antenna research papers 2012 section 2

 Broad Band Slotted Stacked Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications
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Z Ali, VK Singh, S Ayub ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract: This paper presents broad band slotted MSA for wireless application. By using
stacked configuration, cutting slot the bandwidth equal to 19.70% is achieved. The antenna
is fed by coaxial probe feeding technique and designed using stacking configuration. The 

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ABSTRACT The use of multiple antennas in mobile devices provides enhanced data rates at
the cost of increased power consumption. The stochastic nature of the wireless propagation
medium and random variations in the utilization and operating environment of the device 

 Miniaturization of Bow Shaped Microstrip Antenna using Different Substrate
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MK Dahiya, R Goel, D Dabas ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In recent era, the development in communication system requires development
of small size electronic system. Now a days, there is demand of small sizelow cost
microstrip antenna. Microstrip antenna is widely used in wireless communication 

 Study of Microstrip Slotted Antenna for Bandwidth Enhancement
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K Goswami ,2012
Singhania University, Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) Abstract-Two printed wide-slot antennas with
E-shaped patches and slots, for broadband applications, are proposed. They are fed by a
coplanar waveguide (CPW) and a microstrip line with almost the same performances. 

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M Dwivedi, V kumar Singh, Z Ali, R Kumar ,International Journal of , 2012
Abstract—-In this paper of rectangular microstrip inset feed patch antenna is designed for
various wireless applications. The Antenna is fed by coaxial probe feeding technique. The
proposed patch antenna is designed and simulated on IE3D simulation software. Using 

Practical Multi-antenna Spatial Reuse in WLANs
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Smart antennas can improve spatial reuse in a wireless network through interference
suppression. However, interference suppression requires support from clients in the form of
channel estimation, which existing clients do not support. In this work, we explore practical 

 MAARSY–the new MST radar on Andøya: first results of spaced antenna and Doppler measurements of atmospheric winds in the troposphere and mesosphere
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G Stober, R Latteck, M Rapp, W Singer, M Zecha ,Radio Sci, 2012
Abstract. MST radars have been used to study the troposphere, stratosphere and
mesosphere over decades. These radars have proven to be a valuable tool to investigate
atmospheric dynamics. MAARSY, the new MST radar at the island of Andøya uses a 

 A Series Slot Array Antenna for 45°-Inclined Linear Polarization With SIW Technology
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D Kim, WS Chung, CH Park, SJ Lee ,IEEE Transactions on , 2012 ,
Abstract—The design method for a standing-wave series slot array antenna with 45-inclined
linear polarization in the Ka-band is presented. The proposed 16 8 planar slot array antenna
consisted of arrays with alternating reactance slot pairs that could achieve impedance 

 Design and Analysis of 8×1 Array Microstrip Patch Antenna Using IE3D
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GG Prasad, GM Latha, V Charishma ,passages, 2012
Abstract—Wind profilers depend upon the scattering of electromagnetic energy by minor
irregularities in the refractive index of air. The refractive index is a measure of the speed at
which electromagnetic wave propagates through a medium. Atmosphere is the medium 

 Reconfigurable beam-steering antenna using dipole and loop combined structure for wearable applications
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SJ Ha, YB Jung, Y Kim, CW Jung ,ETRI Journal, 2012 ,
This paper proposes a reconfigurable beam-steering antenna using a bended dipole and a
loop. The radiation patterns of the two antennas are cancelled or compensated, and headed
towards a specific direction when the dipole and loop antenna are combined at a 

 2. 45 GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for Bluetooth
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RL Dua, H Singh, N Gambhir , Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering , 2012
Abstract—In this paper, a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with DGS has been analyzed
and simulated for the wireless applications. The proposed antenna has been simulated at
2.45 GHz frequency. This compact antenna fed by Quarter Transformer feeding. This type 

 Joint Electromagnetic-Circuit Modeling for Active Antenna Array Synthesis
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Abstract This paper describes a joint EM/Circuit modeling methodology, dedicated to active
antennas arrays, with theoretical and experimental validations. The EM model handles inter-
element coupling, while the Power Amplifier (PA) model can take important mismatching 

 A Compact L-slot Microstrip Antenna for Quad band Applications in Wireless Communication
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U Chakraborty, B Mazumdar ,Global Journal Of , 2012
Abstract-A single feed compact rectangular microstrip antenna for quad band applications
has been designed and developed. This antenna is incorporated by four L-shaped slot
structure along the length on the patch. Four resonating frequencies are obtained at 1.845 

