Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are commonly used in wireless communication systems, where a receiver chain usually needs to support multiple communication standards and digitize both narrow-band signals with high dynamic range

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ABSTRACT -This paper presents a 4-stage pipelined analog to digital converter architecture with a 4-bit resolution per each stage, enabled with the help of a successive approximation register based sub- ADC . Successive approximation register (SAR) ADC architectures are

Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and apparent diffusion coefficient ( ADC ) values for detection of malignant vertebral bone marrow lesions
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ABSTRACT . Malignant spinal bone marrow disorders are one of the major causes of significant morbidity and reduction in quality of life in oncological patients. Thus, the characterization of these conditions is of crucial importance in the management of these patients. Magnetic ABSTRACT This paper presents a passive-charge-sharing successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter ( ADC ) that achieves 16-bit linearity. It is known that on- chip passive charge sharing suffers from poor linearity due to the unregulated reference ABSTRACT : This paper investigates the achievable uplinN spectral efficiency (SE) of a massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system with a mixed analog-to-digital converter ( ADC ) receiver architecture, in which some antennas are equipped with full-resolution ADCs while

Potential Value of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient ( ADC ) in First-Line Treatment of Retinoblastoma
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ABSTRACT Background and Purposes: Assess the correlation between Apparent Diffusion Coefficient ( ADC ) values and prognostic parameters in retinoblastoma, including a possible contribution to prediction of response to intra-arterial chemotherapy (IAC). Materials and

Asynchronous Level Crossing ADC Design for Wearable Devices: A Review
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ABSTRACT Asynchronous level crossing ADCs (LC ADC ) saves power through non-uniform sampling making it suitable for wearable devices. This paper presents a review of asynchronous level crossing ADCs based on an exhaustive survey of papers from 1966 to

Dual-Phase ADC Modelling of Breast Masses in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: Comparison with Histopathologic Findings
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ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the diagnostic value of dual-phase apparent diffusion coefficient ( ADC ) compared to traditional ADC values in quantitative diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) for differentiating between benign and malignant breast masses. Materials

f Basic ADC Design and Issue Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Analog to-digital converters (ADCs) are key fields to enhance computerized frameworks, which accom the quick progression of CMOS manufacture innovation, space for a lower cost, bring down power utilization, hig awesome significance to the design

El Sayed Mahmoud Awad. Investigation of Optical and Electrical Properties of DAM- ADC Nuclear Track Detector Induced by Gamma Irradiation
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ABSTRACT : Effect of gamma irradiation on the optical and electrical properties of Diallyl maleate-allyl diglycol carbonate (DAM- ADC ) polymer was investigated. Samples of DAM- ADC were irradiated with gamma doses in the range of 100-500 kGy. The optical

Role of Apparent Diffusion Coeffecient ( ADC ) Value in the Evaluation of Benign Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Canal Lesions
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ABSTRACT Introduction: Diffusion weighted sequence is a special type of sequence used in the MR imaging. It is based on the microscopic movement of the water molecules within the cells. Highly cellular lesions show reduced diffusion of the water molecules. ADC value is

Methods for eliminating the limit cycle oscillation due to low resolution ADC /DPWM in digitally controlled DC-DC converters
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ABSTRACT Digital controllers have become an attractive choice in DC-DC converter as they have a number of potential advantages which include lower sensitivity to parameter variations, programmability, improvement in dynamic response by incorporating advanced

Associations between apparent diffusion coefficient ( ADC ) and KI 67 in different tumors: a meta-analysis. part 2: ADC
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The purpose of this part of the meta-analysis was to summarize data regarding associations between minimum apparent diffusion coefficient (ADCmin) and KI 67 in different tumors. MEDLINE library was screened for associations between ADCmin and KI 67 in different tumors up to April

The value of whole lesion ADC histogram profiling to differentiate between morphologically indistinguishable ring enhancing lesions comparison of
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ABSTRACT Background: Morphologically similar appearing ring enhancing lesions in the brain parenchyma can be caused by a number of distinct pathologies, however, they consistently represent life-threatening conditions. The two most frequently encountered

ADC benchmark range for correct diagnosis of primary and recurrent middle ear cholesteatoma
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Research Article: ADC benchmark range for correct diagnosis of primary and recurrent middle ear cholesteatoma Running title: Defining ADC range for middle ear

1.5 Bit/Stage, 12-Bit Pipeline ADC Design with Foreground Calibration
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ABSTRACT In this paper, 12-Bit pipeline ADC is to be designed together with caring non- idealities. Pipeline issue in modern computers is quite advantageous for performance. Such structure can be constructed in analog-to-digital converters to make the performance faster ABSTRACT This paper presents a compact-area, low-power, highly digital analog-to-digital converter ( ADC ) for audio applications. The proposed converter is implemented using only oscillators and digital circuitry, without operational amplifiers nor other highly linear circuits CSE PROJECTS