threshold voltage of  mosfet research papers

 Explicit threshold voltage based compact model of independent double gate MOSFET
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M Reyboz, T Poiroux, O Rozeau, P Martin ,Tech. Proc. NSTI- , 2006
Abstract: This paper describes an explicit, continuous and threshold voltage (Vth) based
compact model of Independent Double Gate (IDG) MOSFET with undoped channel. This
model is derived thanks to Poisson equation resolution. Without any fitting parameter or 

 Quantum-mechanical analytical modeling of threshold voltage in long-channel double-gateMOSFET with symmetric and asymmetric gates
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JL Autran, D Munteanu, O Tintori, S Harrison ,Proc. Nanotech/ , 2004 ,
ABSTRACT A quantum-mechanical (QM) full analytical model of the threshold voltage (VT)
for long-channel double-gate (DG) MOSFETs has been developed. This approach is based
on analytical solutions for the decoupled Schrödinger and Poisson equations solved in 

 Effect of MOSFET threshold voltage variation on high-performance circuits
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SG Narendra ,2002 ,
Abstract The driving force for the semiconductor industry growth has been the elegant
scaling nature of CMOS technology. In future CMOS technology generations, supply and
threshold voltages will have to continually scale to sustain performance increase, limit 

 Compact Modeling of Threshold Voltage in Double-Gate MOSFET including quantum mechanical and short channel effects
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K Nehari, D Munteanu, JL Autran , of Workshop on , 2005 ,
ABSTRACT A compact model for the threshold voltage in Double-Gate MOSFET is
developed. The model takes into account short-channel effects, carrier quantization and
temperature dependence of the threshold voltage. We assume a parabolic variation of the 

 Analytical model of quantum threshold voltage in short-channel nanowire MOSFET including band structure effects
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J Dura, S Martinie, D Munteanu , of NSTI-Nanotech , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT An analytical model for the threshold voltage in Gate-All-Around (GAA)
Nanowire MOSFET is derived in this paper. Nanowire architecture is aimed to strongly
scaled devices, leading to the emergence of phenomena such as quantum confinement, 

SOI-MOSFET threshold-voltage characteristics
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SM Zakharov ,Russian Microelectronics, 2003 ,Springer
The behavior of threshold voltage in a dual-gate SOI MOSFET is investigated theoretically.
To this end, a boundary-value problem for Poisson’s equation is solved numerically in the
active silicon region. The major issue is the adjustment of front-gate threshold voltage by 

 Two-Dimensional Analytical Model for Deriving the Threshold Voltage of a Short Channel Fully Depleted Cylindrical/Surrounding Gate MOSFET
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CH Suh ,J. Semi. Tech. and Sci, 2011
Abstract—A two-dimensional analytical model for deriving the threshold voltage of a short
channel fully depleted (FD) cylindrical/surrounding gate MOSFET (CGT/SGT) is suggested.
By taking into account the lateral variation of the surface potential, introducing the natural 

The Parameters Mismatch Model of Threshold Voltage For The Narrow and Short ChannelMOSFET
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A Ruangphanit, R Muanghlua ,The 10th Annual , 2006 ,
Abstract This paper presents the parameters mismatch model of threshold voltage for the
narrow and short channel MOSFET in CMOS technologies. The arrays of MOSFET of
different sizes up to 10 different transistor sizes were implemented in the same chip with 

 The parameters mismatch model of threshold voltage for the narrow and short channelMOSFET
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R Muanghlua, N Vittayakorn ,Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 2007 ,
Abstract: This paper presents the parameters mismatch model of threshold voltage for the
narrow and short channel MOSFET in CMOS technologies. The arrays of MOSFET of
different sizes up to 12 different transistor sizes were implemented in the same chip with 

 MOSFET threshold voltage: definition, extraction, and applications
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MB Machado, OF Siebel, MC Schneider ,Proceedings of , 2011 ,
Page 1. MOSFET Threshold Voltage: Definition, Extraction, and Applications Federal
University of Santa Catarina Brazil WCM, June 2011 MB Machado , OF Siebel, MC
Schneider, and C. Galup-Montoro Page 2. 2 Contents 22 WCM, June 2011 

 Physics based Threshold Voltage Analysis of Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC) Nanoscale MOSFET and its multilayered
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P Malik, R Chaujar, M Gupta, RS Gupta ,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF , 2010
Multi-Layered Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (MLGME-TRC)
MOSFET has been proposed and a twodimensional (2D) analytical threshold voltage model
based on the solution of Poisson’s equation in cylindrical coordinates, utilizing the 

 Undoped-body MOSFET Modeling: Explicit Analytic Solution of Surface Potential and a Definition of Threshold Voltage
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Abstract—In this work we present a highly accurate, single-piece, explicit analytic solution of
the surface potential as a function of the gate voltage for the particular case of undoped (or
lightly doped) body. This solution is continuously valid for all regions of operation. 

