DesignSimulation of Circular Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
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ABSTRACT : Over the past one decade, there is a rapid growth in development of wireless communication applications. The performance of all such wireless systems depends on the design of the antenna . Microstrip antennas are preferred for majority of their applications (CSA) with inductor loadings for dual polarization. The effects of the ground size on the impedance are investigated. To achieve a compact size, a very small ground having the same hypotenuse length as the slot is used. The inductor loadings are used at both ends of

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ABSTRACT -Single band E-shaped microstrip Patch Antenna array has been designed for high- speed wireless local area networks (IEEE 802.11 a standard) and other wireless communication systems covering this frequency band like WiMax and C-band with the

Drone-based antenna array for service time minimization in wireless networks
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the effective use of multiple drones as an aerial antenna array that provides wireless service to ground users is investigated. In particular, under the goal of minimizing the service time needed for servicing ground users, a novel framework for IEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS, VOL. 17, NO. 4, APRIL 2018 Corrections toA Dual-Band HF and UHF Antenna System for Implanted Apoorva Sharma , Eleftherios Kampianakis and Matthew S. Reynolds In, the captions of Figs. 4 7, 9, and

Triple-band Slot Antenna Array for Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks
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An energy harvesting antenna array for wireless sensor applications is presented in this paper. The microstrip line feeding network excites four slots to achieve wireless local- areanetwork (WLAN) 2.4/5.2/5.8 (2.4 2.484/5.15 5.325/5.725 5.825 GHz) bands. The ABSTRACT A compact, single-feed, broadband circularly po-larized patch antenna is proposed in this letter. The antenna comprises an H-shaped microstrip patch printed over a metamaterial-inspired reactive impedance surface (RIS). The RIS structure comprising a

Design of a Compact Dual Band Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth on Modified Ground Plane
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ABSTRACT A Dual band compact and optimized patch antenna with an inverted L slot on the ground plane is presented for X and C band applications. A 10 mm 10 mm 1.6 mm patch is designed and fabricated on FR4 substrate with co-axial probe fed excitation. The patch

Simulation of Rectangular Ring Micro-Strip Patch Antenna to Enhance Impedance Bandwidth for UWB Wireless Applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper, simulation of rectangular ring micro-strip patch antenna for ultra wideband (UWB) wireless applications is done. The attractiveness of this antenna is that it employs solo patch that makes it easy to fabricate and economical as well. It also mitigates ABSTRACT A low-profile microstrip antenna with stable radia-tion pattern in a relatively wide band is presented for 5G operation. Four resonant modes with different frequencies are integrated in a single structure to enhance the bandwidth with stable gain, and well matched ABSTRACT A singly fed, electrically small, planar antenna that generates a quasi-isotropic radiation pattern is investigated. The antenna consists of a folded dipole, a pair of capacitively loaded loops (CLLs), and a coplanar stripline (CPS), which are printed on the

Compact and Flexible Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications Deploying Fractal Geometry
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a compact ultra-wideband (UWB) flexible monopole antenna design on a paper substrate. The proposed antenna is made of iterations of a circular slot inside an octagonal metallic patch. This fractal-based geometry has been deployed to

A Fat Dipole Antenna for Spark Switched LC Oscillator
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ABSTRACT Spark switched LC oscillator (LCO) is used to generate damped sinusoidal signal which has wideband width. Specially, some high power wideband systems use LCO because spark switched LCO using gas or insulating oil can radiate high power microwave ABSTRACT A frequency-and pattern-reconfigurable two-element array antenna based on a stub-loaded configuration is presented. The frequency-tuning mechanism is implemented using varactor diodes loaded with open stubs. Two independent bias voltages allow to ABSTRACT This letter proposes a high-efficiency, dual-band slot patch antenna with a wide frequency ratio range. An arc-shaped slot is introduced into a circular patch to perturb the surface current distribution. By introducing a novel asymmetric feed configuration to the slot

