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bio-metric authentication on mobile phones

Unobtrusive user-authentication on mobile phones using biometric gait recognition
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Abstract:The need for more security on mobile devices is increasing with new functionalities and features made available. To improve the device security we propose gait recognition as a protection mechanism. Unlike previous work on gait recognition, which

Keystroke dynamics authentication for mobile phones
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to the process of determining, from a given set of avail- able biometric acquisitions, which are to rep- resent the collected data and the statistics of the considered users' biometrics.while saving memory space and reducing the processing time required to perform authentication.

Face and eye detection for person authentication in mobile phones
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way of identification through biometric authentication. NoteIndex Terms- Face Detection, Biometrics, Mobile Phone, but promising results .To verify the feasibility of face authentication in mobile phones, and the facial region is cropped according Mobile; Authentication; Biometric; User survey; PIN.passwords and PINs); something the user has (eg tokens); or something the user is (ie biometrics).personally and financially sensitive information, the requirement for additional and/or advanced authentication mechanisms is

Two factor authentication using mobile phones
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Biometrics are known to be very secure and are used in special organizations, but they areSome of these tokens store cryptographic keys or biometric data, while others display a PINbecame the first bank in the Middle East to implement two factor authentication using tokens. Although these error rates are useful in analysing the performance of individual biometrics, their use when attempting to compare biometric techniques becomesThe three process engines provide the computational power of the system; an authentication engine is used to

Advanced user authentication for mobile devices
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which progressively increases as the user interacts with their device and biometric samples are Although user authentication will still begin rather intrusively (eg when the device isupon secret knowledge techniques is replaced by a reliance upon biometrics – where the user

Implicit authentication for mobile devices
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can no longer be performed without the user first having to explicitly authenticate herself, egThe study found users receptive to the use of biometrics and other behavioralSome biometric authentication methods, notably keystroke dynamics and typing patterns (eg, [10–12]) are

Touch gestures based biometric authentication scheme for touchscreen mobile phones
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Abstract Nowadays, touchscreen mobile phones make up a larger and larger share in the mobile market. Users also often use their mobile phones (eg, Android phones) to store personal and sensitive data. It is therefore important to safeguard mobile phones by

Method and system for providing biometric authentication at a point-of-sale via a mobiledevice
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module 122 sends the voice sample and the User ID (associated with the mobile phone number) to the authentication services gateway 116, to authenticate the consumer biometrically (step 706 and step 708), similar to the biometric process described in

On the need for different security methods on mobile phones
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nition, speaker recognition, 2D and 3D gesture recognition, and continuous biometrics or activity Biometric authentication methods already implemented on mobile phones Speech recognition is already available onis mainly used as an interface, not as an authentication method

Cell phone-based biometric identification
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For user authentication we build separate models for each user in order to determine whether anCell phone-based biometrics offers a wide range of possible applications.Finally, this form of biometric identification can be used to automatically personalize mobile devices for best of our knowledge this is the first attempt in the development of chaotic hash-based fingerprint biometrics remote user authentication scheme oncryptography and hash functions, Section 3 presents our efficient and practical chaotic hash-based biometric remote user

Progressive authentication: deciding when to authenticate on mobile phones
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The goal is to keep the user authenticated while in possession of the device (ie,continuity since a last successful authentication is detected) or de-authenticate the user oncePossible signal types used for multi- modal authentication are the following: Biometric signals: user

Biometric authentication for mobile devices
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Of course no single biometric approach will encompass all mobile devices due to the differing hardware configurations, but the authentication mechanism proposed inBiometrics' on mobile devices are also an effective tool for non-intrusive authentication, as different

Biometric authentication device for use in mobile telecommunications
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a biometric authentication device and overcomes the aforementioned problems, and provides a biometric authentication device thatcustom applications may be utilized wherever there is a desire for a biometric digital signature, to create a biometrics anywhere solution

Touch me once and i know it's you!: implicit authentication based on touch screen patterns
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In [2,3], multiple biometric features are combined to implement a person identification system. Furthermore, we combine behavioral biometrics with the input of graphical passwords.Thus, even after losing the mobile device and the authentication credential, the proposed sys

