microcontroller 2019

A microcontroller is a compact integrated circuit designed to govern a specific operation in an embedded system. A typical microcontroller includes a processor, memory and input/output (I/O) peripherals on a single chip.

Pattern Recognition using a Neural Network on a Microcontroller with I2C Ultrasonic Sensors
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Ultrasonic sensors have been used in a variety of applications to measure ranges to objects. Hand gestures via ultrasonic sensors form unique motion patterns for controls. In this research, patterns formed by placing a set of objects in a grid of cells are used for control

Microcontroller Based Variegated Solar-Wind Energy System
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Hybridization of several types of renewable energy sources is an interesting alternative to ensure autonomy in a stand-alone system, since it compensates intermittent production of each one. It is an interesting alternative of stand-alone system. Maximization of power

Investigation of Power Consumption in Microcontroller Based Systems
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In this paper, the current consumption of microcontroller with varying frequency and voltage has experimented in an attempt to understand the power consumption of microcontroller . The power consumption of microcontroller , when connected to an active load, is

Implementation of Home Temperature Sensing Control System Using Microcontroller
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This paper focuses on the home temperature control system which can maintain the temperature at certain level. The home temperature controller is commonly used in all area of the world as the human thermal comfort becomes necessary. It can also reduce

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The principle of conservation of energy, which states that energy neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change from one form to another. In hydropower plant, potential energy (of water) is converted into electrical energy by turbine. In an electrical heater, the

Intelligent System for Three Phase Submersible Motor Protection Using Arduino Microcontroller
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Arduino Microcontroller based three phase Submersible Motor Protection system is control to prevent over load, dry run, fault conditions like voltage or current variation, in any phase of three phase ac supply and over temperature using current sensor module, phase control

Development of Microcontroller Based Drip-Irrigation Control System in Eritrea
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This paper describes an automatic drip irrigation control system suitable for Eritrean farmers. Being in the sub Saharan region makes Eritrea a country with limited water resources. Besides the local farmers lack the skills and the required technology for proper irrigation

Controlling Devices Through Voice Based on AVR Microcontroller
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This Project aims to study the application aspects of the speech recognition; speech recognition is the process by which a computer (or other type of machine) identifies spoken words. Basically, it means talking to your computer, and having it correctly recognized what

Towards Practical Microcontroller Implementation of the Signature Scheme Falcon
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The majority of submissions to NISTs recent call for Post-Quantum Cryptography are encryption schemes or key encapsulation mechanisms. Signature schemes constitute a much smaller group of submissions with only 21 proposals. In this work, we analyze the

Android based Security Lock System with Password Reconfigurable Option using Bluetooth and Microcontroller
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Our essential motive of designing this tool is to provide a greater secured multilevel protections and password reconfigure Options Using PAN (Personal Area Network) protocol gadgets like Bluetooth and Microcontroller . Android clever telephone are included to this

Developing Monitoring System of Traffic Signal Using Microcontroller Device by SMS of GSM Network
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This research aims to design a traffic light system within the ability to diagnose itself (self- diagnose) include the series of electronic work function. Even as traffic lights are being disrupted and can detect suspicious operation activity and troubleshoot and report directly