Wireless Local-area-network Two-port Open-slot Antenna Array for Wireless Energy-harvesting Sensor Applications
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Recently, an energy-harvesting antenna array has been used for modern wireless sensor applications. In this paper, the design of a two-port open-slot antenna array operated at the wireless local-area-network (WLAN) 2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz for wireless energy-harvesting sensor (LP) antennas is proposed. Bowtie slot is etched on the bottom of a cavity to mitigate the degradation in impedance match at low frequency band of an LP antenna . The impedance match is further improved, and backward radiation is suppressed by resistively loading the

Antenna Electronics Concept for the Next-Generation Very Large Array
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The basic concept is six cryogenically cooled feedsreceivers, mounted in two dewars, covering 1.2 to 116 GHz. The signals from these receivers are passed into small, integrated converter/digitizer modules being developed by Matt Morgan at the NRAO CDL. These ABSTRACT This letter proposes a codesigned substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filtering slot antenna with a controllable radiation null in gain response. The antenna is composed of a singlelayered SIW cavity, four metalized posts, a transverse slot, and a vertical SMA

Design of a Small Radio Frequency Identification Tag Antenna Using a Corrugated Meander Line Applicable to a Drug Runout Sensor System
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ABSTRACT This article proposes an ultrahigh frequency band radio frequency identification (RFID) tag antenna for drug runout management that can be used in hospitals. The RFID tag antenna is designed to function as a sensor that alerts drug runout when a drug inside a drip

ACS-fed e-shaped dual band uniplanar printed antenna for modern wireless communication applications
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ABSTRACT A printed small size (12 16.5 mm) ACS-fed e-shaped uniplanar antenna is proposed for dual band applications. The multiband operating characteristics have been achieved by integrating e-shaped radiating strips to the 50 W ACS feed line. Two ABSTRACT This letter investigates a secure MIMO system, in which a full-duplex receiver (Bob) assigns part of his antennas to emit jamming signals to confound the passive eavesdropper (Eve). Unlike previous antenna assignment schemes based on the idealized

Truncated Patch Antenna on Jute Textile for Wireless Power Transmission at 2.45 GHz
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ABSTRACT Jute textile is made from natural fibres and is known for its strength and durability. To determine if jute could be used as a substrate for microstrip antennas, its electromagnetic characteristics (permittivity and loss tangent) are measured in the band of 1 GHz to 5 GHz

Design of EBG Structured Parasitic Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we have reported the wireless communication application of U shaped antenna with EBG structured ground plane. The proposed antenna was designed on FR4 substrate of 18 x 21 mm2 dimensions with thickness 1.6 mm. We have systematically

Design of Multiband Triangular Slot Rectangular Patch Antenna using CST
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ABSTRACT This paper introduces the triangular slot rectangular patch antenna for improving the gain and it is operated for multiband applications. Proposed antenna is operated at different resonant frequencies and achieving gain greater than 7db with VSWR

Comb Like Hexaband Microstrip Antenna For S, C And X Band Applications
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ABSTRACT -In this paper a comb like microstrip patch antenna structure is proposed. This antenna has a total size of 100mm x 30mm x 1.6 mm including ground plane which is fabricated using Fr-4 substrate with dielectric constant of 4.6. This is a hexa-band antenna

Design of a W-Band Seeker Antenna Employing a Dielectric-Rod Feed
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ABSTRACT W-band seekers find increasing applications in missile terminal homing in adverse weather conditions. W-band seekers typically employ a Cassegrain reflector antenna which requires a high-performance monopulse feed. This paper presents a design of a W-band

Type synthesis of the deployable mechanisms for the truss antenna using the method of adding constraint chains
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ABSTRACT : In the deployable mechanism for a conventional truss antenna the nodes cannot be adjusted to be uniform in attitude. To solve this problem, a method of adding constraint chains is proposed based on the reciprocal screw theory. By performing type synthesis of

Patch Antenna at Frequency f= 2. 35 GHz for Telecommunications Applications
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ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a cellular phone on the head. Various antenna designs were created and analyzed. Special consideration was taken to create an antenna with high efficiency and optimum radiation characteristics in

Novel designs of wideband magneto electric dipole antenna
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ABSTRACT The thesis presents the proposal for the novel designs of wideband Magneto- Electric (ME) dipole antenna for various applications in wireless communication. The standard ME dipole consists of a planar dipole, which acts like an electric dipole and

