adhoc network IEEE PAPER 2016

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ABSTRACT Ad hoc network is popular nowadays due to the easy disposition and self- configuring nature. Hence, routing related issues encounter challenges in the ad hoc network. Such network is mainly used for transmission of text, picture and video data. The

A Survey Secure Routing Protocols Mobile AdHoc Network
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Abstract: Mobile Ad hoc Networks are assortment of mobile terminals or nodes, allowing no stationary infrastructure and centralized administration. Several routing protocols have been proposed in recent years for possible deployment of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) in

DTASR: Dual Threshold-based Authentication for Secure Routing in Mobile Adhoc Network
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Abstract: The Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is not only limited to the temporary rescue operations rather it has been conceptualized to be adopted into many civil society comfort and safety applications. The self-configurability of MANET's node is the root cause of

Detection Prevention Techniques of Sinkhole Attack in Mobile Adhoc Network: A Survey
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ABSTRACT: Sinkhole attack is one of severe kind of attack in wireless sensor network. Sinkhole attack tries to attract network traffic toward them by advertising un-authorized routing updates and reduce the performance of network. Sinkhole attacks are capable of

Designing a Protocol for Residual Energy of a Node after Active Communication in WirelessAdhoc Network
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Abstract:Performance of wireless adhoc network has been affected in terms of coverage, interference and delay. In this paper, we have analyzed different routing strategies for various probabilistic distributions towards improvement of computational parameters of

FP-AODV Forwarding in Mobile Adhoc Network
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Abstract-In this paper, we focus upon the increase the throughput of an on-demand distance vector routing (AODV) protocol for mobile and wireless ad hoc networks. We propose to FP- AODV protocol increases the packet delivery ratio, throughput better than other protocols.

Dynamic High Secure Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network
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Abstract: The working of MANET protocol, may compromise the security in it. In this paper, we propose a new key exchange method to improve the security of MANETs. In this proposed mechanism we send the key through the control packets instead data packets.