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Rexing Inc. is a US-based company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling Dash Cams, Hunting Cameras, and Body Cam. We offer a variety of models that covers every driver's specific needs. Our website offers dash cams with many different features, accessories, and price points. We are one of the top dash cam sellers in the North American Market and our business has expanded up to 10 countries such as Canada, Japan, and the UK. Most of these countries have local stock available. We have huge online social proof with over 10,000+ reviews, industry-leading free 18 Month warranty and our products are backed by our live customer support.

The Rexing V1 is a budget friendly dash cam that offers excellent recording quality and a robust set of features. Pros: Easy to install, lightweight, great video and audio recording quality, useful on-device playback screen, available GPS-logger add-on.

Rexing FM Transmitter Car Charger w/Bluetooth 5.0 | Wireless Audio Adapter Dual USB & Type C | Quick Charge 3.0 | Enhanced Bass Music Player | Hands-Free Calling | Siri&Google Assistant Voice Control

STABLE CONNECTION – HIGH-QUALITY MUSIC: Transmit and play audio through your car stereo via new Bluetooth 5.0 and FM Radio. Stream your favorite music from your phone wirelessly or connect a USB flash drive (up to 64GB)
HANDS-FREE CALLING: Answer, redial, dismiss or end calls with the click of one button. Built-In Microphone w/ Noise Cancellation ensures crystal clear phone conversations without road and rides noise.
QC 3.0 & PD: Charge multiple devices faster and more efficiently via our Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB or PD TYPE C Port. Compatible with all iPhone/Android devices and vehicles with car power outlets.
VOICE CONTROL & ADVANCED BUILD: Easily manage phone calls, text, navigate, and manage music by speaking commands using Siri / Google Assistant application. Skip, forward, reverse & edit the volume of music with simple joystick control. The device features built-in over-voltage/short current protection and internal temperature control.
LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Need helpEmail or call our personal care team. Rexing stands behind all of our products with a ***18 Month Warranty ***

Rexing V1P 3rd Generation | Dual 1080p Full HD | Front and Rear | 170 Degree Wide Angle | Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam | Supercapacitor | 2.4LCD Screen | G-Sensor | Loop Recording | Mobile App

Front and rear cameras each record 1080p video @ 30fps. WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE allows each camera to perform optimally in low-light situations by carefully fine-tuning the exposure. 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENSES on both cameras open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.

View, save, and share dash cam recordings wirelessly with your mobile device through the use of an app interface. Read more about Wi-Fi Connect here.

Power is delivered by a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery which features enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.

Recordings are split into segments. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports class 10 or higher micro SD cards up to 256GB in size (not included).

When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected.

What’s in the Box
Rexing V1P 3rd Gen Dash Camera
Full HD Rear Camera + Rear Camera cable (20ft)
Car power connector (12ft) + USB computer cable
3M adhesive mount
User manual
Optional Accessories
Rexing Smart Hardwire Kit
Rexing GPS Logger
Rexing Rear Camera Extension Cable 33ft
Rexing Suction Cup Mount
Rexing Adhesive Mount

Dashcam Video Streaming and Storage
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cameras . It has a 2.0 screen that can be used to view the current feed and control the camera . It has GPS and voice control as well as parking mode Rexing V1 gen 3: The Rexing V1 gen 3 also has a screen to aid in camera operation. Its

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Field methods for Giardia and Cryptosporidium sample collection
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Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Pollution Prevention Department, Nanaimo, BC. Reofer, PA, JT Monscvitz, and DJ Rexing . 1996. The Las Vegas cryptosporidiosis outbreak. Jour Flagging tape ___ GPS ___ Shipping labels ___ Camera ___ Waybills

Marian Waits forPublic EyeTo Open
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Tan- zania, Kenya, Bolivia, Trinidad, Jamaica, Germany, Malaysia, Co- lombia, the Philippines, Lebanon, Ecuador, Cuba, and Viet Nam are each represented by one. AFTER a recent faculty meeting, some of the new Marian instructors gathered for press cameras

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Page 1. Page 2. URBAN WATER RESEARCH ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA (UWRAA) The Association is a Division of the Water Services Association of Australia. UWRAA has the charter to develop and manage a portfolio

Sex, Politics, and Comedy: The Transnational Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch
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cafes. I was always made to feel welcome there by the owner, Tina Rexing and her staff: Abi, Rachel, Sarah, Axel, and all the rest. Finally, I want to thank Joan Clarkson for her patience, support, and love over so many years

Role of organic substances in tertiary treatment via oxidation and membrane filtration Project acronym: OXERAM 2
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Page 1. Berlin, Germany Copyright by TU Berlin. All rights including translation into other languages, reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention or the Protection of Literacy and

Getting the geo into geomet
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Illustrations will be accepted in digital format or in cameraready form at publi- cation scale. All contributions be edited for clarity or brevity. Advertising: Paid advertising is solicited to help offset publication and mailing costs; for rates, contact the Production Manager

