Busuu is a language learning platform on web, iOS and Android that allows users to interact with native speakers. There are 12 language courses currently offered: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Arabic.

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Busuu is an app that makes learning a language easier for everyone. Whether it by mastering the basics or achieving fluency, over 100 million people learn with Busuu to open up a world of opportunity, both personally and professionally. Combining intelligent learning with access to a global community of native speakers, Busuu learning experience is so effective, it rivals immersion in another country. With 12 language courses across web and mobile, we are committed to helping learners overcome their language barriers, one milestone at a time.

We offer 10% commission on each sale (paid customers). For our top performing publishers, we’re happy to offer a more generous percentage.

For any publishers curious to learn more about Busuu, we encourage you visit our website: www.busuu.com, localised in the following languages:

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The basic version of Busuu can be accessed free of charge. To access the language courses on Busuu you must register for a free account. You have the option to purchase a Premium membership. This is just an option; you can use Busuu as basic member completely for free.

Completing Beginner A1 means you can: introduce yourself to new friends, order a drink and some food in your new language, ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics, write short texts and fill in a form with personal details.

Completing Elementary A2 means you can: make plans to go out with friends, describe your friends and family, understand the main point of simple texts and conversations, begin to have longer conversations on familiar topics.

Completing Intermediate B1 means you can: describe your favourite films and music, express emotions, agreement and disagreement, begin to understand TV programs when the topic is familiar, have more complex conversations where you give reasons and explanations.

Completing Upper Intermediate B2 means you can: discuss important issues that affect your life, understand the main point and important details in the news, take part in, extended conversations on familiar and new topics, narrate or write a story, describe the plot of a film or a book.

Topic-based lessons
Our lessons are designed by experts in linguistics and pedagogy to help you achieve fluency in a structured and engaging way. Each lesson is designed around a useful topic, and contains vocabulary, grammar, and practice exercises which gradually build conversational and writing skills. We teach you all the language we need before asking you to form sentences, have a conversation or do a writing exercise. Each lesson repeats language you've learned in previous lessons, reinforcing your memory and building your confidence. We've chosen topics that are relevant to your language level and to the types of conversation you're most likely to be having at each stage of your language-learning journey.

A typical lesson
We build each lesson so that it gives you everything you need to begin communicating on a particular topic. For example, in the following lesson, 'My City', in the Spanish A1 course, we begin with a Vocabulary unit on places you'll find in a city, then another one on how to understand directions. Then we introduce some grammar, with a unit on how to say 'there is' or 'there are' and then another grammar unit on prepositions of place (words like 'in', 'on' or 'at'). Once you've mastered these units, you are ready to start communicating with the language you've learned. We give you a simple writing task, asking you to describe a city you know. This is then sent to members of our community who will give you friendly and useful feedback on your writing. On the website there is also a voice recording exercise, where you can practise describing your city by inserting your voice into a dialogue and listening back to hear how you sound.

All our lessons help build your conversational skills gradually; starting with the vocabulary and grammar you need and then giving you simple but challenging exercises where you get to use the language you've learned in a real communicative task. It these practice tasks that really build your fluency; requiring you to recall and be creative with the language you've learned - almost as good as a face to face conversation with a native speaker, but not nearly as scary!

Each lesson consists of several activities. The circles in each unit represent an activity. Each activity contains a variety of different exercises. In the example below, the unit contains three different activities.

To complete a lesson, a student needs to pass each activity and each unit within that lesson. To pass an activity, the student needs to score at least 75%. Once they have done this, the circle that represents the activity is filled. In the example below, only the first activity has been passed.

Once all the activities are passed, the percentage score in the top right corner of the lesson view will change to 100%. Note that a student does not have to pass an activity in order to progress through the course. Students are free to skip to any part of the course without completing or passing previous lessons.

Busuu language learning courses are designed to help you improve all the skills you need to become fluent in the language you are learning. We achieve this by giving you a huge variety of exercise types, topics and situations in which to practise your language skills. Here are some examples:

Busuu skills
Busuu skills

Making progress
You can visually track your progress through the Busuu course by seeing your percentage completion score increase and observing the colour of each unit you complete changing. In addition we send you a weekly progress report which tells you what you have achieved in the past seven days.

McGraw-Hill Education Certified Tests
Our English, French, Spanish and German courses each include four end of level tests certified by McGraw-Hill Education. You can take these tests at any time, regardless of whether you have completed a level or not. The tests are designed to show you how far you have progressed in each of the four CEFR levels A1, A2, B1 and B2, and are graded from C- to A+. Upon successful completion of a test, you can download and print a PDF certificate or share your results on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Staying motivated
It can be very difficult to stay motivated for the amount of time it takes to learn a language to fluency. In recognition of this, Busuu courses are designed to maximise both intrinsic (self-directed) and extrinsic (external) sources of motivation. In particular, reward systems, feedback and social elements are optimised to increase students’ feelings of autonomy, competence and relatedness.

