database management system 2012

 Database Management System as a Cloud Service
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C Author, S Lee – Database, 2012
Abstract A Cloud database management system is a distributed database that delivers
computing as a service instead of a product. It is the sharing of resources, software, and
information between multiple devices over a network which is mostly the internet. It is 

 Data Security In Relational Database Management System
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R Balasubramaniam , Journal of Computer Science and Security ( , 2012 ,
Abstract Proving ownerships rights on outsourced relational database is a crucial issue in
today’s internet based application environments and in many content distribution
applications. Here mechanism is proposed for proof of ownership based on the secure 

 Transaction Management in Homogenous Distributed Real-Time Replicated DatabaseSystems
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A Srivastava, U Shankar, SK Tiwari ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—A homogenous distributed real time replicated database system is a network of
two or more DBMS that reside on one or more machines. A distributed system that connects
two or more databases are Homogenous Distributed Database Systems (HDDBS) create 

 Fuzzy Controlled Architecture for Performance Tuning of Database Management System
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SF Rodd, UP Kulkarni, AR Yardi ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Database Management Systems deliver higher performance only when they are
properly tuned. Database tuning is complicated due to the fact that several conflicting tuning
parameters have to be adjusted simultaneously for a variety of workload types and the 

 Database Workload Management–Characterization to Idleness Detection
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A Mateen, B Raza, M Sher, MM Awais ,2012
Abstract—Database Management Systems experience workloads that consist of user and
system workloads which include structured query language statements, transactions,
sessions, jobs etc. These workloads need various resources including CPU cycles, 

 A Practical Approach for Database and Recovery Management System (Oracle, Ms Access)
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A Agrawal, AK Sharma ,Int. J. Tech, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT: The execution of modern database applications requires the co-ordination of
number of components such as: the application itself, the DBMS, the Some of
, the
network and the platform. The interaction of these components makes understanding the 

 An Evaluative Study of Automation Software Applications and Database ManagementSystems in Academic Libraries
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S Dhanavandan, M Tamizhchelvan ,Journal of Emerging Trends in , 2012
ABSTRACT Library automation not only improves the image of the library services but also
provides additional services to the users with the existing staff. It provides equal
opportunities to all staff members for organizational learning, reengineering, and 

The JWST data management system engineering database
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MA Nieto-Santisteban ,SPIE Astronomical Telescopes+ , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The Engineering Data Processing (EDP) component of the James Webb
Telescope (JWST) Data Management System (DMS) will collect calibrated engineering
values for about 15,000 parameters, 300 million samples per day, with a potential daily 

 Embedded Database for Remote Process Management System
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KN Satone, MM Pal , Frontiers in Technology for Rural Area , 2012
ABSTRACT This paper investigates embedded databases for the MicroBaseJ project. The
paper aims at the development of an integrated database and a user interface for a typical
3G mobile phone with Java MIDP2 capability. One of the key objectives is to target a 

 Database Design for the Web Based University Project Management Information System
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I Valova ,
Abstract: Web applications and particularly Web based Information Systems are very
popular due to several reasons. The main reason is the ability to update and maintain them
without distributing and installing software on thousand of client computers. This paper 

 Serializable Snapshot Isolation in Shared-Nothing, Distributed Database ManagementSystems
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Y Lu ,
ABSTRACT NoSQL data storage systems provide high scalability and availability in
exchange for limited transactional guarantees. In many cases, however, an application
cannot give up transactional support but still needs the scalability provided by such 

 Easy Database Management in C++ Applications by Using DatabaseExplorer Tool
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P Janku, M Bližnák ,
Abstracts—One of the most important task in an application development process is a
database management and data manipulation. Nearly every programming toolkit includes
tools, constructs or components for manipulation with database content and structure. 

[bY2] sharing Genealogical spaces for cultural and social anthropological studies with the alliance, a kinship Database and Genealogy management system
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S Sugito ,JADH Conference 2012 ,
Shigenobu Sugito (Sugiyama Jogakuen University) this presentation aims at pointing out the
possibilities of 9 inship ontology9 for the computer graphics for genealogy and genealogical
database management system. professor sugito, a member of the database development 

 Database Management
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P Wood ,
 Go Back Full Screen Close Quit Database Management (Compulsory for BSc IS&C; optional
for BSc IS&M) Peter Wood  What is a database? • Why do we need Database Management
Systems? • The three levels of data abstraction • What is a Database Management System? 

