adaptive coaching

Evolving connection is systems for adaptive sports coaching
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Contemporary computer assisted coaching software operates either on a particular sub-space of the wider problem or requires expert (s) to operate and provide explanations and recommendations. This paper introduces a novel motion data processing

Designing of adaptive coaching system to enhance the logical thinking model in problem-based learning
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In this paper, we describe a method for the Adaptive Coaching System to track learner activities and focus of attention in the interactive learning environments when the learner appears to be confused or stuck and need some advice to continuous process of problem

Conducting Action Research on the Effects of Cognitive Coaching SM and Adaptive Schools
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The purpose of this manual is to provide information about conducting action research on the effects of Cognitive CoachingSM and Adaptive Schools. It contains information about action research and the process of conducting an action research study. Strategies are

An investigation into the feasibility of an adaptive coaching smartphone application used in conjunction with a novel exercise programme in sedentary
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High levels of physical activity are of major importance in ensuring individuals live a healthy life and age successfully with limited impairments to their health status, function or overall quality of life. However, physical activity continues to be low worldwide, and rates of

Adaptive support for coaching meta-cognitive skills
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We describe a computational framework designed to provide adaptive support to learning from examples by coaching the meta-cognitive skill known as self-explanation-generating explanations to oneself to clarify an example solution. The framework includes an interface

Conflict Coaching in Complex Adaptive Healthcare Systems: Conflict Resolution or Transformation
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Coaching has emerged as an important development activity in the clinical education landscape. Simultaneously, dispute resolution practitioners have embraced conflict coaching , a one-to-one conflict problem solving process aimed at enhancing the coachees

How self-regulatory focus and cognitive learning strategies affect individual adaptive performance: Moderating role of coaching behaviour
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The effects of the self-regulatory focus and cognitive learning strategies on adaptive performance were examined in an experimental study that also included tests of the moderating effect of coaching behaviour. Participants (n= 224) were coached to perform