Students who engage fully with the Busuu community, whether through submitting or correcting multiple writing exercises, or chatting regularly with friends they make in the community, report a higher degree of motivation for their language studies in general. From their observations, the Busuu team has built up a manifesto for staying motivated to learn a language:

Set achievable goals
Study with others
Use variety to stay motivated
Acknowledge that it takes time
Don’t beat yourself up for taking a break – just keep coming back!
Focus on the skills you struggle with most
Ask for help
Have fun with the language you learn Abstract Background and Purpose: To compare oncological outcome and voice quality among a uniform and well-defined subset of patients with T1 glottic carcinoma. Patients and Methods: Patients, affected by laryngeal glottic carcinoma, treated by laser CO2 surgery or

The transformative possibilities of restorative approaches to education
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This chapter presents a model of teaching and learning conceptualized as the StudyCircle Model of Restorative Communication (SCM). The model was generated by a pilot program which was first implemented in the Italian higher education system and then subsequently in

Focusing on the individual infant: classification and heterogeneity of autism spectrum disorder
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Although symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) typically emerge early in life, a reliable diagnosis is usually not achieved before age 3 or later [26]. Evidence suggests that the best prognosis for ASD currently lies in early targeted intervention aimed to improve later

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The study reported in this paper used Guskeys model (Guskey) to systematically investigate teachers experiences about the professional development programme on ICT integration in teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in secondary schools. The

Does slow and steady win the race An Italian case
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This paper presents an empirical study focusing on students drop-out and irregular careers at the University of Sassari (Sardinia, Italy). The analysis is based on 1167 students registered in a fulltime undergraduate program (three years according to the Italian system)

Augmented Reality in Foreign Language Learning
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Busy Teacher suggests the 9 best ESL mobile Apps for your students. 1. Bussu This languagelearning app features more than 000 words and expressions and covers a wide range of topics through comprehensive vocabulary sections and interactive tests

The collaborative consumption: a form of consumption adapted to modern times
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considerable amount of money. To be able to carry out these actions there are sites like: Alcubic. Language exchange: Bussu is an online community which helps people look for cultural exchange of languages. Its goal consists of

free download

Words mobile 2.2 which also emphasises on vocabulary for seven languages. Sounds: The pronunciation app to increase phonetic knowledge towards English language . Bussu which works in all the skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) of twelve languages

Predictive Analytic Game-based Model for Yoruba Language Learning Evaluation
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Examples of language learning mobile app games are Duolingo and Bussu . With Duolingo, the languages available depend on the players mother tongue. its a language app that provides a free language education for the world

The Use of Digital Tools in Education: Case of Language Learning
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With this application Bussu has recognized the need for learning a language in different environments and offered their users to choose how they will arrange their learning process. The learner can choose what is more suitable which are already common in Kannada, are written in transliterated way of their Kannadized forms (eg, bus/ bussu ). The sounds which do not have graphemic repre- sentations in Kannada are represented with their nearest phoneme symbols existing in the language with a

The Security of Adaptive Ubiquitous/Mobile Learning Systems
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According to the provided table, the choice for the top three most used mobile applica- tions for learning a foreign language was simple. Therefore, in the following section, the applications that will be studied for secu- rity vulnerabilities will be Duolingo, Memrise and Bussu . 3.3

In Prototypical Autism, the Genetic Ability to Learn Language Is Triggered by Structured Information, Not Only by Exposure to Oral Language . Genes 202 12
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L Mottron, A Ostrolenk, D Gagnongrouperechercheautismemontreal Review In Prototypical Autism, the Genetic Ability to Learn Language Is Triggered by Structured Information, Not Only by Exposure to Oral Language Laurent Mottron * Alexia Ostrolenk 2 and David Gagnon 2 Citation

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and Industrial Engineering PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING AND LANGUAGE LEARNING Thesis topic: The professional speaking and language learning through immersive technology Professionaalse kõne ja keele õpe liitreaalsuse tehnoloogia abil Thesis main objectives

The roles of the professional in co-production and co-creation processes
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Professionals might do so, for example, by simplifying co-production tasks, or by providing language support to an immigrant population (Moynihan and Thomas, 201 791 Bussu and Bartels (2014) highlight the facilitative leadership as a success factor mak- ing things happen

