Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing antivirus and internet security brands. Our award-winning products provide comprehensive protection from all online risks and secure our users valuable data effectively. BullGuard philosophy has remained the same over the years: combining technical excellence with genuine understanding of consumers needs. We look forward to a profitable partnership with you.

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BullGuard Mobile Security protects against all types of malware and even loss or theft. It includes rigorous antitheft tools to remotely lock, locate and wipe your device if it lost or stolen and a powerful antivirus engine that provides absolute protection against malware.

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AntiVirus software or internet security solutions from BullGuard offer complete PC and mobile security suite for a safe browsing. BullGuard with email spam filter About BullGuard
BullGuard is an award-winning cybersecurity company focused on providing the consumer and small business markets with the confidence to use the internet in absolute safety. We make it simple for users to protect their data, identity and privacy at home, in the office and on the go. The BullGuard product portfolio extends to PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone protection, and features a comprehensive product suite, including internet security, mobile security, identity protection, an easy-to-use VPN with military-grade encryption and BullGuard Small Office Security, a dedicated, cloud-managed endpoint service designed specifically for small offices. BullGuard released the world s first IoT vulnerability scanner, real-time Home Network Scanner and unique Game Booster delivering the most secure and optimized gaming experience for PC Gamers. Today, BullGuard continues to lead the cybersecurity industry in providing innovations. Dynamic Machine Learning

BullGuard s award-winning security is now enhanced with more extensive machine learning capabilities across multiple layers of protection. Our unique Dynamic Machine Learning continually monitors everything that happens on your device, enabling real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behavior before it can do damage, even when your device is not connected to the Internet.
Multi-layered protection

When malware attempts to attack your computer, light and fast signature based detection protects against the most common threats while the Sentry behavioural engine protects against zero day and other complex threats. Our On Access engine protects you even if you never run a manual scan, and when you re connected to the internet our new cloud detection technology detects threats as they emerge in real-time, without the need to update signatures on the device.

Secure Browser
A custom-built browser that enables a safer way to browse the Internet and a much safer platform from which to make online payments. Its layered protection keeps you safe from a wide range of well-known and dangerously damaging browser-based attacks. It does not load cookies, plug-ins or extensions without your permission yet delivers the functionality of a browser you would expect such as address bar hints, suggestions, shortcuts and more. It s how a browser should be.

Game Booster Improved
New! BullGuard s award-winning Game Booster now includes compatibility for anti-cheat engines, improving support for major online games. Improved support for broadcasting during game play ensures uninterrupted video performance for gamers capturing their games.

Fastest Performance Improved
2021 is our fastest release ever! Utilizing significantly reduced virus definition file sizes to reduce system resource usage and improve application performance.

Vulnerability Scanner
Prevents applications that might contain malware from automatically downloading and checks the authenticity of applications and drivers by verifying their digital signatures. It alerts you to missing security updates and warns you if you ve connected an unsafe Wi-Fi network. An elegantly simple interface enables you to spot security issues at-a-glance which can be directly addressed from the interface such as applying Windows updates.

Provides heavy-duty layered security to give you tough protection against malware and intruders. It blocks unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the Internet, provides end-to-end protection before, during and after downloading applications. Fully optimized for Windows 10, it tracks security updates ensuring you always have the latest updates. It is also designed to use less processing power, so your other applications always run smoothly. It s like a virtual moat guarding your devices and keeping marauders at bay.

Parental Controls
Are your children spending time alone on the computerAre you uncertain about which websites they are visitingBullGuard Parental Controls enable you to discreetly protect them. You can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit time spent online, monitor activity and even block certain applications. It keeps the kids safe.

Killed by proxy: Analyzing client-end TLS interception software
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Abstract To filter SSL/TLS-protected traffic, some antivirus and parental-control applications interpose a TLS proxy in the middle of the hosts communications One antivirus did not validate any certificate in the first version we analyzed, then changed to prompting the

Viral Marketing Marketing: A Revolutionary TA Revolutionary Tool for Successful uccessful uccessful Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns
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Campaign for Bull guard : The online viral campaign for Bullguard (www. bullguard .com/ pamelaspeak) proves that you dont need to be a big brand to make viral marketing work. Bull guard makes anti virus and firewall software and distributes their product only online

