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Can Security Become a Routine?: A Study of Organizational Change in anAgile Software DevelopmentGroup.
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ABSTRACT Organizational factors influence the success of security initiatives in software development. Security audits and developer training can motivate development teams to adopt security practices, but their interplay with organizational structures and routines

Comparative Study on Software Development Methods: Agile vs Scrum
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Agile makes use of Scrum and XP. Methodology to improvise the same. The application of these
two depends on organization to organization. BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Pathak, K. & Saha, A., February
2013 . Review ofAgileSoftwareDevelopmentMethodologies.

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Abstract: With the increasing demand of agile methodologies, several software organizations are moving away from classical ways to adopt agile development methodologies. Rather than being fore telling, Agile is adjusting and people-focused. It

Alignment of Stakeholder Expectations about User Involvement inAgile Software Development
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ABSTRACT Context: User involvement is generally considered to contributing to user satisfaction and project success and is central toAgile software development . In theory, the expectations about user involvement, such as the POs, are quite demanding in this Agile

Enabling EfficientAgile Software Developmentof NoSQL-backed Applications.
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Abstract: NoSQL databases are popular inagile software development , where a frequently changing database schema imposes challenges for the production database. In this demo, we present Darwin, a middleware for systematic, tool-based support specifically designed

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Accessibility Testing inAgile Software DevelopmentResults from a Multiple Case Study
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Abstract It is important to include accessibility testing in software development to ensure that the software developed is usable by as many people as possible, independent of their capabilities. Few guidelines exist on how to integrate accessibility testing in an agile

How Agile managers affect the process of software development?
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Key words:Agilesoftwaredevelopment , Agile methodologies, Agile management, Agile managers.
1. IntroductionTherefore, focusing on the new responsibilities and positions of managers inAgile softwaredevelopment , known as Agile manager, would be interesting.

Agile for Everyone Else: Using Triggers and Checks to Create Agility Outside of Software Development
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4 (July 2005): 414 22. doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2004.08.005. Glaiel, Firas S., Allen Moulton, and Stuart
E. Madnick.Agile Project Dynamics: A System Dynamics Investigation ofAgileSoftware DevelopmentMethods.Working Paper. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

How to improve theteamness of anAgile software developmentteam. Designing and testing a teamwork model as the base of an Agile team skills tool.
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ABSTRACT During the last decade, Agile frameworks, such as Scrum and Kanban, have been adopted by more and more software companies.Agile software developmentis generally associated with the ability to quickly respond to ever faster changing technologies

Agile Software DevelopmentMethodologies: Survey of Surveys
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Abstract Agile software design and development methodologies have been gaining rigorous attention in the software engineering research community since their early introduction in the mid-nineties in addition to being highly adopted by the software development industry. In the

Identification of Agile Software Risk Indicators and Evaluation ofAgile Software DevelopmentProject Risk Occurrence Probability
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ABSTRACT The usages of Risk indicators are useful in makingplan for risk assessment in any agilesoftware project which is planned to be developing. It is useful for optimization of processes and helps managerial decisions. In spite of the importance of risk management in

Cost Estimation Model for Web Applications usingAgile Software DevelopmentMethodology
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ABSTRACT There are many sophisticated models available for estimating the effort of the software project. However, estimation using existing model developed with agile software is questionable, making it necessary to develop a distinct model for web applications. This

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ABSTRACT In Mobile communications age, the IT environment and IT technology update rapidly. The requirements change is the software project must face challenge. Able to overcome the impact of requirements change, software development risks can be effectively

Protecting IP in anAgile Software DevelopmentEnvironment
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Ipls Proceedings Volume 27Issue 12016 9 sometimes customers need to see the wrong product before they can articulate what they really need! Theagile software development movement traces its roots to a group of 17 influential software developers who, in 2001,

Usability studies inagile software development
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AbstractAgile software developmentapproaches are being used increasingly by practitioners since the announcement of Agile Manifesto over a decade ago. Lately, projects adoptingagile software developmentapproaches are encountered in public sector as well.

Effective Implementation ofAgile Software Developmentwith a Framework, Metric Tool, and in Association with Cloud and Lean Kanban
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Abstract Delivering software in traditional ways is challenged byagile software developmentto provide a different approach for developing a product. Agile methods aim at fast, light and efficient than any other vigorous method to develop and support customers

Supplementary Material of:An insight into the capabilities of professionals and teams inagile software development -A systematic literature review
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[2] L. Bender, GS Walia, F. Fagerholm, M. Pagels, KE Nygard, and J. Münch, Measurement of the nontechnical skills of software professionals: An empirical investigation.,in SEKE, 2014, pp. 478 483.[3] LL Lacher, GS Walia, F. Fagerholm, M. Pagels, KE Nygard, and J.

Agile Software DevelopmentModels TDD, FDD, DSDM, and Crystal Methods: A Survey
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Abstract Software development is a critical task that requires a detailed and well-structured guideline in the form of software development process model. A good software development process model can play very important role in developing high quality software. Traditional

Ordering the Product Backlog inAgile Software DevelopmentProjects: A Systematic Literature
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Abstract Recently,agile software developmentmethods have attracted the attention of academic and industrial domains. Unlike traditional approaches, agile methods focus on rapid delivery of business value to customers through fast delivery of working code.

A Case Study in Teaching Agile Software Product Line Development
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2014 Public Transportation Fact Book. Washington DC [3] K. Beck, et al, Manifesto forAgile SoftwareDevelopment ,, 2001.ITiCSE, 189-194, 2015. [20] K. Schwaber,
M. Beedle,AgileSoftwareDevelopmentwith Scrum, Prentice Hall, 2001.

An Ensemble-Based Model for PredictingAgile Software DevelopmentEffort
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AbstractAgile software developmentapproaches have been around for over a decade and are now popular mainstream approaches for systems development. To facilitateagile software developmentprojects, an array of tools and systems are available to plan, design,

An Adaptive Agile Process Model for Global Software Development
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The paper is structured as follows: Section II presents a literature survey on distributedagile softwaredevelopment(DASD) process models.Alqahtani et al. had discussed the challenges
of distributedagilesoftwaredevelopmentand techniques to mitigate these challenges.

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Agilesoftwaredevelopment(ASD) is the main model in the area of software engineering field which
has been broadly implemented by the business and abundant research; publications have
accompanied on agile development Practices over the previous decade. CSE PROJECTS