Investigating EFL Pre-Service Teachers Knowledge of Teaching Academic Speaking: The Cases of Skills and Competences, Technology Use, Feedback and
free download

Teachers language proficiency, teaching Cambridge English Learning, Zoom.us, Prezi, busuu app, Skype, Google talk, Msn messenger, national geography productions, word up application, bamooz Iranian application, Mooc, Engvid, ESL Pod, Skesl, bussu Babbel, Memrise

Senior Research Officer-Entomology
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S Townsend, D Newell, IF Point jamaicachm.org.jm Latin name: Passer domesticus Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Passeridae Common name: Language : House sparrow English Canis lupus familiaris L. Common name: Language : Domestic Dog English Dog English

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The once who are having very less problems can eventually lead near normal lives, but those who continue to suffer language and social problems tend to face lot of issues in their teenage J. Trend Res. Dev. (IJTRD), Eng. Technol. (2017), 16- 18. G. Bussu et al., Prediction

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2012). A lognormal distribution with mean µ = 0.455 mm and standard deviation ˆσ = 0.45 mm is considered. In FSW butt joints, some authors ( Bussu and Irving 200 James, Hattingh et al 199 Bussu and Irving 200 John, Jata et al. 200 Pasta and Reynolds 2008) Bussu and Irving [20] related fatigue life of FSW joints to the residual stresses to highlight their influence on the crack growth propagation behavior into account, but this assumption does not limit the accuracy of Z(a) and h(x,a). ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) wasIn the English language literature, a distinc- tion is sometimes made between co-production, referring to the involvement of citizens in delivering must take a position of facilitative leadership, or working with others to achieve results everyone can agree to ( Bussu and Bartels

Implementing co-productive practice with public services: Messages from the research
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Searches were limited by year to post and to the English language . Searches were supplemented by hand searching of journals Hence, co-production was posited as a cure for all ills of public services ( Bussu and Galanti:347)

Gynaecology Obstetrics
free download

Abstracts, communications, comments, reviews and non-English language studies were ex- cluded Colorec- tal Cancer 2014; 3: 435-50 (39) Tagliaferri L, Budrukkar A, Lenkowicz J, Cambeiro M, Bussu F, Guinot JL, Hildebrandt G, Johansson B, Meyer JE, Niehoff P, Rovirosa A

Cultural Dynamics of Child Labour in Yobe State Nigeria
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issues of consents and confidentialities were addressed by obtaining oral and written consents of all participants in their local language (Hausa a clear distinction between adult and child labourers until the gradual withdrawal of the latter from the labour force ( Bussu Baba Baba

The Indo-European Personal Names of Pannonia, Noricum and Northern Italy: Comparative and Superlative Forms in Celtic, Venetic, and South-Picene
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Language of the article: English For the sake of economy, I shall mostly use the convenient label Venetic : the idea that Venetic is not an Italic language but an independent branch of Indo-European is increasingly belied by contemporary linguistic analysis

A working model for anticipatory regulation
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Although there is a lack of consistent language in the use of terms such as sandboxes, testbed, demonstrators and pilots, through looking at examples of these from across the world and talking to regulators, we have identified Bussu S. (2015) The publics voice on regulation

Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Guji agro-pastoralists, Blue Hora District of Borana Zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia
free download

Study Sites Bule Hora Town Fig 1: Map of Ethiopia showing the study area Population and socio-economic background of the local people The district is predominantly occupied by agro pastoralists Guji Oromo people who speak Oromo language

Improving Chemmozhi Learning and Teaching Descriptive Studies in Classical-Modern Tamil Grammar
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217 10 : 6 June A. Boologa Rambai, Ph.D. Improving Chemmozhi Learning and Teaching Descriptive Studies in Classical- Modern Tamil Gram LANGUAGE IN INDIA 1 Importance of Descriptive Gram in Preserving and Enriching a Living Classical Language

Early Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder by Computational Approaches to fMRI Analysis with Early Learning Technique
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This tool is considering the main parameters receptive and expressive language visual and fine motor impairments during early stage of children [18] Bussu G, Jones EJH, Charman T, Johnson MH, Buitelaar JK; BASIS TeamPage 219. Language in India www. languageinindia. com 217 10: 6 June A. Boologa Rambai, Ph. D. Improving and Telugu Page 220. Language in India www. languageinindia. com 218 10: 6 June A. Boologa Rambai, Ph

The Meaning of Learning English Using Busuu to Junior High School Students Grade VII
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Bussu is designed and developed to help learners mastering English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Mobile phone technology can be effectively engaged in EFL (English as a foreign language ) students and it proves to be both reasonable in theory and feasible

