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GOURMET IN USA Providing outstanding boutique products and highly flexible membership options to meet any budget, MonthlyClubs.com offers the leading monthly club choice year-round and for gifting holidays like Christmas, Valentine s Day, Mother s Day, and Father s Day.

MonthlyClubs.com started in 1994 with an online subscription service offering micro-brewed beers; today our Beer of the Month club is #1 in the country. Over the years we ve launched 5 additional clubs, each focused on the very highest quality artisanal products available making for impressive gift experiences-- for major holidays and special occasions- for family, friends and colleagues or oneself!

Our six brands are:

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club
The International Wine of the Month Club
The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club
The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club
The Premium Cigar of the Month Club
The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

Each club has its own website, and each is seamlessly interlinked in the navigation and shares 1 shopping cart. Promote any specific club brand, or can send traffic to MonthlyClubs.com to promote them all!

Design Your Own Club: No other monthly club service offers such infinite flexibility! Customers can easily create their own custom membership by deciding exactly which club or clubs to send in any given month. Send whatever you want, whenever you want!

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A family-owned business for over 25 years, MonthlyClubs.com
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A family-owned business for over 20 years, MonthlyClubs.com
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A family-owned business for over 20 years, MonthlyClubs.com
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MonthlyClubs.com is the only gift of the month club where you . Award-Winning
Craft Beers
beer bottles standing
Choose from 5 Unique Beer Clubs
Since 1994, we ve been selecting hand-crafted microbrews from over 1000 U.S and International breweries. Discover the world s best beers, without traveling the globe to find them.

Wine Monthlyclubs logo
The International
Wine of the Month Club
Expertly Selected Wines
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Choose from 4 Monthly Wine Clubs
Nationally recognized wine educator, author, and consultant, Don Lahey, has led our two-tiered wine tasting panel since 1994, ensuring our featured red and white wines are both extraordinary and rare.

Cheese Monthlyclubs logo
The Gourmet
Cheese of the Month Club
Hand Crafted
Artisan Cheeses
Choose from 2 Cheese Clubs
Savor traditionally made cheeses from around the world, and discover an enormous range of tastes, aromas, textures, and ways to serve and use each cheese.

Cigar Monthlyclubs logo
The Premium
Cigar of the Month Club
Hand-Rolled Cigars
five cigars
Choose from 2 Cigar Clubs
You ll get cigars crafted by limited production, boutique manufacturers, like Alec Bradley and Carlos Toraño as well as from highly-rated super-premium brands like Graycliff, AVO, Macanudo and Cohiba.

Chocolate Monthlyclubs logo
The Gourmet
Chocolate of the Month Club
Artisanal Chocolates
decorated chocolates
Delivered each month since 1994
Discover true artisanal chocolates, made from pure premium ingredients and crafted by hand in small batches with dedication to innovation and artistry.

Flower Monthlyclubs logo
The Fresh Cut
Flower of the Month Club
Breathtaking Seasonal Bouquets
bouquet of peonies
Delivered each month since 1994
Each month, you or your gift recipient will receive seasonal bouquets featuring flowers like Red Sonja Orchids from Thailand, Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, or Le Reve Oriental Lilies.

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Design Your Own Club
Combine Our Six Clubs
design your own club
And Create a Personalized Gift!
Create a custom membership by combining any or all of our six monthly clubs into one membership. Ship or skip in any given month and create a schedule and product combinations that are perfect for you or your gift recipient. Quality, Hand-Crafted Products & Top Rated Customer Service Since 1994
A family-owned business for over 25 years, MonthlyClubs.com was founded and continues to be run on principles dedicated to consistently delivering quality and variety at outstanding values through our stringent selection processes. We ve intentionally limited the number clubs offered over the years so that we can consistently deliver the same level of high quality featured products in each club.

We re committed to building long-standing personal relationships with our customers by offering friendly, reliable, effective, and responsive customer service from a trustworthy company. We ve earned the right to boast that 98% of our surveyed customers would highly recommend our products.

We re Passionate About Our Products and Stand for Exploration & Fun

Simply put, we love what we do. We love fostering exploration as our members try new products that they wouldn t have discovered on their own. We love creating experiences as they share featured selections with others. We love the challenge of finding outstanding selections each month… And being the first to try them.

There s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a call from a longtime customer that simply wants to share how much they appreciated discovering a new wine or sharing a MonthlyClubs.com exclusive beer or cigar with a friend, or simply how much our monthly floral arrangements brighten up their her home. We get them quite often and make sure that everyone on the team is aware of them because that s the kind of stuff that gets us really fired up to do an even better job. Customer Testimonials.

