adhoc mac protocol

Performance evaluation of point-to-point scheduling strategies for the ADHOC MAC protocol
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The complexity of resource management in a wireless environment lies in the shared nature of the medium. The capacity of any wireless network is determined by the capability of the medium access control mechanism to handle the access process and to achieve high

A Faired Quality of service assured MAC protocol for mobile ADHOC network and its performance evaluation
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The medium access control ( MAC ) protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) need to be distributed, QoS assured, fair to all flows and should work in a multihop environment. Although there are numerous MAC protocol proposed for MANET, very few of them

Performance Evaluation of an Interference-Aware Access Scheme for Point-to-Point Services in the ADHOC MAC Protocol
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Mobile ad hoc networks require a complex management to efficiently exploit the networks resources. The capacity of these networks is determined by the capability of the medium access control mechanism to handle the access process and to achieve high resource

Research on Cooperative ADHOC MAC Protocol VANETS Oriented
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Due to the broad prospect of Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETS) on road safety, traffic management and entertainment applications, data transmission technology of VANETS has been became the focus of the study. However, dynamic topology changes and vehicle move

Network Coding Aware Cooperative MAC Protocol for Wireless AdHoc Networks
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Cooperative communication, which utilizes neighboring nodes to relay the overhearing information, has been employed as an effective technique to deal with the channel fading and to improve the network performances. Network coding, which combines several packets

Energy Consumption on Varying Nodes of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol on Adhoc Network
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With the popularization of Internet, the wireless technologies provide remarkable impact on Internet and Communication Technologies. These technologies have support a technique known as Adhoc Network Ad hoc network is a network formed without any fixed substructure

Multi Channel MAC Protocol Optimization for TDMA multimedia to improve efficiency in wireless Adhoc Networks
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We use a solution to the scheduling Problem in clustered wireless Adhoc Networks (WAN). The objective is to provide network-wide optimized time division multiple access (TDMA) schedules that can achieve high power efficiency, zero conflict, and reduced end-to-end CSE PROJECTS