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A Honeycomb Shaped Planar Monopole Antenna for Broad Band Application
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A monopole antenna is a class of radio antenna consisting of a straight rod_ shaped conductor which is mounted perpendicular over conductive surface called ground plane. The proposed antenna has an ultra-wideband impedance response for a hand held

Antenna Investigation by a Thermoelastic Optical Indicator Microscope: Defects Measurement and 3D Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields
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MATERIALS AND METHODS The schematic of the TEOIM experimental setup is shown in Figure 1. We use ITO glass (with 150 nm of the ITO layer) as an indicator film to see both optical and visualized images due to the indicator transparency. The experimental setup

Proximity Detection with Single- Antenna IoT Devices
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Providing secure communications between wireless devices that encounter each other on an ad-hoc basis is a challenge that has not yet been fully addressed. In these cases, close physical proximity among devices that have never shared a secret key is sometimes used as

A Compact Broadband Frequency Selective Microstrip Antenna and Its Application to Indoor Positioning Systems for Wireless Networks
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This paper presents a low profile broadband microstrip patch antenna with filtering response. The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular patch and four parasitic gap- coupled elements, two L-and two rectangular-shaped patches. The broadband performance

A Fat Dipole Antenna for Spark Switched LC Oscillator
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Spark switched LC oscillator (LCO) is used to generate damped sinusoidal signal which has wideband width. Specially, some high power wideband systems use LCO because spark switched LCO using gas or insulating oil can radiate high power microwave without

A Transmission-Line-Based Decoupling Method for MIMO Antenna Arrays
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A transmission-line-based decoupling technique for dual-polarized multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) antenna arrays is presented and analyzed. The proposed scheme enables well-canceled coupling for the adjacent elements under co-polarization, without

Dumbbell Shaped Microstrip Broadband Antenna
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In this article, a dumbbell shaped microstrip broadband microstrip antenna with partial ground plane is presented, The overall dimension of the proposed antenna is 20 x 15 x 1.5 mm3 and is fabricated on FR4 substrate which has electrical permittivity of 4.3 and loss

Integrated Millimeter-Wave Wideband End-Fire 5G Beam Steerable Array and Low-Frequency 4G LTE Antenna in Mobile Terminals
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In this paper, a novel technique of collocating millimeter-wave end-fire 5G beam steerable array antenna with a low-frequency PIFA is presented. In this technique, the low-frequency antenna can be transparent by using some grating strips between the low-and high

Temperature Variation Effect on a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna .
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A novel hypothesis is proposed for the sensitivity of the Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna (RMPA) to temperature variations under ideal room manufactured temperature tolerance. This hypothetical model equation is validated while relating the resonating

A wideband reflectarray antenna based on organic substrate materials
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Significant improvements in terms of bandwidth of reflectarray antennas have been achieved by introduction of innovative paper substrate dielectric materials. Three differently custom composed organic dielectric substrates have been characterized for dielectric

Design of a Microstrip Patch Antenna for ISM band using Artificial Neural Networks
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In this study, we are interested to design a microstrip patch antenna using the artificial neural networks (ANN) based on the multilayer perceptrons (MLP). The designed antennas will operate at the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band for the frequency range

Patch Antenna at Frequency f= 2. 35 GHz for Telecommunications Applications
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This paper analyzes the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a cellular phone on the head. Various antenna designs were created and analyzed. Special consideration was taken to create an antenna with high efficiency and optimum radiation characteristics in

ACS-fed wideband mirrored Z-and L-shaped triple band uniplanar antenna for WLAN applications
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A mirrored Z-and L-shaped printed uniplanar antenna has been proposed and developed in this paper for triple band applications. The developed geometry realizes simple radiating branches with 50 W Asymmetric Coplanar Strip (ACS) feedline and rectangular ground A combined user and antenna scheduling algorithm implementing spatial multiplexing with limited feedback is proposed for multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing downlink channel. Base station (BS) should be kept updated about the channel

A Multiband Antenna Design Comprising the Future 5G Mobile Technology
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The pervasiveness of mobile internet, in conjunction to the ubiquitous computing of the internet-of-things has claimed the concept of 5G technology research to allow massive growth of machine communications. One of the main challenges is the scalability problem

Modification of Higher Order Natural Mode in Metamaterial Loaded Patch Antenna
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Usually microstrip patch antennas radiate at the broadside direction. Instead of broadside direction, if a patch antenna radiates in a different direction in a controlled way, it may open a novel way of antenna array miniaturization. For conventional patch antennas, higher order

Bistatic configurational analysis of ultra-wideband antenna for detection applications
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With the advancement in technology, antennae are becoming a popular components to be used in various applications. Following the trend, a compact design of ultra-wideband (UWB) bistatic configuration of the antenna is presented in this paper using ground

Base Shaped Coaxial Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and WIMAX Applications
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Micro strip patch antennas are mostly known for their versatility in terms of possible geometries that makes them used for many different situations. In this paper, a Base-shaped coaxial feed microstrip patch antenna has been designed. The antenna is designed to

Beam-Switching of Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna using Asymmetric Reflection Phase Response of Bianisotropic Metasurface
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In this paper, a novel bianisotropic metasurface (BMS) based beam-switching/steering technique is demonstrated using Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity antenna . The proposed configuration comprises of a patch antenna and the BMS as a partially reflecting surface

Multi- Antenna Energy Detector Under Unknown Primary User Traffic
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In cognitive radio (CR) networks, the knowledge of primary user (PU) traffic plays a crucial role in designing the sensing slot duration and synchronization with PU traffic. However, the secondary user (SU) sensing unit usually does not have the knowledge of the exact time slot


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