Wine tasting panel
and our Design Your Own Club Program
MonthlyClubs.com offers six exceptional clubs sure to impress you and/or your gift recipient. We ve limited the number services offered to ensure our ability to consistently deliver the same quality standards year after year. Our Design Your Own Club program allows you to choose from our different beer, wine, cigar, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs and send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it.


The International
Wine of the Month Club
Discover an international variety of limited production, estate bottled wines. Choose from four unique clubs, including our new Bold Reds Wine Club.


The Premium
Cigar of the Month Club
You ll get 4-5 hand-rolled cigars crafted by boutique manufacturers like Alec Bradley as well as highly-rated super-premium brands like Graycliff, Macanudo and Cohiba.


The Gourmet
Cheese of the Month Club
Each month, you ll get three, half-pound, hand-cut selections of artisanal, hand-crafted cheeses from around the world.


The Gourmet
Chocolate of the Month Club
Discover true artisanal chocolates, handmade from pure, premium ingredients and crafted by hand in small batches using secret cacao bean blends and closely guarded roasting and conching techniques.


The Fresh Cut
Flower of the Month Club
Professionally designed seasonal bouquets you ll be proud to give. Top quality blooms and greens shipped just two days after harvesting.


The Microbrewed
Beer of the Month Club
Choose from five different membership types, offering all U.S. Craft beers, all imported, a combination of both, or even all hoppy beers.

We are an Environmentally Conscious Organization
We use 100% recyclable packaging, installed a solar array at our corporate office in 2008 that generates all of our power, and strive to work with breweries and vendors that are like-minded.

Youth Care Clubs : Optimising clinic time, fostering peer support, improving adherence
free download

3 Stages of a YCC visit The YCC model Monthly clubs at PHCs or near facilities, for the first year ?Run by a lay-counsellor and supported by a clinician ?Closed groups of 15-20 ALHIV including newly initiated patients, those with suppressed viral

Marketing clubs : A tool for farmers
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How Often Should Clubs Meet Marketing clubs meet monthly or as often as weekly, especially at critical decision times Clubs meeting only monthly will miss major events that create market price shifts for short time periods

The Consumption Behavior of Yoga Clubs and Its Influencing Factors
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For example, women spend 1.4h hours more in yoga clubs than men. For example, the monthly consumption amount of yoga clubs aged 22 30 is significantly more than RMB 192.0 under 22 years old, RMB 33.0 over 31 40 years old and RMB 70.1 over 40 years old

Exporting countries in world football
free download

United States leagues Figure 1: countries included in the analysis and number of clubs surveyed Page 2. Monthly Report no. 8 Exporting countries in world football 2 Figure 2: main origins of foreign players in the world 1. Brazil

Performance analysis: Best clubs and players of the Big 5 leagues season
free download

Since 20 the CIES Football Observatory has been developing an innovative approach to analyse performance in football both at team and player level. This analysis focuses on the volume and efficiency of actions in key areas of the game. The starting principle of our

The international mobility of minors in football
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The growing economic dispari- ties between clubs allow the wealthiest clubs to help themselves to the most promising players. This Monthly Report shows that more and more footballers are confronted with early migration

The demographics of football in the European labour market
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Page 1. 1 1. Introduction The 49th Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses clubs from 31 European top divisions from the standpoint of the de- mographic characteristics of their players. The study covers the period from to

The importance of squad stability: evidence from European football
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performance. To achieve sustainable success, consistent squad man- agement is of fundamental importance. This Monthly Report illustrates the value of long- term planning for football clubs through the prism of squad stability

Homemaker Clubs Help Communities
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Many Extension Homemaker clubs tackle community betterment projects in addition to their monthly educational programs. The Punkin Center Homemakers Club of Tonto Basin successful- ly organized a project to build a 1 500- squarefoot school and com- munity center

Demographic Study of European Football (2009 2017)
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Premier League 304 12 25.3 Total 11812 466 25.3 Players Clubs Players per club Page 2. Monthly Report 29 Demographic Study of European Football (2009-2017) 2 2. Training The analysis of the thematic of training is based

Financial analysis of the transfer market in the big-5 European leagues (2010-2019)
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Since its creation in 200 the CIES Football Observatory has been monitoring the transfer of players through information published by clubs and the media. The 47th edition of the Monthly Report analyses from a financial per- spective paid transactions having taken place since