The role of interventional radiotherapy (brachytherapy) in stage I esophageal cancer: an AIRO (Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology)
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The studies were identified using the following medical subject headings (MeSH) and keywords including: esophageal neoplasms , brachytherapy , intraluminal ra- diotherapy . The search was restricted to the English language Bodson-Bozyk Bonhomme Bonnet-de Rudder Borremans, E. . Bortels Bossaerts, H. . Bussu Andre Botton Bourgeois, R. . Boursin, P. . Bouton, J Bragard, P rue Joseph II, 37 Author year T yp e of study No. of pts. C ancer stag in g T reatment OS DSS e D F S L RC LP, L EDFS Conclu sions Bussu 20 13 [22 ] Retrospective coho rt stu dy 166 T 3-T4a TL, O PHL CR T T 4a 3 y ears T L 78 %O P H L6 8 % C R T 54% DSS 87%/2 years T 3 + T4 a Gitson Nitheesh, R. Gokulakrishnan, and Prathima Devadas Computer Vision-Based Approach for Indian Sign Language Character Recognition 583 P. Sardar Maran, Bussu Saikiran Reddy, and Chava Saiharshavardhan Options-Based Sequential Auction for Dynamic Cloud

The diagnostic value of methylated DNA in laryngeal squamous
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Moreover, 4 papers in the language other than English or Chinese were excluded. Subse- quently, 22 reviews and 25 non-case- control studies were excluded from the remaining 95 papers in the sec- ond round after detailed evaluation

Geography, Cultural Remoteness and Economic Development: A Regional Analysis of the Economic Consequences of Insularity
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where Qi and Qj denote the number of, respectively, language i and language j speakers with respect to the regional total and K represents all possible combinations of languages spoken in A and B. The index varies between 0 (maximal linguistic similarity) and 1 (maximal

Celto-Slavic Similarities
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In the 16th and 17th century, Scottish scholar G. Buchanan and his Welsh follower E. Llwyd decided that Welsh and Gaelic speaking people must have been related to Gauls, because Gaulish language had related words with Scottish Gaelic and with Welsh

Brokers, entrepreneurs and leaders in policy dynamics: From individual actors to types of agency
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and Gash 2008; Gains et al. 2009; Svara 2009; Bussu and Bartels 2014) to the outside world into more institutionalized organizational goals, through the use of appropriate language and embarking on a sort of sensemaking process to justify the

Innovation Democracy
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Despite being ignored in the apparently simple policy language of going forward, these more complex dynamics in science and innovation do not go unnoticed by interests wishing variously to reinforce (or disrupt) particular pathways (Goldacre 2009; Rowell 1996)

Human Papillomavirus Testing in Head and Neck Cancers
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Each expert panel member was assigned one two draft recommendations to review and summarize participant comments. After consideration of the comments, seven draft recommendations were maintained with the original language and seven were revised

The role of HPV infection in oropharyngeal cancer
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A multidisciplinary medical board is highly desirable and includes a dietetician and a speech- language /swallowing therapist, to provide a wide range of recommendations for various clinical circumstances and patients Boscolo-Rizzo P, Del Mistro A, Bussu F, Lupato V [HTML]

Objective sensory testing methods reveal a higher prevalence of olfactory loss in COVID-19 positive patients compared to subjective methods: A systematic
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Thirty-two articles were initially excluded during the screening test if they were not about smell loss and COVID1 did not report cases or percentage of patients with smell loss, or if they were not written In the English language

Novel research paradigms to investigate social development in typically developing infants and infants at elevated risk for autism spectrum disorder
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34 2.3.1. Joint Attention in ASD 35 2.3.2. Language Development in ASD 35 43 2.6.1. Motor and Language Development in Infant Siblings 44

Martial: Misogynist.
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Page 5. Gbstract Martials epigams provide us with a valuable window to daily Roman life. However, his use of obscenity and fiank language has been a stwnbling block to the wide acceptance of his works. It is this obscenity and frankness which he used when writing epigrams

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are lured by descriptions of the culinary delights unique to Jamaica, of jerk, which originated with the Taíno, and of the Bussu soup of instills in us a pride for the rich heritage of Rastafarianism, a world religion, with its unique characteristics of lifestyle, food, language and rituals

Exploring The Role of HPV 16 in Squamous Cell Cancers of Oral Cavity and Oropharynx
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Patients with squamous epithelial cell carcinoma of language hard palate, buccal mucosa, retromolar triangle, soft palate, tonsil, and tongue were included in our study Int J Cancer 2007;121(8):1813-20. 23. Bussu F, Sali M, Gallus R, Vellone VG, Zannoni GF, Autorino R, et

