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Secure user data in cloud computing using encryption algorithms
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Cloud Computing is transforming information technology. As information and processes are migrating to the cloud , it is transforming not only where computing is done, but also fundamentally, how it is done. As increasingly more corporate and academic worlds invest in

The NIST definition of cloud computing
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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this document in furtherance of its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 200 Public Law 107-347. NIST is responsible for developing

Cloud security: A comprehensive guide to secure cloud computing
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Cloud computing security Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Well-known security experts decipher the most challenging aspect of cloud computing -security Cloud computing allows for both large and small organizations to . Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide to SecureCloud computing has become a great solution for providing a flexible, on-demand, and dynamically scalable computing infrastructure for many applications. Cloud computing also presents a significant technology trends, and it is already obvious that it is reshaping

What cloud computing really means
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As a metaphor for the Internet, the cloud is a familiar clich , but when combined with computing , the meaning gets bigger and fuzzier. Some analysts and vendors define cloud computing narrowly as an updated version of utility computing : basically virtual servers

Towards Trusted Cloud Computing .
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Cloud computing infrastructures enable companies to cut costs by outsourcing computations on-demand. How- ever, clients of cloud computing services currently have no means of verifying the confidentiality and integrity of their data and computation. To address this problem we propose

Gartner: Seven cloud - computing security risks
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Customers must demand transparency, avoiding vendors that refuse to provide detailed information on security programs. Ask questions related to the qualifications of policy makers, architects, coders and operators; risk-control processes and technical mechanisms;

Above the clouds: A berkeley view of cloud computing
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Cloud Computing , the long-held dream of computing as a utility, has the potential to transform a large part of the IT industry, making software even more attractive as a service and shaping the way IT hardware is designed and purchased. Developers with innovative Major cloud - computing services include Amazon.coms Amazon Web Services, Googles Google Apps, and Salesforce.coms Microsofts Windows Azure provides general cloud -based computing resources to users. The company also offers specific Internet-based applications such

Whats new about cloud computing security
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While the economic case for cloud computing is compelling, the security challenges it poses are equally striking. In this work we strive to frame the full space of cloud - computing security issues, attempting to separate justified concerns from possible over-reactions. We examine

Cloud computing : a practical approach
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This book is targeted at a broad audience, but in a nutshell to anyone who wants to learn more about cloud computing . Cloud computing has become a hot topic in recent years, and people at different levels in your organization need to understand cloud computing inThe first edition of this book, back in 20 started by identifying the relatively recent emergence of Cloud and the increasing demand for Cloud systems and services that was apparent. We suggested, back then, that its meaning was hotly debated and identified

NIST cloud computing reference architecture
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The adoption of cloud computing into the US Government (USG) and its implementation depend upon a variety of technical and non-technical factors. A fundamental reference point, based on the NIST definition of Cloud Computing , is needed to describe an overall

Federal cloud computing strategy
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Federal Governments current Information Technology (IT) environment is characterized by low asset utilization, a fragmented demand for resources, duplicative systems, environments which are difficult to manage, and long procurement lead

Energy efficiency of mobile clients in cloud computing .
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Energy efficiency is a fundamental consideration for mobile devices. Cloud computing has the potential to save mobile client energy but the savings from offloading the computation need to exceed the energy cost of the additional communication. In this paper we provide an

Effectively and securely using the cloud computing paradigm
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Page 1. Effectively and Securely Using the Cloud Computing Paradigm Peter Mell, Tim Grance NIST, Information Technology Laboratory 10-29-2009 Page 2. NIST Cloud Research Team Peter Mell Project Lead Tim Grance Program Manager Lee Badger Jeff Voas Ramaswamy

OpenStack: toward an open-source solution for cloud computing
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Cloud computing is a quite new concept for which the resources are virtualized, dynamically extended and provided as a service on the Internet. In this paper, we present a comparative study between some of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) commonly used to select the

