amplifier IEEE PAPER 2017

High Efficiency High Power Resonant Cavity Amplifier for Accelerator Applications
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Abstract Diversified Technologies, Inc.(DTI) designed and built a unique integrated resonant- cavity combined (SSA) for particle accelerator applications, initially focused on Fermilabs Proton Improvement Plan-II (PIP-II). DTIs Phase I SBIR prototype demonstrated high power

3.0-3.6 GHz Wideband, over 46% Average Efficiency GaN Doherty Power Amplifier with Frequency Dependency Compensating Circuits
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Abstract A wideband GaN Doherty power amplifier (DPA) for 4G/LTE-Advanced base stations is presented. To break the inherent narrow band limitation of conventional DPA, a frequency dependency compensating circuit and a modified/4 inverter incorporating

A Fully Integrated Dual-Band WLP CMOS Power Amplifier for 802.11 n WLAN Applications
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Abstract A fully integrated dual-band CMOS power amplifier (PA) is developed for 802.11 n WLAN applications using wafer-level package (WLP) technology. This paper presents a detailed design for the optimal impedance of dual-band PA (2 GHz/5 GHz PA) output

High CMRR and Wideband Current Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier Using Current Conveyors
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Abstract This paper presents a high CMRR and wideband current feedback Instrumentation Amplifier (IA). The proposed IA architecture consists of Fully Balanced Differential Difference Amplifier (FBDDA) and Differential Difference Amplifier (DDA) based on 2nd generation

Development of High Power RF Amplifier System for the KBSI RFQ
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Abstract KBSI (Korean Basic Science Institute) has developed a compact accelerator system for generation of fast neutron by lithium beam of 2.7 MeV/u. The facility consists of 28 GHz SC-ECR ion source, LEBT, RFQ and DTL. The developed RFQ accelerator provides lithium

Performance of a Combined System Using an X-Ray FEL Oscillator and a High-Gain FEL Amplifier
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Abstract The LCLS-II at SLAC will feature a 4 GeV CW superconducting (SC) RF linac [1] that can potentially drive a 5th harmonic X-Ray FEL Oscillator to produce fully coherent, 1 MW photon pulses with a 5 meV bandwidth at 14.4 keV [2]. The XFELO output can serve as

Design and Implementation of Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier
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Abstract-A method for fabricating and implementing a Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier using Cadence Virtuoso 180nm Technology is presented in this paper. The proposed CMOS op-amp is designed for 1.8 V power supply. Op-Amp is basically a DC-

Fabrication of Nd-YAG single stage amplifier and to study laser radiation-dielectric medium interaction
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3.1 Alignment Procedure 55 3.2 Laser and flash lamp power supply operation 57 3.3 Study of Nd-YAG laser in the pulsed mode 58 3.4 Determination of threshold energy 58 3.5 Determination of slope efficiency 59 3.6 Relaxation of oscillations 60 3.7 Effect of employing

Wideband Millimeter Wave Test Bed for 60 GHz Power Amplifier Digital Predistortion
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CONCLUSION This new, flexible millimeter wave test system is capable of very wideband signal generation and analysis to research amplifier DPD at 60 GHz. Key components of the test bed include the M8195A AWG, VDI WR15 compact up-and downconverters, wideband

PLC Control System for Vacuum and 20 Kw RF Amplifier
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Abstract Since 2015, the Sungkyunkwan University has been upgrade 10 MeV cyclotron (SKKUCY-10) prototype for producing radio isotopes. For stable and robust cyclotron operation, local controller is main issue. Especially, RF and Vacuum is main part for control

Balancing Thermal and Electrical Packaging Requirements for GaN Microwave and Millimeter-Wave High Power Amplifier Modules
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Abstract A method for balancing thermal and electrical packaging requirements for gallium nitride (GaN) high power amplifier (HPA) modules is presented. The goal is to find a design approach that minimizes the junction temperature of the GaN so that it is reliable and has

Insensitive High-Output Impedance Current-Mode Biquad with a Single Current Follower Transconductance Amplifier
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Abstract The circuit configuration for realizing a canonical current-mode biquad filter with three inputs and one output is introduced. The introduced filter employs a single current follower transconductance amplifier (CFTA) and a minimum of passive components, ie, one