 Inkjet printed flexible antenna on textile for wearable applications
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Y Li, R Torah, SP Beeby, J Tudor ,2012 ,
Abstract We report a direct write inkjet printing technique for fabricating a flexible antenna on
textile for use in smart textile applications such as wearable systems (Rienzo et al. 2006).
The complete antenna was deposited entirely using inkjet printing. The inkjet printed 

 Analysis and design of microstrip patch antenna loaded with innovative metamaterial structure
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B Garg, A Samadhiya , of Physical and , 2012 ,
In this work the values of permeability and permittivity of proposed innovative metamaterial
structure, which is composed of Array of rectangular rings with rectangular strips, are
obtained by using a fictitious rectangular waveguide having perfect electric conductor and 

Calibrating adaptive antenna arrays for high-integrity GPS
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Abstract A major challenge in using GPS guidance for aircraft final approach and landing is
to reject interference that can jam reception of the GPS signals. Antenna arrays, which use
space–time adaptive processing (STAP), significantly improve the signal to interference 

 Dual Band Stacked Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications
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VK Singh, Z Ali, S Ayub ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract: In this paper stacked configuration of microstrip antenna is used to produce broad
dual band which is suitable for various wireless applications. Using triangular slot and
stacking of foam substrate of dielectric constant 1, two bands of bandwidth 18.10% and 

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K Dimililer, A Haydar ,Evolution (DDE), 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A modification on the classical Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm, based on
randomization of the mutation scale factor, is proposed in the linear antenna array synthesis.
An example of positionphase synthesis of unequally spaced linear antenna array with the 

 Antenna Impulse Response With Arbitrary Source and Load Impedances
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EG Farr, LC Farr Fields ,2012 ,
Abstract Antenna impulse response was defined in Sensor and Simulation Note 555 in
terms of 50-? source and load impedances. While this makes the equations very simple, it is
useful to extend the equations to arbitrary source and load impedances. This allows one 

 Analysis Of The Patch Antenna Based On The Sierpinski Fractal
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S Bajaj, A Kaushik ,Analysis, 2012
ABSTRACT There has been an ever growing demand for antenna designs that possesses
compact size, low profile and multiband features. Recently the possibility of developing
antenna designs that exploit in some way the properties of fractals to achieve these goals, 

Capacity region of the two-way multi-antenna relay channel with analog tx-rx beamforming
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C Lameiro, A Nazábal, F Gholam, J Vía ,Mobile Lightweight , 2012 ,Springer
In this paper we study the multiple-input multiple-output two-way relay channel (MIMO-
TWRC) when the nodes use analog beamforming. Following the amplify-and-forward (AF)
strategy, the problem consists of finding the transmit and receive beamformers of the 

 Design of a modified W-shaped patch antenna on Al2O3 ceramic material substrate for Ku-band
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Recently, application oriented material research plays a great role in modern
communication engineering development, especially in antenna technology. Low loss
material substrate based antenna miniaturization is always interesting topic for 

 Comparative Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna with Different Feeding Techniques
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G Singh, J Singh , on Recent Advances and Future Trends , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A single band microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication is
presented. In this paper, direct microstrip line feed and coaxial feed techniques are
integrated. This antenna offers low profile, narrow bandwidth, high gain, and compact 

 Novel Design of A Compact Proximity Coupled Fed Antenna
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Abstract Certain applications such as RFID, on body sensors network, microwave systems
usually require good matching impedance, high gain and large bandwidth for their
antennas. The aperture coupled antenna is one candidate that can provide high gain 

 Compact Triple Band Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna
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RS Kushwaha, DK Srivastava, JP Saini ,International Journal of , 2012
Abstract—This paper presents a compact triple band slot microstrip patch antenna for
1.7/2.92 GHz WLAN applications. The radiating element of the proposed antenna consists of
Swastika symbol slot operating at 1.8 GHz, 2.09 GHz, and 2.92 GHz bands. The antenna 

 Space-time processing for multi-user multi-antenna Z channels with quantized feedback
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F Li ,International Journal of Computer Networks and , 2012 ,
Abstract—In this paper, we investigate how to send space time codes with full diversity and
low decoding complexity for Z channels with quantized feedback. We assume that we have
2 transmitters and 2 receivers. Each transmitter sends code words to respective receiver at