Routing Strategy Selection for Zigbee Mesh Networks

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Based on research 802.15.4 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) standard, the
Zigbee standard has been proposed to interconnect simple, low rate and battery powered wireless
devices. The de- ployment of Zigbee networks is expected to facilitate numerous

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      zigbee recent papers are

      Clustered Zigbee networks with data fusion: Characterization and performance analysis
      Reliability and Energy-efficiency in research 802.15. 4/ZigBee Sensor Networks: An Adaptive and Cross-layer Approach
      ZigBee Based Industrial Automation Profile for Power Monitoring Systems
      QoS measurement of Zigbee home automation network using various modulation schemes
      Enabling Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Systems: Case for ZigBee and WiFi
      Low-Power Quadrature Receivers for ZigBee (research 802.15. 4) Applications
      real-time network based on research 802.15. 4/ZigBee to control home automation environment
      Design and implementation of NEMO based ZigBee mobile router for healthcare system
      novel Design of ECG Electrode Combined with Antenna for ZigBee-Based Wireless Measurement
      Role of Zigbee Technology in Agriculture Sector
      Routing Strategy Selection for Zigbee Mesh Networks
      Modeling of Current Consumption in 802.15. 4/ZigBee Sensor Motes
      The room shortage problem of tree-based ZigBee/research 802.15. 4 wireless networks
      software framework for application development using ZigBee protocol
      Remote sensing system for cultural buildings utilizing ZigBee Technology
      Wireless lan discovery via zigbee interference signatures
      Testing ZigBee motes for monitoring refrigerated vegetable transportation under real conditions
      Reliability and energy efficiency in multi-hop research 802.15. 4/ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks
      Beyond co-existence: Exploiting WiFi white space for Zigbee performance assurance
      ZigBee-based home automation system