Comprehensive Study and Design Of Rectangular And Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna
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ABSTRACT The comparison between parameters of the rectangular and circular patch antenna is presented in this paper. For different wireless applications, the selected range of frequency is 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz. For design antenna FR4 material is used as a dielectric

Design of a Short/Open-Ended Slot Antenna with Capacitive Coupling Feed Strips for Hepta-BandMobile Application
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a planar printed hybrid short/open-ended slot antenna with capacitive coupling feed strips is proposed for hepta-band mobile applications. The proposed antenna is comprised of a slotted ground plane on the top plane and two capacitive coupling feed

Efficient Antenna Array Beamforming with Robustness against Random Steering Mismatch
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with the problem of using antenna sensors for adaptive beamforming in the presence of random steering mismatch. We present an efficient adaptive array beamformer with robustness to deal with the considered problem. The robustness of

Development and Performance Enhancement of MEMS Helix Antenna for THz Applications using 3D HFSS-based Efficient Electromagnetic Optimization
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ABSTRACT Interest of Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) antennas in Terahertz (THz) applications has rapidly expanded in recent years due to the advent of accurate Computer Aided Design (CAD). The very special needs of newly proposed MEMS antennas, especially

Fractal Fork Shape UWB Monopole Antenna with Ground Deformities
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a compact size ultra wide band antenna for wide range of wireless applications. The antenna is designed on 18x12x1. 6 mm3 substrate using FR4 material with wide band characteristics using fractal structure of fork shape antenna . The

Design and Analysis of Ku/K-band Circular SIW Patch Antenna using 3D EM-based Artificial Neural Networks
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ABSTRACT Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) antennas are considered as main radiators for RF and microwave wireless systems due to their low profile, low cost and soft integration with the other devices. The gain of a SIW patch antenna may be enhanced using different This is the first book to really present a concerted technology road map on antenna advancements for mobile communications ranging from 3G to 5G and beyond, including design requirements, practical performance, and future market trends. This provides a In this article, we present a new design con-cept for a multifunctional antenna providing single/dual frequency-notched ultrawideband (UWB) capability and its complementary multiple narrow-band functionality from a printed coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed annular

Design and Analysis of Single and Dual Fed Patch Antenna Array
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ABSTRACT In many applications it is necessary to design antennas with very high gain to meet the demands of long distance communication. The gain or directivity of single antenna is less. To increase the gain and directivity the solution is antenna array. This can be done To investigate the function of a conductive loading profile to a slot antenna the conductively loaded slot (CLS) antenna was designed, analyzed, and compared to an unloaded slot in various aspects of performance associated with broadband pulse radiation. The time

Design of a Monopulse Reflector Antenna for W-Band Seeker Applications
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a design of a new dual-polarized monopulse reflector antenna for W-band seeker applications. The monopulse pattern is realized using a new dual- polarized single-aperture multi-mode horn fed by four square waveguides. Existing designs

Investigation of the effect of Metamaterial on the Dual band Antenna performance for resonating between GSM 900Wi-Fi
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ABSTRACT In the proposed work, a dual band antenna has been designed and fabricated on a Rogers (RT/Duroid 5880tm) substrate of permittivity 2.2 and thickness 1.6 mm for resonating between GSM 900Wi-Fi. The novelty of the proposed work lies in loading Split Ring

Design and Analysis of Improved Multiband Antenna Using Hexagonal Patch with Modified L-Slot and I-Slot for Wideband Applications
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ABSTRACT : Multiband Antennas are widely use for various commercial applications. There are always challenges while designing with the antennas for lower return loss as possible. There are various shapes of the patches available for the antenna design for the wideband

A Study and Analysis of Smart Antenna using Software Radio
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B Kumar 2018 ABSTRACT Recently, there has been considerable interest in using antenna arrays in wireless communication networks to increase the capacity and decrease the co channel interference. Adaptive beamforming with smart antennas at the receiver in-crea; ses the carrier-to

Novel UWB microstrip antenna with dual band-notched characteristics for short distance wireless applications
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ABSTRACT . Introduction: In this paper, the design, simulation, and fabrication of a novel compact ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole microstrip antenna with dual band-notched characteristics for short distance wireless applications were explored. Methodology: The