Characterization of Cryptospordium Parvum Oocyst Attachment to Environmental Biofilm Surface
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Page 1. Lehigh University Lehigh Preserve Theses and Dissertations Characterization of Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst attachment to environmental biofilm surface Xia Luo Lehigh University Follow this and additional works at: http://preserve.lehigh.edu/etdexudes the warmth of spring sunshine, while he is above all dashing and daring in his tailor-made uni- form. But the easy and light-hearted eroticism of such liaisons only covers the painful aware- ness that love cannot bridge class distinctions. In the end the camera fades Out

Drip-Dry Through Europe
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Neat as pins and fresh as daisies, they are obviously set for weeks of carefree travel. Each student has carefully co- ordinated her wardrobe to include practical, yet dashing clothes To balance the weight of the purse, a camera hangs from the opposite shoulder

The Breeze
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boys storm chasing activities. In the worst of weather, we could peak out our windows to a deluge and see Alex dashing about with the video camera Peter nearby to help his brother in pursuit of his passion. Two years ago on

Alpine Swift Tachymarptis melba: new to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India
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of 9.ix.200 while driving from Jaipur to Tal Chhapar (Churu district, Rajasthan), we noticed a flock of large swifts (Apodidae) dashing about at great However, a few times some individuals descended to c. 5m and fortunately GB grabbed these birds with his digital camera

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This camera takes 25 pictures upon a film % inch wide, made by cutting a convenient ly wide commercial film into strips A hydrocarbon burner of such construction that it will thoroughly atomize the liquid fuel by dashing every drop of it into ten thousand molecules, and which will

Displacement and failure characteristics of model geogrid-reinforced structure subjected to impact load
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Chamber (i l m Computer High Speed Video Camera Figure 1. Outline of experimental system. 2 OUTLINE OF EXPERIMENTS 2.1 Model apparatus used A model chamber with casters is used, where an impact load is applied by manually dashing the chamber against a wall

Digitizing City Symphony, Stabilizing the Shadow of Time: Montage and Temporal Spatial Construction in San Yuan Li
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Two conspicuous examples of using slow motion, however, appear at 25: 01 and 28: 29 in the film; these sequences feature some security guards walking away from the camera and a ball that some boys are using to play soccer in the back alley dashing toward the camera

Behavioural reactions of demersal fish to bottom trawls at various light conditions
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The only estimate of light intensity available was the sensitivity threshold of the SIT camera on the ROV Several night and artificial light photographs showed various roundfish species apparently dashing away, cen- timetres away from the footgear, showing the typical U and Sthat he wont His teeth are so white, his voice so soaring, his double-breasted turquoise suits and red silk cravats so dashing and yet Camera Obscura 6 Volume 2 Number 1 doi 10.1215/02705346-2007-033 by Camera Obscura Published by Duke University PressPEOPLE ARE MILLING ABOUT AT A TRAIN STATION. A train arrives and they move up and down the platform, some bustling past the camera . The train stops. Passengers exit and others board [As] the cinematographic train was dashing toward the crowded audience

Painted With the Faces of America
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In the center of the image are two young girls who clasp hands and naively blush in the direction of the camera allowing giggles to spill from their faces. Page 4 they exhibit their youth; shaking off the premature aging of work and dashing into blissful childhood

Joseph H. Lewis
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The Armour meat- packlng plant robbery sequence is an example of what Lewis can do when he decides to move the camera and speed The action hits quickly and with frenzy: suddenly Dall and Cummins are dashing pell-mell out of the vault, through the long accounting office

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At one juncture, the camera circles intoxicatingly counter-clockwise as Kelly and the girls circle round the pavilions poles clockwise to cre- ate an almost He moves from one to another before dashing up a flight of steps, Minnellis lens winging in to a final high, close-shot portrait

The Pickford-Fairbanks Wooing
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She was a disappointed woman. The glory that had come to her through theliving camera made her matrimonial failure the more ironic His career had been of the dashing sort. He had married Beth Sully, daughter of Cotton King Sully, and had left the stageA relative life as a Smith College student changed dramatically in 1935 h. she fe dashing aviator and neurosurgeon, Richard Upjohn Light and only, air photography expedition, the approsi mately 1800 pictures she made with her Fairchild F8 large-format aerial camera and her

JFK: A PT skipper remembers
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Dashing across the sea in a highfspeed PT boat sounded glamorous, so after graduating from the Navys midshipman program in the spring of 194 he Then I am going to take their camera and their ?ash bulbs and ?ash them in the face, just like we were blinded with lightingReduced activity level, freezing, increased shelter use, and dashing are typical antipredator behavioral responses (Brown and Smith 1997; Mirza and Each trial was videotaped using a Sea Viewer underwater camera placed approximately 1.50 m upstream from the focal fish

The Effects of Nitrate Levels on the Response of Pimephales promelas to
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On the front of each tank the plastic was formed into a hood that I could fit to a camera and record the test on VHS spent under shelter, the occurrence of freezing (the cessation of movement, dropping to the substrate and remaining motionless for 30 s), and dashing (rapid and