Bi-modal biometric authentication on mobile phones in challenging conditions
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Abstract This paper examines the issue of face, speaker and bi-modal authentication in mobile environments when there is significant condition mismatch. We introduce this mismatch by enrolling client models on high quality biometric samples obtained on a

Touchalytics: On the applicability of touchscreen input as a behavioral biometric for continuousauthentication
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Particularly suitable for continuous authentication are mouse dynamics as a behav- ioral biometric. While in some studies on mouse biometrics the problem was identified too unreliable for authentication [18] others report high accuracies [19], [20], [21].

biometric authentication

Biometric authentication: A review
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Abstract Advances in the field of Information Technology also make Information Security an inseparable part of it. In order to deal with security, Authentication plays an important role. This paper presents a review on the biometric authentication techniques and some future

Multimodal biometric authentication using quality signals in mobile communications
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ABSTRACT The elements of multimodal authentication along with system models are presented. These include the machine experts as well as machine supervisors. In particular fingerprint and speech based systems will serve as illustration of a mobile authentication

Biometric Authentication: System Security and User Privacy.
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US Federal Trade Commission reports that ID theft affects millions of innocent victims each year and is the most common consumer complaint (www. ftc. gov/opa/reporter/idtheft/index. shtml). Traditional authentication methods such as passwords and identity documents

Biometric authentication using digital retinal images
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Abstract: In this work an efficient method for the identity verification of persons based on matching digital retinal images is introduced. The matching process works by extracting a set of feature points and registering them to measure the degree of similarity between the

Security of biometric authentication systems
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ABSTRACT Biometric based authentication, the science of using physical or behavioral characteristics for identity verification is becoming a security mainstay in many areas. Their utilization as an authentication technology has become widespread from door access to e-

Java-based internet biometric authentication system
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An online biometric verification system for use over the Internet and requiring no specialist equipment is presented. Combining two distinct tests to ensure authenticity, a typing style test and a mouse-based signature test, achieves a

Face and speech based multi-modal biometric authentication
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Abstract In this paper, the use of finite Gaussian mixture modal (GMM) based Expectation Maximization (EM) estimated algorithm for score level data fusion is proposed. Automated biometric systems for human identification measure a signature of the human body,

Biometric authentication technology: From the movies to your desktop
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Biometrics are automated methods of identifying a person or verifying the identity of a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Examples of physiological characteristics include hand or finger images, facial characteristics, and iris recognition.

Biometric authentication systems
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Humans recognize each other according to their various characteristics for ages. We recognize others by their face when we meet them and by their voice as we speak to them. Identity verification (authentication) in computer systems has been traditionally based on

Multimodal biometric authentication based on the fusion of finger vein and finger geometry
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We propose a new multimodal biometric recognition based on the fusion of finger vein and finger geometry. This research shows three novelties compared to previous works. First, this is the first approach to combine the finger vein and finger geometry information at the

Speechface based biometric authentication at idiap
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Abstract. We present an overview of recent research at IDIAP on speechface based biometric authentication. This report covers user-customised passwords, adaptation techniques, confidence measures (for use in fusion of audiovisual scores), face

Secure Biometric Authentication System Architecture using Error Correcting Codes and Distributed Cryptography
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ABSTRACT The most emerging technology for people identification and authentication is biometrics. In contrast with traditional recognition approaches, biometric authentication relies on who a person is or what a person does, being based on strictly personal traits,

Biometric Authentication using Brain Responses to Visual Stimuli.
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Abstract: This paper studies the suitability of brain activity, namely electroencephalogram signals, as raw material for conducting biometric authentication of individuals. Brain responses were extracted with visual stimulation, leading to biological brain responses

Biometric authentication for mobile devices
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ABSTRACT Mobile devices have found an important place in modern society, with hundreds of millions currently in use. The majority of these use inherently weak authentication mechanisms, based upon passwords and PINs, which can potentially be compromised

Biometric authentication as a service on cloud: Novel solution
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Abstract: Authenticating the user based on behavior based biometrics is more reliable than the more traditional means of password authentication. Since Biometric identification is unique and slow intrusive. Biometric systems provide the solution to ensure that the