Design of a wideband Planar Inverted F- Antenna (PIFA) for Wireless Communication Devices
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ABSTRACT In this paper a low profile and wideband Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) for wireless communication device like cell phone is presented. The antenna shows a wide range of frequency from 1.54 GHz to 2.47 GHz and with improved impedance matching

Non-linear effects in configurable antenna
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ABSTRACT Current-technology different data transmission standards communication systems are commonly built with application of configurable antennas. Non-linear components including in radiating structure of antenna allows to expand the antenna functionability

Iteration Based Low Complex Antenna Selection Algorithm for IEEE 802.16 E Network
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ABSTRACT In this paper, Iteration based low complex antenna selection algorithm is considered to enhance capacity of the MIMO MC CDMA system in IEEE 802.16 e network. The MIMO MC CDMA system increases transmission reliability and supports high data rate

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ABSTRACT This thesis presents a method for modeling the mutual coupling between antenna elements mathematically and investigate the impact of the coupling on radiation patterns in linear half-wave dipole antenna arrays. A method developed in this thesis aims at

Enhanced Smart Antenna Computation and Graphical Representation of Multi-Phased Angles for nElements in Wireless Communication
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ABSTRACT In recent scenario, immense number of discussion transpires in the transmission of signals and the hacking of signaling. Here we use the technology to surmount the defects of hacking the signals. We introduce smart antenna and signal processing in both distance

Computational Tools for Antenna Analysis and Design
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ABSTRACT Many engineers and scientists prevalently use computational tools in electromagnetics, which is also the predominant case for antennas. The ever-increasing number of applications and technologies that employ antennas create a constant demand to

Wide-band 4G Mobile Device Planar Antenna Using Couple Feeding Technique
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ABSTRACT : This paper deals with the design and fabrication of a wideband planar antenna capable of operating at both the wireless wide area network (WWAN) and long term evolution (LTE) with frequency bands LTE2. 6GHz/2.3 GHz/WLAN2. 4GHz and WWAN

A Survey on Emerging WiMAX Antenna Technologies and Slotted Microstrip Patch Antennas for WiMAX Applications
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ABSTRACT -WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave access) has been established by the IEEE 802.16 working group. WiMax theoretically can have coverage of up to 50 km radius. WiMax technology is replacement for wireless internet access. WiMax has three

Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Multi- Antenna RF Transmitters
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ABSTRACT Multi- antenna systems are utilized as a way to increase spectral efficiency in wireless communications. In a transmitter, the use of several parallel transmit paths and antennas increases system complexity and cost. Cost-efficient solutions, which employ

Orthogonal Polarization Position Based MIMO Antenna For Wireless Applications
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we design a 4 element MIMO antenna with reduced ground plane structure to reduce the mutual coupling. Here the ground plane is reduced by etching metamaterial based concentric square shaped rings from the ground plane both in XY axis

A New Design of a CPW-Fed Dual-Band Monopole Antenna for RFID Readers
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This paper comes with a new dual-band planar monopole antenna fed by Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) line designed for RFID readers and it operates at 2.45 GHz, 5.80 GHz. This antenna is designed with reasonable gain, low profile and low cost production. The

Bandwidth Enhancement of Symmetrical Fourth-Teeth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna
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ABSTRACT The microstrip antenna with a symmetrical rectangular radiator and four teeth is described. The influence of the base geometric parameters of the antenna on the bandwidth at the base frequency was studied. The following geometric parameters of the antenna are

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ABSTRACT -Any tuner circuit consist of inductors (L) and capacitors (C). The manual tuner usually provides an SWR meter to indicate tuning and constantly monitors the match between transreceiver and antenna . To accomplish this, the tuner will have several controls

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ABSTRACT Starting from the year 2000, metamaterial structure has been one of the favorite techniques used by several researchers to improve the performance of many radio frequency (RF) device designs, especially in the microwave range area. Wireless charging

Omnidirectional MIMO Antenna with Collinear Array for LTE Applications.
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ABSTRACT To increase reception in Long Term Evolution (LTE) network inside a building, a repeater is needed. The antenna used in the repeater inside the building is usually a high gain antenna with omnidirectional radiation pattern. Meanwhile, to increase data rate in LTE