Complete low cost SCADA system of the intelligent house
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This project is concerned with the visualisation and operating of anindustrial automatic machine from Amit company. Due to thedeveloped SCADA software it is possible to control a specific systemof a family house heating which is based on the control elements of Amit Company and the regulators that are compatible with this system.The realized system is implemented and tested in real running of afamily house. The software is connected directly to the internalnetwork DB-Net which enables communication on the basis of industrial bus called Ethernet.From this network the software is able to read data of known variablesand operate the action parts of PLC programme in accordance to theproject documentation input. The developed SCADA system wasrealized on a platform .NET Framework in the C# language.

A new method for monitoring of distribution transformers
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Distribution transformers are one of the most important equipment inpower network. Because of, the large number of transformersdistributed over a wide area in power electric systems, the dataacquisition and condition monitoring is a important issue.This paper presents design and implementation of a mobile embeddedsystem and a novel software to monitor and diagnose condition of transformers, by record key operation indictors of a distributiontransformer like load currents, transformer oil, ambient temperaturesand voltage of three phases.The proposed on-line monitoring system integrates a Global ServiceMobile (GSM) Modem, with stand alone single chip microcontroller and sensor packages. Data of operation condition of transformer receives in form of SMS (Short Message Service) and will be save incomputer server. Using the suggested online monitoring system willhelp utility operators to keep transformers in service for longer of time