microprocessor IEEE PAPERS-2020

Microprocessors are classified into five types, namely: CISC-Complex Instruction Set Microprocessors, RISC-Reduced Instruction Set Microprocessor, ASIC- Application Specific Integrated Circuit, Superscalar Processors, DSP’s-Digital Signal Microprocessors

Intel 4004 – The First Microprocessor.
Intel 8085.
Intel 8086.
Intel Pentium 4.
Intel Core i7.
AMD Athlon.

The microprocessor is used in personal computers (PCs). The microprocessor is used in LASER printers for good speed and making automatic photo copies. The microprocessors are used in modems, telephone, digital telephone sets, and also in air reservation systems and railway reservation systems
Calculators. Accounting system. Games machine. Complex Industrial Controllers. Traffic light Control. Data acquisition systems. Multi user, multi-function environments. Military applications.

A microprocessor executes a collection of machine instructions that tell the processor what to do. Based on the instructions, a microprocessor does three basic things: Using its ALU (Arithmetic/Logic Unit), a microprocessor can perform mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

basic components:
Memory: Storage of data.
Registers: small, fast memories. General purpose: store arbitrary data.
Instruction decoder: Translates current program instruction into a set of control signals.
Arithmetic logical unit:
Control Unit:
System Bus:

Some of the common components of a microprocessor are: Control Unit. I/O Units. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

These registers include:
memory address register.
memory data register.
instruction register.
microinstruction registe