D8. 3 Public engagement strategy to design MICROB-PREDICT along with the need of patients
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engagement. Having patients in research ethics committees could be very useful, they avoid the monopoly of the scientific language and prevent the rest to use technical approaches society in a clear and simple language grounded on scientific and technical knowledge

D6. 3 Public engagement strategy to design DECISION along with the need of patients
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engagement. Having patients in research ethics committees could be very useful, they avoid the monopoly of the scientific language and prevent the rest to use technical approaches that could not help to see what really matters

Contextualizing Visitor Participation: Science Centers as a Platform for Scientific Citizenship ISBN: 978-90-9029632-6 Design: gebr. silvestri. nl Printed by
free download

Usually, studies on visitor participation are confined to a single institution, and therefore one language . Such setting allows a wide choice of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including interviews and focus groups (E. Andersson, S. Bussu H. Davis, Eds.)

Contextualizing V
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Usually, studies on visitor participation are confined to a single institution, and therefore one language . Such setting allows a wide choice of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including interviews and focus groups (E. Andersson, S. Bussu H. Davis, Eds.)

VU Research Portal
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Usually, studies on visitor participation are confined to a single institution, and therefore one language . Such setting allows a wide choice of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including interviews and focus groups (E. Andersson, S. Bussu H. Davis, Eds.)

Unmanned Underwater navigation based on visual and inertial sensors
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Also my distant friends had a key role in this path, especially Antonio, Ary, Bussu Chiscu, Fede, Michele, Mureddu and Vale, supporting me with long text The coding part was written using Python as language and the libraries employed in this project are all open sourcePage 3. Writing Sequoyah: On the Uses and Abuses of Cherokee Literacy 363 the sense that we, as human beings, have consummate existence in language (1975: 108) Since Sequoyah was raised in the traditional manner, he never learned the language of his father

Characterization of residual stress effects on fatigue crack growth of a friction stir welded aluminum alloy
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subjects having substantial public interest. TECHNICAL TRANSLATION. English- language translations of foreign scientific and technical material pertinent to NASAs mission. Specialized services also include organizing and

The assessment of behavioral interrelationships in child behavior therapy
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behavioral interrelationships which can be identified by functional analysis or through descriptive statistical techniques, yielding clusters, factors, covariance, sequences, : t and measurement of psychological phenomena whether the units of ones data language will be

SPRU Report to the SPLiCE Project A Review of Social AppraisalMethodologies
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Because this claims directly to derive a metric that is generally comparable, the associated body language and culture can (however details are expressed) seriously undermine scope for appreciating the value of other techniques

Different tourists to different destinations
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Having controlled for the relevance of trade flows between any two countries in the sample, the presence of a common language and border, the climate and the perceived risk of the destination country, their findings point out that GDP elasticities are positive

Trade activity between the EU and its neighboring countries: Trends and potential
free download

al. 2013).7 6 See http://stat.wto.org/TariffProfile/WSDBTariffPFReporter.aspx Language =E for details. 7 To better understand the EU-ENCs case, a parallelism with the USMexico case can be made (see Hanson 1996). Mexico

The role of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections: rapid living systematic review and meta-analysis
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137 Eligibility criteria 138 We included studies in any language of people with SARS-CoV-2 diagnosed by reverse transcriptase 139 PCR (RT-PCR) that documented follow-up and symptom status at the beginning and end of follow- 140

Commenting to learn : Evidence of language and intercultural learning in comments on YouTube videos
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found underlying patterns of turn-design carried over from face-to-face conversation in their data and argued that, YouTube polylogues are sufficiently connected so as to constitute a space for online interaction rather Commenting to Learn Language Learning and Technology

Autonomous learning through task-based instruction in fully online language courses
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The high rating of Statement 12 (Mean = 4.16) indicates that most students reacted very favorably to the online course. Most students agreed that using TBI was an effective way to develop their language skills and learn about the target culture

Encouraging autonomy with an online language support system
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As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for developing the online support system was a perceived need for the University to do materials can be offered to learners independent of time and place, and in this way they allow learners to learn the language outside the

Learn English online : How the internet is changing language
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When America emerged from the ashes of a bruising war with Britain in 181 the nation was far from united. Noah Webster1 thought that a common language would bring people together and help create a new identity that would make the country truly independent of the

Recognizing stances in online debates
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This paper presents an unsupervised opin- ion analysis method for debate-side clas- sification, ie, recognizing which stance a person is taking in an online debate. In order to handle the complexities of this genre, we mine the web to learn associa- tions that are indicative of

