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Bluejacking Technology: Overview, Key Challenges and Initial Research
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The mobile phone technology has developed tremendously in the past forty years since its invention in 1973 owing to its unique, wiring sans and fixation free networked system. Mobile phones have been espoused as an everyday technology, omnipresent at every

First Bluejacking , Now Bluesnarfing
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The latest sign that Bluetooth has finally become a mainstream technology is the emergence of Bluesnarfing, where a hacker silently accesses information stored on a device, such as the calendar and phone book. Typically, the only way the user learns of a Bluesnarf attack is

Bluejacking : Bluetooth Graffiti
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Bluejacking exploits a Bluetooth devices ability to discover other nearby Bluetooth devices. The basic concept is similar to WiFi wardriving, but instead of siphoning off bandwidth, the main goal of bluejacking is to amuse, irritate or surprise the recipient with an unsolicited Bluejacking , while ominous- sounding, is nothing more than setting a Bluetooth device name to advertise some message for example, Drink Coke and letting other users discover this. Although largely anonymous (a blue jacking target does learn a remote media access

Bluetooth Security
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Bluetooth Vulnerabilities and Security RisksBluejacking is the process of sending unsolicited messages, or business cards, to Bluetooth-enabled devices Devices that are set in non-discoverable mode are not susceptible to bluejacking . In order for bluejacking to work, the Bluejacking and bluesnarfing are the two forms of new intrusion. Bluejacking is a technique of sending Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing are just 2 types of attacks on Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluejacking is a technique of sending

Bluetooth security hacks
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13 2.6 BlueJacking 2.6 BlueJacking BlueJacking is not an attack against Bluetooth or any implementation in terms of breaking into another device, stealing private data or otherwise dealing damage to the victim

Bluetooth Hacking and its Prevention
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ATTACKS BLUEJACKING : Blue jacking is the process of sending an anonymous message from a Bluetooth enabled phone to another, within a particular range without knowing the exact source of the received message to the recipient

Survey on network security, threats firewalls
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(c) Bluejacking Bluejacking is sending anonymous, unwanted messages to other users with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or laptops. Bluejacking depends on the ability of Bluetooth phones to detect and contact other Bluetooth devices nearby

Is Perth a secure place: a Western Australian field study of Bluetooth security
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Motorola V-Series phones Spamming Unsolicited Information ( Bluejacking ) Bluejacking is the term used to describe spamming mobile phones via Bluetooth. The attacker alters the phonebook contact

Bluetooth Security Threats
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An attacker can then route incoming calls to other devices. BLUEJACKING Unlike the previous attacks, BLUEJACKING does not allow and adversary access to any data. Instead, using a small loophole in the Bluetooth pairing process, it is possible to send a user a message

Trapping Parallel Port to Operate 220V Appliances
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Index TermsHome Automation, Remote Access, Blue jacking Parallel Port V. BLUEJACKING Bluejacking [10] is the sending of either a picture or message from one user to another unsuspecting user through bluetooth wireless technology