 Design and Implementation of Graphical User Interface for Relational Database Management System
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ME Patil, RN Mulchandani, RR Ahuja
Graphical User Interface for three Relational Database Management Systems. This is a
general-level GUI, which can be connected to any database residing on the system such as
Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MS Access. As a result, any database manipulation can be 

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A Kaladi, P Ponnusamy ,
ABSTRACT Performance evaluation of database systems are made difficult by the existence
of different database management systems, which serves different requirements. As
DBMSes are limited in speed, they need to be highly efficient through its performance. A 

 A Distributed Transaction Model for a Multi-database Management System
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O Baakeel, A Alrashidi
Abstract—This paper examines the distributed transaction issues that are present in multi-
database management systems (DBMSs) and how the distributed transaction in database
technology differs from other distributed processing systems. Some common issues that 

 A methodology for Data Migration between Dif-ferent Database Management Systems
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B Walek, C Klimes
Abstract—In present days the area of data migration is very topi-cal. Current tools for data
migration in the area of relational database have several disadvantages that are presented
in this paper. We propose a methodology for data migration of the database tables and 

 Hierarchical Security of Database Management System With Pattern Recognition Using Only Geometrical Attributes of DNA Fingerprinting
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D Tiwary, EOP Singh ,
Abstract–Database security should provide controlled, protected access to the contents of
your database and, in the process, preserve the integrity, consistency, and overall quality of
your data. Traditionally database security focused on user authentication and managing 

 Expert system for data migration between different database management systems
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Abstract: This paper deals with the design of the fuzzy expert system for processing data
migration between different relational database management systems (RDBMS). At the
beginning we identify current state of data migration between different RDBMS. Then we 

 Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies
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D Sudharsan, J Adinarayana, S Ninomiya, M Hirafuji ,International Journal
ABSTRACT Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is well known for distributed real time systems
for various applications. In order to handle the increasing functionality and complexity of
high resolution spatio-temporal sensory database, there is a strong need for a system/tool 

 Cost-based optimization of graph queries in relational database management systems
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Abstract Graphs occur in many areas of life. We are interested in graphs in biology, where
nodes are chemical compounds, enzymes, reactions, or interactions, which are connected
by either directed or undirected edges. Efficiently querying these graphs is a challenging 

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5. Practical Based on Aggregate Functions.• AVG,• COUNT,• MAX,• MIN,• SUM,• CUBE 6.
Practical Based on implementing all String functions. 7. Practical Based on implementing
Date and Time Functions. 8. Practical Based on implementing use of union, intersection, 

 Mapping extensible markup language document with relational database managementsystem
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MAI Fakharaldien, K Edris, JM Zain, N Sulaiman
The extensible markup language (XML) is designed for data representation with
conciseness, generalization, and usability through the internet, however, this technology
requires an appropriate medium for the storage of data. The approach, named XRecursive 

 A Database Approach for Raster Data Management inGeographic Information System
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ZHQ Liu ,
ABSTRACT The efficient raster data management on very large raster or raster mosaics is
becoming more and more important in spatial data sharing in a distributed GIS environment.
The success of such large raster data repository or data warehouse will often demand 

 Overload Management and Admission Control in Real Time Distributed Database Systems
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M Varshney, V Gupta ,Chief Patron ,
Current applications, such as Web-based services, electronic commerce, mobile
telecommunication systems, etc. are distributed in nature and manipulate time-critical
databases. In this paper, we present a protocol that uses a new notion called importance 

 A Cache Management System for a Distributed Deductive Database
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L Williams, M Maskarinec, K Neumann ,
Abstract-This paper will illustrate what a cache management system for a deductive
database will do when a query is executed, or sent through the presented calculation plan. It
will also illustrate what the Cache Management System should do when the cache is full. 

 The Application of Database Technology in Network Management System
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G Cheng
Abstract: Web-based network management revolving about database puts forward a
feasible mode for network information processing and has the characteristics of wide
distribution, full interactivity, real-time dynamic and so on in the application; and is 

 An intranet-based database system supporting freight management for a food and farming business.
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K KOSZELA, J Otrzasek ,Journal of Research and Applications in , 2012 ,
Summary Considering the high level of competitiveness of the current market situation in the
service sector, it is important to identify, control and manage costs. Transport costs represent
a considerable part of food costs. Before you see a product on store shelves, you have to 

 Workload Prediction for Energy-E cient Distributed Database Management Systems
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C Kramer ,
Abstract Energy efficiency gains more and more attention in IT and also around database
management systems (DBMS). The distributed DBMS WattDB is being developed with the
goal of best possible energy proportionality by dynamically adjusting its cluster size to its 
<  Design of Multidimensional Database (MBD) for DSS in Problems of EnvironmentalManagement
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YI Dreizis, IV Grigoryan, VV Kovalenko ,European Researcher ,
Abstract. This article describes the basic tasks necessary for the development of a
multidimensional database of DSS-system for decision support in the management of state
natural resources of the coastal region using OLAP-technologies. Keywords: coastal