Who helps an online facilitator to learn with students in a day
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Who helps an online facilitator to learn Simon B Khoza 2.0 resources used by the internet users to create webpages without any understanding of internet programming language . In most cases they work as an online reflective journal when blog users present activities thatLanguage and culture issues write in this course, I had much more confidence. Another student also expressed that I liked the threaded online discussion because would like to have face-to-face interactions with American peers to improve their English and to learn more about

Practice view: Blogs for language learning
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If you are already familiar with online tools for teaching, blogging will be a natural addition to your repertoire. If you are new to technology in language teaching, you can learn about blogging along with your students. 1>Blogging Basics

Scrolling, clicking, and reading English: Online reading strategies in a second/foreign language
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11 The Role of Strategy Instruction L2 learners need to learn how to use effective reading strategies to IMPLICATIONS Perhaps the greatest outcome of this research is the importance of metacognitive online reading strategies for second language learners. This

Study of gamification effectiveness in online e-learning systems
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quite popular in the area of computer assisted language learning . Currently there are several educational services on the market with a considerable amount of OERs that provide an opportunity to learn foreign languages (livemocha.com, www. learnenglish- online .org, www

The restaurant game: Learning social behavior and language from thousands of players online .
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While The Restaurant Game exists in the unique MIMO genre, many players bring with them habits learned from experiences in other online games. Many players try allow the system to learn gestures, body language and spoken language . In addition, a Page 12

Digital gaming and language learning: Autonomy and community
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friends for learning support, but sooner or later, most gamers would seek help from online communities through eg Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven: you can read a lot of gangster language slang, it A request was also made for using PSP games to learn English (2012-1- 19:40

BloP: easy creation of Online Integrated Environments to learn custom and standard Programming Languages
free download

Online environments are mainly available as type-and-run tools for standard languages and are not tailored to the specific needs of students that are starting to learn not just a further programming language but that are just starting to learn a completely new paradigm like

Leveling the playing field: the effects of online second language instruction on student willingness to communicate in French
free download

discussions in a German class of students using sarcasm, insults, and aggressive or offensive language ones willingness to communicate, another study of Japanese origin pointed out that online instruction can actually lead to greater anxiety among some L2 learn ers

Online learning of relaxed CCG grammars for parsing to logical form
free download

on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning, pp We also present a new, online algorithm for inducing a weighted CCG 2007; He and Young; Zettlemoyer and Collins) has developed learn ing algorithms

TryLinks: an interactive online platform to learn the Links programming language
free download

Links is a web programming language under development in Edinburgh aimed at simplifying web development. Conventional multi-tier applications involve programming in several languages for different layers, and the mismatches between these layers and

Constructing an intermodal learning culture: How accounting students deploy language resources to learn across classroom and online environments
free download

The advantages and disadvantages of using asynchronous and synchronous online forums have been documented in prior literature. However, limited research has explored their practical implementation and the impact they each have had on student learning. This paper

The use of social networking sites for foreign language learning: An autoethnographic study of Livemocha
free download

The language learning site Livemocha was launched in September in an attempt to change the way people learn language . By incorporating a range of free interactive online lessons, supported by a community of online native speakers and a range of foreign language

Challenging hegemonies in online learning
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Blackboard Learn sites, for example, look very similar across disciplines, so students have little trouble a law requiring high school students to take at least one totally online course before The need for language learning to reflect the technology needs of today is demonstrated

E-Learning as a platform to learn English among ESL learners: benefits and barriers
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towards the end, the students will be able to learn the language naturally. Consequently, the students should grab this opportunity to use E-Learning as a platform for them to improve their English. However, not many people are maximizing the usage of the online learning even

Contributing, creating, curating: Digital literacies for language learners
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Building a course around a website set up in Blackboard Learn or another such proprietary system contextualizes online activities as course assignments and discourages students from seeing possible sources for language learning outside that system, such as through

Culture in language learning and teaching
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No matter how well learners learn grammar, no matter how successfully sounds of L2 are mastered, without words The Cultural Basis of Teaching English as an International Language . Online Documents at URL http://www.tesol.org/pubs/articles/2003/tm13-4-01.html

The positive effects of integrating ICT in foreign language teaching
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3. The internet and language learning The internet offers the best way to learn language other than immersion in an English speaking milieu. The advantages of online learning, can be summarized under the following headings : 1) Access the internet offers the possibility

Learning a language for free while translating the web. does duolingo work
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Abstract Duolingo, a free online language learning site, has as its mission to help users to learn a language while simultaneously using their learning exercises to translate the web. Language is learned through translation with