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Unfortunately, PolyPlus decided not to put their seawater battery into production, dashing hopes for more testing or use on operational gliders 1 MHz), acoustic Doppler velocity profiling and, as a result of a project for Mark Ohman of SIO, a high-magnification camera to observe

Coherent microwave synchrotron radiation in the VUV ring
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shows the microwave spectrum measured using the RF spectrum analyzer over the 7 bands (shown by different line dashing ), together with Recently a streak camera measurement of the bunch current density observed modulations on the bunch shape with a frequency of ~6.5

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Digital camera is used for sampling pellets, animal sightings and photography of vegetation Four-horned antelopes live in open ground to dry deciduous forests and open forests.it is shy and swift dashing into dense cover at first sight and sign of dangerIn the fourth version, the camera movement suggestively comments on all of the previous camerawork, whether moving or stationary, by turning the mood of the three serious versions into comedy for the purpose of revealing truth. Tajomaru is no longer heroic, dashing and fair

The first week
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Compressed into a few clays, the orientation period has the new enrollee dashing from one place to another to standin line; to fill out forms, check with advisers, work out study programs, and pay fees; to The camera followed her on her rounds for several hectic days, and some

Point of View Shots of Non-Humans and Inanimate Objects
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As with twelve strokes it marks the beginning of the new year, the camera turns from it to the corpse of the caf Another sequence, which best manifests decaying sanity, involves an animated refrigerator dashing toward a terrified Sarah, and we watch as the normally harmless

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impression; a moral dilemma over the birds fate; and an identification confirmed not by specimen or measurements, but by a videotape made with a neighbors camera The bird was now more active, flicking both wings and tail and dashing at berries as if they were flying insects

Nutcracker and Winter Fun!
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present. Clara and her sisters wake up, excited, the next morning and open presents under their beautiful tree. They find a pair of skates, a camera a music box, and the dashing Nutcracker, who is Claras favorite. The music

An Efficient Approach to Control the Over Speeding of Vehicles
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If over speeding is identified, then a camera captures the image of a vehicle automatically; and DIP (Digital Image Processing) methods are used to remove the license number. The findings have unconcealed that the developed system detects over dashing vehicle with success

The X files
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If we squint we can see their hair is long, their jutting foreheads significant of primitive Homo Sapiens. They continue toward us, the wind beating against them, CAMERA IS CRANING DOWN to the snow that lies before them Falling PAST CAMERAThere are various means to capture a self-picture or selfies such as Camera Mobile phone, and Laptop etc. But in the present scenario, we are seeing that the rapid expansion of the technology, which has reached all the way, has inspired the dashing expansion of mobile

Wings of Their Dreams
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James Clifford Turpin cut a dashing figure in his senior class photo that appeared in the 1908 Purdue University yearbook, Debris He wore a cap that was tilted to the side of his head, giving him a determined, confident, almost cocky look as the camera caught for posterity his

A Modular Software Architecture for Heterogeneous Robot Tasks.
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necessitated changes in our design which was based on Swarthmores previous entries from one emphasizing interaction through conversation (and dashing good looks on top of each robot base, and attached to that were a Canon VC- C4 pan-tilt-zoom camera and battery

Preliminary experiments with a distributed, multi-media, problem solving environment
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objects. In the experiments, two users are in separate rooms with a workstation each, and communicate through a high fidelity, hands-free audio and a cameramonitor device called a video tunnel which enables eye contact

The Art of War in the Twentieth Century
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The premium put on getting the money shot or shooting the Pulitzer makes for unappetizing off camera anecdotes they rush through crowded corridors, leaping over stretchers, dashing to film the agony before it passesWhen the Italian actress Sophia Loren visited Somalia

Last train home
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On a national level, China is dashing to become a richer country, should tradition, morality, and humanity be drowned in a world of tireless rumbling factories is the question we should ask How did you find your subjects Was it hard to convince the family to be on camera

They are watching you And everything else on the planet
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city on the planet,the former UK deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, told me as he sat in his London office, watched by a camera across the So, for that matter, is the London Film Museums permanent exhibit on the dashing spy James Bond, a creation of the writer and former

A Rule-based Strategy for Astronaut Following Operations
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If the astronaut were to step behind a rock, the sudden decrease in target area would indicate that he was dashing across the landscape at high speeds gotten out of camera range. (This can, of course, be checked with the last known range of the astronaut)

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By dashing up analysis of meteor showers, researchers hope to pinpoint the orbits of distant, however doubtless dangerous, comets The paper highlighted Pham et. al. , Optical camera communication (OCC) is promising to be candidate for transport wireless communication

Annapurna south face
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A continuous line of fixed ropes, climbers dashing back to base for a rest; a Base Camp that was in a different world from the face, with its T. .team As a result, Don and Dougal had to spend the following day resting while I carried the tent, a cine- camera and a little food up to them

Towards a cognitive definition of photographic media
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Unlike a painted image, a photograph is therefore an objective proof of the objects existence (as in CCTV camera footage accepted as forensic evidence) in a local cinema, until a dashing young hero, played by Jeff Daniels, steps off the