industrial automation research papers 22

industrial automation research papers 22

A Model Driven Approach for Requirements Engineering of Industrial Automation Systems
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H Ji, O Lenord, D Schramm ,
ABSTRACT Model driven requirements engineering (MDRE) is proposed to deal with the ever-
increasing complexity of technical systems in the sense of providing requirement
specifications as formal models that are correct, complete, consistent, unambiguous and

Industrial Automation
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Automation technologies; Manufacturing operations; Industrial control systems; Hardware
components for automation; Numerical control; Industrial robotics; Programmable logic
controllers; Material transport systems; Automated storage systems; Automatic

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CO Morales ,2004 ,
THE Industrial Automation and Test domain is notorious for its traditional lack of software
reuse. Applications are too often created from the ground-up when a new project is started
without leveraging solutions that might have been developed for previous systems,

A SOA-based architecture for empowering future collaborative cloud-based industrial automation
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ABSTRACT-The last years we are witnessing of rapid advances in the industrial automation
domain, mainly driven by business needs towards agility and supported by new disruptive
technologies. Future factories will rely on multi-system interactions and collaborative cross

Bringing Industrial Automation Environment into Classroom: A Didactic Three-Tank and Heat Exchanger Module
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DF Schultz, WM Lupinacci, FJ Gomes ,
ABSTRACT-The present work is concerned with a more realistic industrial process control and
automation course for engineering. It comprises a heat exchanger coupled to a three tank
system, with several possibilities of control and interaction among the loops. The planned

Next generation of industrial automation
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T Tommila, J Hirvonen, L Jaakkola, J Peltoniemi ,
ABSTRACT Recent trends in automation are characterised by geographical distribution and
functional integration. On the technical level, the goal is to easily connect devices and
software components from different vendors. Functionally, there is a need for

Utilizing Concurrency To Gain Performance In An Industrial Automation System
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L Enblom ,2003 ,
ABSTRACT This work presents and discusses the results from a study, focused on achieving
more performance for an industrial real-time control system. The real-time control system is
used to protect electrical power stations from being destroyed by strokes of lightning.

EEE 8005–Student Directed Learning (SDL) Industrial Automation–Artificial Neural networks Written by: Shady Gadoue
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D Giaouris ,Threshold ,
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are a branch of the field known as Artificial Intelligence (AI)
which may also consists of Fuzzy logic (FL) and Genetic Algorithms (GA). ANN are based on
the basic model of the human brain with capability of generalization and learning. The

Industrial automation systems and integration-Open systems application integration framework-
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The application integration framework (AIF) described in ISO 15745 defines elements and
rules that facilitate:? the systematic organization and representation of the application
integration requirements using integration models;? the development of interface

Evaluation of Integration Approaches in common COTS Hypervisors for Use in Industrial Automation Controllers
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J Bregenzer, F Adämmer , (IIDS 10), ACM , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT Multicore CPUs offer plenty of new opportunities in the domain of industrial
automation. Besides others, those comprise the integration of heterogeneous subsystems
formerly running on dedicated hardware devices, in order to save costs. Indeed, one

Key factors of a successful agile requirements analysis in the realm of overhauling anindustrial automation system
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T Aschauer, G Dauenhauer, P Derler ,Innovations for , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT. This paper sketches a recent successful requirements analysis of a complex
industrial automation system that mainly required a talented expert, with a beginner s mind,
who has been willing to dig into the domain details together with a committed customer

An FPGA Platform to Cork Industrial Automation Using Real Time Image Processing
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MA Vega-Rodriguez, JM Sánchez-Pérez ,
ABSTRACT-In this work we abord the use of reconfigurable hardware as part of an industrial
inspection system. More concretely, to evaluate the cork quality applying real time image
processing. Cork is a natural material produced in a lot of Mediterranean countries. The

Distributed Control Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Using IEC 61499 Function Blocks for Industrial Automation
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R Abrishambaf, M Bal, M Hashemipour ,
ABSTRACT-Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) technology is rapidly becoming a feasible
solution for monitoring and control at the lowest level of manufacturing automation systems.
This paper presents a distributed approach for modeling WSN for applications of

Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation
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J Petersson, P Isaksson ,2011 ,
ABSTRACT A small wind power plant connected to the grid has been modeled in
Modelica/Dymola and controlled using external controllers written in C++. The small wind
power plant consists of three wind power units with a nominal power of 3kW and one grid

Automation of Polishing Process by Industrial Robots with Judgment of Polished Surface Quality based on Imaging Processing
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T ITO, K MORISHIGE ,Proceedings of the Third Asia International , 2008
ABSTRACT: The study deals with automation of polishing process by using an industrial robot.
In polishing process, judgment of whether polishing is sufficient or not has been performed
by skilled workers. In the previous research, generation of robot program for polishing

Modeling and Predicting Performance Impacts in a Service-oriented, Industrial Software System from the Automation Domain1
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ABSTRACT: Industrial software systems today have reached sizes and complexity such that
introducing changes like adding new features or fixing bugs requires significant investments.
How these changes affect system qualities like performance or maintainability is typically

Course of automation in industrial processes based on the blended learning approach
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E Brindfeldt, A Grinko, M Müür ,
ABSTRACT This article describes modernization of automation courses for vocational education
on the basis of blended learning. The authors review methodological approaches to the
blended technology design of practical training in the vocational education.

Reports on Industrial Controls, Information Processing, Automation, and Robotics
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E Efficiency, R Energy ,2004 ,
Executive Summary This report presents the results of an expert study to identify research
opportunities for Sensors  Automation, a sub-program of the US Department of Energy
(DOE) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP). The research opportunities are prioritized

al., 2002) you have just received represent the implementations from the Department ofIndustrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA), Lund University,
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C Rosen, D Vrecko, U Jeppsson ,2006 ,
The models are available for the Matlab®/Simulink® platform and have been written in C
(incorporated into Simulink as C MEX S-functions). You need to compile the C files for your
own processor/computer (use the mex command within Matlab, the internal compiler will

X-ray diffraction (XRD) as a fast industrial analysis method for heavy mineral sands in process control and automation-Rietveld refinement and data clustering
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X-Ray diffraction (XRD) provides useful information about the composition of an ore sample
in terms of quantification of crystalline phases and amorphous content. The use of new, fast
detection systems in XRD creates the opportunity to use this technique in modern process

Formal Verification of Function Blocks for Industrial Process Automation
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WA Halang, BJ Krämer, S Mostert ,2000 ,
ABSTRACT This work was carried out in the framework of the German-South African scientific
cooperation project 39.6. I1A. 6. E Formal Verification of the VDI/VDE 3696 Function Block
Set. Its goal is to formally specify the function blocks defined in the German engineering

Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation
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L Nordholm ,
ABSTRACT Developing a hybrid electric power train is a complex task where achieving the best
in market performance poses a true challenge for the research and development engineers.
When developing such complex systems it is utterly important to verify and validate these

Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation
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S Thomasson ,
ABSTRACT Due to the deregulation of the Nordic power market, the transmission capacity
demands for the power lines are increasing. It is therefore interesting to study bottlenecks, ie
a shortage of transmission capability. The pair of 420 kV power lines at Hasle connecting

Use of the ICT in vocational training in the area of industrial robotics and automation
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ICT systems have gained a permanent presence in the field of education. They can be found
on all education levels: from nursery schools, through primary and secondary schools,
universities and colleges, to vocational courses and adult education facilities. Among


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