Multifactor Biometric Sketch Authentication.
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Abstract: In this paper we propose a multifactor biometric sketch authentication method based on biometric sketch recognition and a user's personal knowledge about the sketch's content, which is negotiated between the biometric authentication system and the user

On the security of the XOR-method in biometric authentication systems
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Abstract A biometric authentication system can be partitioned into a layer that extracts common randomness out of a pair of related biometric sequencesand a layer that masks a key sequence with this common randomness. We will analyze the

Biometric authentication.
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Biometric authentication is increasingly gaining popularity in a large spectrum of applications, ranging from government programs (eg, national ID cards, visas for international travel, and the fight against terrorism) to personal applications such as

Multimodal face and finger veins biometric authentication
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Due to the increase in security requirements, biometric systems have been commonly utilized in many recognition applications. Multimodal has great demands to overcome the issue involved in single trait system and it has become one of the most important research

A Cryptographic Biometric Authentication System based on Genetic Fingerprints.
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Abstract We specify a system for authentication and key derivation using genetic fingerprints which prevents the recovery of biometric information from data stored for verification. We present a detailed security analysis based on estimates of the entropy of the DNA data

Privacy protecting biometric authentication systems: an overview
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Page 1. PRIVACY PROTECTING BIOMETRICAUTHENTICATION SYSTEMS: AN OVERVIEW A common approach to biometric authentication is to capture the biometric templates of all users during the enrollment phase and to store the templates in a reference database.

Poster: User preferences for biometric authentication methods and graded security on mobile phones
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Conventional protection on mobile phones provides only a one-time verification system upon switch-on: unless locked, the device is always open; and automatic locking of the device is usually not the default setup on the phones of the top 5 vendors [4]. Many users

Biometric authentication and multilateral security
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Abstract: We are currently facing industrial societies turning rapidly into information societies. Computer systems that were previously separated and dedicated to specific tasks become a more and more integrated global information system. The driving force is

A Risk Analysis Approach for Biometric Authentication Technology.
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Abstract Current approaches for risk analysis of biometric authentication technology are limited to enrollment and identification/verification processes with biometric algorithms mainly considered as black-boxes, only. This paper presents a systematic approach for a

Efficient multimodal biometric authentication using fast fingerprint verification and enhanced iris features
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Abstract: Problem statement: The accuracy of biometric systems varies with the kind of biometric feature used in it. The Unmoral biometric system is prone to interclass variations. Approach: We implement Multimodal biometric systems to overcome the limitations by

EER of Fixed and Trainable Fusion Classifiers: A Theoretical Study with Application to Biometric Authentication Tasks.
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Abstract. Biometric authentication is a process of verifying an identity claim using a person's behavioural and physiological characteristics. Due to the vulnerability of the system to environmental noise and variation caused by the user, fusion of several biometric-enabled

Modular Biometric Authentication Service System (MBASSy).
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In this paper we present the design of a modular authentication system, which enables users to select an authentication procedure by preference. A survey, carried out by , proved the classical PIN-authentication to be

A biometric authentication model using hand gesture images
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Abstract A novel hand biometric authentication method based on measurements of the user's stationary hand gesture of hand sign language is proposed. The measurement of hand gestures could be sequentially acquired by a low-cost video camera. There could

A Biometric Approach for Continuous User Authentication by Fusing Hard and Soft Traits.
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Abstract Most existing computer and network systems authenticate a user only at the initial login session. This could be a critical security weakness, especially for high-security systems because it enables an impostor to access the system resources with the initial access

Face based biometric authentication with changeable and privacy preserving templates
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1 Biometrics Symposium 2007 Face Based BiometricAuthentication with Changeable and Privacy Preserving TemplatesProblems in biometricauthentication:Changeability: Limited number of biometric traits.Privacy: Biometrics data reflects the user's

Person Authentication by Handwriting in air using a Biometric Smart Pen Device.
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Abstract: The phenomenon of writing reflects developed fine motor skills of a person. Specially, the dynamics of writing can be used for the characterization of the individual writer or written object. Person authentication based on the dynamics of handwriting on pad and