Failure of Community Stroke Clubs
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With regard to attendance and membership, the only two critical success factors were persistence in recruitment by the members and/or sponsoring agency or steering committee and a monthly newsletter which most clubs used to publicize their meetings and activities

Risk behavior, perception, and reasons for PrEP among young African women in HPTN 082
free download

Brief adherence counseling Monthly adherence clubs to interact with other young women and for peer support Half of women were randomized at enrollment to drug level feedback based on intracellular tenofovir diphosphate levels3 at the 1 and 2 month visit which reflect

The socio-economic role of burial societies and money lending clubs in the informal sector in Lesotho
free download

Monthly subscriptions as well as the way clubs operate differ 1. Christmas clubs are expensive to run in the rural areas where most women are not working and more than 50 percent of them depending on mine remittances which are not necessarily sent on time monthly

Attendances in football stadia (2003-2018)
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Page 6. Monthly Report 44 Attendances in football stadia (2003-2018) 6 By taking into account the three most popular clubs by league, the concentration of attend- ances in certain championships stands out more clearly. Given

Foreign players in football teams
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transfer them for profit. These transactions often benefit actors that are part of the transfer networks even more than the employer clubs . Page 9. Monthly Report no. 12 Foreign players in football teams 9 The underlying financial

The Transfer of footballers: a network analysis
free download

total *2011-17 compared to 2005-11 Page 6. Monthly Report 31 The transfer of footballers: a network analysis 6 Throughout the period analysed, Italian Serie A clubs signed the highest proportion of players from other national teams (about 65%)

Using cell phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through community health clubs in South Africa
free download

Page 12. A Case for the Mobile Researcher: Health Clubs in Zimbabwe11 Indicator Before CHC (%) After CHC (%) Difference (%) 1 Refuse pit 24 96 72 Mobile Researcher GIS Mapping Monthly Monitoring All registered CHC Members visited on a monthly basisMoreover, the aim of sport clubs is to offer an affordable sports supply which is also displayed in the clubs high agreement towards this goal (86 %) as well as in fair membership and admission fees: half of the German sport clubs charge a maximum monthly membership fee of

The effectiveness of sport sponsorship: A case of professional clubs in the Vietnam Football League
free download

There were statistically significant differences (p . 05) among Interest in sponsors, Marital status, Educational background, Monthly income and According to the statistical results summarised above, professional football clubs ought to utilise marketing research when soliciting seeking behavior, influenced the active participation in technology transfer programmes. Group meetings are of weekly or monthly periodicity nature in clubs . Members would discuss the activities of group in meetings. Member

Ten years of demographic analysis of the football players labour market in Europe
free download

R Poli, L Ravenel, R Besson CIES Football Observatory Monthly playmaker.nu Monthly Report 39 Ten years of demographic analysis of the football in Europe 3 Different processes explain the decrease ob- served. An increasing proportion of clubs do not give as much importance to the presence of players from their youth settings in the first team squad

Critical factors associated with the success or failure of community stroke clubs
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With regard to attendance and membership, the only two critical success factors were persistence in recruitment by the members and/or sponsoring agency or steering committee and a monthly newsletter which most clubs used to publicize their meetings and activities

Nonprofit Pricing: Determinants of Membership Fee Levels in Nonprofit Sports Clubs in Germany.
free download

For example, half of the German sports clubs charge a maximum monthly membership fee of 3 for kids, 4 for youth, and 8 for adults (Breuer Feiler), whereas the average membership fee for commercial fitness clubs amounts to 44 per month (DSSV)

Leslie County Extension Homemaker Clubs Updates
free download

We proudly award this scholarship to these young ladies for their ambitions in pursuing a college education! Leslie County Extension Homemaker Clubs Updates Congratulations Bess Combs Winner of April Homemaker Lesson: Healthy Bladders monthly drawing bag to go

free download

1 No. ISSN 2076-9202 192 DEVELOPMENT OF A RISK MODEL FOR LENDING CLUBS Anran Huang Mercyhurst Preparatory School, PA Address: 538 E int_rate Interest Rate on the loan installment The monthly payment owed by the borrower if the loan originates

System of accounts for country clubs
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keep elements of a ?uctuating or unusual character from the regular accounts, thus favoring comparisons from year to year and with other clubs . Interest Charge to this account the amount of interest accrued on bonds or other evidences of debt outstanding. If monthly pay- ments