Learning a language with Web 2.0: Exploring the use of social networking features of foreign language learning websites
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The Live Mocha website combines self-paced lessons with a social learning environ- ment to allow individual users to choose how they would prefer to learn a new language (see Figure 3). Users can track their progress through online courses and access other learners

Detecting inappropriate use of free online machine translation by language students. A special case of plagiarism detection
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There have been a number of studies of the use of free online MT (FOMT) systems, both from the a series of Workshops at various conferences.1 Much of the focus is on what trainee translators (or language learners as potential professional translators) should learn about MT

Autonomous language learning
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in each of my language course Web sites provides links to the many online resources now available for learning German, including translation tools, online dictionaries, gram sites, German language news, proofing tools, flashcard programs, and links to how-to- learn sites

Lingo online : A report on the language of the keyboard generation
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The same way we learn all conventions of communication: observation, and trial and error.And where did these conventions come from in the first place 13 LINGO ONLINE : A REPORT ON THE LANGUAGE OF THE KEYBOARD GENERATION Page 17

Podcasting for language learning: Re-examining the potential
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to target lan- guage audio and record oneself has been commonly available in language learn ing laboratories the cas- sette recorder is the single piece of technology that has affected language learning the most. Audio material has been readily available online either as

The trouble with online education
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With every class we teach, we need to learn who the people in front of us are Is the language hard for them, line to line 25 July From www.nytimes.com/2012/07/20/opinion/the-trouble- with- onlineeducation.htmlsmid=pl-share understanding the plot and the languageSo while we taught foreign language stu- dents to write essays and read magazines a generation ago, we must now teach them to write e-mail and conduct online research Language is a living thing, so the best way to learn a language is in interactive, authentic

NULI at SemEval-2019 task 6: Transfer learning for offensive language detection using bidirectional transformers
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One of the benefits of transfer learning is to learn effectively and ef- ficiently from language in social media, we preprocess the dataset ac- cording to the language behaviors on Anti-social online behaviors, including cyberbul- lying, trolling and offensive language (Xu et al.

The technological imperative in teaching and learning less commonly taught languages
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tool, for example, provides a means to look up Chinese characters encountered in online readings (or Very helpful to language learners would be the ability in such search and explore programs able to save particular items into a personal word inventory or to- learn list, perhaps

Accommodating Indigenous People When Using Technology to Learn Their Ancestral Language .
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Language Project (facilitative), Cheyenne Dictionary (facilitative), Learn Cree Online (collaborative), Talk Sauk (collaborative), An- ishinaabemda (instructional), and East Cree (instructional). As can be seen, each of the three activity types has an exemplar

The effects of online feedback training on students text revision
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Oftentimes, college students who learn English as a Foreign Language (EFL) provide their peers with incorrect and misleading feedback during text revision. To improve the effectiveness of peer feedback, this study examined the degree to which online feedback training

An Alternative to the Language Laboratory: Online and Face-to-Face Conversation Groups
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An alternative approach to the language laboratory foster much needed additional communicative practice for foreign languages learners to achieve higher levels of oral proficiency. This study proposes an alternative language laboratory experience that

Online to learn or in line with standards An illusory dilemma
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If you have used online facilities as part of your teaching already, does it seem that doing so of Education have created a multidisciplinary exploration of earthquakes and plate tectonics that helps secondary students learn actively in science, mathematics, language arts, and

Online interactive activities to learn ramayana epic by primary tamil students
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However, to learn the underlying values that were depicted in the story students would require further guidance from parents and teachers. Further, all the currently available online interactive activities on Ramayana are in English language and it will create a language barrier

Gaming to learn : language in a clinical context
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Medicina is more accurate, it is better than doing it online To fully achieve participation, developing a language identity is important to language learners, and the use of an avatar is Thus, a person will learn how to be a nurse better from activities and contexts germane to the

Exploring the relationship between electronic literacy and heritage language maintenance
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how electronic literacy practices within online communities can contribute to language maintenance and development. Learning is most effectively achieved within a community of practice, where there are networks of people who engage in similar activities and learn from

Give Psa chance: Projects, peers, passion, play
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Abstract To thrive in todays rapidly-changing world, young people must learn to think and act creatively. This paper discusses how our Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab designed the Scratch programming language and online community with the explicit goal of

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the online community of more than three million of foreign languages learners from 133 countries speaking more than 115 languages. The method of language exchange, used on this website, was tested at schools in Canada, where lots of immigrants, who need to learn