Internet banking: Risk analysis and applicability of biometric technology for authentication
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Abstract: Today's world is one with increasing online access to services. One part of this which is growing rapidly is Internet Banking. This is very convenient and the ready access to the Internet in all first world countries, coupled with the cost Savings from closing bank

A Survey of Distributed Biometric Authentication Systems.
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Abstract: In ACISP'07, Bringer et al proposed a new approach for remote biometric based verification, which consists of a hybrid protocol that distributes the server side functionality in order to detach the biometric data storage from the service provider. Besides, a new

Biometric authentication
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For ages, humans recognized themselves according to different characteristics (appearance, behavior). Biometrics is a well known technique to identify an individual or verify its identity; as, for example, fingerprints have been used for more than 100 years to

Blind authentication: a secure crypto-biometric verification protocol.
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Abstract:Concerns on widespread use of biometric authentica-tion systems are primarily centered around template security, revocability, and privacy. The use of cryptographic primitives to bolster the authentication process can alleviate some of these concerns as

LocBiometrics: Mobile phone based multifactor biometric authentication with time and location assurance
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Superphones has significantly increased mCommerce. The security of personal information on the phone and lack of the face-to-face identification has made the authentication process prone to identity theft and false impersonation. Biometric authentication offers personal

A Biometric Authentication Protocol for 3G Mobile Systems: Modelled and Validated Using CSP and Rank Functions.
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Abstract This paper describes a protocol, called BIO3G, for establishing secure and privacy friendly biometric authentication in 3G mobile environments. BIO3G provides real end-to- end strong user authentication to the mobile operator, requiring no storing or transferring

Integration of biometric authentication procedure in customer oriented payment system in trusted mobile devices
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ABSTRACT Mobile payments have become an important application in daily activities. The unique advantage of mobile payments over traditional payments has led to tremendous growth of mobile phones. The strong demand of mobile applications raised increased

Biometric Authentication: How Do I Know Who You Are
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Galp Energia SGPS SA of Lisbon won the technology innovation award for developing a payment system in which gasoline-station customers can settle their bills simply by pressing a thumb against a glass pad. Scanning technology identifies the thumbprint and sends the

Biometric Authentication Using Near Infrared Images of Palm Dorsal Vein Patterns
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes an improved palm dorsal (back of hand) feature extraction algorithm for biometric personal authentication applications. The proposed method employs the existing database of near Infrared (IR) images of palm dorsal hand vein surface. The

Biometric Authentication to Prevent e-Cheating
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Abstract In recent years, distance learning has been steadily gaining popularity. More and more courses are being taught online. Due to the nature of virtual presence, authenticating students becomes a challenging issue. The traditional password-based method of

A Decison Theory Based Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Using Wavelet Transform
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Abstract: The Multi resolution nature and energy compaction of wavelet transform particularly makes them suitable for analysis of biological features both behavioral and physiological. The paper proposes to use Daubechies 3 and 4 wavelets to analyze the iris

Hardware design, development and evaluation of a pressure-based typing biometric authentication system
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Abstract The hardware design of a pressure based typing biometrics authentication system (BAS) is discussed in this paper. The dynamic keystroke is represented by its time duration (t) and force (F) applied to constitute a waveform, which when concatenated compose a

Combating terrorism with biometric authentication using face recognition
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ABSTRACT In today's fast insecure world, the need to maintain proper security at the border is both increasingly important and increasingly difficult. Recently, waves of terrorism attacks are beginning to spread from countries to countries and thus a proper security approach

Fuzzy approach in biometric authentication by keystroke dynamics.
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Abstract: A person's identity verification became very important in information society. This article presents some results of our research of biometric authentication by keystroke dynamics. The comparison of the stochastic approach and using fuzzy numbers is

Enhancement of Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication Based on IRIS and Brain Neuro Image Coding
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Abstract The proposed method describes the current forensics and biometrics in a modern approach and implements the concept of IRIS along with brain and resolves the issues and increases the strength of Digital Forensics Community. It has enormous features in

