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The design and implementation of dynamic load balancing for Web-based GIS services
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In the current server system architecture over web, one of the most important concerns is to handle load coming to Web Server dynamically, so that the server has to enable its Web sites service without any delay or failure or shutdown. Therefore, there is fundamental need In order to protect a server to become overloading due to concentration of accesses, a mirror server system is widely used for distributing the load to multi-servers. For such a system, it is very important for users to select an appropriate one among the servers. In the previous

Implementation of load balancing policies in distributed systems
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Load balancing is the allocation of the workload among a set of co-operating computational elements (CEs). In large-scale distributed computing systems, in which the CEs are physically or virtually distant from each other, there are communicationrelated delays that

Design and implementation of an MPLS based load balancing architecture for Web switching
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The WWW has been the preferred technology used to provide information and e-services over the Internet. However, one major limitation of Web servers is that beyond a threshold, the server will not be able to process requests in a timely manner or will reject requests

Design and implementation of a flexible load balancing service for CORBA-based applications
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In this paper we present a flexible load balancing service for CORBA-based applications. It offers several static and dynamic strategies for load balancing . The extensive adaptability and flexibility enable usage of the service in a wide variety of problem domains. Analogies to

An efficient implementation of fair load balancing over multi-CPU SOC architectures
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Emerging applications for network processors require increased number of processing resources. This paper introduces a novel system to load balance the scheduled traffic over multiple processing cores maintaining in-order service. It is conceived in the framework of

Load – balancing in multi-homed olsr networks using airtime metric and radio-aware path selection: implementation and testing
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Wireless Mesh Networks used for broadband access may be equipped with multiple Internet gateways. Using airtime metric as the main criterion for path selection is an effective method for achieving load – balancing in such a multi-homed mesh network. In this paper, we

Esprit ltr project 8144 lydia load balancing and g-networks: design, implementation and evaluation
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We propose, design, implement and test a prototype for load balancing in distributed systems. It is based on ideas from a new analytical model, the multiclass G-Network with triggered customer movement, which is used to model strategies for load balancing . We

Implementation of Cell-Projection Parallel Volume Rendering with Dynamic Load Balancing .
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A parallel volume rendering system for unstructured grid volume data is proposed in this paper. By implementing the mechanism for dynamic load balancing into the system, the authors solve the issue of load imbalance due to the view dependency and run-time features

Implementation and utilization of a heterogeneous multicomputer cluster for the study of load balancing strategies
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The focus of this paper is the implementation and utilization of an inexpensive heterogeneous multicomputer cluster for the study of load balancing techniques. The basic conclusion of the paper is that excellent performance is possible provided that the proper

Implementation of a hybrid load balancing algorithm for cloud computing
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In Cloud computing day by day number of users are increasing enormously with large amount of data processing requirements through various sources like social networking sites, business organizations and other. Therefore to solve this issue of growing demands

Implementation and Analysis of Replicated Agent Based Load Balancing In Cloud Computing
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Abstract: Cloud computing is growing as a new paradigm of large-scale distributed computing. It is an agenda for permitting appropriate, on-demand network access to a shared pool of

Design and Implementation of Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm in Grid Environment
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Grid technology has emerged as a new way of large-scale distributed computing with high- performance orientation. Grid computing is being adopted in various areas from academic, industry research to government use. Grids are becoming platforms for high performance

Implementation and Result Analysis of Priority Based Load Balancing In Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing is not a single terms, it is a combination of two word ie cloud and computing. Cloud in cloud computing is the set of hardware, software, network, storage, services, interfaces that combine to deliver aspects of computing as a service. It has no

A Self-Healing Load Balancing Protocol and Implementation
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Beyond the mere collection of computers, a network is the home of competing and cooperating execution flows. In this paper we show how to design network protocols based on molecule-like entities such that the corresponding execution flows can by analyzed as if

Implementation of Load Balancing Using SIP
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The concept of server clusters for efficient and faster working has been extensively implemented through the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The load balancing for these clusters have been a major challenge in the better implementation of such systems

Implementation of a new Fuzzy Based Load Balancing Algorithm for Hypercubes
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Distributed computing systems are becoming increasingly available because of the rapid decrease in hardware cost and the advances in computer networking technologies.. It is frequently observed that in a computing environment with a number of hosts connected by a

Implementation of Load Balancing in Leach Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Wireless sensor network is a kind of ad-hoc network which consists of distributed sensors to monitor physical and environmental conditions which are of autonomous type. WSN is not yet implemented widely for such applications due to its energy consumption, challenges in

Implementation of Load Balancing Algorithm for Data Intensive Applications using MPI
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Applications which are data intensive and parallel, say data compression and decompression, projectile tracking and other scientific applications need to deploy large data sets and require large computational power. Due to high cost of super computers, they

Implementation of Rank Based ACO approach with Load Balancing in Ad hoc Network for Multipath Routing Mechanism
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Ad-Hoc wireless networks are self-organizing multi-hop wireless networks. Mobile ad hoc networks have some challenges like the design of an efficient routing protocol. The multipath routing protocol with load balancing provides a solution for the congestion network. Ad Hoc


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