 Threshold voltage behavior of body-tied FinFET (OMEGA MOSFET) with respect to ion implantation conditions
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T Park, HJ Cho, JD Choe, D Park, E Yoon ,Japanese journal of , 2004 ,
The body-tied finFET (called OMEGA () metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
(MOSFET)) exhibits positive characteristics as a future complementary metal oxide
semiconductor (CMOS) device. The MOSFETs have unique features such as high heat 

 Effect of Grain Size on the Threshold Voltage for Double-Gate Polycrystaline Silicon MOSFET
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M Chandra, A Panwar, BP Tyag ,Journal of Nano-and , 2011 ,
The effect of grain size (D) on the threshold voltage (Vth) for double gate polycrystalline
silicon MOSFET is investigated theoretically in terms of grain boundary trap states (NT). It is
found that the threshold voltage (Vth) increases nonlinearly with increasing silicon-oxide 

 The threshold voltage of MOSFET and its influence on digital circuits
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to research the impact of physical parameters which
characterize the MOSFET transistors structure on the threshold voltage value. The MOSFET
threshold voltage value will have influence in behaviour of electronic device which contain 

 Analytical Modeling of Threshold Voltage for a Biaxial Strained-Si-MOSFET
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A Chaudhry, S Sangwan, JN Roy ,
Abstract In this paper, an attempt has been made to model threshold voltage of biaxial
strained silicon MOSFET in one dimension. The results show that a significant amount of
threshold voltage decrease has been observed with the increase in the germanium 

 A Two-Dimensional Analytical Threshold Voltage Model for Symmetrical Tri-Material Gate Stack Double Gate (STMGSDG) MOSFET, s
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ML Chen, WK Lin, SF Chen ,
Abstract Based on resultant solution of two-dimensional (2-D) Poisson’s equation in silicon
region, a new analytical model consisting of the two-dimensional potential and threshold
voltage for fully depleted symmetrical tri-material gate stack double gate (STMGSDG) 

 Extraction of MOSFET Bsim3v3 Threshold Voltage and Mobility Effect Parameters With Genetic Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Extracting an optimal set of parameter values for a MOS device is a complex
problem. Since the existence of local minima in the solution space, the traditional methods of
parameter extraction rely on gradient techniques may not produce near optimal solutions. 

 Subthreshold Surface Potential and Threshold Voltage Model for DHDMG Mosfet
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S De, A Sarkar, CK Sarkar ,
Abstract—This paper presents a model for subthreshold surface potential and threshold
voltage for a Double halo Dual Material Gate MOSFET. A pseudo-2D analysis applying
Gauss’ law along the surface is used to model the subthreshold surface potential. The 

Phosphorous-outgassing-induced threshold voltage in p-channel power MOSFET devices
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F Lin, R De Souza, R Dynes ,Microelectronic , 1998 ,
ABSTRACT Electrical parameters such as threshold voltage (Vt), breakdown voltage
(BVdss), source-drain current (Idss), and leakage (Igss) for surface p-channel MOSFETs are
dependent upon channel doping. It was found that phosphorous out-gassing during 

 Temperature effects on Threshold Voltage and Mobility for Partially Depleted SOI MOSFET
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N Goel, A Tripathi ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT As the channel lengths of conventional planar metal oxide semiconductor field
effect transistor (MOSFET) shrink into the nano meter regime, performance of the devices
becomes degraded mainly because of short channel effects. The nano range silicon on 

 A new quasi-2D analytical threshold-voltage model for partially-depleted short-channel SOIMOSFET
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Abstract:? A new quasi-2D analytical model is presented for the threshold voltage of partially
depleted silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs with effective channel lengths down to deep-
submicrometer range. The model is based on the analytical solution for two-dimensional 

 Numerical Evaluation of a New MOSFET Threshold Voltage Measurement Technique
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TWS Mark ,1998 ,
Abstract The threshold voltage is an important MOSFET parameter required for circuit
applications and for the channel length/width and series resistance measurements. With the
down-sizing of MOSFET device structures a more accurate threshold voltage 

Threshold Voltage Control in p-MOSFET with High-k Gate dielectric
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K Matano, K Kakushima, P Ahmet – Threshold Voltage , 2009 ,
K. Matano 1 , K. Kakushima 2 , P. Ahmet 1 , N. Sugii 2 , K. Tsutsui 2 , T. Hattori 1 , and H. Iwai
1  1 Frontier Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 4259, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, 
Yokohama 226-8502, Japan 2 Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science, Tokyo 

 Analytical Modeling of Threshold Voltage for Double2Gate MOSFET Fully Comprising Quantum Mechanical Effects3
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 2005 ,
Abstract: The analytical solutions to 1D Schr dinger equation (in depth direction) in
double2gate (DG) MOSFETs are derived to calculate electron density and threshold voltage.
The non2uniform potential in the channel is concerned with an arbitrary depth so that the