Social engineering and exploit development
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Flooding: SYN, UDP, ICMP Flooding Redirection: using ICMP, ARP, STP, MITM Attacks Anti Virus : Worms, Viruses, TrojansMasquerading Social As a security suite, BullGuard includes antivirusanti spyware and firewall technologies

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Supported anti virus Supported blacklists G DATA, Quick Heal, A-Squared, IKARUS, Microsoft Security Essentials Antiviruses, Norman, AntiVirus (Avira), Sophos COMODO, F-Secure, Virus Buster, eTrust, Trend Micro, AhnLab V3 Internet Security, Bull Guard VIPRE, ZonerThis questionnaire given to ten group of peoples, each group using a same antivirus software for their machines Group Anti Virus Name Performance Features Help Support Group-1 Bitdefender 9 9 9 8 9 8 9 8 7 7 8 6 Average 6.2 7 6.6 Group-9 Bull guard 6 6 7 7 6 5 8 5 6

A Comparative Analysis of Various Security Applications for the Android Operating System
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Boost 3. AntiVirus Security FREE by AVG 4. Antivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo 5. Mobile Security and Antivirus by AVAST 6. Bitdefender Antivirus Free 7. Cm Security Antivirus AppLock 8. Dr. Web v.9 Anti virus Light 9 Mobile Security and Antivirus by Bullguard 19

An Introduction to Undetectable Keyloggers with Experimental Testing
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Fortinet 12 AVIRA 5 Emsisoft 13 Tencent 6 Bitdefender 14 Trend Micro 7 Lavasoft 15 ESET 8 BullGuard 16 ThreatTrack C. Online Result of Testing Antivirus against Keylogger For stage 1 (making keylogger): File size: 9728 bytes File type: PE32 Anti Virus Comparative, File

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Page 1. APRIL CONTENTS IN THIS ISSUE ISSN 1749-7027 Fighting malware and spam

Managing cybersecurity risks
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Anti virus software-maker F-Secure reports that the number of mobile threats more than doubled in 201 while com petitor their vulnerability to malware by installing mobile security soft ware, which is available from makers including AVG, Bull Guard Lookout, McAfeeAbstract The study of this paper will tell you that how an anti virus detect the viruses and There are hundreds of antivirus products but two to be the best: Bitdefenders and Kaspersky labs Products from avast, avira, Eset, F secure, BullGuard G Data are also perform well

Spying Software Development in Google Android
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and Windows. BullGuard Mobile Anti Virus provides a solution that protects mobile phones from malicious programs that target mobile platforms, including Viruses, Worms and Trojans which have speared to mobile phones. The AntiVirus software can scan all incoming

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Page 1. APRIL CONTENTS IN THIS ISSUE ISSN 1749-7027 Fighting malware and spam

Security and privacy issues in UK healthcare
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be eliminated but can be reduced The solution has been able to eliminate the risk and therefore has been successful Policies against insider threat External threat Malware (cyber threats) Firewalls (updating) Penetration and vulnerability testing Antivirus software (updating

Internet filtering and how it affects security, efficiency and thriving in Norwegian companies
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Also, little is done to find out how an organisation reacts to babysitting-ware . Traditional security measures like firewalls and antivirus software are directed towards external threats, whereas Internet filters are aimed against internal behaviour

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They should, however, be tested in real-life situations, and perhaps be combined with other approaches such as mobile anti virus solutions or firewalls. The second reason Zitmo gives us cause for concern is that it initiates on-demand two-factor authentication

Cyber security and mobile threats: The need for antivirus applications for smart phones
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Page 13. Cyber Security and Mobile Threats: The Need for Antivirus Applications for Smart Phones 52 Mobile client security includes: anti virus firewall, messaging security (due to SMS texting capabilities), web threat security, VPN functionality and encryption (Canalys)Availability of anti virus models for all of the standard platforms (DOS, All windows platform for network administration. There are hundreds of thousands of antivirus products but two Merchandise from avast, avira, Eset, F comfy, BullGuard G knowledge also perform good.

