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CUDA compatible GPU as an efficient hardware accelerator for AES cryptography
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This section describes two completely different approaches to address the AES problem on the implementations do not focus on computing the key scheduling but on the main cryptography algorithm The same algorithms was developed and tested in GLSL , Cg and ARB

DES, AES and Blowfish: Symmetric key cryptography algorithms simulation based performance analysis
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Security is the most challenging aspects in the internet and network applications. Internet and networks applications are growing very fast, so the importance and the value of the exchanged data over the internet or other media types are increasing. Hence the search for

A modified AES based algorithm for image encryption
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The AES algorithm is used in some applications that require fast processing such as smart cards for any cryptographic system is its susceptibility to possible attacks against the encryption algorithm such as Block cipher symmetric algorithms ; allow different ciphering mode

A study of encryption algorithms (RSA, DES, 3DES and AES ) for information security
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to research done and literature survey it can be found that AES algorithm is most by these algorithms can be enhanced further, if more than one algorithm is applied , Performance Evaluation of DES and Blowfish Algorithms , IEEE International

Proposed System for data hiding using Cryptography and Steganography
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The three types of algorithms are described: (i) Secret Key Cryptography (SKC):Uses a single key for both encryption and decryption (ii)Public Key Cryptography (PKC): Uses 2.1.1 Advantages of using AES algorithm 2.2 DCT -frequency domain algorithm for Steganography

Comparative analysis of AES and RC4 algorithms for better utilization
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for cryptography algorithms on encryption and decryption time. a) Encryption time based on different packet size In Graph 1, we show the performance of cryptographic algorithms in terms of encryption time. Here, we compare the encryption time of AES and RC4 algorithm over

Simulation of image encryption using AES algorithm
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The AES algorithm defined by the National Institute of Standard and Technology(NIST) of Cryptography provides a method for securing and authenticating the transmission of information over of digital data resulted in large quantities of different encryption algorithms which are

Hardware implementation of AES algorithm
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The AES algorithm was implemented in FPGA using the development board Celoxica RC1000 and development a helpful initial assessment of the performance of FPGA implementations of algorithms described in

An FPGA-based performance evaluation of the AES block cipher candidate algorithm finalists
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develop a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for the Advanced En- cryption Standard ( AES ), specifying an Advanced Encryption Algorithm to replace Encryption Standard (DES) which expired in 1998 . NIST has solicited candi- date algorithms for inclusion

Enhancement of cloud computing security with secure data storage using AES
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AES encryption algorithm has minimal storage space and high performance without any weaknesses and limitations while other symmetric algorithms have some weaknesses and differences in performance and storage space. REFERENCES

Design and implementation of a private and public key crypto processor and its application to a security system
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DES algorithms , and enables fast scalar multiplication and exponentiation operations for the ECC and RSA crypto algorithms for the S-box and SI- box used in the implementation of the AES crypto block of Reg A are saved in Reg A. To make the KASUMI algorithm applicable to

Enhancing cloud computing security using AES algorithm
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we provide a mechanism for achieving maximum security by leveraging the capabilities of cryptography Cryptographically, many algorithms provide insufficient security; especially proprietary algorithms should not be trusted The encryption process is done using AES algorithm

A novel secure combination technique of steganography and cryptography
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The three types of algorithms are described In cryptography , this system is used AES algorithm with its symmetric key and the cipher text is converted into two extra keys for high security, then the steganography is implemented to the (a) For Cryptography Crypto Creation Step

Survey and analysis of hardware cryptographic and steganographic systems on FPGA
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CRYPTOGRAPHY ON FPGA So many architectures have been proposed in the past in the area of software based cryptographic algorithm design We discuss DES, AES and HASH cryptographic algorithms and their past FPG A implementations

Evaluating the performance of symmetric encryption algorithms .
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A third point that can be noticed that AES has an advantage over other 3DES, DES, RC2 Figure 4: Throughput of each encryption algorithm (Megabyte/Sec) Encryption Throughput In the previous section, the comparison between en- cryption algorithms has been conducted at

Network security using cryptographic techniques
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HM; Emarah, A.-AM; Hagras, EAA, A New Secure Hash Dynamic Structure Algorithm (SHDSA) for AES : Asymmetric key

A new algorithm to construct secure keys for AES
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injective functions, the proposed algorithm performs better as compared to other algorithms which use

Comparative analysis of performance efficiency and security measures of some encryption algorithms
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Cryptographic Algorithms for Secure

Comparative survey of high-performance cryptographic algorithm implementations on FPGAs
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This article concentrates on implementations of the advanced encryption standard ( AES ), the international data encryption algorithm (IDEA) and certain hash algorithms . These algorithms represent both private-key cryptographic algorithms and hash algorithms , thus giving a

How well are high-end DSPs suited for the AES algorithms
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There are a few papers that deal with public-key cryptography 5 Conclusions How well are high-end DSPs suited for the AES algorithms was the main question that we asked ourselves as a motivation to write this paper Brian Gladman. AES Algorithm Efficiency, 2000


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