The five phases of effective web development

The Internet today connects people all over the world, finds them information and easily sells merchandise. 25.6 % of the world population is online, this means that more or less 1,7 billion people have internet access (usage and population statistics, 2009). The growth rate is 380.3%, measured from the year 2000 till 2009. This means the internet offers nearly two billion potential clients for business. What does the internet offer them? For example clarity about their companies, fast communication and services. How many websites are online that offer information and entertainment? It is not possible to find out exactly how many websites are online since nobody is in charge of the World Wide Web. There is no giant central server that runs all the websites in the world. However there are lists of domain names, but these can contain more than one website or non at all. An other option is to look up the search engines survey, these give a smaller number but it is a direction. The world wide web size does daily estimations of the number of online websites. According to the Indexed Web it contains at least 20.64 billion pages, 08 February 2010 is the date of this estimation (worldwidewebsize, 2010). The author has tried to find out how many “web development process explaining” websites are online (Websites that explain the overall web development process). There has been search through various search engines like; Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Dogpile. Whit various search terms like; web development process, development of websites, development, website engineering, built your own website, how to develop websites, etc.

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