Security of the mobile devices in Växj Kommun and corporation
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Here are top 5 windows mobile antivirus : BullGuard mobile antivirus Is a easy to use, and used for both Pocket PC and Smartphones F-Secure Mobile Anti Virus F-Secure is one of well-known antivirus programs for PC computers

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Page 1. MARCH CONTENTS IN THIS ISSUE ISSN 1749-7027 Fighting malware and spam BINARY SCRIPT COMPLEXITIESProducts from avast, avira, Eset, F secure, BullGuard G Data are also perform well Radvilavicius, L. Marozas and A. Cenys, Overview of Real Time Antivirus Scanning Engines 2377 Sarika Choudhary, Ritika Saroha, Mrs. Sonal Beniwal, How Anti virus Software Works

Apoc@ lypse: The end of antivirus
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i Apoc@lypse: The End of Antivirus Rodrigo Ruiz Rog rio Winter 4 MALWARE _____ 43 5 ANTIVIRUS _____ 51 6 HUMAN DISEASES _____ 575. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK There are many antivirus software?s in the current software world which gives phishing website detection and malware protection like Kaspersky antivirus Norton, avast, AVG and Bull guard etc

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Page 1. JUNE CONTENTS IN THIS ISSUE ISSN 1749-7027 Fighting malware and spam

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Page 66. 65 Dragana Drobnjak Snežana Guduric Ksenija Šulovic THE BLACK AND WHITE WORLDS IN FRENCH, SPANISH AND SERBIAN PHRASEOLOGY The subject of this paper are the French, Spanish and Serbian

Android mobile security threats and protection
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There are several ways of preventing from attacking in the following: 1. Install an antivirus application Search Security. Retrieved from http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/exploit Smishing, vishing- time for mobile phishing. Bullguard .com. Bulguard

Protecting Browsers from Network Intermediaries
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causes of TLS interceptions. We showed that most of the TLS interceptions are due to antivirus software and organization-scale content filters. We provided evidence of SSL interceptions by malware, which have infected users across at least 45 countries

Mobile malware: coming to a smartphone near you
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deterrent to downloading malicious apps . They were also asked if they had ever used an anti virus or anti 201 6). Android antivirus : 6 truths Retrieved April 201 from BullGuard Security Centre website: http://www. bullguard .com/ bullguardsecurity-center/pc-security

Study of managing antivirus tools used for personal computers in Pune city
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SS Patil 4.9 User wise usage of antivirus Tools 104 Page 13. Chart No. Particulars Page No. 4.10 Cost of anti virus 105 4.11 Selection of Antivirus tools with respect to Cost 107 4.12 Type of Antivirus tools installed on Personal Computer 109 4.13 User wise Installation of Antivirus Tools

Analyzing Not-a-Virus Bundled Adware: The Wajam Case?
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We gather 52 samples of Wajam, released between to 201 and analyze the technical evolution from a simple browser add-on to full-fledged obfuscated malware including rootkit, browser process injection, and antivirus evasion capabilities 2. Antivirus detection rates

Project Work (2013/2014) Progress Report for Whitelisting software
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Antivirus vendors need to spend a period of time to 1 Rogue malware infections what you need to know http://www. bullguard .com/ bullguardsecurity- center/pc-security/computer-threats/rogue- malware.aspx 2 The pros and cons of behavioural based, signature based and

The Security Impact of HTTPS Interception.
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We installed, tested, and fingerprinted popular antivirus products based on the software documented by de Carn de Carnavalet and Mannan , products previously found to be intercepting connections [27], [46], and a report of popular antivirus products [47] Bullguardhttp://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/01/lizard-stresser-runs-on-hacked-home-routers/ 12. Dr. WEB Anti virus Linux.BackDoor.Fgt.1 Dr. WEB IoT Scanner Internet of Things Scanner Check if I am on Shodan Bullguard http://iotscanner. bullguard .com/ 28 Automatic or live updates for anti Virus software (eg‚ see Norton product from Symantec‚ or Bullguards services will handle this) are also adviseable for users and when the product asks to re-start after a Patch or update was downloaded and installed‚ do it immediately and not

Exploring NAT Host Counting Using Network Traffic Flows
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antivirus flows. . 56their ability to gain entry to systems that were reciprocating by raising their barriers to entry with anti virus software and firewalls. Firewall as Social Engineering which online security specialists, Bullguard describe as the use

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Unfortunately, as it turns out, their task is much, much more difficult than the task of the anti virus companies and for the same reasons, too. At the recent International Antivirus Testing Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, I attended a presentation by Mario Vuksan from Bit9 [7 Page 1. Cybercrime-as-a-Service Operations 39 Thomas S. Hyslip Contents Introduction . . 816 BotnetsIf there a new malicious application is released, traditional antivirus solutions will need to be to detecting malicious mobile applications in Android OS compared to traditional anti virus methods to/how-to-easily-root-an-android-device [retrieved: Oct] Bullguard The risks