A multi-sample multi-source model for biometric authentication
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Abstract. In this study, two techniques that can improve the authentication process are examined:(i) multiple samples and (ii) multiple biometric sources. We propose the fusion of multiple samples obtained from multiple biometric sources at the score level. By using the

A biometric authentication system based on face recognition and rfid tags
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Abstract. Authentication systems usually adopt either the conventional identifier-password paradigm or different kinds of tokens (eg, badges, keys). However, passwords can be disclosed while being input and tokens can be stolen and used by impostors. As a result,

Digital speech watermarking and its impact to biometric speech authentication
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Abstract In this article an approach for connecting biometric speech authentication and digital watermarking is presented in order to integrate metadata into the authentication process without significant quality and performance losses. Different digital audio

A umace filter approach to lipreading in biometric authentication system
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Abstract: Visual speech information, for example the appearance and the movement of lip during speech utterance can characterize a person's identity and therefore it can be used in personal authentication systems. In this study, we propose a novel approach by using

Smart card in biometric authentication
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Abstract. Identification and authentication by individuals' biometric characteristics is becoming an accepted procedure that is slowly replacing the most popular identification procedure–passwords. Rapid progress of biometric technology and its expanded

Backwards Compatible, Multi-Level Regions-of-Interest (ROI) Image Encryption Architecture with Biometric Authentication.
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Abstract: Digital image archival and distribution systems are an indispensable part of the modern digital age. Organizations perceive a need for increased information security. However, conventional image encryption methods are not versatile enough to meet more

Biometric authentication using human footprint
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ABSTRACT The password based authorization scheme for all available security systems can effortlessly be hacked by the hacker or a malicious user. One might not be able to guarantee that the person who is using the password is authentic or not. Only biometric

Attacks on speech biometric authentication
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Abstract:We investigate the security of DTW, VQ and GMM methods that have been used in speaker authentication systems. We present attack models based on adversary knowledge. We start with naive adversaries without knowledge of an authentic speaker and develop

Security analysis and enhancements of an effective biometric-based remote userauthentication scheme using smart cards
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Recently, many biometrics-based user authentication schemes using smart cards have been proposed to improve the security weaknesses in user authentication system. In 2011, Das proposed an efficient biometric-based remote user authentication scheme using smart

Biometric Authentication: The Security Issues
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Abstract. Access control and authentication have become very common activities at this modern information age to ensure information security and authorized access to the information. Traditional authentication mechanisms require the users to remember secret

A variant-based biometric authentication scheme based on rotor machine for home security
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Abstract Multifactor authentication methods have been developed to raise the security of user authentication by integrating smart card, fingerprint and password. Nevertheless, currently available authentication schemes cannot effectively avoid specific attacks, such

Biometric Authentication System for Secure Digital Cameras
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ABSTRACT Digital camera images are not easily accepted as evidence because it is difficult for law enforcement, insurance, news, and other such agencies to authenticate their integrity, origin, and authorship. The integrity of digital images as evidence rests on the

Enhancing Security of Multimodal Biometric Authentication System by Implementing Watermarking Utilizing DWT and DCT
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Abstract: Conventional personal identification techniques for instance passwords, tokens, ID card and PIN codes are prone to theft or forgery and thus biometrics isa solution thereto. Biometrics is the way of recognizing and scrutinizing the physical traits of a person.

A Survey Paper on Palm Prints Based Biometric Authentication System
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Abstract-In this paper we are providing an approach for authentication using palm prints. Reliability in computer aided personal authentication is becoming increasingly important in the information-based world, for effective security system. Biometrics is physiological

Secret Sharing Schemes for Secure Biometric Authentication
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Abstract:There are some application areas where increasing concerns over personal information in computer system has increased interest in computer security. Increasing access to the internet and information resources has a great impact in our everyday life

Biometric authentication on iphone and android: Usability, perceptions, and influences on adoption
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Abstract:While biometrics have long been promoted as the future of authentication, the recent introduction of Android face unlock and iPhone fingerprint unlock are among the first large-scale deployments of biometrics for consumers. In a 10-participant, within-subjects