CERN PS Booster Transverse Damper: 10 kHz-200 MHz Radiation Tolerant Amplifier for Capacitive PU Signal Conditioning
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Abstract After connection to the LINAC4, the beam intensity in the PS Booster is expected to double and thus, an upgrade of the head electronics of the transverse feedback BPM is necessary. In order to cover the beam spectrum for an effective transverse damping, the

Asymmetrically-Driven Current-Based Chireix Class-F Power Amplifier Designed using an Embedding Device Model
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Abstract Model-based nonlinear embedding is applied for the first time to the design of an asymmetrically-driven class-F Chireix power amplifier (PA). The embedding model of a 15 W GaN HEMT is used to determine the optimum load impedances for the fundamental and

100 kW Very Compact Pulsed Solid-State RF Amplifier. Development and Tests
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Abstract Solid-state RF power amplifier (SSPA) technology has developed significantly over recent years [1]. Powers of hundreds of kilowatts are being achieved, driven by the developments of LDMOS and other transistor technologies [2]. The price and size of SSPA

Realization and optimization of a 1 ns pulsewidth multi-stage 250 kW peak power monolithic Yb doped fiber amplifier at 1064 nm
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ABSTRACT We present a simple way to achieve and optimize hundreds of kW peak power pulsed output using a monolithic amplifier chain based on solid core double cladding fiber tightly packaged. A fiber pigtailed current driven diode is used to produce nanosecond

BER Evaluation of FSO Link with Hybrid Amplifier for Different Duty Cycles of RZ Pulse in Different Conditions of Rainfall
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Abstract Free Space Optics is a medium with high bandwidth which has maximum data rate. Demand for large data speed capacity has been increasing exponentially due to the massive spread of internet services. So with the growing transmission rate and demand in

Design of a Lock-in Amplifier Integrated with a Coil System for Eddy-Current Non-Destructive Inspection
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Abstract Eddy-current non-destructive inspections of conductive components are of great interest in several industries including civil infrastructure and the mining industry. In this work, we have used a driver-pickup coil system as the probe to carry out inspection of

Analysis of Gain Characteristic of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) with Pump Power and Fiber Length
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Abstract In this study our main objective is to design new configuration of EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) to obtain higher gain characteristics in conventional band in terms of pump power and fiber length using optic system. The pump power is set at 980nm. The

Isolated DC and AC Current Amplifier with Magnetic Field Sensor in Loop and Amorphous Ring Core
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The developed current amplifier contains the Halleffect sensor [6] of magnetic field connected in the feedback loop. Magnetic field measured by the sensor is generated by the magnetized amorphous ring core with an air gap [7]. Magnetic core also provides galvanic

Review on Power Amplifier for WSN Applications
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Abstract-Power amplifier is one of the important parts of transceiver. The main important parameter for power amplifier is output power and power added efficiency (PAE). There are various technologies used for power amplifiers designing such as CMOS, p HEMT GaAs,

Vector Stochastic Properties of A Fiber Raman Amplifier
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Abstract. Direct numerical simulations of nonlinear vector light evolution in a Raman fiber amplifier with a random birefringence were performed in both Stokes and Jones representations. The Jones representation allows separating a stochastic part governed by

Linear CMOS Power Amplifier for WiMAX Application
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Abstract CMOS power amplifier is field of interest of developers now a days due to high demand of mobility requirement with higher data transfer speed. Pas are the most power consuming part and main contributor in transceiver chain. Since we have limited power

Low Power Reduction Techniques In Current Sense Amplifier in SRAM Cell
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Abstract In present paper, the different type of low power reduction techniques has been performed by implementing in current sense amplifier 6-T SRAM cell. The low power reduction techniques have been realized in 6-T SRAM sense amplifiers using the 90-nm 1-V

A Low Power, Low Noise Amplifier for Recording Neural Signals
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ABSTRACT The design of a low power amplifier for recording EEG signals is presented. The low noise design techniques are used in this design to achieve low input referred noise that is near the theoretical limit of any amplifier using a differential pair as input stage. To record

A 6 16 GHz GaN Distributed Power Amplifier MMIC Using Self-bias
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Abstract The self-biasing circuit through a feedback resistor is applied to a gallium nitride (GaN) distributed power amplifier (PA) monolithic microwave circuit (MMIC). The self-biasing circuit is a useful scheme for biasing depletion-mode compound semiconductor devices with