Cloud computing explained
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Cloud Computing Explained provides an overview of Cloud Computing in an enterprise environment. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm around cloud -based solutions and services as well as the cost-savings and flexibility that they can provide. It is imperative

Cloud computing : A study of infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
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Cloud computing is an increasingly popular paradigm for accessing computing resources. In practice, cloud service providers tend to offer services that can be grouped into three categories: software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. This

Guidelines on security and privacy in public cloud computing
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Cloud computing can and does mean different things to different people. The common characteristics most interpretations share are on-demand scalability of highly available and reliable pooled computing resources, secure access to metered services from nearly

Mobile healthcare information management utilizing cloud computing and android OS

 now extended to include the functionality of communicating with Cloud Computing platforms
and  this context, HealthCloud has been developed based on Google’s Android mobile Operating
System  The platform is adaptable to larger and traditional smart phone layouts and 

Does cloud computing have a silver lining?

 Cloud computing merely adds a new kind of service to those already available.  The problem arose
from Google’s Android mobile 

gy, fine-grained dynamic instrumentation of commodity kernels, which can splice (insert) dynamically generated code before almost any machine code instruction of a completely unmodified running commodity operating system kernel

Application of Biometric Security in Agent based Hotel Booking System-Android Environment
W Lawrence ,2012 ,
 I. Mobile Device An android 2.2 smart phone with would be required by the end user for interfacing
with our  JCE extensions for lightweight cryptography functions including symmetric encryption,
public key encryption, and certificate based authentication Android mobile devices. 

Mobile Geo-Tagging in Social Networks with Android
P Koralla ,2011 ,
 Android platform creates a notification on the listener’s device as shown in Figure 5.4 and each
notification is associated with a phone number, email and navigation that helps  Any android
mobile client cannot directly connect to a database server on the cloud 

Towards a Platform for Urban Games
  A Greenman, T Lodge ,
 The game is a multi-player experience, played using a hand-held device (an Android mobile
phone) which incorporates GPS position-tracking and  the creative relationships and potential
value chains of relevance to activities of this kind: with the turn to cloud computing and the 

An Android-based Mobile Medical Image Viewer and Collaborative Annotation: Development Issues and Challenges

 [2] Ivan Drnasin and Mislav Grgic, The use of mobile phones in radiology, In  Pliakas, and Ilias
Maglogiannis, Mobile healthcare information management utilizing Cloud Computing and Android 

Tango Panopticon: Developing a platform for supporting live synchronous art events based in relational aesthetics
ME Stillo ,2010 ,
 Date of Approval: May 11, 2010 Keywords: Social Networks, Social Sculpture, Cloud Computing,
Dance, Mobile Computing  There are other services available in the Android market on Android
Mobile Phones that allow users to report their location to a particular service. 

Next Generation Mobile Application in Cloud Computing using RESTful Web Services
AD Meniya
 Fig. Consuming web services from Mobile Phone  a Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) architecture
is needed which connects mobile devices to the Cloud Computing.  service client) implemented
using Eclipse indigo with Android SDK runs on Android Mobile device Emulator and 

RA Bajad, M Srivastava
 Fig. 1 shows categorization of possible augmented execution for mobile phones: (1) primary
functionality outsourcing – more like a  Fig.5. Data Access through Cloud with Android Mobile
D. Cloud Integration Cloud storage is the most obvious use of of cloud computing in mobile 

What is the Potential Impact of Using Mobile Devices in Education?
S Goundar ,
 with cloud computing tomputing technology and widespread use of mobile devices for computing power
and connectivity, once again the computing platform is becoming centralised. Cloud computing
infrastructure and applications are able to interact with users who have mobile phones, 

weakness of cloud computing
CT Wai ,
 computation on the server. However the weakness of cloud computing is  on the phone at the
same time ensuring this local storage accurate by regular synchronization.  The Web Interface
and Android mobile applications act as clients which interact with users and