Design and analysis of Prototype Hardware for Secret sharing using 2-D Image Processing

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Information security has been a major concern with the striking advancement in communication and information techniques. Details of significance such as corporate data, secret message and private details have to be shielded from any unauthorized handling or spiteful approaches. Protection of such valuable information over insecure networks can be accomplished by monitoring or filtering of all packets in the data hiding technology. Images can be used for covert sharing of data. Any type of data can be practically hidden inside any image, without detectably affecting the quality of the image. This can be done by substituting some information of the image with the secret information in carefully chosen ways. The image can then be sent by electronic mail, where it appears as a casual attachment. The receiver can get the secret data by applying reverse transform. Hardware modeling of this process can impart portability and improve the speed of the same. This paper discusses the design and analysis of prototype hardware to perform secret sharing using 2-D Image Processing.