Plasma relativistic microwave amplifier
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Plasma relativistic microwave amplifier is investigated in General Physics Institute during ten years The new results received in 2016 are presented in this report [1, 2]. The plasma relativistic microwave amplifier uses an electron beam with electron energy of 500 keV,

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Abstract An insertion of a solid state amplifier is substituting the obsolete first stage of a full tube RF power amplifier. The amplifier is based on two tube stages. The first, equipped by a tetrode, the RS1054, was being manufactured by Thales until some years ago. Some spare

Variable Lossy Series Inductance Simulator Using Single Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier (VDBA)
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Abstract Actively simulated lossy series RL-type inductor with voltage differencing buffered amplifier (VDBA) is described. The proposed inductance simulator is simulated using one VDBA, one grounded capacitor and one floating resistor. The realized equivalent value of

Two Methods for Estimation of Amplifier Imbalances in Multi-Amplifier Transmission Structures
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Abstract. Energy efficient power amplification of multilevel constellations can be achieved by an amplification structure based on the constellations decomposition as a sum of polar components, such as M BPSK (Bi-Phase Shift Keying), that are separately amplified. By

Design of a 100 kW Solid-State RF Pulse Amplifier with a TE011 Mode RF Combiner at 476 MHz
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Abstract Solid-state rf amplifiers, which have a long lifetime and a small number of failures, are the recent current of medium-power rf sources for particle accelerators. Hence, we designed a 100kW solid-state amplifier with a TE011 mode cavity (Q0= 100,000) type power

Performance Optimization of Broadband Communication System using Hybrid Parametric Amplifier
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Abstract We describe a model of Raman-parametric hybrid amplifier and present its simulation results for flat gain amplification in Dense Wavelength Division multiplexed (DWDM) terabits capacity system. In the proposed configuration single pump FOPA is

Design of out phasing Power Amplifier Based on LDMOS
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Abstract The intention of this work was to design a power amplifier at 400-900MHz based on LDMOS (Lateral Double diffused MOS) technology and to analyze the behavior of the design considering memory effects and nonlinear distortions. The MRF6V3090N and two

E-band 1 W-class GaAs PHEMT Power Amplifier MMIC
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E-band wireless communication systems are expected to be increasingly used for fiber extension in fixed networks in order to support internet data transmission increased by the introduction of the third and fourth generation (3G/4G) of wireless mobile

Design Performance Analysis of Instrumentation Amplifier at Nanoscale
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Abstract:-In this research work, simulation and comparative analysis of Instrumentation Amplifier at different voltages. DC voltage gain is 133.4 dB, average power is 589 mW, bandwidth is 3.87 MHz have been computed using HSPICE Software at 0.5 V. DC voltage

Optimization and Linearization of the Power Amplifier
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ABSTRACT The power amplifier is an important part of mobile communication, thus it should give ideal linear and amplified output but due to noise and internal memory effect, it generates non linear output. It is observed that filtering doesnt eliminate all the

Problems and Properties of a Current Amplifier When Realized in Ultra Deep Sub-micron Technology
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Abstract: The paper considers the problems related to short-channel effects in a current amplifier, when realized in ultra-deep sub-micron technology. A short description of the circuit and a limitation concerning its basic parameters is given at the beginning. Several

The Approach on Influence of Biasing Circuit in Wideband Low Noise Amplifier to Evaluate Robustness Performance
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Abstract This proposed work investigates the effects of biasing circuit in the ultra-wideband microwave low noise amplifier which operates between 3GHz to 10GHz. The complete circuit is visualized the importance of every component in the design with respect to linear

Digitally Controlled Microwave Power Amplifier Design Techniques for Wireless Communications
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Current cell phone handsets use many communication standards, which are part of the evolution of wireless communication technology. 2G communication was focused on voice only. The newer generation standards like WCDMA and LTE focus on high-speed wireless

Linearization of Power Amplifier using the Modified Feed Forward Method
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Abstract-A modified circuit for improving linearization of power amplifier based on the model of the Feed Forward circuit amplifier is proposed. With the help of mathematical model for the single power amplifier, the circuit is simulated and a demonstrator is fabricated and