cryptography research papers 2012 section 2

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ABSTRACT In this paper, a new robust watermarking technique for copyright protection
based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition is proposed. The
high frequency subband of the wavelet decomposed cover image is modified by modifying 

 Professor Levitt, Rowe, Bishop, Peisert COSMOS UC Davis 2012 Cluster 4 4 August 2012 An Overview of Public Key and Symmetric Key Cryptography
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A Wang ,2012 ,
Public key cryptosystems use a few major concepts and protocols. One of the most important
is Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This is a secure method of exchanging passwords without
letting interceptors know what they are. It is created based on the assumption that every 

Generating and sensing signals for quantum cryptography using phase encoding in compact silica-on-silicon Mach-Zehnder circuits with Bragg gratings
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M Kristensen, T Balle, J Selchau, KB Sigvardt ,Proc. of SPIE , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT We have realized phase encoding and sensing of signals for quantum
cryptography in compact circuits made with standard silica-on-silicon technology. The
circuits include Bragg grating filters allowing multichannel cryptography with dense 

Elliptic curve cryptography on the WISP UHF RFID tag
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C Pendl, M Pelnar, M Hutter ,RFID. Security and Privacy, 2012 ,Springer
The Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WISP) can be used to demonstrate and
evaluate new RFID applications. In this paper, we present practical results of an
implementation of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) running on the WISP. Our 

 k out of n Region Incrementing Scheme in Visual Cryptography
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Abstract—Recently, Wang introduced a novel (2, n) region incrementing visual
cryptographic scheme (RIVCS), which can gradually reconstruct secrets in a single image
with multiple security levels. In RIVCS, the secret image is subdivided into multiple regions 

 Secure AODV using Symmetric Key Cryptography with Cyclic Chain Hash Function (CCHF)
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S Singh, S Sharma, S Sahu ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyze the network performance with using Symmetric Key
Cryptographic technique applying in AODV routing protocol with cyclic chain hash function
(CCHF). Throughput and end to end delay of KK cryptographic (KKC) algorithm applying 

 Performance Evaluation of Low Power MIPS Crypto Processor based on CryptographyAlgorithms
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KP Singh, D Kumar ,Performance Evaluation, 2012
ABSTRACT This paper presents the design and implementation of low power 32-bit
encrypted and decrypted MIPS processor for Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple DES,
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) based on MIPS pipeline architecture. The 

 A note on Quantum Cryptography
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GA Rao, MR Reddy, Y Srinivas ,International , 2012
Abstract Cryptography provides security for the information and personal details. The
combination of 3AQKDP (implicit) and 3AQKDPMA (explicit) quantum cryptography is used
to provide authenticated secure communication between sender and receiver. 

 A General Session Based Bit Level Block Encoding Technique Using Symmetric KeyCryptography to Enhance the Security of Network Based Transmission
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M Paul, JK Mandal ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper a session based symmetric key cryptographic algorithm has been
proposed and it is termed as Matrix Based Bit Permutation Technique (MBBPT). MBBPT
consider the plain text (ie the input file) as a binary bit stream with finite number bits. This 

 Image Watermarking Scheme based on Visual Cryptography in Discrete Wavelet Transform
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TR Singh, KM Singh, S Roy ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Multimedia security and copyright protection have become wide interest due the
explosion of data exchange in the Internet and the extensive use of digital media. We
propose an image watermarking scheme based on visual cryptography in discrete 

Public-Key cryptography from new multivariate quadratic assumptions
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YJ Huang, FH Liu, BY Yang ,Public Key Cryptography–PKC 2012, 2012 ,Springer
In this work, we study a new multivariate quadratic (MQ) assumption that can be used to
construct public-key encryptions. In particular, we research in the following two directions:•
We establish a precise asymptotic formulation of a family of hard MQ problems, and 

 Analysis on Visual Cryptography for Color Image with Error Diffusion
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A Kapsepatil, SL Varma ,Analysis, 2012
Abstract-This paper proposes an analysis on the concept of visual cryptography which is
applicable on color images. This analysis includes review on color visual cryptography
which involves visual information pixel (VIP) synchronization and error diffusion for color 

 Dual Image Watermarking Scheme based on Singular Value Decomposition and VisualCryptography in Discrete Wavelet Transform
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BP Devi, KM Singh, S Roy ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT There is wide interest in multimedia security and copyright protection due to the
explosion of data exchange in the Internet and the extensive use of digital media. An image
watermarking scheme based on singular value decomposition and visual cryptography in 

Identity-based signcryption from identity-based cryptography
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A signcryption scheme encrypts and signs data in a single operation which is more efficient
than using an encryption scheme combined with a signature scheme. Identity-based
cryptography (IBC) does not require users to pre-compute key pairs and obtain certificates 

Towards Green Cryptography: A Comparison of Lightweight Ciphers from the Energy Viewpoint
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We provide a comprehensive evaluation of several lightweight block ciphers with respect to
various hardware performance metrics, with a particular focus on the energy cost. This case
study serves as a background for discussing general issues related to the relative nature 

Type checking cryptography implementations
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Cryptographic software development is a challenging field: high performance must be
achieved, while ensuring correctness and compliance with low-level security policies. CAO
is a domain specific language designed to assist development of cryptographic software. 

 Graduate Course on Embedded System Design Using FPGA with Cryptography Flavor
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C Parikh ,2012 ,
Abstract Today, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) play a very important role in several
embedded applications used in the area of defense systems, bioinformatics, cryptography,
and many more. As embedded designs are becoming more complex, reconfigurable 

 Analysis of Secret SharingReview on Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme
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BS Rao, CS Rao, P Divya, SM Riyazoddin ,International Journal, 2012 ,
Abstract: Visual cryptography (VC) schemes hide the secret image into two or more images
which allows the encoding of a secret image into shares distributed to participants. The
secret image can be recovered simply by stacking the shares together without any 

 Open problems in coding and cryptography
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G Cohen ,2012 ,
Memory is in state y? Fn Due to the constraints, only a subset A (y) of Fn is reachable from
y. The (directed) constraint graph (Fn, A): digraph with vertex set Fn an arc from y to y if and
only if y is reachable from y. The state y can be updated to v (y) states, where v (y) is the 

Efficient software implementation of public-key cryptography on sensor networks using the MSP430X microcontroller
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Abstract In this work, we describe a software implementation of elliptic curve cryptography
and pairing-based cryptography for the MSP430 microcontroller family, which is used in
wireless sensors. Digital signature, short signature and key distribution protocols were 

 Symmetric key Cryptography using two-way updated-Generalized Vernam Cipher method: TTSJA algorithm
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T Chatterjee, T Das, S Dey, J Nath ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In the present paper the authors have introduced a new updated two-way
generalized vernam cipher method called TTSJA. Chatterjee et. al developed a method [1]
where they used three independent methods such as MSA [2], NJJSAA [3] and modified 

 Full Proof Cryptography: Verifiable Compilation of Efficient Zero-Knowledge Protocols
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Abstract Developers building cryptography into security-sensitive applications face a
daunting task. Not only must they understand the security guarantees delivered by the
constructions they choose, they must also implement and combine them correctly and 

 Performance Analysis of Cryptography Algorithms
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R Arora, S Sharma ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT File is a collection of information that computer uses. The information is
sensitive part of the organization. Any loss or threat to information can prove to be great loss
to the organization as well to people. There are various means to protect the files from