adaptive computing research papers 2012

Dune-Fem: A General Purpose Discretization Toolbox for Parallel and Adaptive ScientificComputing
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Dune-Fem is a free discretization toolbox for parallel and adaptive scientific computing
based on Dune. The implementation of discretization schemes such as finite elements, finite
volumes or discontinuous Galerkin schemes is based on abstractions that are very close 

 Adaptive Sequential Posterior Simulators for Massively Parallel Computing Environments
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G Durham, J Geweke ,2012 ,
Abstract Massively parallel desktop computing capabilities now well within the reach of
individual academics modify the environment for posterior simulation in fundamental and
potentially quite advantageous ways. But to fully exploit these benefits algorithms that 

 Exploiting metadata, ontologies and semantics to design/enhance new end-user experiences for adaptive pervasive computing environments
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Abstract Adaptive Systems and Pervasive Computing change the face of computing and
redefine the way people interact with the technology. Pioneers pursue a vision that
technology is seamlessly situated in people’s life and adapts itself to the characteristics, 

 An Adaptive Scheduling System for Computational Grid using Autonomic Computing
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E Aghaei, MS Abadeh ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Grid computing provides an environment to be share software and hardware
resources. Ontheonehand, environmentofGridcomputingis inherently large, complex,
heterogeneous and dynamic and its state changes over time, on the other hand, incoming 

 A Soft Computing Based Adaptive Call Admission Control Scheme for Bi-Class Traffic in CDMA Cellular Network
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R Sindal, S Tokekar ,parameters, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Soft handoff in CDMA cellular system increases system capacity as compared to
hard handoff as interference is reduced by transmitting signals as lower power level. A
CDMA cellular system involving voice and data calls is considered in this paper. The 

 Adaptive eLearning for Grid Computing
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K Cassidy ,2012 ,
Summary Adaptive eLearning appears well suited to Grid education because of the
distributed and heterogeneous nature of grid users and their asynchronous training
demand. This thesis explores the application of adaptive eLearning techniques to grid 

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P Kaur, H Singh
Abstract Grid Computing has emerged as a new and important field and can be used to
increase the performance of Distributed Computing. Grid computing has large and powerful
applications of self-managing virtual computer out of a large collection of heterogeneous 

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ABSTRACT The shift of mainstream computing architectures to the parallel paradigm,
together with the increasing demand for functional and non-functional requirements for
modern applications result in a heavy burden for developers and administrators when 

 Revenue Maximization Using Adaptive Resource Provisioning in Cloud ComputingEnvironments
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Abstract—Compared with the traditional computing models such as grid computing and
cluster computing, a key advantage of Cloud computing is that it provides a practical
business model for customers to use remote resources. However, it is challenging for 

 Virtualized Distributed Computing for Heterogeneous Adaptive Multi-Core Systems
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O Oey, S Werner, D Göhringer, M Hübner, J Becker
We will present a distributed virtualization approach for heterogeneous adaptive multi-core
systems, which can be distributed over several FPGA-boards using the Ethernet standard
protocol. The virtualization approach consists of an adapted embedded Linux kernel and 

IEIT Journal of Adaptive & Dynamic Computing
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Y Hayafuji, B Xie, V Bhuse, M Abdel-Aty, P Pichappan ,
i ,IEIT Journal of Adaptive & Dynamic Computing Vol.  IEIT Journal of Adaptive & Dynamic
Computing (IJADC) is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal published monthly, focusing
on theories, algorithms, methods, and applications in adaptive and dynamic computing. 

 A Novel Adaptive Virtual Machine Deployment Algorithm for Cloud Computing
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H Kim, M Kang, S Kang, S Oh ,
Abstract. Virtualization is one of the key enabling technologies for Cloud Computing. When
we utilize this technology to abstract physical resources such as memory and CPU for
flexible use of them, a virtual machine deployment algorithm does essential role for 

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ABSTRACT Imagine further a computing system that performs better according to a user’s
preferred goal the longer it runs an application. Such an architecture will enable, for
example, a hand-held radio or a cell phone that can run cooler the longer the connection 

 Self-organisation and Evolution for Trust-adaptive Grid Computing Agents
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Y Bernard, L Klejnowski, D Bluhm, J Hähner ,
Abstract The Organic Computing initiative aims at introducing new, self-organising
algorithms in order to cope better with the complexity of today’s systems. One approach to
self-organisation is the introduction of agents which are able to continuously adapt their