On Online Attention-Based Speech Recognition and Joint Mandarin Character-Pinyin Training.
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The model jointly learns the pronunciation, acoustic and language model WER on the WSJ task, or a 5.4% absolute reduction in WER compared to an online CTC based We also intro- duce a new training method and show how we can learn joint Mandarin Character-Pinyin

3D role-playing games as language learning tools.
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Research shows that second language students interact more in virtual chat rooms and online discussions, suggest- ing that virtual environments create non-threatening learn ing environments [Bea9 Bea9 BE9 CO9 HB0 PW0 War96]

Blended learning: Student perception of face-to-face and online EFL lessons
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detailed below are ordered in decreasing prevalence: general motivation improved understanding more/easier understanding online lesson hard to if dont understand lecturer or friends make(s) me motivated skills enhancement learn new language skills, newTranslation can raise this kind of awareness and teach students strategies and techniques to adapt their use of English to learn about, understand Translation as an Aid in Teaching English as a Second Language . Online Translation Journal 10(4). Retrieved 10 December

Mobile application for vision impaired people to facilitate to learn the English language
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4. CONCLUSION Blind and partially sighted people face difficulties to learn The English language due to inaccessibility of uploads/2014/08/SmarterBalanced_Guidelines.p df AFB staff, Listening Guidelines for English Language Learners [ online ]: Available: httpVol. 2 Num. 2 Luglio The motivation of adolescent pupils to learn English as a foreign language A case study Ada Bier According to the Italian scholar, the mo- tivation to learn a language is a product of three connected factors: 1. ego; 2. strategy; 3. tacticEnvironment (MOOILLE). In other words, when a course is open to a big number of learners who need to learn and practice a foreign language online which are the basic elements that need to be taken under consideration For sure

New media literacies, online gaming, and language education
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a game like The Sims 2 is that ex- posure to the target language is always wide num- ber of languages) and messages provide situationally embedded opportunities to learn high frequency This variety of multi-user online gaming is closely re- lated to virtual environments such

The transformative power of gaming literacy: what can we learn from adolescent English language learners literacy engagement in World of Warcraft (WoW)
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would dispute the daunting challenge they face today to engage students to learn in school this gap, we sought to understand how adolescent ELLs were engaged in second language (L2) literacy practices through a popular massively multiplayer online role playing

Are YouTube and Netflix One-Way Stops to Learn a Language Language Learners Beliefs on Videos
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YouTube and Netflix One-Way Stops to Learn a Language Language Learners Beliefs on Videos Curtis Green-Eneix Second Language Studies, Michigan State University greenen5@msu.edu> Abstract Due to growing access to audiovisual material (eg, online videos, movieswhich focus on what language teachers and testers need to learn unlearn, and of core competencies of language assessment (Inbar-Lourie), devel- oping language testing textbooks Davies; Fulcher; Taylor), and devel- oping online tutorial materials

Fostering foreign language learning through technology-enhanced intercultural projects
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Folk tales/storytelling Lack of language skills (vocabulary) When I read Dubai information on the English website I tried to use online dictionaries or the Google translator, but some English words were still difficult to I need more vocabulary and to learn to write good sentencesSpeaking is the second of the four, which are: 1-Listening2-Speaking 3-Reading 4-skill that we learn .This vocalized form of language usually requires at least one listener It used to be the only language skill that was difficult to practice online . This is no longer the case

Missed communication in online communication: Tensions in a German-American telecollaboration
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experiences with online writing were informed by different norms of Internet etiquette, abides by growing conventions of Internet chat, in which individuals invite others to learn about them Missed Communication in Online Communication Language Learning Technology

Ideologies of Success for Superdiverse Citizens: the Dutch Testing Regime for Integration and the Online Private Sector.
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by advancing some reflections on how the governmental side of the Dutch testing regime and the private online sector work The qualitative dimension, instead, expresses the degree of effectiveness (precision) and efficiency (leading to communication) of language learn ing

Exploring factors that impact faculty decisions to teach languages online : is it worth the individual return on investment
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philosophically opposed to teaching languages online . She explained that, Learning a language should occur face-to-face, not online . Others supported this reasoning, You cant possibly learn a language without interacting and communicating with others in person. In

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This is a study involving 20 students from Ward 4A, Melur 2 and Thalassemia Treatment Center (TTC) in School in Hospital, Likas Women and Child Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia aimed at engaging them using interactive online English quiz. The study uses

Word level language identification in online multilingual communication
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We use the Lingpipe5 and Scikit- learn (Pe- dregosa et al.) toolkits for our experiments The multilingual internet. Language Culture and communication online chapter Language choice and code-switching in German-based diasporic web-forums., pages 340 361