proceedings of the 5th IAPR International , 2012 ,
Abstract Recently, many systems and approaches that employ heart sounds as
physiological traits for biometric recognition have been investigated. However, those
systems are often tested on small, diverse and closed datasets, making it difficult to 

 Effect of various agricultural substrates on biometric and qualitative characteristics of Ruscus hypophyllum
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I Ahmad, A Ahmad, S Ahmad, A Amjad , Journal of Agriculture , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A study was conducted to evaluate growth and quality of Ruscus (Ruscus
hypophyllum L.) plants grown in various agricultural substrates incorporated in conventional
medium (garden soil, siltleaf mould [1: 1: 1, v/v/v], commonly used for commercial 

 Ocular biometric study during accommodation
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S Deshpande ,International Journal of Medical and Clinical , 2012 ,
Abstract-We performed this study to measure the ocular changes during accommodation
and see whether refractive error has any influence in effect of changes during
accommodation. This study was carried out in the Department of Ophthalmology, Pt. BD 

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M Singh, S Gupta ,International Journal of Information Technology, 2012
ABSTRACT: Biometric system employing finger scan may be impersonated either by use of
artificial replica or by putting a thin film of the finger-print of the person to be impersonated,
on the living finger of the imposter. This paper explores the possibility of using pulse 

 Towards an Integrated Biometric Technique
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R Singhal, N Singh, P Jain ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A biometric system is basically a pattern recognition system. Biometrics based
user authentication system serve as a reliable means for meeting the challenges in today? s
world of information and network security. It has gained enormous interest by scientists