Biometric authentication today
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Abstract In the modern society, more and more people use online services in their everyday life. As some of these services, such as bank accounts, contain sensible data, they have to be protected. One way to do this is using biometric authentication. This paper gives a

Multimodal Biometric Authentication using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Fingerprint And Iris
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Abstract In general, the identification and verification are done by passwords, pin number, etc., which is easily cracked by others. In order to overcome this issue biometrics is a unique tool for authenticate an individual person. Nevertheless, unimodal biometric is suffered

Biometric Authentication and Authorization System for Grid Security
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Abstract Dynamicity in the data sharing has resulted in resource usage being more and more distributed and more open in nature. The need for problem solving and the distributed nature of data has resulted in the development of grid environment. Authentication is the

Vulnerabilities and performance analysis over fingerprint biometric authentication network
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Abstract:Fingerprint recognition system with optical sensors is one of the most efficient methods to identify people. This paper propose a method to evaluate vulnerabilities and performance in an identification fingerprint network with optical sensors, in order to

Development of a mobile EEG-based biometric authentication system
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In recent years the need for greater security for storing personal and business data or accessing corporate net-works on mobile devices is growing rapidly, and one of the potential solutions is to employ the innovative biometric au-thentication techniques. This

A Smart Approach for Bimodal Biometric Authentication in Home-Exams (SABBAH Model)
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Abstract:This paper presents a secure and smart model for summative e-assessment, where exams can be conducted distantly, eg at home. This model aims to provide e-learning systems with an authentication approach that guarantees minimum cheating in summative

Activity-related biometric authentication
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Abstract:This project aims at developing a biometric authentication system exploiting new features extracted by analysing the dynamic nature of various modalities, including motion analysis during ordinary tasks performed in front of a computer, analysis of speech,

Biometric Authentication
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Abstract Mobile payment has been a payment option in the market for a long time now and was predicted to become a widely used payment method. However, over the years, the market penetration rate of mPayments has been relatively low, despite it having all

Document identity, authentication and ownership: the future of biometric verification
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ABSTRACT Document security is an increasingly important element in the multi-faceted discipline of document processing, and authentication of individual identity will play an increasingly important future role in relation to questions of document ownership, identity

Bimodal biometric person authentication system using speech and signature features
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Abstract Biometrics offers greater security and convenience than traditional methods of person authentication. Multi biometrics has recently emerged as a means of more robust and efficient person authentication scheme. Exploiting information from multiple biometric Using biometrics to authenticate a person's identity has several advantages over the present practices of Personal Identification Numbers or passwords. To gain maximum security in the authentication system using biometrics, the computation of the authentication as well as

Performance Analysis of Fingerprint Based Biometric Authentication System using RSA
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Abstract Biometric information offers a reliable and secure solution to the problem of user authentication but, biometric systems themselves are vulnerable to a number of attacks. It is needed to secure firstly the biometric information, The available biometric template

Vulnerabilities of Biometric Authentication Threats and Countermeasures
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Abstract Biometric systems have a powerful potential to provide security for a variety of applications, systems are nowadays being introduced in many applications and have already been deployed to protect personal computers, Banking machines, credit cards,

Personal authentication system using hand vein biometric
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Abstract With an increasing emphasis on security, automated personal identification using hand vein biometric feature is becoming a very active topic in both research and practical applications. The objective of this work is to present a biometric authentication system for

A Novel Biometric Authentication using Contourlet Transform and Enhanced MSVM
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Abstract Identifying a person using biometrics is increasingly becoming popular these days. While using biometrics, a number of modalities are available in which face recognition, fingerprint and palmprint identification are widely used. Among them, palmprint is the

A new framework for constructing matching algorithms secure against the wolf attack inbiometric authentication systems
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Abstract:In [4], we proposed a theoretical framework to construct matching algorithms for any biometric authentication systems. In this paper, we will introduce the results in [4] and add some comments on the accuracy (FAR and FRR) of our proposed matching

Mouse Biometric Authentication
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Abstract:Increased security concerns within the computing world have forced security- minded users and developers to push for greater biometric verification techniques. The use of a mouse as a biometric verification device through the identification of unique user