lifi light fidelity IEEE PAPER 2016

A Review On LiFi: The Green WiFi
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Abstract-Today speed of internet is a major issue and everyone be it business, institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs is thrust for getting right information at the right time and right place. This requires fast internet connectivity, technology and large spectrum of channels.

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Abstract:An innovative product with societal acceptance is the one that aids the comfort, convenience and efficiency in everyday life. Shopping at mall is becoming daily activity in various cities. We can see huge rush at malls on holidays and weekends. The rush is

A Review Paper on Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi)
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Abstract:Li-Fi that is light fidelity is one of the future technologies in wireless communication sector. It is a bidirectional, with a very high speed and is a fully networked communication which is wireless technology similar to Wi-Fi. It was developed by the

Simulation of Light–Fidelity Technology for Secure Data Propagation in a Barricaded Hotspot
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Abstract–Light Fidelity is a technology that has received attention in the recent years due to its ability to achieve high multiplexing by combining many data sources together and transmitting their data through wireless means. This networking technology permits the

Modern MIMO Approach with Spatial Modulation Systems: Boon for Effective Implementation of Innovative and Energy Efficient Application of Li-Fi (Light Fidelity
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ABSTRACT MIMO Multiple input multiple output technology is a Innovative and energy efficient technology that uses multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time. Digital communication using multipleinput-multiple-output (MIMO) has been