Membership Levels in US Private Clubs : The Impact and Comparison of Two Periods of Economic Decline
free download

fee. Additionally, each member agrees to pay dues, usually monthly as well as pay for all usage related fees customers. Historically private clubs focused on meeting the needs of adults, primarily males interested in playing golf

Th Fedèifated Music- Clubs
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Page 2. MARCH 19§0 CON TENTS Th Fedèifated Music Clubs G. Perce Schmidt The Cornell Music Festival Page 3. THE PURPOSE OF THIS MAGAZINE T he P alimpsest issued monthly by the State Historical Society of Iowa, is devoted to the dis semination of Iowa History

World expatriate footballers
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World expatriate footballers Drs Raffaele Poli, Loïc Ravenel and Roger Besson CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report Issue 25 Figure 1: study sample, by confederation A ss ocia tions L eagues Clubs Exp a tria tes P er club % e xpa tria tes

Transfer market analysis: tracking the money (2010 2017)
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B Clubs in other big-5 leagues 34% C Lower division clubs in the same country 5% D Lower division clubs in other big-5 league countries 2% E Clubs in other UEFA associations 16% F Non-UEFA clubs 5% 5.15 billion 1.92 1.75 0.27 0.28 0.83 0.10 Page 4. Monthly Report 27

Demographic study of football in Europe
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CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report Issue 19 November Figure 1: leagues surveyed Players Clubs AUT Austrian Bundesliga 256 10 BEL Pro League 406 16 BLR Vysshaya Liga 363 16 BUL Parva Liga 338 14 CRO Prva HNL 272 10 CYP Cyta Championship 332

Extracts from The Childrens Clubs of Nepal: A Democratic Experiment
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Meetings form the core of club activities. Most clubs meet on a monthly basis and some bi- monthly . Most of the meeting time, of one to two hours, involves taking attendance, collecting fees, sharing the clubs financial situation, going through the agenda and passing decisions

Squad profile of the best performing national A-teams
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Côte dIvoire 77.0 Wales 75.0 Croatia 76.9 Northern Ireland 74.6 Argentina 76.9 Scotland 74.5 UEFA countries 76.8 Senegal 76.8 Uruguay 74.1 Other countries 75.3 Page 8. Monthly Report no. 11 Squad profile of the best performing national A-teams 8 4. Employer clubs

World football expatriates: global study 2019
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21.2% 26.8 Assoc1 Leagues Clubs Expats Age2 1 Number of national associations 2 Average age of expatriates Page 2. Monthly Report 35 World football expatriates: global study 2 2. Main origins at worldwide level On

Membership Information
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Members be councils, clubs or individuals. Members receive a monthly PSA Journal containing news from the PSA divisions, many how-to articles, and advance information on upcoming competitions (exhibitions) around the world James. At the first meeting most of the teachers seemed reluctant to talk in detail about what was happening in their clubs . However fluid. This change can be seen in Maria in how she participated in the monthly meetings. At

American Ceramic Society
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A Sketch and a Tribute For six years Dr. EW Washburn has been the directing head of the department of Ceramic Engineering at the University of Illinois and during the past year he has been editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. During these six

Real or Rogue Charity Private Health Clubs vs. the YMCA, 1970-2010.
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whether they are in fact carrying out their tax exempt function. Established clubs mostly shrugged off the Ys tax advantages and expressed a lack of concern about prices at the new branch, which were so high that Arthur Levine of the Washington Monthly observed that the

Horticulture programs for garden clubs
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Park Service, soil con- servation personnel, nurserymen, florists, garden center operators, and from the Speakers Roster of the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs American Home (IO per year) Curtis Publishing Company Better Homes and Gardens ( monthly ) Meredith Corp

Keeping people involved: Creating a new model for service organizations
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There are 66 clubs in the district. There is a monthly newsletter and clubs are invited to submit news items and photos to it. There is an annual conference that is held at locations throughout the district Many clubs also charge monthly dues that go directly to the clubMoreover, in order to encourage the younger group to increase their usage rate, the clubs can introduce different new functions weekly or monthly such as sports competition, fun fair, workplace or psychological workshops and relationship talks

Keeping up with the journals: A library journal club at Oakland University
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journal club which was started a few months before the group at Kresge Library meets monthly . 7 In addition, some medical libraries use journal clubs as formal venues for earning continuing education credits from the Medical Library Association. 8