On the Cusp of Evolutionary Change
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anti virus arms race is in fact a three-way match. We can think of the virus as purely parasitic, the anti virus as a mutualistic symbiont, and the OS as the host organism Of the three, only viruses and anti virus programs are locked in a predator-prey arms race

An analysis of x86 single-instruction compiling as an obfuscation technique
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Scareware This category of malware tries to scare the victim into paying money[SH1 p. 4], eg by claiming that the victim is infected with a virus that can be removed with some fake anti virus software, or by claim- ing This could include scanning the file using an antivirus product

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A discussion I stumbled across between Nick and the author of the virus3 on the alt.comp. anti virus newsgroup not only highlighted the fact that such dialogues took place frequently and in the open, but it also gave the impression of mere childs play compared with

Detection and prevention of non-PC botnets
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Symantec, a popular antivirus company reported a new type of botnet named Linux Wifatch which attacks In this case, the anti virus scanner to bypass apk REFERENCES BullGaurd, http://www. bullguard .com/ bullguardsecurity- center/mobile-security/mobile-threats/mobileWhen I thought about antivirus companies which have mobile security software, two names came to mind: Bullguard and Kaspersky; possibly because of articles read in the past and also banking companies preferring one or another

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For example, criminals have created a fake Netflix app, fake mobile banking apps and fake anti virus apps security has thus become a major concern for merchants and e-commerce service providers, who deploy countermeasures such as firewalls and anti virus software to

Mobile Devices Infrastructure
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C Brown, S Dog, JM Franklin, N McNab csrc.nist.rip Page 1. Draft NISTIR 8144 1 Assessing Threats to 2 Mobile Devices Infrastructure 3 The Mobile Threat Catalogue 4 Christopher Brown 5 Spike Dog 6 Joshua M Franklin 7 Neil McNab 8 Sharon Voss-Northrop 9 Michael Peck 10 Bart Stidham 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Page 2Security Challenges Nikola Zlata Related papers Cyber Security and Mobile Threats: The Need for Antivirus Applications for Smart Phones Maurice Dawson, Jorja Wright, marwan o Mobile Devices: The Case for Cyber Security Hardened Systems Jorja Wright

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potential exposure to malicious attacks. Furthermore, much of the malware designed to capitalize on these vulnerabilities is able to avoid detection by traditional anti virus and firewall software. In a business environment, this Page 6. This book is dedicated to the hardworking cyber security community that seeks to develop antivirus software, firewalls, and protective systems to defend against hackers and cybercriminals that would invade your digital world

The evolving ICT industry in Asia and the implications for Europe
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Page 1. THE EVOLVING ICT INDUSTRY IN ASIA AND THE IMPLICATIONS FOR EUROPE Author: Martin Fransman Editor: Marc Bogdanowicz JRC 63986- Page 2. The mission of the JRC-IPTS is to provide customer-driven

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Samir Mody tackled the subject of Android malware obfuscation as the volume of Android malware grows and more anti virus vendors provide protection against it, it is likely to be only a matter of time before Android malware obfuscation becomes routine, as it has in Windows

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the rapid growth in use of mobile devices both in homes and in businesses, and the fact that in June a Bullguard survey found sends hardware-related control commands (SCSI REQUEST BLOCK, SRB) to write a file to the disk directly, in order to bypass anti virus software or

Zero effort security for the home PC users
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These security suites includes firewall, anti virus anti-spyware to mention some of the most basic security features, into one comprehensive security package AVG Internet Security BitDefender Internet Security BullGuard Internet Security CA Internet Security

Rise of the machines: The dyn attack was just a practice run december 2016
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Figure 3: Deep Web Forum Posts Discussing Botnet Costs Figure 3 depicts posts from an Alphabay forum discussion concerning the cost of a botnet. Page 12. 10 Additional time and money must be used to constantly modify the malware to avoid antivirus detection

Private Copying
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Page 1. Private Copying Roberto Camerani, Nicola Grassano, Diego Chavarro, Puay Tang Crown copyright Intellectual Property Office is an operating name of the Patent Office This is an independent report commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)