Mobile technology for mobile staff: roving enquiry support

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Mobile staff planning support for team leaders in an industrial production scenario
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Team leaders in industrial production scenarios face the problem of short-termed reactions to unforeseeable events in a factory. Adjustments in staff planning require many calculation and coordination efforts that consume valuable time. A mobile application is presented that

Staff recruitment process and methods: the case of the mobile telephony industry in Greece
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The purpose of this study is to examine the staff attraction and selection methods emphasizing the mobile telephony firms in Greece. Staff attraction and selection are fundamental processes for modern organizations. Data from 421 questionnaires answered

Desk Panel: A Proximity-Based Information Panel for Locally Mobile Staff
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DeskPanel is a proximity-based information panel helping locally mobile people to quickly get an overview of centrally stored information, such as e-mails and tasks. According to user trials, DeskPanel has the potential of being a useful tool for mobile staff . This paper outlines

Experiences of clinical staff during the introduction of mobile technology systems in acute care wards
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This paper presents an evaluation of staff experiences before, during and after a large scale deployment of mobile technologies within an acute hospital. Qualitative data from thirteen clinical participants were analysed. We report on the impact on clinical working practices

Bridging the mobile skills gap for library staff
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One of the aims of the University of Glasgow Librarys mobile strategy is to support the skills development of users in their increasing use of mobile devices. A key component in this support is library staff , but many of them indicated a lack of confidence about operating in the

Chapter Eight: Bringing The World into the Institution: Mobile Intercultural Learning for Staff and Students
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This case study describes how available mobile technology (students own camera phones) can be used to enhance learners input into the curriculum and to promote intercultural learning among university staff as well as among students. The students at Zayed University

Handbook for Mobile Services Staff
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Check oil levels X Check coolant levels X Check tire inflation X Wash exterior flush underbody (as needed) X Fluid level check (trans., radiator, etc.) Check for leaks (engine, trans., coolant, etc.) Replace oil filter* X Inspect motor transmission mounts X Inspect for

Adoption of mobile devices by academic staff : the reality
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Before mobile technology can be introduced into a teaching and learning situation, it would be expected that the confidence and ability of the teachers to understand and use the technology would be a significant factor for successful integration. The research presented

Opinions and Attitudes of Health Care Staff towards Mobile Phone Messaging
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Mobile phone text messaging (Short Message Service, SMS) has proved to be a powerful tool for many tasks in health care. However, this technology has not yet been deployed in the hospital environment in full scale. The goal of this study was to understand the attitudes

A Faculty/ Staff /Student Team for Collaboration in Developing Mobile Applications in the Software Engineering Course.
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A faculty/ staff /student team was used as a collaboration model to develop, maintain, and improve mobile applications built for use by students on the campus of California State University, San Bernardino. The team was developed in the software engineering class

Mobilizing Staff with Mobile Technologies
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BY NEVENKA ZDRAVK0VSKA, MLS, MAGGIE Z. SAP0NAR0, MLS, AND TANNER WRAY, MLS n 200 the University of Maryland (UMD) launched an initiative to study whether mobile technologies can enhance students educational experiences. During the first two

Incorporation of Mobile Learning Approaches in Staff Training
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Mobile devices in training offer a new horizon to help participants to get started with mobile learning in the venture to experience the learning process. Various research emphasize the opportunities and benefits of using mobile learning and simultaneously highlight the

The mobile library and staff preparedness Sarah-Jane Saravani
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The use of mobile technologies to support and enhance access to learning presents challenges to individuals and educational institutions in the design and development of engaging, relevant and sustainable programs. Given their history of service delivery beyond

Alternatives to Private Car Use by Mobile NHS Staff
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This study explored the travel patterns, needs and constraints of mobile healthcare professionals using as a case study, the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust which operates a scheme offering alternatives to private car use. Using self-categorization

Microbial Ecology of Mobile Phones Staff Maternity Hospital Public Lubumbashi, DR Congo
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ABSTRACT Background and Objectives: Mobile phones are used throughout; However, in hospitals they can be carriers of pathogens that can cause nosocomial infections. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the use of mobile phones by maternity staff of public

No More Us and Them: Mobile Support for Clients and Staff at UTS Library
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At the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Library, we are reinventing our services and support for learning, teaching and research to encompass physical, digital and mobile library services. We have developed a range of mobile services that make use of technology

Is Mobile Technology an Asset in the Education of Staff Officers
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ABSTRACT The Norwegian Defence University College (NoDUC) graduates approximately about 120 staff college students every year through the Norwegian Defence Staff College (NoDSC). The extensive syllabus demands student access to a lot of material in forms of

Mobile -learning adoption by nurse students as a way of nursing staff empowerment
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Staff empowerment was defined as a process through which nursing staff gained greater control over decisions and actions affecting their daily work. Mobile -learning (M-learning) occurred by using mobile devices including mobile phones, iPads, and laptop computers

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