Youth training in European football: A comparative analysis
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sport. Know-how regarding training widely varies both between countries and between clubs from the same association. This Monthly Report is a comparative analysis of 31 top division leagues of UEFA member countries. The

free download

and activities for the clubs . For example, does the Yacht Club plan to change the menu after the first year or does the Beach Club plan to move forward with renovations. It was further recommended that if the GM and/or MOC are unable to attend the CAC monthly meetings, we

Expanding Employer Engagement and Job Placement
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Employer Engagement Brief Tapping into high local demand for health care workers The WorkPlace, which focused exclusively on health care, invited local employers to meet with current and former SWFI participants through its monthly Job Clubs

Leg Clubs and the coronavirus: keeping a community feel in times of physical distancing
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other preventative measures in place Moreover, are there plans to share and disseminate any monthly newsletters and updates from various Leg Clubs on the Foundations website, for example by contacting Ellie Lindsays Personal Assistant, Lynn Bullockspending is relatively higher are more loyal to the points of attachment than the other favourableness typologies, and in order to develop loyal customers population, football clubs should develop marketing strategies that will appeal to the supporters whose monthly spending

Detecting seasonality in seasonally adjusted monthly time series
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for values of m determined by the interval length n. For a monthly series of length 80 ≤ n ≤ 11 m = 79 easily visualized: We consider two X-13A-S seasonal adjustments of the 16 year span January 1992 December of Sales of US Warehouse Clubs and Superstores

Relative age effect: A serious problem in football
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Page 7. Monthly Report no. 10 Relative age effect 7 Figure 7: average day of birth, by type of training club Number of players average day of birth Principal training clubs * 128 29/05 Other clubs 2 557 16/06 * More than 50 players trained

Assessment of quality of life using three activity questionnaires in heart failure patients after monthly intermittent administration of levosimendan during a six
free download

Page 3. quality of life in heart failure patients after a 6-month period of monthly intermittent administration of lev- osimendan 4.50 7. Participate in moderate activities like walk at a normal pace (4 km/h) or play golf and carry the clubs 4.75 8. Walk briskly around an oval 5.00

Transfer values and probabilities
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transfer. Page 3. Monthly Report no. 6 Transfer values and probabilities 3 2. The most likely fee paying transfers Among the footballers with the greatest transfer probability are many players from relegated clubs . Indeed, relegation

Sports clubs in Germany: Organisations and internal stakeholders
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2.1.2 General structural features Half of all sports clubs require a monthly membership fee for child- ren of up to for adolescents of maximum 4 and for adults of maximum 8 (see Table 1). Table 1: Monthly membership fees in sports clubs

Shin splints among sports persons of different reputed clubs in Dhaka city
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A cross-sectional study was conducted among different players (eg cricketers, footballers, tennis players and hockey players) from four different sporting clubs in Dhaka city characteristics (age, sex, monthly income), physical measurements (height, weight), behavioral

The wilderness warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the crusade for America
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preserves. In other words, Thoreau the poet contemplated nature preserves in the Atlantic Monthly while hunting clubs like the Adirondack Club and the Bisby Club circa 1870 started actually creating preserves in the Adirondacks

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Like many Florida clubs Johns Island is busiest in the winter and spring Since the facility was opened, the club has sold 385 social and fitness member- ships, each carrying a $1 000 initiation fee and monthly dues of $460. But its

Marketing clubs directory
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Pembina County Marketing Club * Cavalier weekly (winter); monthly (summer) Friday Randy Melaas William Wagner (701) 265-8411 (701) 886-7598 Designates clubs that are or have been part of the North Dakota state program. 1\ Designates beef marketing clubs . 5 No

How to Judge Judging
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We accomplish this by (a) publishing a monthly calendar of the member clubs activities; (b) conducting training seminars for photographic judges; (c) maintaining a registry of trained judges who serve the clubs monthly competitions and critiques; and (d) maintaining a directory

Sport Development Report 2007/200 Analysis of the sports clubs situation in Germany
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Consequently, 50 % of all sports clubs charge a monthly maximum membership fee of 3.50, for adolescents a maximum of 4.50, for adults a maximum of 7.50, and for families a maximum of 1 -. At the same time the development of the indexes reveals, that sports clubs

Competitive balance: a spatio-temporal comparison
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Monthly Report 40 Competitive balance: a spatio-temporal comparison 3 The spatial comparison allows for the high- lighting of the differences between champion- ships. At one extreme, the clubs having won the Portuguese top division obtained 84.4% of possible points