Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computerised method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects. Finite element analysis shows whether a product will break, wear out or work the way it was designed.

Finite element analysis helps predict the behaviour of products affected by many physical effects, including:

Mechanical stress
Mechanical vibration
Heat transfer
Fluid flow
Plastic injection moulding

Accumulating delivered dose to the rectum using finite element analysis improves toxicity prediction
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In prostate cancer radiotherapy, the rectum is a dose-limiting organ▪ Delivered dose to the rectal wall in prostate radiotherapy differs from planned dose due to interfraction motion and deformation ▪ The hypothesis of the VoxTox research programme is that delivered

Design of Industrial Floors TR34 and Finite Element Analysis (Part 2)
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The design of industrial floors will be presented in this paper. In the first part of this article the calculation methods of the TR34 British guideline will be discussed. In the second part the state of the art design methods using advanced finite element methods will be presented

Finite Element Analysis of the Expression of Plantar Pressure Distribution in the Injury of the Lateral Ligament of the Ankle
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The program of treatment and rehabilitation of chronic ankle instability is different according to the impairment degree of lateral ligament of the ankle. The diagnosis methods of lateral ligaments injury are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and arthroscopy, which are either

Biomechanical Evaluation of Temporomandibular Joint Disc by Using 3-D Finite Element Analysis During Loading
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Many factors may induce craniomandibular disorders, such as heavy loading, which may lead to joint wear and even disc perforation. Currently, there are no universal devices or methods to quantify the loading of the joint. This study aimed to create a universal three

Stress Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates by Higher Order Theory Using Finite Element Method
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Abstract Finite Element Analysis is used to perform analysis on a laminated composite plate based on the Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory (HSDT). The theory accounts for variation of displacement stresses, across the thickness of the laminate. The element

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Finite element analysis (FEA) has been used extensively to predict the biomechanical performance of various dental implant designs as well as the effect of clinical factors on implant success. By understanding the basic theory, method, application, and limitations of

Dynamic finite element analysis of shot peening process of 2618-T61 aluminium alloy
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Shot peening is a surface treatment processes usually used for the improvement of fatigue strength of metallic parts by inducing residual stress eld in them. The experimental evaluation of shot peening parameters is not only very complex but also costly. An attractive

Thermo Mechanical Analysis of Composite Cylinder Liners using Finite Element Analysis
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Abstract Background/Objective: Cylinder liners are very important part of an automobile engine and working of the liner directly affects the engine performance. Conventional cylinder liners are being replaced with high temperature composite materials. The present

Finite element analysis of polyether ether ketone 450G biomaterial used as cardiovascular stent implant
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Aim: This research paper aims to modeling and finite element analysis of PEEK 450G biomaterial used as cardiovascular stent implant. Methods: Commercially available CATIA V5 and ABAQUS 6.0 software were used for modeling and finite element analysis of

Transient thermo-mechanical axisymmetric finite element analysis of energy piles
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Foundation piles that include geothermal liquid pipes are called energy piles and experience significant temperature changes during ground-source heat-pump operations. These temperature changes may affect the bearing capacity of the piles and lead to

Finite element analysis of stress distribution around a dental implant with different amounts of bone loss: An in vitro study Analiza metodą element
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Background. The choice between reducing the bone height and inserting a shorter implant with a greater diameter or a longer and narrower implant without altering the bone height is a challenge in clinical practice. Objectives. The purpose of this finite element analysis (FEA)

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of the Open-Cells Porous Materials Subjected to Compression Mechanical Loading
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Progress in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology enables the fabrication of complex structures that could not be obtained with traditional manufacturing methods. One AM research area is the development and use of lightweight products with cellular structures

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Several investigations have shown that the mechanical properties of ultra-high-performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHP-FRC) material are different from traditional concrete. The differences in material behavior might result in more complexity to the finite element method

Mechanical Characterization of GPL/Polymer Nanocomposite Structure using Finite Element Analysis and SCILAB
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Recent advances show that the Graphene platelets have dominated carbon nanotubes in the field of structural applications. This study is based on finding the mechanical properties and stress analysis of Graphene platelets. Here, the change in mechanical properties of

Callus remodeling model for mandible fracture healing finite element analysis
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Mandible fractures are among the most common bone injuries in maxillofacial trauma, accounting for 20%-60% of all facial traumas . The medical goals in treatment of this kind of fractures depend on the arrangement of bone fragments and aim at restoration of callus

Estimating Static Equivalent Load Factors from Interface Force Response Results Using a Finite Element Analysis Approach in the Frequency Domain
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In the end, the RMS interface forces were determined in a similar way to the traditional approach from the broadband response of the net interface forces. White arrows denote relative deflection recovery locations used in MPC equations. The displacement difference

Nonlinear finite element analysis of beam experiments for stop criteria
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Proof load testing is used to assess the structural capacity of existing bridges. Stop criteria, based on measurements taken during proof load tests, determine if a test should be stopped before reaching the target proof load in order to maintain structural integrity. A nonlinear

Partial discharge finite element analysis under fast, repetitive voltage pulses
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Wide bandgap (WBG) devices able to tolerate high voltages and currents and operating at higher frequencies are the most promising approach for reducing the size and weight of power management and conversion systems. These systems are envisaged to be widely

Cleat Impact Analysis of a Multi-body Quarter Vehicle System with Finite Element Models
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The main purposes of the present work represent a modeling of a multi-body quarter vehicle system and a methodology of a cleat impact simulation. The multi-body quarter vehicle is modeled as a finite element . The nonlinear tire model is a simple 3D solid type. The parts of

Preliminary structural analysis of arch dams using a flat shell finite element formulation
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Arch dams have strong structural behavior because of their arch geometry. Numerical analysis of the arch dams is a necessary not only to validate the structural performance of the existing arch dams but also to model and analyze modern dam constructions. Finite