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An amplifier, electronic amplifier or (informally) amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal

MYOD1 functions as a clock amplifier as well as a critical co-factor for downstream circadian gene expression in muscle
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In the present study we show that the master myogenic regulatory factor, MYOD1, is a positive modulator of molecular clock amplitude and functions with the core clock factors for expression of clock-controlled genes in skeletal muscle. We demonstrate that MYOD1

ET power amplifier efficiency modeling and performance evaluation
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Energy consumption of next generation radio access network is posing a deep impact on CO2 emission and network operating cost. In a macro site, radio equipment dominates the power consumption. Specifically, the power amplifiers consume 70% of the total input

Quantum Amplifier for a Magnetic Flux Qubit
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The possibility of using a particular Josephson-based quantum amplifier to amplify the signal of a qubit with a magnetic degree of freedom is investigated. The amplifier consists of two Josephson junctions in a loop like a DC SQUID, but with no external flux bias. The qubit

Design of a Charge Amplifier for a Low-Power Respiration Monitoring System
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Home-based health care applications are rapidly gaining popularity enabling a renewed focus on the design of lowpower and low-noise front-end circuitry. In this context, the evaluation of low-frequency biomedical signals, such as respiration pattern, benefits from

Qualitative Analysis of High Gain Small-signal Amplifier with MOSFET Current Mirror
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A small-signal high voltage gain amplifier with two identical MOSFET current mirrors is proposed and analyzed on the qualitative scale. In the narrow band (bandwidth 4.093 KHz) performance range, the proposed amplifier produces high voltage gain (141.883), almost Therefore, we start this book with discussions about differential amplifiers (DIFAs) and their gain and behaviour concerning noise production. Four chapters will dive deep into the matter. They also include a practical example with calculation, simulation, and measurement results. In additional

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Abstract A 150.4 MHz to 155.4 MHz, 300W continuous wave solid-state amplifier as an accelerator power source has been developed by us. In order to increase the lifetime of MOSFET and meet the requirements of every parameters, Drain voltage and quiescent

Design of Low-Power High-Gain Operational Amplifier
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Operational Amplifiers are the integral part of many analog and mixed signal systems. The trend towards implementing systems with low power dissipation has created a challenging task in the design of VLSI analog circuits. Operational amplifiers are usually considered as

A Practical Sense Amplifier Design for Memristive
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As CMOS process scaling is nearing to an end, emerging non-volatile devices such as memristors have been explored extensively in circuit design due to their very low footprint, non-volatility and low power application. Memristors, however, display a wide variety of

Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Fully Integrated Neural Signal Acquisition Amplifier
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This paper deals with the design of low power low noise neural signal amplifier for Epileptic Seizure Prediction. The advent of Micro-electro Arrays has driven the need for implantable electronic circuitry to detect those Extracellular neural signals (ENG). We proposed a

Design RF Power Amplifier Based on HMIC Technology for Nano-Satellite Communications
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Radio Frequency (RF) Power Amplifier (PA) for X-Band communication subsystem of a Nano-Satellite based on Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC) technology. The proposed RF PA used an AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) dies and

Diffraction limited polarized emission from a multimode Yb fiber amplifier after nonlinear beam converter
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The multimode and depolarized output beam of a highly multimode diode-pumped Yb- doped fiber amplifier is converted to a diffraction-limited, linearly polarized beam by a self- referencing two-wave-mixing process in an infrared-sensitive photorefractive crystal (Rh

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The new RF system of Radio Frequency Quadrupole accelerator (RFQ) in ADS project at IMP was upgraded in the beginning of 2017, the original tetrode amplifier was replaced by two new solid-state amplifiers (SSA) for proton acceleration, they are the same 80kW rated

Megawatt peak power, 1 kHz, 266 nm sub nanosecond laser source based on single-crystal fiber amplifier (orale)
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Various optical designs have been used to obtain high conversion efficiencies, the two most efficient being cavity enhanced setups for CW fourth harmonic generation or high peak power external frequency conversion schemes. Among the latest, record efficiencies have